How To Make Money With Pinterest

In the ever changes Internet world it seems that every single week a new Internet sensation explodes onto the market.  Well, it’s happened again with the introduction of Pinterest.

If you do not know much about it yet, don’t worry, you soon will.  It’ll be all over the news just like Facebook and Twitter.  Then the time will come when we’re sick of hearing about it.

What is Pinterest?

A social site that allows you to create boards and post pins to it.  Pins are pictures that can be extracted from any website and then added to your boards.

I know, I know, more social stuff to do and another place to waste precious time.

However, I think this is going to be useful in the make money online world.  So the biggest question and the reason you are reading my blog is to find out how to make money with Pinterest.

So How Do You Make Money With Pinterest?

Well a couple ways really.  (NOTE: I am still experimenting and will have some feedback shortly).

But, this is how I see making money with it for now.  Sine you can pin up pictures and it generates a link back to the page where you snagged the picture from you can drive sales to an affiliate page of yours.

For instance, if you have a blog that promotes Baby Grand Pianos and someone clicks through on your link from Pinterest back to your blog site and ends up buying through you, you make money.

Pretty simple, eh?

I have yet to try to send directly through an affiliate link and I suppose I’ll be trying that as well over the weekend.  I’ll keep you updated as to any results or if this will work.

Moreover it’s at least a great way to get traffic to your blog or website.  So if you need more traffic I highly suggest coming over to Pinterest and starting to post as many pictures from your websites as possible.

Some early tips for the best results with Pintrest.

I’ve already noticed with Pinterest you need to have unique pictures or inspiring pictures to get more attention.  For instance, a picture of a baby playing a piano would get more attention than a picture of a TV remote; a cute picture of two kittens playing would get more attention than a picture of a set of muddy shoes, etc.

So far the pictures I see doing well on the site are pictures of:


Beautiful Homes

Hot people

Unique foods (pretty cakes, etc)

Cute pets and animals

Photography studio pictures

Interesting quotes

Unique gift ideas

Hair and design


I am sure there are many other categories that are being used too.  Go easy on me right now, it’s all brand new.  🙂

If you own a business (whether your own personal business or an affiliate work at home style business) I think you'd do well to make money with Pinterest.

I think the gift area has some real potential to be a money maker at Pinterest unless they completely turn off any ability to link to things at some point.

I also think using their site to get traffic to places like Youtube videos and other video sites will be extremely useful.

I was checking one video still frame that was posted on Pinterest that lead back to a Youtube video about hair braiding.  This video had over 180,000 views from Pinterest alone in the last few months!  That is substantial!

If only 1% of those viewers clicked on just one of your ads that would be 1800 clicks.  I am not sure how many people click the ads from Pinterest or what they’ll go onto buy as of now.  But, I will say this, if you’re not on the site testing now you’re missing out!

On a final note if you check out the stats in Alexa for Pinterest you’ll find that so far 80% or more of the sites users are female!  So if you are promoting products that are useful to the female population you’ll probably have more success making money with it.

Another funny note by looking at Alexa keywords coming into the site is that people are having a hard time spelling it.  Just look at some of the terms people are typing in to find Pinterest:

Pintrist, pininterest, pin- interest and pintereste.  So you can see it’s so new that many people are just frantically searching to find “what the heck” it even is.

So if you’re looking to drive more traffic to you site or make money Pinterest might just be a nice free way to attract new visitors!  Go give it a try for yourself.  It’ll take a few days to get an account approved but it’s worth experimenting with (at your own risk as I am not 100% sure on their rules yet – it’s not clearly defined, but I see other people using it commercially).


Pinterest Update JAN 5 2012:

I tested posting direct affiliate links on the site for a few days.  I just used direct Amazon products.  I found that all male products did terribly.  This is about what I assumed.  Female products with bright colors did well and I actually had quite a few repins of the products I posted.  I posted about 20 pins total (nothing crazy) and made about $10.18 so far with only about 15 minutes of total work.  I expect the few pins I put up will make more money over time.

That's not awesome but what it does tell me is that from clicks on pins put on Pinterest you can make money an you can also scale it up.

What I suggest is this:  Make your own blog based on a female oriented niche market and put good pictures on it for every product you promote on the blog.  Then simply pin those images to Pinterest.  You'll want to promote as many images as possible.  The more the better.  Also note that so far brighter more vibrant colors tend to catch the female viewers eye more (at least from this experiment). 

In my opinion to make a fortune from Pinterest users lone you'll need a lot of Pins!  I would use this more as a means to help promote your website rather than the ultimate solution.

If you do not know how to build a blog yet go grab my free course here.

Pinterest Update: June 19 2012:

The best way to use Pinterest to make money is to funnel everyne right to your website.  I was looking over their TOS and they seem to have made it more clear as to what constitutes as promotional stuff.  Plus, Pinterest is making money through their own affiliate links on the site trough sites like Amazon.

