Rank Crew Review – Cheap Link Building Passes The Test

UPDATED: At the end of the article I share some cool results.

I ended up getting 432 terms one one site ranked in under a month!  Impressive – read on.

Today I am getting around to posting up my Rank Crew review.

I’ve been a bit wounded lately with a bum ankle that’s healing up.  Anyway, let’s get to the point of why you are here.

On 9/3/13 Jon Leger who is the creator of many other fantastic services and products that I’ve reviewed has created a brand new link building service, again, called Rank Crew.

Rank Crew is a team of link builders who have been building links for quite some time.

In fact, the website itself states that they have 15 years of experience.  Awesome.

So, for link building what is Rank Crew doing?

They are using a variation of the technique I mention at my ranking in 45 days write-up found here, minus the second tier building.

I can tell you though, it works because I’ve been using this method for quite a long time now.

Plus, today I ordered my first package “New Site” building package and I’ll have the results posted as my ranks start improving.

The nice thing about all the links that they build is that they are all MANUAL!

Why is this important? 

Because they are natural and look natural.

Unlike a lot of the junk automated tools out there that pound your site with crappy links that can get you penalized – this does not.

So What Packages Does Rank Crew Offer?

Package 1: New Site Package


  • 50 Social Bookmarks
  • 50 RSS Feed Directory Submissions
  • 50 High PR Web Directory Submissions
  • 50 article directory submissions
  • 50 High PR Forum Profile Links

This package currently lists at $45 which is extremely cheap for this many links.  Again since it’s done naturally no red flags are raised.  This package is designed to submit the homepage of a brand new site as kind of a “kick starter package.”

I really like this one because it gives you that initial link boost that you need to get your website ranked.  Of course, this can be used on established sites too, but, it’s perfect for what we do with Niche Blitzkrieg.

Set up your free account here to see more details.

Package 2: Established Sites Package

This package first covers the home page area:

  • 75 social bookmarks
  • 50 RSS Feed Directory submissions
  • 75 High PR Web Directory submissions
  • 75 Article Directory submissions
  • 50 High PR Forum Profile links

10 additional pages/posts on your site get the following:

  • 40 Social Bookmarks
  • 40 Article Directory submissions
  • 10 High PR Forum Profile links

This is a great package for sites that have been around for at least a few months and have some links already going into them.  This package builds far more links than the “New Site” package shown above.

I like it.  Again, watch a demo video of this service here.

Package 3:  Authority Site Package

I’ll start off by saying that most of you reading this will not need this package.  It’s expensive and probably a little over-the-top and definitely too much for brand new sites.

Again, the links are manually built in this package, just like the others.

Links will be built to both the homepage and up to 50 internal pages.

Here is what you get in this package:

The homepage itself gets:

  • 100 social bookmarks
  • 50 RSS Feed Directory submissions
  • 100 High PR Web Directory submissions
  • 100 Article Directory submissions
  • 50 High PR Forum Profile links

The internal pages get:

  • 50 Social Bookmarks
  • 50 Article Directory submissions
  • 20 High PR Forum Profile links

As you can see it’s a pretty big link building package.

Of all the 3 packages above I recommend using the “new site” package to get started.

For my Rank Crew review I personally added $100 to my account so I could get the initial $30 bonus cash added to my account that they are doing during the opening week.

I purchased the “New Site” package for one of my websites and over the next 1-2 months I’ll be monitoring my rank progress.

rank crew overview

Here is a look at the easy order process in Rank Crew

It was easy to create a free account (do that here) it was also easy to order.

The process to input my information like website info and everything else was pretty easy too.

This is done in a simple 5 step process which was pretty easy to follow.

The only thing I wish the interior had was something that offered an explanation for certain things.

I.e. If you decide to have them submit one of your articles rather than theirs do they spin it for you or do you have to have a spintax version of your article to give them?  It doesn’t really say on the inside (unless I missed it).  This is something that is easily fixed and likely to be implemented in the future one they get several questions about it.

It’s not a big issue and I am probably being nit-picky.

One other thing that would be nice is is could order a tier 2 service automatically so you could add links to these links and strengthen the links that they are creating for you.  It’s not a big deal but it’s a feature that would help us a lot, save us a lot more time and it would also probably make them far more money.

Ala Carte Stuff

One thing I really like with rank crew is the ability to order ala carte services as well.

These include the following submissions services:

  • Rss
  • Articles
  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Video Submission
  • Web 2.0 Profile Links
  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Bookmarking

This is great if you want to build links to your tier 1 links (I teach this here) or if you just want to buy a little bit of link building at a time.

Final Thoughts On Rank Crew

I like the service.  It’s cheap, does what I need and saves me a bunch of time.  I’ve been using other services for this that are more expensive and do not provide as much.

