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Keyword Canine Review – Better Than Market Samurai?

keyword research toolIn this review I'll cover my thoughts on Keyword Canine and a brief recap of Market Samurai.  In case you're unaware, keyword tools help make keyword research MUCH faster and easier. 

I picture tools in the same way a farmer pictures farm equipment.  We know how to do everything manually but why use a rake or a shovel or even a tiny tiller tool when you can use a giant tractor that does everything in a fraction of the effort and time?

I picture keyword tools like that as well.  You can manually go through and manually analyze ever bit of detail or just allow a program to sort and separate all the bits and pieces for you. 

I suggest knowing how to do everything the manual way as well, but for the long haul, to be more productive,  I know what I'd choose.

Anyway, enjoy the walk-through below.



Check Out Keyword Canine Here…

Check Out Market Samurai Here… (Currently Free 12 Day Test Drive)


Watch My Market Samurai Review Here…

Transcript Of Above Video…..

Alright! One of the request I had a lot recently is “What’s better, Keyword Canine or Market Samurai?” Both of them are very good keyword tools. The two best on the market for what we like to do with niche blitzkrieg and just building niche sites and making money with us. So let me break down Keyword Canine for you just so you can get an idea exactly what you can do with this because a lot of people are confused about what the power of Keyword Canine is and, you know, “Oh, it’s just another” a lot of people thought, “Oh, it’s just another keyword tool and things like that.” But it’s actually a very good tool and I want to break down how you can use it to make some money for yourself. So, here we go.

The first area you get after you get your Keyword Canine account. You’ll come in. You are able to do up to 250 queries a day right now. That’s an awful lot. You’d have to do a lot of keyword research to burn through 250 in a day. I do believe at some point they’re planning on raising that quota, that query quota. So, what you want to do, you can select what country you’re in or what country you’d like to view your keywords from, okay, for competition, and you can enter your keywords here. Now, what I’m going to do is just come up with a, just the keyword here. So we’ll come up, let’s do “organic cat treats.” Okay, we’ll just do a random one off the top of my head. I have no clue what’s going to come up here.

So, I just want to show you exactly how I look at this data. Okay, you can see they put the nice little animation and the dog in there, not really necessary but it adds a cool effect I guess why it’s finding your keywords. And after just a few seconds it will pull up a results ranking screen. And once it does that, we’ll be able to analyze the data. So let’s wait for this. It should just be another couple of seconds. It’s pretty quick. Okay. It comes up and what you’ll be able to quickly see here and I just want to go through this very briefly so you understand what they are. The first thing you’ll notice is this little box here that shows if the keyword is going to be easy or hard to rank for. If it’s green and says easy, it’s easy.

There is also a very easy. There is a moderate which is a yellow one. There’s a hard which is red and then there’s a fierce which has a flame and anytime you get the flame you just want to kind of avoid that niche market. Now the other cool thing, just real quick, that makes this interesting is it quickly tells you if a domain is available for it, okay? So, if there’s a domain down here, you’ll be able to see that “Hey, you can exact match rank for this right away.” So if there was a .com, .net or .org, info or .us open, you’ll be able to go ahead and register those domains very, very quickly, okay? So that’s the two things that I like to point out right away because they’re the two things I really like to look for. Is it easy and is a domain available? So you can quickly exact match.

The other thing up here, it shows you your global monthly searches, okay, estimated global monthly searches, the estimated cost per click an advertiser pays, so if you’re throwing ads and stuff on these sites, it will quickly show you about how much an advertiser’s paying and, you know, no one really knows exactly how much your cut of that is but some people estimate between 40% and 60% of that cut is yours. So, if you already get a click on that, you know, that could give you an idea of what type of payout you’ll be getting.

