Make $1000 In A Week….

1000 in a week


I tend to get a lot of questions that ask questions about making X amount of money in X amount of time.  The interesting way this is usually termed is like this:

“How Can I Make $1000 In A Week?” and sometimes it’s stated “Per Week.”

My answer is:

Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate marketing is basically promoting someone else’s product or service and earning a commission anytime someone buys this product or service through you.







The problem for some people is they then realize that, like everything, it isn’t done with magic and it actually takes work to start making $1000/week.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it can be done at home, you need no prior experience and all you need is a laptop or desktop computer and a small website.

So instead of asking “How much work does this take?”  The people who are really ready to make money online ask “How do I get started?”

If you’re not a member of my Free course titled Unleashing Your Success and I’ll teach you how to get started step-by-step…..

Now, before you head out to get started I want you to have the right mindset.

This doesn’t happen over-night and it will take some time to build up to where you are making $1000 per week.  However, many people are making hundreds-of-thousands and many are making millions with affiliate marketing.  Even sites like Amazon have affiliate programs that you can make money with so you can see this is a pretty big deal.

Your work ethic and determination will set you apart from the crowd.  If you work hard, focus and ask questions you have a higher chance of success than someone who learns and then does nothing with that knowledge.

Just remember once you start, stick with it and see it trough. 

Questions or comments?  Ask anytime below!

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Jeff Vander Linden - January 11, 2012

Thanks Michael, just what I needed to hear today. I am determined; slow, ignorant, and confused with all the new things to learn and apply, but, determined. You are a great teacher in your lessons and inspiration. The Forum Rocks !!  Thanks again, JJ

Michael Brown - January 11, 2012

Thanks JJ! 🙂 Glad you’re in the course with us.

Rasmus - January 12, 2012

Signed up for Unleashing Your Success though I am in NBK. The more the merrier ai? .D
I am just now starting to learn and walk the course even though I have been in NBK over a year at least. I quess I needed to work 9-5 again to see the light ,)
Thanks for all the effort! You have given me and everyone the means to change our lives. We just have to grab it and not let go in the face of hardship.

Michael Brown - January 15, 2012

Rasmus, Yes the more the merrier 🙂 Glad you’re on board with us and glad to see you putting in the time to learn the system! Sta strong.

Tony - January 18, 2012

Hi Michael, I have not made a cent and I am a member of an affiliate membership, I have also done a course with the very top Internet marketer, all to no avail. I am a competent computer user but the kind of mentoring I have experienced has not helped me.  What can you do that's different? It's a shame that I don't see much Internet Marketers offering a programme where we don't pay anything until we make our first dollar, which would prove that the system works. I have come to understand that it is incredibly difficult for a newbie to make his first dollar online and one needs the right kind of mentor to make this work.

Michael Brown - January 18, 2012


Your story sounds like many I’ve heard online. I am sure you spent a lot more on that training than what you’ll spend with me as well. The one thing is my training isn’t a broad overview type system. It’s laser targeted training. You’ll learn a step-by-step system that shows you an exact method for making money online.

I can’t speak for every Internet Marketer but in my case I couldn’t give all my training away for free because I put in my own time, staff and money to help my students. If I gave it away free I’d be poor as supporting over 10,000 members isn’t free on my end. I don’t just toss out some crappy e-book and say “Have fun!” We actually help people in my community. I do offer some early stages hands-off type training at http://www.unleashingyoursuccess.com – It’s not an entire system but many have used it to build their first website online that they can make money with.

Tony - January 18, 2012

Michael, thanks for replying. I know you're not charging much for your course and this informs me that you not only want to make a living but you do want to help people. I paid $1000 dollars for a guaranteed to make money course and it didn't work out. I have spent all and I'm afraid to buy into system another system but I'm really tempted. I have an unlimited licence for a great word press theme called optimize press which makes great squeeze/sales pages, would this help?
Anything more you can tell me without divulging I would appreciate it.  I have read your website.

Tony - January 18, 2012

Hi Michael, I also have a weight loss blog, is this any good for your program or would I have to start from scratch?

Michael Brown - January 18, 2012

Wow $1000. I’m sorry to hear about that.

You can use that theme with my system. You can also use your weight loss blog with my system. You may have to do things differently than you’ve been doing them in the past. We have a 60 MBG so if you join and you don’t like it you can get your money back, no heat or risk over here. I make it simple for all new students to get out if this isn’t right for them.

Doug - January 19, 2012

Michael, I love you, Man. Doug

Michael Brown - January 21, 2012

Doug, I love you too man.

rick - January 23, 2012

Unleash your success Lesson #1 video not showing.  Just letting you know.

Michael Brown - January 25, 2012

It must have been something temporary – all seems fine.

Sheryl - January 31, 2012

Hi  Michael  I have been searching and searching and I believe I've found the right work at home business.  I appreciate your honesty because I really was about to step into one of those get rich scams because, I wanted to make money fast but after listening and reading your material I am going to take my time.  
 I am out of work, my car was totaled and my job fired me for not having transportation.  I now have the time, to take the time, to learn affliate marketing. I realize it's going to be slow at first  but it will get better.   With affliate marketing at least I won't have to worry about  getting treminated.  I really do believe I will make money by using your medthod. Thank You  

Michael Brown - February 1, 2012


Glad you’ve decided to get into affiliate marketing. Leaving my job a few years back was only possible because o affiliate marketing. Put in the time and effort and it will pay off. 🙂

Missy - February 8, 2012

Howdy Mr. Michael Brown
I am really thinking about what you are saying about changing your life and being and doing a great thing for yourself. I have been putting out there the energy for a answer to what I need to do for me. I am going to make a change and I believe your bright light ( Making Money On line) may be one of the ways for me get on track. I thank you for just being true. I will be in touch with a up date on things to come.

Bob - March 7, 2012

So……I'm really confused about affiliate marketing. If you can sell for, say, Amazon, on your own website, and Amazon will pay you for that, how can you price the same Amazon product at the same price they sell it for? If you can't beat or at least equal the Amazon price, why would anyone buy from an unknown guy on a small site when they can have the same item from a well-known site like Amazon?


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