Success In 2013 – My Journey and Yours

20132013 A Look Forward

This is for those who want to know what I am up to in 2013 and how I can personally help them achieve their goals.  If neither is appealing to you then this will probably be a boring read.

I want to take a few moments and first reflect on 2012 and then state what I am going to help you do for 2013.  First, a quick personal 2012 recap.

As many of you know my plans didn’t happen, well, as planned in 2012.  In July my wife broke her arm and I had an entire group of things I wanted to accomplish fall through the cracks or just simply not work out.

It wasn’t the best year, but that’s the way life works.  We sometimes fall short of our goals and we get up and work hard to go back and not only achieve our goals, but do more.

I’ll be honest, for the first time in a long time I failed to achieve most of my personal goals in 2012.  But, you know what?  It’s all good.  It really is.  It’s reawakened my challenges and my mind in ways that you wouldn’t believe.  Sometimes all we need to grow more is a little friction.

Here’s what we’re looking at in 2013.

The media is reporting nothing but negativity, pain and fear.  We all have a choice to make.  Either we live by the bounds set by the media and (most) people in society or we do something about it.

It’s going to take work, hard work on everyone’s part who wants to make something spectacular happen for them this year.  Optionally, you can do nothing, which for me, is not an option.

My 2013 Agenda

During 2012 I received several notes, emails and messages from people that they wanted me to get my voice on the air more, give more public media for them to consume and so forth.  So Late 2012 I started putting together a new weekly (maybe more often) video/podcast idea.

I’ll be designing slideshows to present during my podcast which will be displayed on Youtube, embedded into special pages on my site and catalogued for easy access.

I ordered in some awesome sound equipment to make these events sound amazing and as professional as possible.

This means you’ll be able to listen to the show anywhere you want; including:

  • ITunes
  • Mobile Devices
  • In Your Car
  • Your Desktop Or Laptop
  • I pad/Kindle/Tablet, etc.
  • IPod, MP3 Player

I’ll also be transcribing the episodes into easy to read PDF files.

This means you can get the goods anywhere you want.  This show will be free as well and you won’t need to worry about paying to view it. 

I have also decided to keep the shows as close to 30 minutes as possible.  This allows me to give you great information and teach without the listener needing to invest a large amount of time. 

I am sure I will have special interviews and shows that will last up to an hour, but the majority will be 30 minutes. 

This makes it easy to ingest the information while you are on the treadmill or on your way to work.  Ingesting in small bite sized easy to understand parts makes learning not only easier but increases your success.  Great concept huh?  Listen less and get better results.

I am extremely excited about this and think this will greatly help you achieve so much more this year.

Niche Blitzkrieg will continue strong with over 11,000 members.  It’s a great course for beginners to get started and get their feet wet.  The techniques are sound and work well in 2013 and going forward.  I still use all of the methods daily and it all still works.

I will continue to update it if anything changes on the net, as always.

In fact, I have 3 current changes slated for the inside that involve some simple minor things.

I started a new program with Justin Lewis who is a social media expert.  I loved the stuff he’s been doing with social media so we started working on combining that with niche concepts.  The results have been great and we’re going to be teaching our members how to be large socially oriented sites.

It’s called Niche Optimizer in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Social sites focus far less on search engines and link building and more on good content and social interaction.  Many people find this type of site to be less tedious.  I don’t really have an opinion on that as I like both!  But, with social media now completely mainstream, understanding this is extremely helpful going forward.

This is where I’ll be spending a lot of my focus this year.  I want you to have the best training you can possible get so you increase your quality of life.

I personally want to bring at least 2400-3000+ new people into this course this year.  I want to help each of those people achieve their financial goals.  Justin is likewise committed to do so and has done a phenomenal job setting everything up inside.  His dedication to the project has been remarkable and it will show off to the members.  We ran a special presentation in early December if you want to see more: Watch Here.

Niche Sites

I have 2 large niche sites planned in 2013.  No, I won’t release what they are about but think they have some serious potential.  It will use the Niche Blitzkrieg and Niche Optimizer formats.

That’s what I am up to this year. 

Now I want to share a couple of personal things.  My wife has about 3 more months (hopefully) of recovery.  So spring should be a breath of fresh air for the family here.  It’s been a long journey and her recovery is important to me and I spend extra time making sure she’s well taken care of. 

So, if you have been sending me personal email or messages and I am answering slower than normal, that’s why.  But, I assure you that all the mailings I get are important to me.

