NicheJet Review – Does This Fast, Done For You Niche Site Building Service Work?

First off, what is NicheJet?

NicheJet is a service that is designed to create niche websites for you at a low price.  Pretty simple right?

Let’s Get To Basics Of This NicheJet Review:

The folks at NicheJet do all of the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Buy A Domain For You
  • Host The Website For You
  • Create Your Website and Install WordPress
  • Create a 100% Uniquely Written Homepage
  • Index Your Site
  • Input Your Adsense ID Into Ads (if you want Adsense)
  • Daily Add Posts To Your Blog Until You Reach 100 Posts
  • Build Links For You To Rank In Google/Bing – WOW
  • Give You Complete Dashboard and Cpanel Access!
  • Free hosting transfer!

The 100 articles are about 85% unique content.  The writing however, will pass Copyscape if you’re worried about that.  They are also using Article Builder to create the content on the posts.

So here is my experience so far with NicheJet so far.

I ordered my package on June 5th

Within 1 hour they had the following done:

  • Domain ordered
  • Homepage Article Ordered
  • Homepage Article Completed

Here is a screen shot of that: (click to enlarge)

nichejet example


The next day the following was completed:

  • WordPress Installed and Optimized
  • Homepage Article Added
  • Adsense Ads Turned On
  • Posts Scheduled

Here is a screenshot of that: (click to enlarge)

niche jet walk-through


On June 8th I was notified of the following:

  • Access Given For Dashboard and Cpanel
  • Link Building Campaign Started

Then on June 9th I ranked #10 for my keywords on Google already!

So 4 days after this whole process began I was ranking and I fully expect my keywords to move up.

Update: June 25th I now rank #5 for my keywords, again, by doing nothing but ordering the package.

(click image to enlarge)

niche jet 21 days in

Another Update: July 1st.  I am still ranking #5 for my keywords and I just got a cool email 2 days ago from the NicheJet team. 

nichejet link building campaign

So 3 weeks into this and they are building me more links. 🙂  I'll of course try to keep this post updated when I get more results to show here.

Quick note: If you want to buy your own domain and host it on your own server you can.

Update July 25th: The guys over at Nichejet also now provide hosting transfer FREE of charge thanks @Chuck in the comments section for the recent tip.

So here’s how the entire process worked during my NicheJet review.

Step 1: Order A Package (takes about 30 seconds)

Step 2: Select Niche (I only spent 2-3 minutes here)

You’ll do this from a list of 110 niche markets they have researched.

Step 3: Select Exact Keywords (again, I spent 2-3 minutes on this part too)

Now, you’ll select a keyword you want your website built around.  I found most of these to have between 500-1500 monthly searches.  Some had more and some had less.

Once you select a keyword they remove it from the database so you’re not going to be competing with other NicheJet customers!  That is a very handy and cool feature by the way.

After you select your keyword you’ll then give them the green light to start by simply clicking a button.  I recommend doing a quick keyword research on the potential keyword using Market Samurai or Keyword Canine or even the Google Adwords tool just to see how many monthly searches the keyword is actually getting before selecting one.  Anything over 500 searches will do the trick.

The rest of the process is handled by the NicheJet team.

I found the entire process of getting my niche, selecting my keywords and ordering the package to be extremely easy to understand and perform.

The follow up emails are nice as they really let you know what’s going on every step of the way.  So you never wonder “where are they at with my order?” or “what are they doing to my site now?”

I fully intend to make quite a bit of money from each site I have them produce for me.  In fact, a site only needs to average about 35 cents per day to make my money back or 48 cents per day if you select their included hosting service. 

Awesome!  The goal should be to make much more than that with every website you create anyway.

What Happens After The 100 Posts Are Completed?

After you have 100 posts added in the 100 days by the team then it will be up to you to create more content.  This can be done manually using a service like Iwriter, INeedArticles or manually by you.  You could also optionally hook it back up to your own Article Builder account and start pumping out more content in the same niche.

What Can You Do With The Sites?

Anything.  You can add your own ads, sell them to clients, sell them on Flippa or grow them into even more profitable niche markets.

Who This Service Isn’t For

If you like to micro-manage everything and like only 100% unique content for everything you do, this service will not work for you. 

Up until 2012 I actually hated all duplicate content however, with the creation of Article Builder creating content on auto-pilot has been easier and more professional. 