In the near future I’ll be able to look at the quality of submissions in more detail.  However, with Jon’s track record I have no doubt of the quality of this service.

I’ll likely be stocking my account with quite a bit more money while they have the bonus dollar deal going on.

Anyway, so far so good and I highly recommend using Rank Crew.  Try them out here by creating your free account and seeing what you think.  But, I can tell you first hand that it will save you a ton of time that you can use creating more profit streams for yourself.


After placing my order with Rank Crew 23 days ago I have taken a brand new site that was about a month old from not ranking in search to ranking for 435+ keywords — many in the top 10!

The site has made over $300 now and I actually wrote a post a couple of days ago here showing exactly how I created the content, set the site up and got it ranked so quickly.

I ordered the New Site Package.  I also recently purchase a couple of smaller services in the last week from Rank Crew that just finished up which should help spur some more results soon.

Here is a screen shot of the keyword results.rank crew results

Many of the keywords that are shown on here are actually ranking even better than what is shown on here.  This is just a snapshot from Google Webmasters Tools.

Questions?  Comments?  Tried Rank Crew yet?  What are your results? Thoughts?  Share!

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Brent Partner - September 5, 2013

I have to say Michael – it looks really good. I’m going to test a new package deal 😀

Michael Brown - September 6, 2013

Yea Brent I really like it.

Kenneth Ehrhart - September 6, 2013

We have signed up too and are waiting for our links to be built. Thank you soooooooooo much for this Michael, I hate manually building links, it takes forever! Now I have more time to do other things for my site. Yay!

Michael Brown - September 6, 2013


Anything you need links to, it would work for. The only thing you wouldn’t do is submit certain things that were not full websites to web directories. That’s the only thing I wouldn’t do. But, they have enough packages to take care of links to videos, other articles by you or anywhere else you need links.

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Brent Partner - September 28, 2013

I used the basic package on a new site I’m working on 2 weeks ago. Everything was done in 5 days. I am probably going to buy a few of the smaller packages (article directory submission 100 sites and possibly a blog comment submission) just to save time. I have to say thus far I’m impressed :D.

Michael Brown - September 28, 2013

Brent, awesome man! Let me know the results you get from that. It sure does beat doing it yourself..lol

Tony - October 1, 2013

Hi Michael

How many keywords did you target in this Rank Crew test?


Michael Brown - October 1, 2013


I originally started with about 24 keywords (1 per post) that I was targeting. I did this knowing that Google+Bing would find and rank me for additional keywords in each post.

I tried to make sure all of my posts had 500+ words and some had 1000+ as well. By doing this, it opens the door to rank for several other phrases and words naturally, without trying.

Michael Brown - October 1, 2013

Tony, I will add that now I have 31 total posts on the site. So I am slowly adding additional content.

Tomas - October 1, 2013

Great results!
Does your links points to one page (home page) or link juice were spited to all pages with that package ordered? How many anchor text variations per page were used? Because we know what a penguin can can do about it 🙂

Michael Brown - October 1, 2013


Most currently at home page and yes I vary the anchor text (15-20 variations) I also cover this in my 45 day ranking plan post I reference in the above article. I will eventually be link building for the additional pages.

Robbie - October 1, 2013

Hi Michael. Good review you have there. Landed here when Jonathan emailed out. Wish I’d read the comments before ordering as I notice you mentioned targeting about 24 keywords. I shouldn’t be too far off that. 15 keywords and related to the posts. Like yourself, It’s different word counts, mostly 700 – 1500+ on the site, so I’m hoping it’ll get picked up for more. Who knows. I’m actually a freelance writer and just put a blog up to supplement the income. Never sent a backlink to it and it ranks in Bing and Yahoo for a “treacle” of traffic. Fingers crossed the Rank Crew can work their magic.

BTW. Didn’t realise the spinning was necessary, nor that the full article can be pulled from article builder. Pretty neat for the price. 😉

All the best and thanks

Michael Brown - October 1, 2013

Thanks Robbie 🙂

Yea the price for A/B is low considering what all you can do with it.

Let me know how it goes after you use Rank Crew. I am interested in your results.

Robbie - October 3, 2013

Order completed fast Michael! I’ll tell you what surprised me. An email last night from one of the rank crew team. Very courteous and professional.

I totally “screwed” the order up. When I was submitting the order, it mentions that all fields are compatible with spin. I used the “do it for me” A/B article option lol. For the resource box, was using a half dozen, rotating anchors and straight urls etc. I didn’t nest it right though so my resource boxes must’ve had about 20 URLS because of the incorrect formatting. (oops)

Got a message about it a day in and set about rectifying it. Susan who contacted me couldn’t be more helpful, offering to assist with formatting etc.

