My New Niche Site Update – Over $5000 Now

Sorry for the delay on doing the update.  I am trying to put my niche marketing demo results up by the 20th of each month.  However, I am eternally behind schedule.  But, I believe if your schedule is ever empty for more than an evening, you’re not working enough.

I’ve had a few requests about how he niche was doing this week, so I thought I’d post my update here.

Let’s get to it.

If you haven’t read Post 1 and Post 2 on this subject, make sure to do so.  It will give you the overview of what I am doing in this niche and how I am making it happen.

I also teach these things and more inside of Niche 60 if you’re not a member consider joining it for a one time low cost.

In the first 2 updates the site had made $280.41 in the first 54 days and $2323.79 within 3 months respectively.  That total has now exceeded $5000.

In fact here is the exact amount as of Nov 21: $5633.75

Here are the screens of that: (add up both amounts for the total).

4 month niche results total

12-20 nov

New affiliate program I added Nov 12

As you can see from my last update I’ve added a new affiliate program on the site that is doing decently for me.  In fact, it’s much better than the 2 others I removed (bottom 2 with low conversions).

In just 8 days it has pulled me in almost $250 on top of my sales from the other affiliate products still converting well.  It looks like a sure keeper.

I got rid of the 2 affiliate program that you can see in screenshot 1 that only had a couple of sales each as they were converting at an abysmal pace.

Digging Deeper

I recently fired up Keyword Snatcher again (I review it here by the way) and found a flurry of little ranked and known keywords that I can easily rank for.  The keywords aren’t exactly perfect but close enough that I can do same great stuff with them.

It’s leading me to believe it’s time for a spin-off site based on the same industry.  I really want $20,000/month from the niche and I am now approaching over $3,000/monthly.  I haven’t fully decided if I want to build a second site in the same niche or not yet, but, I am leaning that way.  Plus, I never like putting all of my eggs in one basket.

I know my goal of $20,000 monthly isn’t far fetched, it’s just going to take time, more writing and just a little more work.  Basically from the traffic I am getting now I can assess how much more traffic I’d need to get to increase conversions.  I need about 7 times more traffic to reach my goals.

Traffic+conversions = sales.  Never forget that.  You need both.  You need to be ranking for keywords you want to rank for and you need to convert those rankings into sales.

Again, more writing , more keyword rankings and simply improving any keyword rankings that I have that are not quite where I want them.

You can see my results for November alone:


So the $2451.79 plus $ 247.88 =$2699.67 in November so far.  With 8 days left I should far exceed $3,000/month in this niche market.

The Current Writing & The Future

I’m pretty busy with many other things right now so I hired a writer who is going to start cranking out about 10-15 additional articles for me per week.  I am currently up to 54 posts of which I wrote some and again I hired out some from Iwriter & Fiverr, cheaply.

As far as converting the sales I wrote this the other day teaching you how to convert more of your traffic into sales.


Overall I feel pretty happy in the niche.  Sometimes I wish could clone myself though as I’d hit these goals much faster.

The hardest part with this project for me so far has been two-fold.  Time and control.

I like to do everything myself and I hate outsourcing.  But, I am learning to outsource to get more done.  I am really learning to love letting writers do more of my work and I can always just go back and tweak and proof read.

As far as time goes, the summer and up until now has been CRAZY.  I broke my foot as many of you know and at the same time we just moved into a new home.  The combo has been somewhat  brutal.  But, we’re in now and I am getting my stuff back on track.

It’s life, it’s the way it is sometimes and we just have to adapt and make things happen.

A Special Note To You

Look, this niche has been good to me.  Many haven’t been in the past, I dropped them and moved on.  This isn’t setup to brag, to discourage or to be negative in anyway.  I am putting this out there to show you that simple niche markets still and always will have money in them.  I am doing this to uplift you and help motivate you to do more.  If you’re willing to work at it and grow you can do this.

Don’t expect overnight riches, this site took 54 days to earn just under $300.  However since then it’s gone up nicely.  In order to make more money with this market I will need to put in some more time and work and yes, effort.  Any niche you get into will need to be scaled up this way as well.