So the articles NicheJet is importing are all 85% unique articles not created from scraped content or created from PLR junk.  These are all handcrafted and only used in the Article Builder circle before being spun and made pretty darn unique.

Again, if you hate that type of content or only like to write your own; you will not like this service.

Who NicheJet Is For?

If you want your keywords, domain, hosting, link building and website all done for you, this will save you a lot of time.

A+ Grade For My NicheJet Review

I can’t find any faults with this service at all and I highly recommend it.  I was impressed with the price, ease of use, the niche selection and keyword selection process and the speed of implementation.  Since they are doing all of the link building for the website it is a no-brainer!

You can get your NicheJet order in here and even save some cash if you decide to order in bulk.

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Brent Partner - June 12, 2013

Hi Michael,

I am guessing if you are already reasonably proficient at site building and keyword research – and you already have the Article Builder service which backlinks on autopost it is probably not for you? Is this more for people who want absolutely everything done for them?

Katie Bauman - June 12, 2013

Hi Michael, I just came online & saw NicheJet, have heard of it. It really sounds awesome. How long is this offer good for & later through them can more bulk sites be added. Right now due to medical reasons, budget is tight.

Can I have my own advertising put on the websites like Market Sumuari, Amajon.com, etc? I've been wanting to do this for a very long time and trust your judgement. I know the more sites the better but can they be added later?

Thank you Michael. Katie 😉

Simone Boni - June 13, 2013

Hi Michael….well Ijust read email recived and check Nichejet website….wow!!!!! …..but I have questions: 1 Is it ok for beginners? I mean after the web site is online what ami supposed to do?,

and Is it ok for affiliate marketing?…I mean how can use affiliate for example if i use Forex or whatelse what am I supposed to do to affiliate?…thanks

Michael Brown - June 13, 2013


For the most part but, the one thing I will say that is a huge time-saver is the link builing part.  They build the links or you which for me is the biggest $ and time-saver.

So even if you can build a site, order an article for the homepage, install everything n an hour, you probably couldn’t build the links as fast as they can.  I own Article Builder but I also think that this is a pretty cool deal.  I usually feel like it’s hard to go wrong with Jon Leger products.

Michael Brown - June 13, 2013


I am not sure how long the price is that low.  I really am not.  It’s only been open for 2-3 weeks now total.

Yes, you can add anything you want to it, it’s your site.  So if you want to add Amazon, CJ or whatever, you can.  The only thing they’ll add for you outside of the content is Adsense though  So if you want Amazon etc you add that yourself.  🙂 

Michael Brown - June 13, 2013


It’s fine for beginners.

Yes, it’s great for affiliate marketing too.  These are normal websites that you can add any affiliate links you want to them.  They have a set of 110 different niches, complete with keywords they will build your site and content around.  You select your niche, keyword and they do the rest.  Later if you want to add any other types of affiliate products, you can.

Steve - June 13, 2013

Hi Michael,this sounds interesting.
But my question would be.(1)After the $127 for that first year,are there other fees in that period? i.e.monthly fees.Are you saying that after you pay the $127 that's the only fee you pay until the following year's renewal?.After the site is up and running,what will be required of me to maintain it?

Michael Brown - June 13, 2013


Good questions 🙂

1).  After he initial paymentif you want to keep it hosted there it will cost $47/yr or you can have it moved to your own server from the way I understand it.

2).  As far as maintainence goes you can leave it as is or keep adding content even after the 100 days.  You can do this automatically by buying your own copy of Article Builder or… but manually addng your own custom or paid written content.

Of course anytime a new version of wordpress comes out you’ll want to upgrade it but that is just a 30 second task that you’ll do a couple times per year… no big deal there.

Let me know if I answered that clearly enough for you — but I think I am answering exactly what you’re asking me here.  Thanks again!

Caesar - June 14, 2013


Just finished reading your Nichejet review. It sounds really awesome. I just built my first site by using your NBK. The site is not 100% completed yet, but NBK is really effective. I really like your coaching.

My question is, can I order this package, have them build the site for me, and leave it on autopilot? If so, why would I want to build my own site and learn something about SEO and affiliate marketing? I would just pay them and just wait for money to come in after they are done?




