Is Link Building Ethical?

Unethical links?

Link building is a practice that increases traffic to your website, increases visibility and helps your website increase in the search engines rankings.  Ultimately, this helps you make more money.

However, one question I see over and over again is:  Can I post a link there?  And, isn’t it shady to build links in such and such a way? Are automated tools unethical?

I do believe there are shady ways to build links and ways that I never would do it. An example of something I would never support is comment spamming.  This is where you visit other people’s blog and drop off comments that have no relevance to the conversation only for the purpose of a backlink.

There are tools that do the bulk of that work (trust me I wade through hundreds of SPAM comments each week on this blog alone!)

However, I do believe there is good commenting.  If you visit a blog and join in on a conversation and add a link back to your site in your name field, that’s great!  You are contributing to a community and adding value.  Even if you automated this process I’d still be fine with it.

But, that still raises the question on tools that post your links to article directories or networks.  This is especially true with tools that do this on autopilot or semi-autopilot.  Are they ethical?

I’ve discussed my love for 1 Way Links quite a while ago right here.

Here is my take.  Time is limited and tools only help speed up everything you do.  Link building will always be a grey area where many will question even the most ethical ways of link building.

I would rather use tools that automate link building rather than hand-build everything.  Sure, in the beginning everything I did was by hand as I didn’t know any better.  You might be the same way but, there will come a time where you’ll want automation to open up more free time.

Last week I mentioned a tool called digi auto links.  It’s simply another tool to automate link building and pingbacks.  It’s also a real time saver.  But, the reason I bring this up is because this tool posts to social sites and other relevant blogs with like topics and of course links back to yours.  In testing, I’ve been really impressed.

So here is why I bring those 2 tools up specifically.  I believe both are ethical and to me ethics are HUGE.  I would never do anything I thought was wrong in anyway.  I know, it’s straight laced but that’s how I’ve been for years.

But, my ethics don’t matter here.  It’s all about YOU.  Only you can decide what you believe is ethical or not.  I’ve had people argue with me that simple comment spamming is harmless and that there is nothing wrong with it.  I disagree – but, that was someone else’s opinion.

My final thought on this is if it automates a process you were going to do anyway, why would you not use a tool?  Save yourself some time, hang out with your family more; build more to your business so you can make more money faster and spend less time worrying about the mundane task of link building.

What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear them.

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Thomas Ludwig - September 24, 2011

Yes Michael; To  automate my Link building to all my Web Sites, Has helped me to put more time, into my differnt ways to make more money online. Just like your new program!!
 ~Thomas Ludwig~

Anthony Grosse - September 24, 2011

I agree with you Michael however, at the present I need to take action and move forward with coming on board. Ultimately, this is where I'd like to be as time goes on thanks.

Solomon Minta - September 24, 2011

Your idweas are eethical but right now, for ME, I am struggling to analyze keyword. My problem is the inlinks at Yohoo. I find error in most of my choices at yahoo site builder. I need a personal direction. I cant wait to to buy a domain name.

Bob Helms - September 24, 2011

I agree totally with your opinions here. Automation is just a way to get things done faster. It's the difference between using a backhoe and digging with your hands(or even a shovel) – no comparison. As for dropping backlinks, I'm still new to this, so I just figured it was the way things were done. As long as it's not something nasty or hateful, I have no problem with it. I would only ask that they say something positive about my site to help promote it, and I in turn will do the same. Compitition is fine, but dog-eat-dog is for the, well….dogs! Maybe that's a little nieve, but good thoughts create good actions, right. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Thank you for everything, Michael. You're the best.

Michael Brown - September 24, 2011

Solomon if you’re a member of Niche Blitzkrieg ask away in the forum and we’ll help you ever step of the way…

Dave D. - September 25, 2011

Before I signed up for the NBK course I participated in a webinar you had back in early 2010.  After listening to you I could sense your ethical standards were very high.  That was what finally sold me on you and your program.  We reap what we sow and to be honest and ethical, to the best of our ability, will always reap a harvest of good things in the future.  Keep up the good work!  We all benefit from your ethical way of doing business.

Robert D, - September 25, 2011

I have to agree with Michael on the forum spamming. It's just so easy to drop links in every forum that you run across, but, it takes valuable time to compose a totally irrelavent comment to post on a forum. Because it's probably blatantly irrelavent, there is a very good chance that it will be deletd anyway. Why waste that time? Find a forum that interests you, at least a little, and contribute something that might stick for a little while. Of course, that's just my personal opinion.

Richard - September 25, 2011

A lot of automation tools can be used responsibly, i.e., adding value, relevance, etc. And a lot of the same tools can be abused, i.e. spamming and detracting from internet users' experiences. I have no problem with your take on things.

Skylynne - September 25, 2011

Michael, the major reason that I became a member of NBK was your high ethical standards. I am a member, but am posting my reply under my pseudonym as a budding writer. I am all for automation in building backlinks, but I think one must be careful. Currently I, like you, am going through way too many spamming posts (and deleting) on my blog, which is not monetized but rating well with Google in certain searches. I will definitely check out digi auto links to see what it's about and see if it may be of use for my other (monetized) websites, since you suggested it. If the tool allows me to stay on topic and not detract from other websites, I would consider it "value added".

dragec - September 29, 2011

hi michael
I hate spaming too. I delete all spam automated comments. Good comment I will keep it, because helping me and person who is giving comment. Simple, It is ethical linking if is on interest for all of us, not only for person how is linking. I am six months already on this affiliate marketing business and I deleted already so many spams on my sites.
Very simple, people want get to the top in no time, competition is getting higher, everyone wants money and forget ethical way. This is just reflection of everything what is happening in reality around all of us. People forget the point on the way to their aim.
Very little is white, rest of this is gray, black or something between. I cannot see any colour, and about rainbow I can only dream.
In conclusion, I am NBKU member, I am using 1 way links and backlinks indexer and I can say that are status of my sites drasticaly improved. I have been using and I am still using another methods, but this two are really magic combination.

Bob stewart - October 8, 2011

While I am new to the online world of NBK, the forum has been a great help.
I have been active in Business Management since Michael was in Elewmemtary school, but he is right on target.  I have seen it many times in the past.  Do the right thing every time, and you will build a loyal clientel.  Do something unethical for short term gain, andit will bite you in the end.
As far as using tools – A tool is neither ethical or unethical, it is what you do with the tool.  Bob Helms said it best – why use a shovel to dig a foundation when you can rent a backhoe?  If what you are doing is ethical, and you are automating what you would be doing anyway, it is ethical. 

Helen - January 10, 2012

I have to agree with Michael on the forum spamming.


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