INeedArticles Review – Will It Help You and Is It Worth The Time?

ineedarticles reviewI recently started using another service that is somewhat like Iwriter but with a few variations.

It’s called INeedArticles.

This is another service by Jon Leger and one to consider when you want to save time by having someone else write content for you. For my review of INeedArticles I submitted and tested about 20 articles (so far).

So in the review let’s take it from the top.


The first thing you need to do when you get an account is load it with a little bit of cash.  I started with $50 but all you need to start with is $10.


You need to add a keyword or group of keywords to build your articles around.  Notice, it’s pretty similar to Iwriter at this point.


After you add your keywords you’ll need to make a few selections in a selection box that look like this:

inside ineedarticles

That’s it, you’re done and your articles are being queued and written.

That entire first 3 step process only took a few seconds.  In all I’d say probably around 30 seconds.  That’s pretty fast.

How Fast Do Things Get Done At INeedArticles?

Most of my order I received within 72 hours, some within 24 hours and a few of the articles in 5 days.  I wasn’t a big fan of the 5 day time frame but it still wasn’t bad since I didn’t need the articles immediately.

You can optionally pay a little bit more to get your articles guaranteed back in 24 hour hours or less.  This basically creates an urgent notification and your articles get pushed to the top of the queue.  But, if you’re not in a hurry for content there is no need to do this.

How Was The Quality For This INeedArticles Review?

The quality wasn’t too bad at all.  I gave all of my writers 5 stars except for 2 articles I gave 4’s for some misspellings and poor sentence structure.  But, all in all I was happy with the content I got back.

Nobody is perfect and I make enough grammatical mistakes myself.  Therefore, I do not harshly judge misspellings.  I know that some of you might (yes this goes out to all of my “grammar police” readers *grin*).  But, in 20 articles I found only a few words misspelled.

How Does The Price Compare To Iwriter?

I still somewhat like Iwriter a little more.  Iwriter is slightly more expensive for the most part but they return the content much faster.  I.e. I ordered 3 articles today from Iwriter and all 3 were done in less than 5 hours of sending in the order.

I realize that I Need Articles is newer and has far less writers working the content though (Iwriter has something like 130,000 writers now). So if you’re in a hurry for same-day articles INeedArticles is not for you.

The quality was similar and maybe slightly better at I Need Articles.  I think this is because I Need Articles makes their writers pass a test for speed and their ability with the native English language.

Iwriter offsets this by having a 4.6-5 stars writers only check-box.  I need Articles uses a 4-5 star only writers check box.

Is The Writing 100% Unique At INeedArticles?

Yes.  Just like Iwriter, they must pass Copyscape and anyone who is caught giving buyers scraped or spun content is removed.  I verified all of my articles through Copyscape just to make sure and thy all cleared perfectly.

Some Cool Things About INeedArticles:

One thing I really like about this service is that you can link it together with your Article Builder account.  This handy feature will let you instantly import and create a post using your content from you I Need Articles account without the need for you to log into your blog.  Yes, that means near Auto-pilot.

You can even queue keywords from Article Builder into INeedArticles on auto-pilot as well to make this feature run completely hands-off.  This is a major time saver (which is currently in beta mode) which I think they will add some new additions to in the near future.  Article Builder basically orders the articles on your behalf from INeedArticles, passes them through Article Builder with any automation you’ve requested, uploads the articles to your blog and builds posts for you.

You also get an email notice when your project is complete.

Overall during my INeedArticles review I was pretty impressed with the quality and service.  I will still be using Iwriter for product review style write-ups like I use when I build a site based off of my method I use to build a review site but, now I at least have another place to shop for articles.  Ultimately, I will use both and I have no problem recommending both.

When you need someone else to do some writing for you this service is definitely a time-saver.

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Questions, comments, using either of these and have your own experience?  Share below.

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Stephen - June 7, 2013

Thanks Brother just what I need CONTENT to my site.

Roy - June 25, 2013

Great review Michael. I believe in spending a few dollars to save a lot of time!

Michael Brown - June 26, 2013


I agree.  So many people think “If I spend less, but do everything msyelf, I’ll make more.”  But, sometimes that time savings is valuable, it’s worth the small fee.

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Drew - February 18, 2016

Thanks for the great info. I’m going to check ineedarticles out for myself.


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