Michael Brown - June 14, 2013


First, thank you fgor the compliments.  I a glad you’re enjoying the course and the coaching.

To answers your questions I go in order here:

1.  Yes it’s all auto-pilot they do everything including the fist 100 posts.

2.  Because knowledge is power and that cannot be taken away from you.  Always remember it’s better to know how to do something, but, it’s always a time saver to pay someone else to do it for you.  This allows you to know if someone is performing the task properly for you as well.  So learn it, apply it and then use tools and hire help when you want to save time doing the tasks that you already know how to do but imply want to save time doing.



Steve - June 14, 2013

Hi Michael,thanks for all the encouragement,I intend to pursue the Nicklejet idea btw but I need to take care of the "finances'first!.
The email you sent today raised another   question for me   (1)"Adsense added if you want it – done for you"..   Adsense is not part of the basic deal are we paying extra to have it added?
You addressed part of this yesterday but I should have included this question as well.
Sorry for all the Scrooge questions…..and I'm thinking about this way too much! but I'm just trying to see where other costs might lie with this

Zachary - June 14, 2013

I have a very simple question…how much does it cost.

Mark - June 15, 2013

Having some assistance setting up a niche website would be great, but do you have any examples of your sucess experience to share (examples of websites they set up and posted the 100 articles on your behalf)?

Also… any examples of the keyword(s) they were able to get you to #10 in just a few days would be great to get a better read on what they will provide.

Michael Brown - June 15, 2013


I didn’t include the cost in my write-up because they can change it at anytime.  However, it’s currently at $127.

Michael Brown - June 15, 2013


Here are some recent examples of what Jon listed:

Site: uniquelandscapingideas.com
Keywords: unique landscaping ideas
Rank: #3

Site: kidssoccertips.net
Keywords: kids soccer tips
Rank: #3

Site: inexpensivelandscapingideas.net
Keywords: inexpensive landscaping ideas
Rank: #6

Keep in mind whatever ads you want can be added to these.  Theseare the basic layouts of the sites and what they’ll setup.

I also mention in the above write-up that the keywords were 500-1500 monthly searches.  I didn’t really highlight this fact as muc as I should have in it, so it’s easy to miss in the article.

Anton - June 16, 2013

Hello Michael . I dont know good English but i will try . 6 month ago i have made an site but had no luck with it . Now i saw your e-mail about Nichejet and i think to give it a second try .

Question 1 ) I select a Categori and then just pay for the site and they make it?

Question 2 ) The site will be ready to start make money or i need to add my content to start making money ?

Question 3 ) when the website will be ready how i would know where the money from this site will go ?

Thank you .

Best Regards Anton

Michael Brown - June 16, 2013


In order:

1.  You pay then select your niche and the keywords

2.  If you give them your adsense ID, yes.  If you do not want adsense you’ll need to use whatever affiliate programs you want to make money with it.

3.  I think I anwered this in #2.

Let me know if you need anything else.

John - June 19, 2013

Hi Michael, can you tell me what kind of links they build to sites we order? Do they build links to only home page or to inner pages well?

Paul croker - June 19, 2013

A  brand new website ranking on the first page within 10 days for a mildly competitive keyword is nothing new. Usually within a couple of weeks they completely drop out. 

Michael Brown - June 19, 2013


They are building links to individual posts as well as the homepage.

I am not 100% sure exactly where all of the links come from.  I will be investigating them as they occur.

So far some are on blogs, comments and some various other methods.  I can tell you that so far it seems very smartly done.

However, I can also tell you that the links are bing generated from a future-to-be-released tool.  Pretty exciting stuff.

John - June 19, 2013

Does your domain start with an "A" and end with an "O" .com ?

I used the Google keyword tool and got the exact match local and global search values for it and there are no values, just "-"

Bernie - June 19, 2013

Hey everybody,

although I agree with most of THW statements above, I'd advise to perform some KW research before ordering. I also purchased one of the NicheJet packages over three weeks  ago, and they are constantly feeding the site with content… but still: NO ranking at all (that means below page 10, not among the first 100 results in Google). 

They are still building links and adding content, and I still believe that my site will rank eventually. But what I am saying is: Not every KW will rank as fast as in the Exempel above. So do some research on competition and monthly searches prior to anything else!


Michael Brown - June 19, 2013


It has about 500 searches/month.  Nothing crazy but I plan on adding a lot of monetization to this later, rather than just leave it with adsense.