You can do this.

In the near future I’ll release another update of the site plus I’ll keep you notified of any changes I make as I go forward.

Enjoy and go get your niche sites going!

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O.K. and you’ll be helping someone else out who is looking for this information.

Thoughts?  Comments?  You getting killer results in a niche?  Share below.

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Darryl - November 25, 2013

Hey Michael!

Very inspirational – thanks!

Out of curiosity, the niche you’re working, are you selling a physical product, some information, or promoting a service?



Michael Brown - November 25, 2013

Thanks Darryl.

Currently all physical, like Amazon (though not Amazon). Though informative products could be added if I wanted to.

Brent Partner - November 25, 2013

As always Michael a great inspirational read. I am currently working on adding physical products to my site. I have a few click bank products that aren’t converting well. In my muscle building niche, (after reading many forums and reading the comments on my Facebook page) people seem to think they have the “how to” aspect covered. I actually don’t think they do really but it isn’t my job to question their opinion – its counterproductive.

With this in mind I’m dropping a few of the Clickbank products I have in favor of some physical items that I believe will sell well. These will be products that are proven to work over some of the snake oil products that are rife in the industry. I’m not counting my efforts thus far as wasted because I am making sales regularly now – I’m just refocusing my efforts to products that will sell better. I will just use the “how to” information in posts to sell physical wares

These posts are really good for me to narrow and refocus 😀

Michael Brown - November 25, 2013


That’s an interesting find.

Sometimes people want the “miracle in a can” over the blue print, even though they really need the blue print. 🙂

I like the “how to” to sell approach though and I think that will work well in your industry.

Brent Partner - November 25, 2013

I wrote that reply then checked my Clickbank account and discovered 2 sales on a product that hadn’t converted before – so go figure 🙂 But I will still look at expanding into physical items. It still will be a ‘how to” site but it will sell a more 50/50 blend of products and courses

Stuart Stirling - November 25, 2013

Awesome work man! congrats! These are some killer results!
Seeing the progress over the last couple of months with this has inspired me to blow the dust off some of my old niche sites and create some more. I’m going to re-read over your past 2 posts now.

Stuart Stirling - November 25, 2013

Awesome work man! congrats! These are some killer results!
Seeing the progress over the last couple of months with this has inspired me to blow the dust off some of my old niche sites and create some more. I’m going to re-read over your past 2 posts now.

p.s. you broke your foot?! first your wife breaks her wrist and now you? ah man be careful! lol

Michael Brown - November 26, 2013

Good man, glad to hear you’re going blow the dust off the niche sites. I personally love working on the niche markets. It’s fun and rewarding for me.
A far as the foot, yea…lol We are like the battered and bruised couple lol Neither of us have ever had broken bones and we both suffer breaks less than a year a part (though hers was much worse).

Sonny Burrell - November 26, 2013

Michael, thank you so much for sharing your success with this site you’re building. It’s extremely encouraging, and I can honestly say I’m a lot more motivated and hard-working than I’ve ever been, because I’m bound and determined to take off in this business. Never have I been so sold on a ”non-traditional” source of income.

I know you said before that you didn’t do that much backlink building when you first started to really make money with this site. Have you stepped up on that?

johnny - November 27, 2013

damn thats pretty amazing! good on u. i think i know where im going to put my extra cash from now on. i mean if i could pull half that in a few short months. im still trying to muster up the confidence to believe i can do it. keep it up!