If you need anything Max is also here to help you at my support desk at www.michaelbrownsupport.com

Max is an awesome guy and he really knows his stuff.  He can help you in almost any area you need help in.  So, if you’re in one of my courses and need something he is there to help you.

Max, if you’re reading this, you’re awesome just an FYI.

The moderators inside of Niche Blitzkrieg and Niche Optimizer are fantastic as well.

Quick shout out to:

Justin (partner on Niche Optimizer)

Max (again)

Kathy (Mod)

Bill (Mod)

Ben (Mod)

Stephen (awesome graphic artist for NOW and NBK-U))

They are here to help you.  They are all also very Knowledgeable!

Finally, I really do care about you.  I care about your success.  I know many of you reading this will think “We’ll there another marketer talking.”  But, that sort of B.S. is not me.

I take pride in helping and providing good, honest information.  This is something I think the Internet lacks and I always do my best to make sure everything I present is not only accurate but real.

I want nothing but success for you in 2013. 

With the above stated, it demands that you take action.  Your success depends on your actions.  I am simply a catalyst to help you get there but the ultimate goal is yours and yours alone.

Make your 2013 a success!

Are you with me this year?  Have something on your mind?  Want to share your goals?  Do it with us below!

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Ray - January 2, 2013

Thanks Michael. I wish you the best for your plans this year! I'm part of your course and have learned how to build a sight, which I have done some time ago. It hasn't made a dime yet but I'm not giving up and will learn how to get it right. I may have to consult with your staff to see if they'll look at it and give me some pointers. However I truly believe in you and will look to you for guidance.

Thomas Ludwig - January 2, 2013

Hello Michael; This looks fantastic, Looking forward to your new format.. Video's and the 2013 year in general… I had a so so year my self.. Well this is a new year, Time to get back to it, and make things happen.. To you and your team happy New Year..

Michael Brown - January 2, 2013


Go after it more than ever.  🙂  I am planning on turning up the drive is a powerful way this year.  Thanks again and you have a happy New Year as well.

Aquiles - January 2, 2013

Las t year was caotic for me. My wife left me and things started looking bleak. Your input today brings some hope in life and prosperity. I will get more organized and follow through your advise. Please let me know how and where do I pick up what needs to be done. My status with your program is, that I have purchased it and done nothing beyong that. Hoping to hear from you.

Michael Brown - January 2, 2013


Focus your efforts on traffic.  In order to test conversion rates from your ads, etc you need to be getting traffi.  Your efforts should focus on that and then work on conversion rates if they are low.  Traffic is the lifeblood though.

Michael Brown - January 2, 2013


Sorry to hear about the marraige situation.  I’ve been there before.  Life gets better, business gets better.  Work on yourself an where you want to be and work on your business and trust me you’ll feel much better.  Whichever course of mine you’re in, there is a start here segment.  If you’re part of http://www.nicheoptimizer.com you’ll find a bunc of starter stuff followed by all step by step instructions.  Just start at the starting area and work through the steps.

John Mann - January 2, 2013

Hey Michael,

Great article like usual.  2013 is going to be a record year for me by following a plan exactly like what you've laid out for us.

Thanks very much.

John Mann


Michael Brown - January 3, 2013

Thanks John!  Looking forward to you continuing to grow this year.  You've done some great thing and will a little heat you can make them greater 🙂

Vicki Reimolds - January 3, 2013


I, too, have been sidetracked since starting your course.  I read and followed every word in your course and built a website that I need to get back to.   Your emails starting this new year reinforce that it is time to get back on track; they are like emails from a friend that cares.  Glad to hear you will be focusing on social media, because that is the one area I need the most help.  One thing that bothers me is all the talk about reviews on Amazon.  I live in Illinois and cannot be an Amazon affiliate.  When are the states that imposed these internet tax bills going to admit it is causing them to lose money and repeal these bills?  I know Amazon has lobbyists fighting for us.  Can you please keep us up to date on the progress? 

Thanks for not letting us down, proving there are still people that really care and for living up to (and beyond) what you promise!

Michael Brown - January 4, 2013


I am not sure the states that are doing that will ever get it right.  I will do some research soon as to which states are in and out of the Amazon affiliate market.  You can still use numerous other affiliate programs.  I like Amazon because they have so many products but then so does Walmart.com and Ebay.com.  There are so may affiliate programs out there.

I do not make much from Amazon but I also do not focus on Amazon either – I typically make a lot more from single programs that are run by individual companies.


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