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create articles fastIt seems like every week I get an email, forum post, PM or Facebook message about how much someone hates to write or is simply having trouble trying to figure out what to write about.

I am going to show you something powerful that allows me to get more done in the least amount of time.  Let’s face it, I’m busy, you're busy and we always need content right?

If you don’t want to pay for someone to write for you and you’re working on content creation for your site or simply trying to get more articles published so build more backlinks to your website then this blog post is for you!


You Really Can Create 30-40 Articles In Just A Few Hours

It all starts with research.  Now, there are 2 ways to do this so pay attention to the first way and then the second way I’m going to show you.

1st we need topics and we need them in bulk so we can do this as fast as possible.


Step #1


Way #1.  Load up the Google Keyword Tool and type in your niche keywords.

Next, find any keyword phrases that are question oriented.  (i.e. “How do I saw wood with a chainsaw?”, “Best way to saw down a large tree?”) 

Keep in mind the Google Keyword Tool will not add the question marks at the end so you’ll need to read through each one to determine if it’s a question or not. 

Save the selected keywords to a CSV or word file as you find them.  This will become your list of topics to write about.


Alternative Step 1 – The Easiest Way To Research Your Topic


Way #2.  Grab a free copy of Market Samurai.

Next, put in the keyword phrase (use the primary keyword phrase for your niche).

When you get to the screen that asks for the keyword phrase length put in minimum of 4.

What this will allow you to do is pull up only keyword phrases for 4 or more words put together (long tailed keywords).

These phrases usually have low competition and many are question oriented.  When you go into the keyword analysis area simply export the data to a CSV file, remove any keywords that are not relevant to your niche and save your work.

You now have a list of topics to write about in just a couple of minutes.


Step #2


Next, create a folder on your computer called “Your Niche” Articles.  Make sure to replace “Your Niche” with either your website URL or your actually keywords.

Then, create a Word Doc or Open Office if you don’t have Word.  As the title of the Document simply paste in your first long tailed keyword phrase from your research and SAVE your work.

Do this for every single keyword phrase up to about 50 keyword phrases max.

Next, create a folder with the “Your Niche” Articles folder called “DONE” or something like that.


Step #3


Turn off your cell phone, Facebook, close out of your email account, shut off the T.V., don’t check your commissions for a little while and even ask you family for a couple hours of uninterrupted time.

Basically, this will become focus time and a time where you’re going to just crank out content.

Next, go through each document and answer the questions in full.  For articles that will go into article directories you’ll need 300+ words in each.  For content for your sites you’ll need at least 150+ words.  If you’re writing content for your site, the more the better, but 150 words is the bare minimum.  If you have awesome typing skills you might even be able to blow these numbers away.

Finally, drag and drop each completed article into the "DONE" folder.  When you're done you'll be left with a brand new folder of new content!

Take a small break every 10 or articles you’ve typed to gather yourself.  I can usually type a full article this way in 7 minutes or so for the 300 word articles and less for the 150s.  Sometimes it takes slightly less and sometimes slightly longer and I am a horrible typist. 

This saves time and money and we all know we can use more of both.

Also on writing like this something like Dragon Naturally Speaking (not an affiliate link) would work well.  I have always found Dragon works best for small projects like this and not as well for the bigger projects.  However, you may be different than I and have different results with using a tool like that.

This can also be easily outsourced.  Simply find the topics and give the topics to your writer if you don't want to type these up yourself.

So, that’s it!

Have you ever tried to do something like this?  Are you already doing this?  How has it worked for you?  Let me know below!

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Max Minzer - February 1, 2012

Great tips, Michael! 😀
Getting rid of distractions mentioned in #3 is especially essential for me.

Bob Helms - February 2, 2012

Very good insights, as always. The Market Samurai idea was something that never occured to me. What a great idea to get the ideas flowing. Market Samurai also has a new section opened called Article Samurai which I'm going to get around to looking a little furter into. I'm just not sure how the Google changes may affect it. We'll see. To your sucess, always, Michael.

Michael Brown - February 2, 2012


The guys over at MS put out a recent blog posts that reassures us of what they are doing. Most of the modules in MS will not be adversely affected it seems.

Ralph Edward - February 2, 2012

Great post but I use market samarai to find the content then I just re write iit but now it is time for me to start ousourcing, it's just so much easier.

rick - March 7, 2012

I love this way of writing articles.  This post definatly will help elimate some time.  thanks


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