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Sometimes it's hard to see why we aren't making the sales we want from our sites.  Other times it's plain obvious.  Today, I am going to point out a few things that will help you convert your visitors into buyers. Whether any of this is actually obvious or not, you'll be the judge of that.

#1.  Filling up the top/sidebar widgets with more stuff doesn't equal more sales.

This is one I see quite often and one thing that can actually kill your sales.  As the net has grown we all tend to strap on our ad blinders and ignore all of those ads along the side of the screen.  It doesn't even matter what side they are on, we tend to blur them out.  Yes, people still click the but not as much as within the body of your article.

sell more affiliate productsThink about something, how often do you click on sidebar widget ads?  Sometimes?  Never? Often?  I personally do just sometimes, but most of the time I am intrigued by what I am reading instead.

If your site looks like one big ad it might turn people away.

#2.  Test sidebar widget ads.

Have traffic but not getting clicks/sales?  Maybe it's what you're promoting.  Instead of slapping up an ad and hoping it will start getting clicked later on, test.  Change your ad every couple of weeks and see what is converting the best.

#3.  Don't promote, review & recommend!

I created a course called The Review Formula that has been received well that teaches review methods that will convert sales.  Inside I mention to review something and then recommend and use the recommendations of others to help convert more sales.  You do not need your own products to do this and you do not need to go round up reviewers.  Sites like Amazon, Walmart, EBay and others that allow customer reviews already do the heavy work for us.

Simply paste excerpts of reviews in your site and link them back to the product via your affiliate link.

#4.  Do you have a Number 1 product that you love in your niche? 

If not get one and promote it.  Feature it on every page/post if possible and lead people to it.

Keep in mind it has to be a good product, at will help your buyers otherwise it'll just irritate your visitors and they probably won't come back.

#5.  Develop your own writing style. 

Look, you don't have to be a great writer to make money online.  You don't even need to be good.  But, you do need to come up with a style that resonates with your audience.  Get your point across to your viewers but at the same time add pieces of you in it.  One way to accomplish this is to add in stories about your life, reflections that only you could possibly have and weave those throughout your write-up. 

Not every post needs to be personal but tie it in whenever possible and you'll look more unique than the next person.

#6.  Give great information.

If you give good/great information do you know what that does?  It keeps the person who came to your site captivated by what they are reading.

When they read what you're writing you can get them to see your promotional links.  When they see your links they will consider clicking on them.  Again, if you're recommending something that will help them the odds of a click go up tremendously.  So give great info and as they read they will find the offers you're promoting recommending.  Links can get clicked even more than banners if the information you give out is good.

#7.  Make your promotional links in your posts stand out.

If you aren't including links inside your article DO IT.  Again, as people read your article/post and they come across your links they can then click them. 

You can add an image with a link under it if you'd like to draw even more attention.  However, that is sometimes hard to do in the middle of your post.

Also, make them blue if possible because they'll stand out even more.

Use the 7 tips that I pointed out here today to help increase your results and most importantly, sales.  Some of these may be obvious but it's easy to forget these simple things when you're trying to all the other things that go into building your business.  Let's also not forget that it's easy to forget sometimes just from al that occurs in our day-to-day lives.


Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Sandy Witt - September 14, 2012

I just want to thank you for your course.  I am having a blast learning all this stuff!  I am a grandma that is trying something new.  This is my first website and it has been a challenge.  You are doing a great thing and I appreciate you and your whole team.  I hope I can start making money too!  Thanks again and God bless!

William Hooven - September 14, 2012

Your information is always on the button. The only problem that I currently have is with google. I can not afford adsense but I did way back was to get market samurai. I submit an article on one of my products every week.
But with generic keywords it will take longer to pay off. What do you think?
                                     William Hooven

Dave - September 14, 2012

Hey Michael ,
Just wanted to say thanks for the information in this post. I had forgotten about being personable and was concentrating to much on the info. I am about to create a couple of blogs and have recently been overwhelmed with "information overload". This has held me back for quite some time now and I've got to get back on track. That being said, I've got a lot of mixed signals out there about having to have domain name/s , hosting, autoresponders, etc…Some say you can start off for free…others say you must have capital. My question is …can one make any money using a free blog/website or not? BTW… in the previous post by William H., he said he can't afford adsense. Google adsense is free…its Google adwords that you pay for right? Anyway, just wanted to know your thoughts on starting out without any money to begin with and investing later if possible.
Thanks Again,

Sheial Bergquist - September 15, 2012

Great advice, as usual! I keep forgetting to put links in my test…thanks for reminding us of this!

Michael Brown - September 15, 2012

Thanks Sandy!  Glad you’re doing this with us 🙂

Michael Brown - September 15, 2012


Adsense is free.  It’s the little ad units you can put on you website.


You won’t need to pay for anything for that.

Michael Brown - September 15, 2012


You need to own your own domain and hosting.  Never get into affiliate marketing on free blog platforms like Blogger.  They can, for any reason, shut your site down.  Owning your own hosting and domain prevents this.

Michael Brown - September 15, 2012


That’s what I am here for.  🙂

jimkazoo - September 15, 2012

Michael,  I really appreciate the post – a lot of great tips there.  One question:  Does Amazon have a rule against reproducing/copying their review information?  I seem to recall reading something to that effect on the Amazon affilate site.  I have been using just excerpts and hoping that I don't get in to trouble.

Michael Brown - September 15, 2012


They have actual embeddable reviews that you can paste onto your site for products.  If they have any negatives on using their reviews it’s probably for the people who simply curate all of their reviews onto their own sites…which is a no-no.

What I mean by using some of Amazon’s reviews is simply using excerpts or 1-2 sentence quotes made by reviewers about certain products.  In other words don’t go to Amazon and then copy 42 reviews for a product and then paste them into your site.

Grant - September 15, 2012

Hi Michael,
Always good information Michael. I especially like your "Print Friendly" feature. I've never seen this before so I tried it and it works great.
If you are reading this comment and don't know what I'm refering to check out the little icon at the top (furthest from the right), scroll over it and it will read "print with printfriendly". Click on it and Michael's article will print out in its raw form. Now you have a copy of a great article that you can put in your file for future reference (some of us old guys still have the odd paper file).
Thanks again Michael,

Michael Brown - September 15, 2012


Yep I know exactly what you're talking about.  I added this feature a long time ago because I personally like to print certain things ou and I'll go sit outside in the fresh air, kick back and read several things on most of my mornings.  🙂  Figured other people out there did simlar things…. Glad you like it!

Kevin Eaklor - September 16, 2012

Thanks Michael for the "refresher" I get way to preoccupied on some of the technical things I am leraning like HTML, CSS and such that I am making things harder than they seem
Love your posts and I am still posting reviews for my Review Formula site
If anyone new would like to see what the Review Formula can do here is mine herohdreviews.com


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