A New Year, A New Hope

2014I had some big plans to release a different type of post to the public today.  However, I don’t feel that it’s the message I want to share right now even though I was fully intending to do so this morning.

Instead I’ll probably get back to posting on building a killer niche tomorrow (if you’d rather read that today, go for it).

Today I want to share something a little bit more personal and a little deeper from the heart.

Doom and Gloom Abound!

In all accounts 2013 was a bad year for much of the public.  A recent report that was out said something around 2/3 of all Americans felt that 2013 was a bad year.

The biased media has heaped on B.S. message after message upon us.  By the way, as side note, I am not condemning one source of media over another, all of the mainstream media outlets are biased.

The news has been one negative onslaught after another.

99% of the politicians seem to not care about the public, otherwise would we not see different, constitutional and useful policies actually come to pass?  Have you ever looked at a politician and said “He said he/she said they didn’t believe that!  Why would he vote that way?”  I’m not condemning one side or the other here, it’s on every side of the aisle.

Meanwhile commercials tell us that unless we accumulate stuff, we have no worth.  That if you’re not like guy/girl in the picture you’re not worth a dime.  That without whatever they are selling you are basically nothing.

The economy is still in the tank, unemployment and unhappiness is extremely high.

Wait, Michael You Said This Was A New Year And A New Hope?!?  What Gives?

I’m getting there trust me.

Despite all of the negativity I am going to tell you my hope for the year.

I believe in life there is a narrow road that we should walk that is filled with care, love, compassion, salvation and freedom.  This is what I feel and believe.

Some of the points below I feel are critical to being happy in dark times.


I read something not long ago on tips for being successful, not just in business, but as a person.  One of the most important points was forgiveness for others and moving on with it.

Look we are all humans, we all make mistakes and occasionally someone gets hurt.

I’ve been wronged many times in my life and when I was younger and much less wise I am sure I have hurt many around me.

Forgive and move on.  I am not saying that if someone hurts you or continues to hurt you that you should continue to put yourself in a bad situation.  However, I am saying to forgive and get passed it so you can focus on your success as a person.

Give And Help Others

One thing the world seems to lack right now is compassion and love.  From my youth until now, I don’t remember a time where the love just felt as sucked from the air as I feel now.

Sure we all have businesses to run and we need to make money and eat, but, when we can help others I truly believe we should.

This is something I want o work hard on this year.  It’s something I feel is extremely important.

Work Hard!

I can’t stress this enough.  I always hear people say “Work Smart” and I agree that we should.  But, working smart means you need to learn how to work hard at your goals.  I don’t care if your goals are making money, weight loss, being a better human being or anything else.  You must work hard at it.

Without working hard, just working smart means that you’re still not getting anything done but, hey, you’re efficient at it!  Work hard and dedicate time to whatever you’re working at.

Practice and training lead to being better at anything.

Respect Those You Disagree With

This is something that I think has gotten out of hand in the last decade.  It seems now that instead of listening to other people and at least giving them respect, the majority ridicule, mock, chastise and slander in some of the most horrible ways.

If someone believes something that you do not believe in, get over it.  I disagree with many people whom I still love and even though it may be hard sometimes, I believe it leads us to a better life.

If someone continually offends you, don’t continue to put yourself in a situation to be offended, but move on.

In the media in recent months I’ve heard stories on both sides of the spectrum where someone or some group is offended by something someone said or did.  Instead of just tuning them out, they fight to boycott, to slander and to defame.

Tune out the negativity.  If someone makes a completely stupid statement that is offensive to you, you don’t have to continue listening.  If America (like other countries) has the ability to have freedom of speech, why not let everyone say their piece and either agree with them or disagree and move on.

But, in all things with freedom involved, let’s continue to have these freedoms.  When you start asking for others to become involved because you don’t like what someone says, that opens the door for loss of freedom in my opinion.