Michael Brown - June 19, 2013


While I do not disagree with you, it’s the other stuff that makes this a better deal.  I.e. them doing everything for you, link building, content, domain, hosting (if you want it).

I’ve built over 100+ websites now and have seen a lot of things.

I don’t think the rank itself is what they are celebrating nor is my write-up celebrating the rank.  If for some reason it didn’t rank, I’d still be extremely happy with the service and I’d simply start doing my own link building, no biggie.

Michael Brown - June 19, 2013


I agree, not all will be winners.  But, like I mentioned to Paul, even if it didn’t rank, so what?  You still have a website with a lot of content on it and everything taken care of for you at a really low price.

I ultimately think that most, if not all of those keywords could easily crack the top 10 with asmall link building campaign even outside what they build if it, for some reason, did not.

The above post isn’t celebrating the rank of the site as much as it is the work and done for you process.

I do also mention doing some keyword research as well.  It took me virtually no-time to peek at it.

Bernie, keep me up-to-date on your process and maybe I can take a little behind the scenes look at your site as well if you’d like.

Keith - June 19, 2013

My experience is a bit like Bernie's.  Ordered at launch and have done absolutely nothing to the site.  I want to see what happens without my intervention; at least for as while.

So far not ranking in the first 500 results for my chosen keyword (which incidentally has a "low" competition rating in Google keyword tool).  However, as Michael says, for the price it's an awesome service.  If it doesn't end up ranking well, I'll just use it as a tool to create links to other sites I own.

By the way, I asked if I could register a country specific domain for my site (e.g. .co.uk) and was told "not at this time".  I'm waiting for that before ordering a second site.



Michael Brown - June 19, 2013


I’m just curious, have you checked in Bing to see where it’s ranking there?

I know they do a link boost at week 3 too so it’ll be interesting to seewhat happens around that time.

“If it doesn’t end up ranking well, I’ll just use it as a tool to create links to other sites I own.”

That was somewhat my thought too.  Worse comes to worse I wil still e ale to utilie it for something or sell it off…etc.

Dror - June 20, 2013

Hi Michael, 

I think the main thing to consider here is the actual keyword and what is the competition and if ranking for that keyword would allow you to earn your investment back. From what I noticed and from the keywords they shared as case studies, the search volumes were very low so no surprise they are ranking so fast since no one else is trying to rank for such low search volume keywords.  

Jalli - June 20, 2013

Did they revealed to you the link building strategies that they are using to rank your niche sites?

Michael Brown - June 20, 2013


Nope.  But, I trust Jon, he is one of the few people I trust in this biz and seems like an all-around good guy.

Michael Brown - June 20, 2013


I would agree with that.  The keyword is always important for the end results.

The keywords might be low in competition, but, the beauty is if you just think about the keywords a few minutes before choosing one you can pretty easily determine if it has $$ value in.  I have found keywords that had only 800 (or less) searches/month that I was able to make $1000+ with.  But, that is also why I tend to shy away from Adsense an promote affiliate products instead, because there is typically more money from an affiliate payout.

jose manuel bravo garrido - June 20, 2013

These sites meet the policies of google Adsense? As you know, this still very ectricto lately and lower resbalon account bans you, I have a channel on youtube, which gives me a profit and I would not lose it.
As for the 100 articles that the site generates in principle, are acts to compete with adsense anuciantes?, As I want to focus vera for adsense site.
Greetings …

Leonard - June 20, 2013

This is very exciting for me Michael. I seems like it took me forever to get my other sites listed over the years. But now I am watching my Niche Jet site climb to page one. I am on page 2 right now.

I have not hooked it up with Article Builder yet either. I am working on the layout and learning the backend of my site while they do the work. This is fantastic.

chris - June 20, 2013

Michael, how are they even making money if they are doing all that for a one time fee, especially with links and just the overall management of it all

Michael Brown - June 20, 2013


I am not 100% sure on Adsense.  However, Josh and Jon both mentioned that they have never had an issue.  But, if for some reason your are not comfortable with using Adsense on it, don’t.  Use affiliate programs instead and skip the ppc ads.

Personally, as I mentioned before, I am not a huge Adsense fan.

Michael Brown - June 20, 2013


Awesome 🙂  Thanks for sharing.