The other things that it breaks down for you very fast are, does it have any local search abilities, the result count, how many pages are displaying, are displaying that, the quoted count so the exact match in quotes, the average PageRank on the top 10, so you can see the top 10 down here, the average PageLinks that are showing up, the average SiteLinks that are on it and then it breaks down the lowest PageRanks which are, you know, if the PageRanks are all high like 6 or 7’s, you’ll probably want to stay out of that niche market if you’re looking for something you can make money in right away. But if, and also it shows you here the lowest SiteLinks, so the lowest site showing up, but that’s to the entire domain not to that exact page. So as you can see down here and we’re going to get into this in a second, some of these pages that are showing up here have zero links coming to them, okay? So, they’re just basically ranking off the power from the links coming in to the main domain.

Okay. So, let’s look at a couple other things. I just broke all this down for you up here and how you can quickly figure things out from there. Let’s look down here what, the other thing that I really like with this tool is that it breaks down the top 10 on Google, on Google’s rankings and you can go through these and it will also show you social elements, how many Facebook likes that particular page has, how many Tweets, how many times that’s been Tweeted out and if it has any Google Plus’s for that page because some of these elements are starting to help in the search engine ranks, okay? So, some of these are starting to help.

So, it breaks it down and lets you know if there’s any social stuff going on, on this too. And as you can see, the top one has no social stuff going on, no links coming in to that exact page. So it’s all based off of this SiteLink power that it’s getting to the main domain. Well, you could easily take this keyword, build a site, an exact match domain and start building some links to it, start, you know, share it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, Google Plus it, get other people to do it and if you put good information on there, other people will just naturally do this for you and that will help you boost up in the search engine ranks.

Okay. So it goes through all of that. Now let me show you some of the other cool things. If you go down to the bottom here, you’ll be able to see related keywords that are related to organic cat treats, some of these are longer tailed keywords like organic cat treat recipes, natural organic cat treats and you can click on those and break all of those down as well. Now, I want to take you through a couple other things here real quick. There’s a niche generator in here if you click niches. It will bring up various different niche markets that this tool has found that you could get in to and you can actually separate them by category. So you can separate them by difficulty if you want and filter that. So, like I selected very easy.

So, these keywords down below are keywords that Keyword Canine believes are very easy for you to rank for and it’s been filtered out that way. So you can go through these and actually find some cool keywords. I’ve already done it. I was able to quickly build a Squidoo Lens and a domain and get them ranked pretty fast. So, it does work. I like this feature. The only thing is and one of my colleagues noted this to me as well, we were talking about this the other day, this doesn’t give you a lot of big domains so you’re not going to be able to build a big mega-site off of one of this usually but you’re going to be able to build a more of your exact match domain smaller market domain. So, something you can get some quick strikes in and make some quick money but nothing you’re probably going to be able to bank 2,000, 3,000 dollars a month with, but stuff that you can bank, you know, 100-200 bucks a month with but you would just build a bunch of those, okay, to scale that up. So that’s one thing that we noted with the niche finder.

Okay. So let’s go on here because there’s a bunch to show you with this and I want to get it through this and not take up a full day to show you this. The other thing you can do. You can create reports. And if you click reports and you go here to create reports, you can put in a domain and you can build a report on that. It will show you how many links are coming in and a bunch of various information. So that’s a cool way to get some analysis on your competitors. So you can try to outrank them and outdo them and it will show you where the links are coming from. So, you might be able to go out and get those same links and add some to your portfolio. So, really cool feature here. And the reports will store under here and they take a few minutes to generate. But they’ll store under here. You can click it and you can view it.

Okay. Another thing here is the boost. And this is pretty cool. I’ve used this once. I’m still waiting on my results because it’s still early in the whole process. But this boost service, right now they give you 3 credits that you can use and I believe they might be every month. I don’t remember exactly how this works right now. But I do know one thing with this. They are working on creating where you get a lot more credits with your account for the year. They are just doing a test to see if people are interested in this right now. Very, very cool feature! Now, and let me tell you what the boost does. So let’s say you build a domain or you build a website based off on one of the keywords you find in here.

