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If you need products to help you either get started in your online marketing effort or just to go to the next level check out these products of mine.

niche 60Niche60: Bite-Sized Training The Help You Make Money Online Efficiently (always up-to-date)

This course was created after I posed a question in which hundreds of people answered.

The question was simple and it was simply this:

If I created the perfect training course to help you make money online with affiliate marketing, what would it be?

The answers were all spot on.

Here is what people wanted:

  • Easy To Follow Training For Complete Newcomers To Making Money Online
  • Text and Video Based Training
  • Training That Was Broken Up Into Small Pieces For Easy Learning
  • An Actionable Plan (60 Days – but it doesn’t stop there!)
  • Videos That Load Fast and Are Under 10 Minutes In Length
  • Support Every Step Of The Way
  • Something That Works & Is Completely Devoid Of Hype
  • I have included my blogging course in this training for free (reg. $69).

Basically, I just created what YOU wanted.  The feedback has been through the roof and the members are amazing.

You ready to get serious and have fun at the same time?  Get into the course.


unleashing your success courseUnleashing Your Success (Updated for 2016!)

This is my free course teaching you how to setup your very first website so you can start making money online.

This is a great place to begin if you absolutely no money to get started.  I cover the bare fundamentals for getting setup as fast and as efficiently as possible.  It also has a sweet community being built around it.  We have several awesome members now.

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Udemy Courses: (Educational Courses)

bloggingBuild A WordPress Blog Today

This course is a step-by-step course training you how to build a fantastic blog today.  It features several modules and it’s something I could have easily charged at least $100 for.

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email marketing for bloggersBeginners Email List Building For Bloggers

An email list allows you to build lifelong sales and customers on the same traffic your website would otherwise get anyway.  Sounds awesome?  The course is nice and easy to follow and I also decided to keep it affordable for those on a small budget.

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