Top Search Engine Rankings and Money Making Methods For The Time Strapped

easy online money making techniqueI've had some questions recently regarding exact match domains or EMDs that I want to address.  Why do I want to address this?  Because I want to help you make more money.

Plus, there is a lot of misinformation floating around right now about Internet search that I want to address with this.

I was planning to shoot videos for this but ultimately decided to just do screen tutorials instead.  I have a new sound studio on its way that blows my current audio away and I’m feeling a bit inadequate without it.  In any event I should have that next week so I can shoot some really high quality stuff for you.

The methods I describe below are great if you’re brand new to making money online or have struggled getting a really large site ranked and need something that just produces some cash for you.

O.K. so what you’re going to learn here is how you can use exact match domains to rank well in the search engines and of course make money doing this pretty easily.

First, to do this you’ll need a copy of Keyword Canine (This is my affiliate link – if my tutorial helps you I’d appreciate you using it – however you’re not required too and if you feel uncomfortable with that then don’t use my link).

At the time of writing this Keyword Canine is ONLY open for another 48 hours.  Get it here.

Step #1:  Login into your Keyword Canine account & Search For A Niche Using The Niche Tab

keyword canine tutorial techniques



A.  And sort by “Very Easy” or “Easy”

B.  Also sort by CPC (cost per click) and push “Filter”

make money with keyword canineSorting by these settings will help you find keywords you can build a site around and rank for easily.  Soring by the CPC setting will show you some high paying keywords that would be worthwhile to rank for.

Easy enough, right?

Step #2:  Find Your Niche

Next, browse through the list of keywords that come up and find one you like.

keyword canine uses

Use the global search column to determine if the keyword has enough searches for your tastes or not.  Even a small amount of searches can add up if you get a keyword with a high CPC or have a good affiliate program that you want to promote.

A: Select a word from the list that you like by clicking on it

Once you click on the keyword you can then investigate it further.  What you what to do here is:

A: When you find a keyword you like open it by clicking on it.

keywordcanine methods

Make sure the keyword has a domain open

If it has a .com .net or .org open this will work for you.

You’ll need to get the domain/hosting using the tutorials I share in Unleashing Your Success, Niche Blitzkrieg or Niche Optimizer.  Pick one.

Step #3:  Quickly create a website

You’ll also need to install WordPress (again use one of my tutorials I mention above if you do not know how).

Create your site around this keyword you selected. 

You’ll want to also use the Google keyword tool to find 5-10 additional keywords in the same niche as well.   (Broken record: it’s in the tutorials)

Or use Keyword Canine's similarkeywords rea at the bottom of the screen.

keyword canine stats

Next, get your site indexed by social bookmarking it or sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

Next, write out your home page with about 300-500 words of content (the more the better) and optionally add an image.  If you hate to write have someone do it for you at Iwriter for a couple of bucks.

Step #4:  Automatically build some backlinks to your site with Keyword Canine’s built in tool

It’s called site boost and it will help rank your site with no work on your part.

keyword caninesite boost


Just fill out the small report (2 minutes) and your site will be submitted to their service and on its way to being boosted.


While your site is being pushed up in the rankings over the next few weeks add a little bit of content to your site.

Base the content off the additional keywords you decided to use for the site and write an article for each keyword or have someone at Iwriter do it all for you.

You will make each article into a post for your website.

If you have all of the writing done at once I would simply schedule your posts to go out over the course of a few weeks or a month.  Optionally you can create more posts as well if the niche you’re in has enough keywords to do so.  Sometimes the easy and very easy niche are very small niche markets so there are sometimes not that many keywords to build larger sites this way.

After a month if you’re not on page 1 of the search engine results, simply do some more manual link building.  Also make sure to vary your anchor text between 7-15 variations as well to add variety to your incoming backlinks.

Slap on some Adsense ads or affiliate ads on the site to create a way to make money with your site.  I am not a huge Adsense fan (I know many of you are)

Now I want to note a couple things about the above method. 

First, you won’t get rich from that technique.  Each site built like that can usually bring $250+ per month or more.

I’ve had several that are small generate more than $1000/month+ with very little work or effort.  The key to making really good money with the smaller sites is to have a number of them.  This is a true passive income.

So even though you won’t be the next Bill Gates wouldn’t that extra pocket money be helpful?

Second, exact match domains still work and work well.  There are all sorts of proof on the Internet about that.  Recently, Jon Leger sent out an email showing how he landed a bunch of sites in the search engines on page 1 using the SAME methods I pointed out above.

A good overall strategy is to have several smaller sites and a couple really big websites that you manage.  Combine the teachings I offer in my courses like www.nicheoptimizer.com and you can build yourself a pretty awesome set of passive income streams.

All of the above is actionable and you can start immediately on it.  What are you waiting for?

Thoughts?  Using this method?  Interested in using it but have questions?  Ask below.



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