You build the website. You can come in to this. You can put your website URL in. You can put the site title, your site description. Put the category of what your site is about. Put some keywords in the box. Make a penname or use your name and then put your email address in here and click submit my boost job. And what will happen is over, I believe it’s a 15 day period, you will get links coming back to your website automatically. So, you don’t have to do the link building for it. I’m looking forward to see how many credits they’ll actually pump this up to because eventually if they had a lot of credits, that would be very cool to do and I think that’s the route they’re going to end up going. John is really great with the feedback that they get from this kind of stuff.

Okay. And then if you need any tutorials to do anything or you want to get some deeper analysis on anything, use the tutorials that are over here, you’ll be able to learn how to do everything in here. Now, in my ultimate final analysis of this product, it’s a very good product. It’s something that breaks a niche market down into more detail. The one thing I like to use this in conjunction with market samurai. And I’ll tell you why everyone is going “Ugh, I don’t have to buy 2 tools, do I?” But here’s the thing.

This is more of a, it’s like a faster analysis like if you want to know something pretty quick on a certain keyword, keyword canine is a lot faster, you’re going to find the details and you’re going to be able to see if it’s easy to rank for right away, it’s all colour coded. And with Market Samurai, what I like to do with it, if I want to break down a large niche, I want to use Market Samurai because that helps me grab all the keywords that are based on that niche like you can find, very quickly find hundreds of keywords that go with a certain keyword. This is more of, you’re breaking down 1 or 2 keywords at a time but it can really come in handy if you’re in the whole niche marketing game.

"So, ultimately, I use both, I give them both an A, I love both products."

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of updates they do with Keyword Canine. But right now I use it a lot and I’ve been playing around with it. It’s early in the day so you can see I’ve only done the 1 search query here. But I plan on using this to build a lot of different Squidoo lenses, building a lot of different social sites and building a lot of exact match domain stuff. So, that’s my take on it. Get them both. But if you can only afford one or the other right now, I would say it depends on what you’re doing.

If you’re building the fast niche sites, probably go with Keyword Canine. If you’re really looking to build an overall long-term strategy, I would go with Market Samurai. And one thing to keep in mind, Market Samurai comes with a free trial, Keyword Canine doesn’t and Keyword Canine right now is $197 a year or I think you can get Market Samurai at $147 for life. So, you know, it’s up to what you want to spend. But ultimately, I think this keyword tools do two totally different things in the long run of their outcome. So, I really like this tool. But again, it’s going to be up to what you want to do. And if you have any questions, just simply ask me below. Okay. Thanks again and I’ll see you in another video.

Check Out Keyword Canine Here…

Check Out Market Samurai Here… (Currently Free 12 Day Test Drive)


Watch My Market Samurai Review Here…

Do you use either of these tools?  What are your thoughts?  Favorites?  Use something else?  Let us know below!


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  1. Thanks for the review.  I have been impressed with both MS and Keyword Canine.  I am now experimenting with Keyword Blaze.  Have you or any of your followers tried it?

  2. michaelbrown says:

    Have not tried that one yet. Chances are it might be awhile for me. Between MS and KC I have about all the keyword tools I need. I actually debated a long time before even telling my friends and students about KC because I thought it just might be overload to learn about yet another tool for keyword research.

    What do you think of KB so far?

  3. So far, I like it very much.  Like the others, it provides an estimate of competition (Keyword Difficulty is their term) and that seems to correlate well with my actual experience with the one site that I have done.  One of the nice features is the way the results are displayed – you can group all the secondary keywords that are related to a single main keyword together and see the keyword difficulty for each.  That way, before I start writing, I can easily develop an outline of the site with individual post pages and sub-headings that are easy to rank for in Google.
    It cost $47 for a life-time subscription so the price is great.

  4. Hey Michael,
    Wow, Keyword Canine must be pretty good if you're ranking it up there with Market Samurai.  I know how much you like (and use) MS!
    Thanks for the review,
    John Mann

  5. Kristine Lewis says:

    The only frustrating part is that Keyword Canine is closed…… Uggh!!!

  6. michaelbrown says:


    You must have missed my email last week :(

    I will announce as soon as they open back up again.


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