Don’t hook it up to Article Builder yourself until after the 100 days of posting the the Niche Jet guys handle for you.

Michael Brown - June 20, 2013


I am not sure what kind of profit margins they have on these.  I would assume with the hosting package it’s pretty good.  I know if I were to run it I can definately see a good profit margin here.

After the initial build and they hook-up to Article Builder, it runs virtually all by itself too. so no follow-up expenses on their part.

Jon also has some sort of link building tool he built to compliment this too, so link building is probably not costing them anything.

Seb - June 22, 2013

Hi Michael, do I understand this correctly? For $127 they build a website for you and eventually put 100 articles on it.

I assume this is on wordpress? Do we then go in and put product photos and links in, ie Amazon, Clickbank etc. or do they have to do that?

What about the design and theme? Is that their choice, do you know how all that works?


Anirut - June 22, 2013

Hi Michael

How about unique visitor on right now? Can you show about web stat on this review?


Michael Brown - June 24, 2013


I actually have not even hooked it up to Analytics yet or even logged into my cpanel.

It’s ranking #8 today for my keywords and has had some adsese clicks.  I personally do not care how many unique visits I am gettng at this time.

When I get the top 1-3 spots I’ll probably start paying more attention to stats as well as pulling Adsense off and putting on a higher paying affiliate product.

Michael Brown - June 26, 2013

Hey Seb, sorry for the deay in answering your question.  For some reason your comment fell into the SPAM folder abyss.

Yes $127 @ 100 articles and on WordPress.

You can add anything you want to it, affiliate programs, images, your own products…etc.

They put a basic theme on at first and then if yu want when they turn it over to you (day 3 or so) you can change the theme, layout, etc.

Basically, when thy turn it over to you, you can do anything you want to it it, it’s your blog.

Nicola - July 1, 2013

Hi Michael!

Great to hear your positive reviews! Would you be happy to provide a testemonial or allow us to use some of your comments for the NicheJet site and future advertising? It would be appreciated!

Please contact us with the email address provided above if that is ok with you.


NicheJet team

Grant - July 1, 2013

Hi Michael,

Just curious about your comment: "When I get the top 1-3 spots I’ll probably start paying more attention to stats as well as pulling Adsense off and putting on a higher paying affiliate product." Could you expand on that. Why wouldn't you have both?



Michael Brown - July 2, 2013


Good question.  I simply like affiliate programs more than I do Adsense. 

You defnately could have both and some people like that.  It’s just a personal preferece for me.  🙂

robert - July 2, 2013

Michael, about 18 months ago I went in to my AdSense account and changed my password. Since that day I have had no access to my adsense account. As you probably know, it is impossible to communicate with, or get any kind of answers from those people, so, I have just given up on Adsense and have gone to Chitika.What does Nichejet do if you have no valid Adsense I.D. number so that they can use Adsense on your site?

SJ - July 3, 2013

Hi Michael, I've been gone on holiday, but before I left I made sure to order your program, set up my domain, set up Hosting, got a click bank account and then went away on holiday. Imagine my dismay when I got back and checked my emails, there it was Nichejet, everything done for you. My question to you is; can I upgrade my program to nichejet and only pay the difference??? Or is this something I would have to pay full price for. I've been working really hard and I'm having a hard time trying to figure this stuff out, there's just so much information for me to retain, I have short term memory loss and other issues that makes it harder for me to learn and retain information, I keep having to re-read everything on occassion. I really need to get going on this, so I look forward to your reply. SJ

Michael Brown - July 4, 2013


You do not need to use ADsense.  You can simply insert and use any affiliate program on your own.  They just give you the option to install adsense for you since many people use it, but, you are not required to do that.

Michael Brown - July 4, 2013


I do not own NicheJet so you would need to pay the full price for their service.

Keep working at this, take notes to help retain more information if you need to.  I find this helpful for me, somewhat like a class setting for learning.

Geoff - July 6, 2013

Hi there…absolutely love this thread. Long term customer of Jon's, and had many of the questions that are voiced here.

Got here through link in Jon's email regarding NicheJet. Normally just have a quick look at something like this, then surf off, but I read the whole thread through. Am very impressed with Michael's review (NicheJet), and his patient, and personal style. The answers are very truthful, and direct, whilst encouraging to folk.


