Something About Lifetime Commission Affiliate Programs That You Don’t Know

I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks.  Between power outages, ravishing storms and me being face down in some really cool upcoming projects I've been busy and away from the blog.

So enough about me.  Let's focus on why you're here.  You want to make more money with your blog/website right?  Good.  You better want that.

Today, I'll be discussing lifetime commission affiliate programs and a little secret about them that most people do not know.


What Are Lifetime Commission Affiliate Programs? 

They are affiliate programs that offer lifetime tracking on your traffic you send them.  This means that even if someone you send through your affiliate link does not buy for a year you still earn commissions.

Pretty cool huh?  No big secret there though just something that many people forget about.

So where do you find join these type of affiliate programs at?  Most affiliate networks have them like Shareasale, Linkshare, Commission Junction and so on.  

The easiest way to find them is log into one of your affiliate accounts and do a search.

Here is an example from Shareasale.

Just log into one of your affiliate accounts and look for an advanced search function and select "lifetime cookies."

This screen shot is from Shareasale.

Now For The Dirty Little Secret….

O.K. it's not a secret and I guess it's not really dirty, but it's something most people do not think about or even talk about.  Just an FYI; dirty little secret sounded really cool when I was first typing this up.  Ok let's move on.

Look for Lifetime programs that people have to continue buying updates, upgrades, additional refills, recharges, replacements and so on. 


Because after purchase you know every customer you send that companies way has a good chance to continue ordering over and over again.  This means you make more money from the same amount of traffic.

Imagine running a site where you recommend to someone a specific glue gun that takes a specific kind of glue stick.  The person buys the glue gun through you and then they need to keep buying a specific type of glue stick through this company over and over again.

Or perhaps a person buys a single cup coffee maker through you that only uses a specific kind of coffee pod?  Do you see my point?  That customer is most likely to continue buying and because of that every bit of traffic you send their way is likely to make you more money that on products that do not have lifetime commissions. 

In fact, most affiliate programs have a 60 day max.  Some have just a few days and some have 365 days.  365 days are good but I have sites that have been making me money from people way past the 1 year mark.

This also allows you to grow you recurring cash flow.  As you keep sending over traffic and as more people become buyers buying refills and the like eventually you have a built in profit stream that will continue to tick up.

IP Tracking

Some programs out there offer IP tracking as well.  IP tracking tracks more than just cookies it tracks a persons IP address.  This allows you to be sure you'll get paid for all the traffic you send to an affiliate program.  What happens sometimes with cookie tracking alone is that if someone clears or blocks their cookie data then you may not get credit as an affiliate.

Now, the average person has no clue what a cookie is.  The average person believes a cookie is just something we eat.  So most people never clear their browser cache and cookies, nor block cookies.  But, for the ones that do IP Tracking helps get around that.

So how do you find programs that offer IP tracking as well.  It's not as easy to do.  Most affiliates do not offer this.  But, if you're looking for that little extra reassurance you can simple send a support ticket to any affiliate program manager and ask them if they offer IP tracking as well as cookie tracking.  I'll be honest, I rarely even look for this or worry about it.

Finally, going the lifetime commission route can ultimately save your website.  Imagine your site gets knocked offline or drops to dead last in Google search rankings.  You'd still continue getting commission through lifetime commission programs.  This very thing has happened to me before.

Give me some feedback here.  Have you been experimenting with lifetime commission programs?  Have they worked for you?


Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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john - July 10, 2012

the best to start affilatedd marketing if you dont have much money tostart with

Michah - July 10, 2012

Hey Michael, thanks for this. Just learn't about affiliate links and cookies about a week ago on the NBK forum. I assume that if a visitor also bookmarks the page that they make a purchase from, cookies are attached to that as well. Through a bit of a look around Amazon Associates, I found a function where you can create a link to a category within AA and after a visitor clicks on this, the cookies will be saved there as well.
I am interested about IP tracking. Might find out if AA offers this.
As always, thanks for the great info.

Michael Brown - July 10, 2012


If they go through your link the get cookid.  So with or without bookmarking they’d be tagged.  I doubt Amazon does, but worth checking into as that is something I have never looked through myself 🙂

Sherry - July 10, 2012

Thanks for the tip. I've seen these boxes on affiliate sites, but never figured it out. I'm going to try this on some of my other sites.
Again, thanks.

Michael Brown - July 10, 2012

Thanks Sherry.  Let me know how it turns out for you.

Sheila Bergquist - July 11, 2012

Great tips Michael! I never thought about the products that people would have to continue buying for. Thanks!

Peter Bevers - July 11, 2012

hey Michael
One question I have is, if you have a lifetime cookie and then at a later date the same person arrives at the sales site from a competators affiliate site, does this now eliminate your cookie. who gets the sale. has this competator successfully sent a lead that they have no hope to capitallize on.
If so then it seems that if you don't get in on the ground floor or early on, that niche market could get gobble up pretty fast. All the possible buyers out there will be taken by others.   Just wondering

Michael Brown - July 11, 2012

Thanks Sheila 🙂

Michael Brown - July 11, 2012


On many programs it's first cookie gets the sale.  On some it's last cookie gets the sale.  You can always ask the merchant which it is.

However, I honestly would not worry about this.  The only time this would possibly affect you would be in the make money niche.

phil malone - July 11, 2012

Hi Michael, great info. Thanks. I will look into this.  An fyi – i first viewed your email on this from my iphone. I clicked the link to go to the above article but it didn't connect. This has happened before with one of your emails. Just so you know….

G - July 11, 2012

Michael has always interesting posts, is a well informed and honest person. About Affiliate Programs – you must read the terms and conditions before taking action. This will help you in finding out what type of cookies and commissions are. As Michael mentioned, products requiering repeated buy are great, for example a printer for which is needed ink/tonner…or membership, etc
If a person is using your link and is buiyng something during the time the cookies are active, you get commission. If a person uses another computer and just go to a vendor's web site without going through your link, there are no commissions.

Michael Brown - July 11, 2012


Thanks for the heads up.  It could be because I usefd the ugly aweber tracking link or it could be my mobile plugin acting up.  I'll take a deeper look and see if I can sort it out.

Michael Brown - July 11, 2012

G – thanks.  True on what you say on the commissions that if they come through another computer than what they originally did. 

However, a couple things help prevent this.  Many affiliate programs now do customer tracking.  So if someone comes thrugh, buys and then orders even over the phone at a later time you still get commission as they are triggered based on the customers nam,number and tagged to your account.

This isn't every affiliate program out there but many are doing this now, especially in competitive markets (i.e. ecig, weight loss, money).

If you have an affiliate program you're really starting to make some bucks in you can also domin brand yourself.

The easiest way to do this is to send people through a domain forwarded affiliate link.  All ou need to do is find a short cool domain name from angry chihuahua and then put your affiliate link in the domain forward box, then turn on the free domain masking option.

What happens then is if someone even enters your URLinto their browser they end up triggering your affiliate link automatically and often times they'll even bookmark your affiliate domain.

Inside videos that you promote off of Youtube or anywhere really you can bnd yourself with nothing more than your URL in that case.

Again, I wouldn't do this for every affiliate program but just ones you are already doing well with and you want to continue growing it and doing even more

Kathy Bampfield - July 11, 2012

LIfetime cookie…that would be a wonderful thing! Now to go find one.

Michael Brown - July 21, 2012

LOL – Kathy

Phil Abrahams - September 2, 2012

Thanks for the info once I have learned how to build web site I may start using them.


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