Make Your Posts Stand Out With Infographics

pikto chartOne of the best ways to make your blog posts stand out is to add an image.  But, what can you do to add to your reader's ease of reading, more interactivity and easily illustrate your point?

An infographic.

A few months ago I was reading an online write-up that was using an infographic to carry out it's points. I realized that it made it simpler to understand than traditional text and added a higher level of interactivity.

So I searched for something free that I could use to make these info graphics as easily as possible.  What I found was which is a free tool that you log in and make your own graphic from scratch.

You can see an example of one of mine here.

Obviously your intention with your site is to make money.  But, how do you make money if all you use is an infographic on a webpage?

A.  Ads on the widget section of your site.

B.  Include a few paragraphs above or below the graphic with your affiliate links in them.

C.  If you allow paid advertisers on your site.

As you can see Infographics will help your sales, not impede them.

The Magazine Feel

Pick up your favorite magazine and chances are you've seen info graphics used throughout.  They are typically used to clarify the information we digest.  Usually these charts contain numerical data that the creator wants us to understand easily.

Because we're already used to reading info graphics in magazines and pamphlets it makes viewing them online just as easy.

So What Else Are Infographics Good For?

Traffic & Backlinks.

One thing that caught my eye on Pinterest, Snip It, Facebook, Google Images and sites like Flickr, just to name a few, were infographics.  The easy to view layout makes you want to click them to learn more.  Just getting these type of graphics out there will bring people to your pages where they can buy things through you.

So once you've created your infographic you then want to start sharing your post and image everywhere.  Get it out there on all the social networks you're part of, put it on Flickr, sharethem in forum you're members of and any other place that allows image sharing.

Of course, the more places your share the more likley you are to get traffi from it was well as easily increase your backlinks at the same time. 

Anyway, this is free, and this isn't even an affiliate link.  It's just something I suggest checking out and using.

It works very easily.  You create an account, select your theme and add your information to it.  It's not difficult at all and it beats paying an artist $1500 or more just to create one for you.

Ultimately, use infographics to increase exposure to your content and make life easier on your readers while increasing their activity.  If you increase you user experience they are more likely to come bck and hang out on you site which = more sales in the long term.

What are your thoughts?  Planning on using one?  Already doing it?  Questions/suggestions?  Post below.


Michael Brown

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