Review of imbuzz blowout sale

Im Buzz Blowout Sale

Imbuzz blowout sale launches today and I am going to tell you why I recommend it. I had the chance to review it before the launch and I must say that most blowout offers don’t offer quite the punch that this one does. So am I saying that just because I have products that come with this launch and feel obligated to do so? Absolutely not.


I only want people to get the best deal possible online and this one over delivers. So what do you get?


MRR & Rebranding Rights to 5 Viral Software Products
– Keyword Buzz
– Link Buzz
– Cloaker Buzz
– Blog Buzz
– Forum Buzz

Personal Rights to Three other Software
– Instant PDF Profits
– Instant Auction Sites
– Instant Directory Profits

MRR to Five More Software products
– Stumble upon Bribe Machine
– Digg Bribe Machine
– Sales Intimidator
– Ultimate Exit Popup
– 1-2-3 Dimesale

MRR to 98 Internet Marketing Essentials Tutorial Videos
Blogging With WordPress
– cPanel Basics
– Minisite Made Easy With Frontpage
– eBook Mastery
– List Building Basics
– How to Install Scripts
– Internet Marketing Basics

Personal Rights to Three cash making e-books
– Instant Cash Secrets
– Bum Marketing Secrets
– Instant Auction Profits

8 Hot E-books by Other Marketers Including 2 of mine have been added 🙂

Plus unlimited support for all the products. So you can see when I got involved why I loved it. I love software and software that does things that make my life easier. Many of you who know me know I have supported projects that Jonathan and Calvin have released in the past. It’s because their support and products are top notch.

The 98 internet marketing video tutorials are worth the price alone!

I am not sure what price point they plan to keep on this so I am not mentioning a price here. However, if you have just a little bit of money I highly recommend this as selling just a couple of the products in this are well worth the price.

At last check this whole package was only $47 but I believe it setup and incremental price increases. Anyways, not only am I giving a couple of my products away in the deal I have the entire package and have been diving deep into it this morning. I’d love to hear feedback from others who have this.

Go snag yours now and you can even become a reseller. I HIGHLY recommend this product package.  ANyone else had a chance to check this out and review it I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment for me 🙂



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