I have a feeling in the nea future they'll install some sort of advrtising system and really start monetizing the site for themselves, much more.

So in short, add your pins and direct people back to your sites and not through affiliate links directly.

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Diana - January 6, 2012

Thanks Michael for a very well informed article. I have soooo many followers on pinterest and I havent pinned a thing yet, its new to me. I signed up a couple months ago, then put it on the back burner because I didn't  "get it "…then I did a search on youtube for pinterest tutorials, said ok after 4-5 videos, I know the basics now, but how can I make money, because its kinda pointless otherwise…NOTHING on youtube on this subject, so I did a google search, and your article popped up. I have several affilaite accounts I can see this working for in my niche, wedding accessories….yet now I see the full picture using my web site, blog, FB twitter and pinterest. Thanks again for a very valuable article! Diana

Michael Brown - January 7, 2012

Thanks Diana! Glad you like it. I’d be interested in hearing some of your feedback once you start posting pictures from your site on Pinterest & if you start making extra money from it or not. I love testing new things out.

Kevin - January 8, 2012

I read your article as well as Diana's comments and really like the idea of  using pinterest to make some extra cash. However, I'm a bit confused about something. You mentioned that I should make my own blog. Well i'm not a blogger and I don't have a website. What I do have is Pininterest and Tumbler. However, why would I need my own blog to do this. I signed up for an Affiliate account with Amazon and they were asking me to enter my website etc and i'm still unclear as to why I need one when Amazon has all the products listed on their site.
Any suggestions on how I should go about this?

Michael Brown - January 8, 2012

Kevin the reason you want a website is because ultimately you want to create traffic to your website so people can buy things from you. Pinterest’s terms of service are a little vague if you’re allowed to send people through a direct affiliate link through Amazon or not. If you’re interested in building a cheap website that will get you into Amazon’s affiliate program go to my free course at http://www.unleashingyoursuccess.com all free step-by-step walk-through of getting you started.

Kevin - January 8, 2012

Also, could you expound a little more on how to go about using Pinterest & Amazon together?

Kevin - January 8, 2012

I posted my last comment before I read your response. 
Thanks for the info. Going to go read Unleashing Your Success now.

Wendy Hwang - January 9, 2012

Hi. I'm wondering if you might be able to help answer this question. I personally just signed up for Pinterest and am now an official addict. lol
The company I work for could greatly benefit from Pinterest but for some reason we cannot pin anything from the site. We have a blog on recipes as well as sell products but the pinning process seems to be blocked somehow. It will find the picture so my suspicion is that it's a link related problem. Do you have any thoughts? This site has been the only one I've experienced this issue

Michael Brown - January 9, 2012


You might try to put it in a different browser. I.e. put it in Chrome if you’re using IE or FF. Sometimes I have trouble pinning with FF or IE and it works great in Chrome or Safari. Let me know if that works…

jimkazoo - January 9, 2012

Great article Michael!  I first noticed Pinterest yesterday when I saw a PIN button on all my Squidoo lenses.   Apparently, Squidoo is already on to it which is good sign.  I did not have to do anything – I was able to sign in to Pinterest with my Facebook login.  I could have also used my Twitter login.
I really like Pinterest for the exact reason that you mentioned.  People are attracted to images.  I plan on using some of my product images because they are kitchen oriented.
I would really like to see more posts.  How is it working for others?

ron kerner - January 11, 2012

how to you make money – do you sell product (I do not have any) do you get affilate links ( I do nave any)
some how people are supose to send me some money but who and how?

Michael Brown - January 11, 2012

Ron, using affiliate programs and building a small site to sen people to. If you are having trouble snag my free course in the form on the top right of this site and you can get access to the entire program which will teach yo how to get started.

bobbi - January 21, 2012

I was wondering can i make a youtube channel of viedo that are already on other sites.
example i think "how to"  videos  would do great on pinterest..(duuu..lol) so can i take say videos i find on a site like BH and upload them on my own youtube channel giving the crediot to bh of course.
i see many people do that sort of thing on youtube but not sure if it is ok or do i need to get special permission.

Michael Brown - January 21, 2012


You can make a small site and embed all the Youtube videos that you want if the creator always video embedding of their video (most do). But, you can’t snag other people’s videos and put them into your channel without their permission.

Simon - March 2, 2012

Been using pinterest for about a week now i deal with party wear costumes and thought it would be good to try shoes also since its more of a womans site atm i am using my affil links with the images direct to the sites and all this seems like a huge waste of time not a single darn sale and very few followers the only person i know who is having success is a girl who as got over 1000 pins and gets a few vouchers in the odd ocasion for cloths shops

Michael Brown - March 2, 2012

This makes sense. As clothing would do well there especially with over 1000 pins and coupons.

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