How To Find Hot Niche Trends Before They Are Saturated

I have been on a niche research kick recently.  If you’re part of my 7 Day Training here or my complete Niche 60 training here, this will help out big time!

I have a GREAT tutorial on finding hot niche market trends. I decided to create this tutorial because I often get asked how to find a hot new niche before 1 million other people jump on board.  This can be a great way to uncover a hot niche before it’s over-exposed and being a early adopter in the new industry can help give you a voice.

Several people have told me I have an uncanny ability for uncovering hot niche markets with ease.  Well, let me share a few little tricks I use to do this.

I’ve discussed some parts of this before but I am going to take you a down a slightly different road here.

Step 1: You Need An Idea

So to start you can use one of my previous niche finding tutorials.  You can find my 17 ways to find a niche here and my niche ideas post.

Now, it’s important to note that at some point you’re going to want to do some keyword research on any niche market that you find.  However, in this tutorial I am just going to show you how to know if it’s growing or declining.

You’ll also want to dedicate a little bit of time to light reading each month.  I like to scope out sites like INC, Business News Daily, Forbes and Bloomberg Business.  The reason I glance at these monthly is because you’ll often find article entries like this.  Notice the wealth of knowledge on upcoming or rising markets.

I can usually easily find several dozen new markets anytime I search at the websites listed above alone!

Step 2: Search In Google Trends

Google trends is the best place to gather Intel on any niche market.  Through this tool you can see if it’s on the rise, decline, holding steady is is a stellar breakout.

Breakout means it’s moving up fast and did so recently.

Watch me investigate “essential oils” below.

finding hot trends online

A. Type your keyword here

B. Change the setting via any country (I usually leave it on worldwide)

C. This shows the term you typed in here.

Next, you’ll see a series of charts and graphs pop up.

This first box will show you a line graph of the terms rise or fall in search.  Look at that massive spike from 2014 – 2016!  This graph will give you a visual look at how popular the industry is becoming.  Notice that this market has been around for a while but it wasn’t popular until recently.  This is the EXACT kind of market we want to find!

This next graph shows the countries who are interested in this market.  United States and Canada are #1 and #2 but don’t discount the ones in the 30-50 index as well.
The final graph on the page shows the terms on a scale of 0-100.  This will help you decide the popularity of the term.  You can also see various related breakout terms in the industry as well.  Just click the little button that says “rising” to get that data.  Anything listed as a BREAKOUT is hot!

Step 3: Researching The Trend

Now that you know how to do that, what can you do with this data?

Well now you can plug it into any keyword tool.  You can use paid keyword tools like Market Samurai, Keyword Canine or you could simply just use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool or SEOBook Keyword Tool.  My favorite way is with either Market Samurai or Keyword Canine because they’ll make your job even easier.

Using Keyword Canine I this is easy.  (By The Way I Have A Full Review Of Keyword Canine Here).

hottest niche trends with tools

A. I entered the search term here.

B. I checked how competitive it is here (39/100 which is decently easy!)

C.  Tons of searches at 9900/month – wow!

Watch Me Do The Above On Video:

As you can see from just a little work I was able to uncover a pretty new hot trend that is growing, that has plenty of searches and isn’t incredibly difficult to rank for.  Make sure to watch my tutorial for how to find easy to rank for keywords as well.  You can combine these tactics for awesome results!

So there you have it.  Seem pretty easy?  It is.

However, sometimes you can be in research mode for hours.  But, you can come out with an amazing new and fresh niche market this way.

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Also if you have any questions please ask!

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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James Findlater - March 13, 2016

I am just dipping into your training a few minutes at a time. My current job is about 55-60 hours week and I get home too tired to build the online business.

This essential oils business is something that my wife is doing for five or so years mostly as a consumer-distributor.

I will be able to reduce my work load soon. A question please Michael–

I have enough savings to work my online business eight hours a day until it takes off. Up to a year.

Will the online business grow better and faster if I work it 8 hours a day.

Or if I keep my job on a part time basis I will only have three hours a day to work the online business


Michael Brown - March 13, 2016


Thanks for the question. Yes, the more time you can put in, the better. One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting an online business is simply believing that it doesn’t take any additional work to make it a success. So the more time you can wrap into it, the better.

Also keep in mind that I never suggest quitting your day job until you’ve been getting some good base sales from your website. The last thing you need is to be under a ton of stress to demand that you business makes what you need in a short amount of time.

Now keep in mind that you don’t need 8 hours per day. If you can do 3-4 that will be great. again, 8 is better as long as it productive time. Check out6 my post on how to be effective with your productivity: http://michaelsbrown.com/how-to-get-things-done-when-you-have-no-time-to-get-things-done/

Let me know if I can answer anything else for you.


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