I got it fixed within the hour I think it was, as I didn’t want to be asking for more than I was paying for. As a service provider myself, I know the feeling of being unappreciated, so I’m careful not to come across as “that kinda client” when I’m outsourcing stuff, if you catch my drift. 😉

So popped over a .txt file with the revised resource files, cos idiotic me, didn’t save the original file during the submission. Anyway, popped it over, checked it this morning for anything needing fixed, low and behold, the order’s completed.

About 3 days and that was me messing up the order, and getting help to fix it.

The service itself appears still in its infancy as all communication went through email. No message inbox in the Rank Crew dashboard. That surprised me. Still, looking promising.

Obviously too early to say about results. That’d be crazy. Probably a month or so. What I will say is that I’m of high hopes. I’ve looked at the content they put out and it’s quality stuff.

It was the new site package I went with, but being Scottish, and pretty tight, I made some changes to the site prior to submitting it for the links, as when it does rank, I don’t want a high bounce. I want a high ctr to an offer. 😉 It was displaying five blog posts on the home page. I changed that using your content advice page. Home page is now a long article, roughly 1300 words, goes through the motions, you discuss here…


So it leads up to a nice wee bit of “you can do it that way…or here’s the faster option if you’re interested” type of thing. Don’t want visitors arriving and being left in the cold like your poor wee Chomba, as you mentioned in your other post. lol Hope you get that sorted btw.

So there’s sort of an advice option first, or for proven results, here’s a guy with the social proof that will fix things for ya. Check it out here sort of thing.

So, thanks for the heads up on both the RC service, and your content advice that you referred to. No point ranking if the site isn’t ready. Feel free to mail me further along for a follow up if you like. I’ve the screenshots taken for before RC team went to work. Want to see that big spike in the next capture.

Catch you later and thanks again

Alan Mero - October 7, 2013

Nice review. I’ve been considering giving this service a try. Jon always offers quality services and products. My question is: did your site hold rankings after the recent Penguin update? Thanks.

Dan - October 7, 2013

Really glad for your success.

I wasn’t so lucky. Both sites I used Rank Crew for have plummeted for all keywords, one dropping 42 points for a main keyword (from 12 to 54) and the other anywhere from 5 to 20 points. Both are local businesses and I have been really shocked at the decline. Both are still in decline.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to undo the damage?

Michael Brown - October 10, 2013

Hmm I haven’t had a single issue over here Dan. These types of links should not negatively affect your sites in anyway.

Unless you are overusing your anchor text which is what the usual case on something like that is. I highly suggest a vast array of anchor text 15-20 or even more if you need to.

Do you have any manual action penalties in your Google Webmaster Tools?

Also I will add that you need to be sure that your webpages aren’t over optimized as well. This is another common issue I see from people trying to get their websites ranked.

I just think you need to be sure of your assessment from where the damage was caused from.

Michael Brown - October 10, 2013


Yes, no issues from 2.1

Robbie - October 11, 2013

Agreed Michael. While it’s only been a week since I put my first order in, my traffic has doubled and looking at the analytics, it’s not to do with search, but through referral traffic from where the links are placed, and the content they use. Given the increase in referral traffic, I’ve since went on to have Rank Crew do a video submission, but it seems like they’re backlogged as it’s still sitting in the queue lol. Wish they’d add doc sharing submissions to the list of services. I’m working on a PDF at the moment for that. 😉

Jay Ford - October 22, 2013

Hi Michael, can I have a look at your site? I am interested to see what it looks like and what you are selling.

Roy - October 25, 2013

Hi Michael

Great review for Rankcrew, good pricing too! I have placed an order today and hope to see a rise in the amount of traffic to my site.



Michael Brown - November 14, 2013

Awesome Roy! Thanks for sharing.

Michael Brown - November 14, 2013


I agree on the Doc sharing! If we all bring it up to them maybe they’ll add it? 🙂

gio - November 27, 2013

Hi Michael,

I ordered the starter package as well and I will update any rank improvements. My main keyword was already ranking at the bottom of page one. I hope this service won’t destroy my rankings…

Donal Keegan - February 17, 2014

Nice to see all of the positive comments! Thank you Michael for the post. If any of you would be willing to allow us to publish your testimonial on rankcrew.com we would be very grateful. I can be contacted at this email address: donal@rankcrew.com. I can offer you some free RankCrew credit for your trouble 🙂

Carrie - December 6, 2015


Just wondering if y’all still think this service will work in 2016? I have a site that want to get ranking but I’m not sure how to do that that is not only affordable but will not be spammy or cause my website to be flagged or penalized in any way. I’ve tried many things that have not worked in the past. Please share your thoughts on whether you think this is worth it. I am tired of wasting money on sites that promise results and fiverr to get nothing.



Michael Brown - December 7, 2015


Yes, if you do it the way they demonstrate in the videos. However, if you just blast your pages with it and do not follow the instructions, then no.

I don’t even waste my time on Fiverr.


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