To those of you reading this in other countries I feel the same.  But, as an American I can only speak from what I see in front of me here.


I wish the very best for all of my readers and everyone that comes into contact with me throughout 2014.  Be a beacon of light if darkness surrounds you and continue walking your path.

It’s great to pay attention to what is going on worldwide and be informed.  I think most people should be paying more attention to what is going on.  But, do not let the doom and gloom beat you up.  Don’t let the crap the media spits out breed apathy in your life.

I’m not asking you to agree with all of what I said, or any of it for that fact.  I however, am asking you to consider it and in all that you do this year do the following:

  • Work Hard
  • Work With Joy
  • Work In Happiness
  • Work In Peace
  • Be Ethical
  • Take Pleasure From Your Successes
  • Learn From Your Mistakes….

….and grow.

Never forget that no matter what anyone tells you, you’re worth more than any amount of money or any product on the planet.  You are someone and we all have the ability to shine.

Have a happy and joyous new year.

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Dave H. - January 1, 2014

Hey Michael,
Great post and a solid message for us all to do. Sometimes , we could all use a little reminder of what is important in our lives. Working smart is working hard and we need to remember that. We all have something to contribute to this world. I hope you and everyone else has a great New Year. As a very smart man once said….we’re all in this together.
Thanks for your encouraging words,

Linda Gentsch - January 1, 2014


Great piece! I agree with everything you said and it was much more fulfilled by your comments than a “Happy New Year” card, email, etc.

My birthday was Dec. 27 and I got a great card that I would like to pass on to you for the new year.

“May you blaze ahead this year to places you want to see, goals you wish to reach, and who you want to be”


Halina - January 1, 2014

It’s odd that so many people were slamming 2013 because, at least for me, it was a pretty good year. I really surged ahead with my freelance writing and lots of things went my way. But maybe that’s because I’m a pessimist. So, when things really and finally do go my way, I notice!

Carole - January 1, 2014

Very thoughtful post. I think people are beginning to realize that they have been sold a crock when it comes to all this success without work stuff. You don’t need to work hard – you just need to increase your vibration! Yeah, right….

You missed a few things though – discipline is a big unpopular one.

And all this over-sensitivity. No one can take a dig without getting all bent out of shape.

And no child shall fail. Oh is that going to have some future implications!

Now if we could just get back to the upstanding, hard working innovative people we once were…

Marty Emmons - January 1, 2014

Boy, did I need that. Thanks.

Dawn - January 1, 2014


Your thoughts were so insightful and heartfelt, it actually brought tears to my eyes as I read it.
Wishing you and everyone a Joyful, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Robbie - January 1, 2014

Strong message going out there MIchael. Great change from the Happy New Year. Just doesn’t have the same ring as it use to. Just gotta try your best to not let the b***rds get you down. 😉 Keep your chin up, and make the best of whatever comes at ya!

@Linda: That last phrase too. Great addition. Love it.

Sheila Bergquist - January 1, 2014

Michael, I love this post! I agree with you on all your points and hope that the world will become a better place in 2014. We have to help each other and love each other in order to survive and that is something more people need to realize.
You certainly have practiced what your preaching here, so you already are way ahead of the game. I have always felt that you weren’t just helping us for business reasons, but because you genuinely wanted to help and see us succeed. Bless you.

Stuart Stirling - January 1, 2014

Hey Michael! Happy new year to you and your wonderful family mate!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the post. I always come away with
a bit more lead in my pencil after reading your posts.
I love this one and what I’ve been trying to do within my target market..
“Be a beacon of light if darkness surrounds you and continue walking your path.”

As you and maybe everyone probably knows, there are a lot of ‘noise’ and
murky water in the “make money online” niche so I try to avoid all the hype
and help people sincerely.. keeping my message the same and not leading people
from one new shiny object to the next. and I know you do the same.
All the best again for a great 2014 dude! Please keep sharing your helpful insights!


