Niche Ideas For Affiliate Marketing Or For Building A Brand

I think as entrepreneurs it’s easy to sometimes overlook the great niche ideas that sit right in front of your face.  In this training today, I am going to give you a bunch of great niche ideas to get you started on your business. Additionally, I am going to show you some sites that are already in these niche markets that I think are well put together.  These examples should help kick-start your creativity.

Whether you’re into affiliate marketing like I train about here and at my complete course here or you’re into creating your own brand like I train here (coming very soon – it’s not open yet) you can use these ideas as your own niche or you can branch off of the ideas to create something entirely new.  Find a niche market you like below.  After looking through my niche ideas below, the goal is to simply get you motivated to think about what niche you’d like to get into not necessarily these exact niche examples.

fitness niche ideasGetting In Shape Niche:

This is an evergreen niche that will NEVER get old.  Sure it can be competitive but if you really learn the subject this is something that you can get into and make a great living at.

Here are a few people that are doing an amazing job teaching you how to get in shape while making money in their niche doing it.

  • Muscle For Life – Focuses on muscle, lifetime fitness etc.  Great stuff.  Plus, he not only promotes things as an affiliate but creates his own products.  This is a great business model.
  • Kinobody – Great focus on building muscle.
  • Ice Cream Gal – Great site for women’s fitness and weight loss.
  • Muscle Old School – Brent does a great job here of focusing on real strength training using old school methods.

The sites above are just to give you some examples.  However, if you want to really niche down you can do your keyword research and find a niche based on getting in shape easily.

I.e. let’s say you drill down and go after strength training for older men or women.  Perhaps you want to focus on fat loss or a specific segment of the market like getting a 6 pack set of abs, stronger and leaner arms or even how to have a great butt.  Just in the weight loss industry alone, there are thousands of potential niche variants.

Gardening Niche Marketgardening niche

This niche is vast just like getting in shape. This can range from small to large gardening to organic and so on.  Check out some of the sites that are doing this very well.

  • Gardeners.com – They don’t just sell the products they discuss using them and gardening methods in posts.  Great site for the gardening enthusiast.
  • Away To Garden – This site is brilliant.  You can tell when you arrive there that she really knows her stuff.  Look at the information she’s sharing – it says TRUST.

Again with a little bit of effort and keyword research, you can dig into this topic and find a niche idea that makes sense to you.  The key is just to get busy and make sure you’re passionate about it.

Do You Like The Niches Ideas So Far?

I have some more interesting niche ideas for you below.

organic nicheThe Organic – Everything Niche.

As people become more concerned with GMOs (genetically modified organisms) the entire organic segment will grow larger.  Over the last decade it has already grown exponentially and I think it’s going to continue this trend.

This opens up the door for the niche segments of the organic industry.  I.e. organic skin care, organic baby care, organic foods, specialty organic diets and more.  Using a tool called Keyword Canine, I get over 1033 keywords!  Inside those 1033 are potentially hundreds of niche market ideas waiting for you to tap into.

Here are some people who I believe are doing a great job in the organic niche markets.

  • Natural Dog Care – Great resource for the organic dog food niche market.
  • Organic Candy – They are selling their own brand here but they could easily write about this niche. If they weren’t selling their own they could also be affiliates.

Being A Mom or Dad Nichemommy blogger niche

I always liked the idea of the mom/dad blogger niche.  I’ve never decided to create in this niche myself but it’s vast and there is a never-ending list of topics you can discuss in this niche; not to mention an unlimited amount of profitability.  If you’re a parent think of all the things you’ve learned as being one.  Think of all of the things you had to figure out.  Guess what?  Millions of other people are looking for the answers you’ve already discovered!

Here are a couple sites doing this niche justice.

  • Dad Blogger – I really liked the style used at this site.
  • Mom Blogger – This site is massive and well kept.  Also great work on social media here.

There are so many other great parenthood blogs out there but I just wanted to share a couple that had a different “edge” to them.

Additional Things To Help Get You In The Niche You Want To Be In

I hope you enjoyed me sharing some niche ideas that I not only find interesting but evergreen.  I wanted to make sure to share examples so you could see how people are creating content in these niche markets and give you some ideas to get you started.

There are literally millions of niche markets out there and it simply takes time, research and deep thought to generate your own niche ideas until you find the one that is perfect for you.

Once you find a niche you really like then it’s time to get started so you can be on the road to making money online.  The best thing you can do for yourself is sitting alone in silence and think of a niche you’d like to be in, one you’re good at or one you’d love to learn.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that will help you discover a great niche.

  • 101 Niche Markets – Additional niche markets you might be interested in.
  • Another Great Niche Research Tutorial
  • Finding Your Passion – This is my advice for how and why to find your passion.  Finding a niche that matches your passion is a winning combination.  If you don’t currently have a passion you can simply get into a niche that you think you’ll be passionate about.  Once you learn more about the niche usually that passion can blossom.
  • Ways To Find Your Niche – I show you 17 places where you can find a niche without even doing keyword research yet.
  • Keyword Research Your Niche – This will help you discover how many people are searching for this information and show you who is also in this niche already.

Like the niche ideas, I shared here today?  It would mean a lot to me if you’d share this post on social media with your friends.  This helps people who need the advice and it helps me spread the word so I can keep creating the information that you want to see here!

Question or comment?  Submit it below.

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Maggie - February 10, 2016

Thank you. These are all great ideas for niches. I look forward to learning more from wonderful knowledgeable people like you.

Michael Brown - February 11, 2016

Thanks Maggie – I’m happy to be able to help 🙂

Amanda Everse - February 11, 2016

Hey Michael,

Thanks for mentioning Gardener’s Supply. Could you update the anchor text on that link to say Gardeners.com not Gardening.com?

one of the employee-owners at Gardener’s Supply

Michael Brown - February 11, 2016


Great catch on the anchor 🙂 It’s now fixed.

Awesome site by the way. You guys really did a great job in setting the site up.

Jerry - February 12, 2016

Great tips. I will use them. Thak you.

Michael Brown - February 12, 2016

You’re welcome Jerry. Thank you for coming by.

Frank Zumpf - February 13, 2016

I will put these tips to use

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