Mark Fedorchuk - November 30, 2013

Hey Michael!
Hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving! Please keep these updates coming…they are inspirational.
Seeing your success through these updates, I’m thinking of starting a new project after the first of the year, maybe outside of my current niche (just for something different) and using your Niche 60 course as a guideline.
I think I’m slowly starting to put this stuff together. I have made some limited sales with a site that I built using NBK (it’s averaged about $10/month in Amazon sales for the last 3 months). As you know, my most recent site was built using NOWU. I’m currently getting a little traffic to it, but not much in the way of sales.
I’ve been at this for a while now. I still enjoy trying to figure it all out, am not the least bit discouraged that I haven’t been more successful yet, and still believe that if I continue to put the time in, I am going to be successful.
As always, thanks for all the help you’ve been up till now. It’s been my good fortune to have gotten to know and learn from you.

rkerner - November 30, 2013

I have been trying before I heard and after I met you (by your emails) and joined a couple of your groups – I have failed miserable I spent money and spent money but O only loose money and in the last 5 years I go down and down for me is picking a key word and I could never follow your tutorial. been trying and I only seem to be throwing good money after a bad idea. funny I would be happy with a couple hundred a month and after a year I would start to get well.

I admire what you do but I get lost and loose.

Michael Brown - November 30, 2013


Thanks! 🙂 I haven’t stepped it up yet at all. I likely will if I start seeing any dips.

Michael Brown - November 30, 2013

Go after it Johnny 🙂

Michael Brown - November 30, 2013

Thanks Mark. Looking forward to it. You have made some nice strides. Keep me up to date with the new site.

Michael Brown - November 30, 2013


Spend some focus time on your keywords. Focus on finding a niche that isn’t extremely competitive at first and that has some decent paying affiliate programs in it.

I find that when more emphasis is put in the planning phase and keyword area, the projects tend to make a lot more money.

Ray - December 2, 2013

Michael can we actually go to this website you created and look at it?

Dave - December 4, 2013

The Creation of a Website by a beginner can be an overwhelming task that I think may be taken for granted by those who have had years of experience doing it. I concur with Ray (in his December 2nd post) can we actually see the website, or another profitable website created by you Michael? As the Old Saying Goes: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”.

Being able to observe a Profitable website could provide valuable insight on site layout, color scheme, use of keywords in the text, Header Creation, Page layout etc. Watching training videos showing how to do something is great, but seeing a finished and successful product is even a better training method!

I hope you consider this Request!

Michael Brown - December 4, 2013

Dave, Ray,

I might do this. If you’re part of any of my courses or even my blogging course at Udemy:
You can snag that here:

Use this coupon: FREE

You can have the course free. 🙂

Then go to the lesson called DEMO BLOGS and inspiration. You’ll find a few examples in there… look specifically at the TV Demo

I do have examples of sites in there the TV site uses this exact same method and I show you how I lay out my pages etc…

I am using the same ole tactics I have always taught 🙂

Ray - December 5, 2013

Well I bought your Niche Blitzkrieg course a while ago Michael just to let you know. I’m no freeloader here. I want to do this but like Dave said, and as silly as it may seem to an experienced guy like yourself, it is daunting and I’m having a hard time getting started,,,so to actually see this site you’re talking about and showing revenue streams from, would be a good energizer I’m sure…. for me anyway. Again, sorry if I seem out in space, I’m not stupid by any means but just down on my luck right now and prolly feeling a blow to my self esteem becuz of it….but not the end of the world either. I just need a real visual….and again I am a paid course member.


Michael Brown - December 6, 2013


Thanks for being a member. 🙂 I really do appreciate that. However, as I mentioned above, I am not giving out this URL. That creates more problems than you’d ever know, trust me, last time I did that some jerk sabotaged the project and blasted me with a ton of link spam.

A few morons spoil the whole pie for everyone else.

I may make it accessible in the future for a private study group, or when the site is more established, share it. I really haven’t decided.

As for profitable sites as I mentioned I do have a demo site inside my blogging course, I am giving it to you free, and the TV demo uses this same EXACT model and shows you the layout of the pages I use, etc…

Ray - December 6, 2013

Thanks Michael. Understood. And I’m looking at the Udemy stuff … been thru a bunch of it already. Your a good man my friend.


Michael Brown - December 6, 2013

Awesome thanks Ray 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it and I look to put out some even better stuff for you in the near future.

Rob - January 1, 2014

Hi Michael and Happy New Year!
Thank you for all your expertise, awesome tips and education!

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

No problem Rob 🙂 Glad you stopped by and you and your family have a fantastic New Year.


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