How To Make Your Blog Speed Up and Load Faster

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Google and other search engines care a lot about user experience. One of the things that often frustrates people browsing the internet is website speed – how fast websites load and ready for viewing and usage. If real people don't like slow websites neither does Google.

Word Press is built with heavy PHP codes that do take time to load. Hence, any Word Press-based website loses some potential for ranking better in Google search results. However, there's a solution: WP Super Cache Word Press plugin.

This post will show you how to install and setup WP Super Cache plugin in 3 minutes (video tutorial included).

Check out Max’s walkthrough here (complete with screenshots and video)


My take:  Max actually introduced me to this plugin awhile back and it has definitely increased the speed and load time of my blog greatly.

Use the settings that Max suggests for the best results.

Also after you put in a new post just click the “delete cache” plugin to clear the cache. 

I’ve noticed that over the last couple of months my average speed time in Google Analytics has increased and it’s noticeable to the naked eye as well.  So it’s not just something for the search engines.

Also some additional ways to boost your speed are as follows.

#1.  Keep your image size down.  Using images are great but keep them smaller.  I usually like to use small pictures in my blogs but I like nothing larger than 400 x 300 or there about.

#2.  Avoid heavy scripts.  This can include extreme over use of ads that use JavaScript as well.

#3.  Keep video sizes down.  If you’re putting videos on your pages or posts keep them as short as possible.  I know it’s not always possible and I personally have many 1 hour+ videos myself.  However, I try to leave long videos off of my website.

Anyway, my thanks to Max for this walkthrough.  It’s helped me and I know it will help you speed up your blog especially as your traffic increases.  By the way the plugin installs in seconds and can be configured in less than 35 seconds.


Michael Brown

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kathy @ Simple Web Page Design - April 11, 2012

I use this plug! It works like a jewel! I recommend it. (Max told me about it)

Michael Brown - April 11, 2012


Yea it's awesome.  The funny thing for me was like when Max showed it to me I couldn't believe I hadn't used it before….lol

Rick - April 11, 2012

I use it to.  It works great.  I feel like my ranking increased greatly because of it to.  Could jut be a coinsidence too.  Thanks for all your great tips.

Michael Brown - April 11, 2012


It definately can't hurt rankings that's for sure.  As one of the factors Gogle looks at in our analytics accounts it is something that always sits in the back of your mind. It's claimed that load seed is somewhat a factor in site rankings.  Again, it certainly doesn't hurt to make things better for your visitors anyway.

options - April 11, 2012

I'm new and will install it this weekend.
You guys are the best. Thanks for the tip.

L. Leon - September 24, 2012

Thank you Michael, always looking out for us, you're awesome!


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