Heron - January 2, 2014

Michael, great article. I am in full agreement with everything you have said in this article. If more persons would learn to give and help others and respect and love those who disagree with them then we would be living in a much better world.

I would just like to add that even though the media continues to paint pictures of doom and gloom it is our individual responsibility to make the picture brighter by what we choose to focus on in our minds. A lesson we can learn from an old Indian parable of two wolves (good vs bad) fighting in all of us is to feed the good so that it can become stronger and be the winner of the fight.


Ioan Ciupe - January 2, 2014

Thank you Mike for your deep toughts . I know it came from your soul cause we felt it all the way here 🙂 It is not negativity but just reality what you spoke at the beggining and being truthfull to ourselves and to the others will start to solve a lot of the problems . Happy New Year !
To all !!!

Brent Partner - January 2, 2014

As always Michael – nice post 😀

melody - January 2, 2014

Michael Happy New Year to you and your family. i hope all of you are on the mend now. I wish you a positive and productive New Year.

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks Dave and Happy New Year to you as well 🙂

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Linda, nice quote!

I really like the positive outlook from that one.

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014


Yea I get where you’re coming from. I think many people were slamming 2013 because of personal loss and for that I can’t blame them. I know a lot of people who have lost their jobs or have been laid off. So I fully understand the people who are dealing with those difficult situations.

Keep surging ahead in your writing and keep that positive mindset 🙂

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014


Great point on discipline. Without it, it would be hard to work hard/smart.
I love your final quote here “Now if we could just get back to the upstanding, hard working innovative people we once were…”

I agree!

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks Marty! Glad you liked the post 🙂

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014


Have a Happy New Year as well and glad my writing could trigger those emotions 🙂

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014


Haha I had a good laugh reading your reply there. Great quotes!

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks for the kind words Sheila. You’re exactly right though, I want everyone who comes in contact wit me to be the success that they want to be. Those are the things that make me tick day after day. I appreciate the fact that I have gotten to know you over the last couple of years as well. 🙂

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks Stu!

I agree man, there is a lot of noise in the make money field and some days it is down right repulsive to read what kind of crap people are selling.

Like I told you personally on Skype, I’ll share here publicly. You’re one of the good guys in this biz and I greatly appreciate that fact.

I was impressed when we were working on a project together a year ago and you did the copy for it. Not only was it awesome, you avoided the stereotypical hype that can sometimes come in that field.

It made me realize that you have good mindset and that you have the end users best interest in mind.

Looking forward to some more chats this year man 🙂

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014


Great comment there. I really like this:
“Even though the media continues to paint pictures of doom and gloom it is our individual responsibility to make the picture brighter by what we choose to focus on in our minds. ”

That’s a great mindset for growth and for avoiding an apathetic feel towards society.

Thanks for sharing that today.

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks Ioan 🙂 Happy New Year to you as well and all the best.

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks Brent 🙂 Happy New Year m

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014


Happy New year as well. Yea, the fam and I are doing well and all the wounds have healed to the best of their ability.

Mark Thompson - January 2, 2014

Michael, I will keep This simple. Well said. Well meant Well done. MT.

Darryl - January 2, 2014

Happy New Year to you and yours, Michael!

What a great message! Thank you for taking the time with writing this.

I recently watched, The Secret – on Netflix. This was originally introduced to me by a family member a few years ago. The message it carries is similar to yours. I’m employing and focusing more on “the law of attraction”. Focusing more on the wonderful and positive people in my life, while trying to give back where and when I can. I’m setting aside time each day to reflect on what I’m truly grateful for in my and my family’s life. And rather than dwell on any negativity, I’m focusing on the positive things, and how I can/will grow as an individual.

Thanks again for the post! Please keep up the great work. You’re a positive and inspirational influence.



Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks Mark 🙂

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks Darryl 🙂

Happy New Year and all the best.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of the secret because it preaches manifestation, at least to me. There are a bunch of other issues I have with it, too numerous to get in on this post.