Michael Brown - July 6, 2013

Thanks @Geoff 🙂  Glad you like it. 

Jon’s products are petty darn good and I typically end up buying them all too haha

chuck - July 7, 2013

Hello Michael. I signed up for NicheBlitzkrieg about 16 months ago, built a couple sites then my National Guard unit got deployed, spent the last 14 months in the sandbox. Now I am back and just started working on my first site since returning and I was about half way done when I came upon this review. I quickly bought five sites two weeks ago and I am so pleased with the way they came out that I am about ready to buy five more. The sites look great and the linking campaign alone is worth the price in my opinion. My question is do you suggest I run a backlink campaign of my own using 3way links (Another great product of Jons) or should I stay out of it and just let his linking run before I do anything? If I run my own linking campaign at the same time as he does can it upset Google and end up hurting more in the long run ? Also, Can I post the sites up here for your critique on the affiliate programs I am using as well as my Chitika add placement or is that no adviced ? Thanks.

Michael Brown - July 8, 2013


That’s awesome man! Glad you like NicheJet.

I would wait until their link building campaign are totally done before starting our own. I.e. the run a 2nd campaign in week 3. I would wait until sometime in month 2 to start your own campaigns.

I wouldn’t post the sites publicly. Some people like to ruin a good thing to demean a service. If you are inside NBK or http://www.nicheoptimizer.com post them in there for us to take a look at instead. 🙂

Also thank you for serving in the National Guard as well – we need more people like you.

Amin - July 14, 2013

Hello Micheal,

I bought a couple of Niche Jet sites. However, I'm facing problems in tranferring the host to my hostgator. I tried to follow the guide which NicheJet provides to transfer one of these sites, but it didn't appear the same way it used to appear when it was hosted by NicheJet.

Do you do the transfer yourself? do you have a simple way which I can follow to easily perform a full & accurate transfer?

I e-mailed them (after the mess) and they suggested that they would do it for me for $ 20. Do you think I should go for that?


Michael Brown - July 15, 2013


I believe Hostgator can simply do this for you.

Otherwie if Hostgator won’t, I would say, yes, just pay the $20 fee if you’re struggling to do this yourself.

ian choy - July 20, 2013

Dear Michael

Thanks to you, I really learn a lot of useful tools from Niche Blitzkrieg for building a website.  And in fact, I am just half way learning the courses!  Great!




Michael Brown - July 23, 2013

Thanks Ian, Glad you’re enjoying it!  🙂

Joanne Garrett - July 24, 2013

How long is this price good for??

Michael Brown - July 24, 2013


I am not sure.  So far they have not raised the price, which is good.  But, I have no clue when/if they will change it.

chuck - July 24, 2013

Just a heads up.They are now saying they will do transfers for free on all new sites going forward. I have bought seven from them and could not be happier. 

Michael Brown - July 25, 2013

Chuck, that is awesome news.  I will make sure to put this in my review now.  Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

Amin - July 31, 2013

Dear Michael,

I bought some Nichejet sites; it's been a month from now.

I used one of my Niche jet sites to submit an Adsense application.

Adsense disapproved my application and the reason was that the "Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It's our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria."

They gave me some tips to help me make my site comply with google policies.

1) Do Niche jet sites violate google policies? Will I be disapproved again if I submit the application again with another Niche jet site?


Google webmaster guidelines prompt to avoid using automatically generated content. Also, in Adsense FAQ, they mention concerning disapproved sites due to content: "Please review our guidelines to make sure your website complies with our policies, keeping in mind that we may review all pages where you implement ad code, not just the URL you specified in the sign-up form."

2) Based on the above, if I got an approved Adsense application which has been submitted based on a non Niche jet site, then I use this Adsense ID with niche jet sites. Will I be safe, or will Adsense close my account?


Best regards,

Michael Brown - July 31, 2013


These are not the kind of sites that they will approve when applying for adsense.  However, that doesn’t stop people from using adsense on it.

I am not sure they like the sites, but, as Jon and Josh point out inside the JL Forums for the product itself the’ve never heard of any issues on thousands of sites they’ve seen use it.

That being said, I personally don’t like Adsense a whole lot so I personally barely use it.  I probably make less than $100/monh in Adsense now.  I just prefer affiliate programs to Adsense.



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