I believe all of the other uplifting things, like being positive, being a good person and working hard. I also agree with focusing on positive things rather than the negative.

So I definitely see where you’re going by saying the message is similar and I see the point you’re making 🙂

Keep going full speed ahead in 2014!

Lisa - January 2, 2014

Hi Michael, I was touched by your sincere and real message and appreciate that you put it out there! Wishing you and yours a joy-filled, healthy and prosperous Happy New Year

Michael Brown - January 2, 2014

Thanks Lisa! Glad that the message came across the way I was intending it to do. 🙂

Happy New Year to you as well.

suzi - January 3, 2014

Thank you Michael. This is a perfect recipe for success. You certainly know the ingredients.
1. 1cup of Humanity. The Nutritional Breakdown as follows: (each tsp = a good pinch)
1 tsp understanding for others concerns 1 tsp kindness for all 1 tsp love in all that we do 1 tsp empathy
1 tsp sincerity 1 tsp patience 1 tsp encouragement 1 tsp desire to truly help others through work, and life
1 tsp honesty 1 tsp recalling our successes, and failures 1 tsp respect always, for all that is good, especially when new and/or different 1 tsp of drive to improve, the Human Condition, and Last and Foremost, love, and appreciate yourself, in order to do everything else. Mix well, and multiply by one hundred percent daily.

Michael Brown - January 4, 2014


The creativity you put into that comment is awesome 🙂 Best to you in 2014!

Mark Fedorchuk - January 6, 2014

Great post Michael! I learned a lot in 2013, so in that regard, it was a good year. I’m looking forward to putting what I learned to use in 2014. Thanks for all your help this past year, and here’s to a great 2014 (this is where we raise our glasses 🙂 )

Michael Brown - January 6, 2014


I’m proud of your growth this past year. Keep putting in the time and work and you’ll get exactly where you want to go. (Glass Raised). 🙂

Ray - January 6, 2014

Michael thank you for that spontaneous riffing on reality, Love, hard work, and belief in one’sself. That was inspiring. Thank you for the guidance, undertanding and just plain humanity you exude. You are a true testiment to what you speak to. Happy New Year to you and your Family. I’m sure they are quite proud of you. I know I am. Your a good man.


My Niche Site: Over $14,500 Now | Make Money Online With Michael S. Brown - January 8, 2014

[…] biggest focus right now is on what I said I few days ago (you can read that here).  I am having some mind blowing life changes right now and I thank God daily for the ability to […]

Audrey Kroll - January 9, 2014

It sounds as if you had some personal unhappiness in 2013 , I hope 2014 will bring you much happiness. It seem so wonderful to have a person of your caliber still main your honest values!

Diana Teixeira - February 21, 2014

In the past couple of months, I’ve read anything and everything I can find about you Mr. Michael S Brown. I have to say, with each and every new read, I feel more intrigued and inspired by your words. It’s nice to hear and feel the earnest vibe of your emotions and sensitivity towards others. Traits I truly appreciate.
I’m looking forward to this new awesome adventure in 2014!

Tina Bell - April 26, 2014

Hi Mike,
Thank you for your thoughtful and meaningful post. I came across you about 3-4 years ago and said to myself I have finally found someone I can trust in this marketing gig. I have been doing things to make myself better every since then, because that has always been your most special message. To give people the insight to do what they love no matter what it is, not to get caught up in some job you hate to go to everyday. You have been motivational to me and that’s what you gave me motivation to do what I enjoy doing and don’t let nothing get in my way. I have been to collage and gotten my Associates in Business/Marketing and I’m going back for my Bachelors and don’t let your age bring you down either because I’m 54 and still going for my dreams! This is since I have started listening to you as my mentor in marketing. I’m still working on my websites but they will be coming along soon, I’m working hard and smart at what I want to do with the rest of my life and it is all from listening to you. Thanks for everything……


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