Don’t Forget YOUR War…….

This is going out to everyone who is constantly finding themselves distracted, not making enough money online or simply not getting anywhere online.

Often times we start off and really get going and we win the fight.  The first fight when in getting started earning an income online is to actually take the initiative to do things that will make money.  Things might go well in fact, you might have a few sites built and then…. life interferes.  Even the little things in life could interfere.

Interferences can cause distractions that can make us become tired, bored, lazy, overwhelmed or frustrated.

It’s at this point that you cannot forget your war.

So what exactly do I mean?  I like to relate what I do as a war and all the obstacles within are part of the fight that make up the war.  When I first started online I was working a day job and always away from home.  I was stressed out and I was sick all the time.  In fact I was so sick and stressed out all the time that I developed shingles at the age of 27 which is very rare.  If you’ve never had it – it’s extremely painful and can actually cause permanent damage – Google it if you have no clue what it is.  I remember every morning driving to work stressed out because I knew any day I could get fired.  Sure I was good at my job but in the field I was in one bad month could be your last with the company.  In fact, I watched several managers get fired in a short time span for things that would shock many of you.  I knew life could not continue like this.

It was then I realized my war…..  I wanted out of my job and I needed out for my health and for the sake of my family.  So I started to FIGHT and learn this online stuff.  I spent countless hours working online and offline with my day job.  But, I saw that there was money to be made online and wanted it.

I wanted a way to be able to see my wife everyday, a way to spend time with my son who at the time we were expecting.  I wanted my freedom.  I started my war with a several fights.

My early fights were:

#1.  Finding time to learn.

#2.  Getting up the strength to break away from the day to day routines of a day job.  It’s sounds funny but we are trained to work for other people and feel secure.  Sadly, there is no security working for someone else.  You are dependent on them and at any moment they can fire you, demote you, they could go out of business, or simply lay you off.

#3.  Balancing a day job.

#4.  Balancing family and life instances.

#5.  Staying healthy.

I just got married a year before that point in my life and was never home and always working… there still had to be time to spend with my wife.  At this point I had to give quality time over quantity.

There were several other fights throughout but my overall goal was to quit my job – that was MY WAR.

You may be in the same place I was.  You may have bigger trials, your fights may be more difficult or less difficult and you might have an easier time or even a harder time than I did.

But, we all have our fights in OUR overall war.  But, losing sight of the war and getting discouraged from the fights along the way can be a dream crusher.  Given the current fail rate from people trying to make money online I’d say most people lose sight of their war and get lost in the fights – only to give up.  In fact, it’s been reported that 97-98% of all people fail when going full forward into it.

Does that discourage you?  It shouldn’t.  Because it’s far more difficult to start an offline business and have it succeed (and a lot more expensive).

I am not bringing this up to depress you but rather give you a mindset that will set you apart and help prevent this from happening to you.

So if you find yourself getting lost, distracted, depressed, frustrated, confused or overwhelmed I want you to read on.

The start – Your mindset must be right.  Too often people come into a business idea or start working with affiliate marketing with the mindset that they are going to fail.  If you cannot shape your mind to believe you’re going to succeed – you’re going to fail.  So believe in yourself, believe in what you can do before you even start.

#1.  Write down your goals.  What do you hope to accomplish by making money online?  Do you want to quit your job?  Do you want to just supplement your income with this?  No one can make up your mind for you, but your intentions must be clear to yourself.

#2.  Start small.  I know by now you’re used to seeing those sales pages telling you how you’re going to make millions.  Making millions isn’t possible if you can’t even grasp the fundamentals.  So start small, start with the fundamentals of small site building, research, traffic and marketing and do just ONE thing at a time.

#3.  Stay with one thing – do it well.  One of the biggest dream killers is the fact that there are some many ways to make money and a whole lot of people telling you about a new product every single day.  So whatever you start with stick with it.  If you’re into affiliate marketing stick with it and keep growing – then do it well.  The same thing goes for info product creators.  Learn, do , do better.  Think of everything you do as a growth in your abilities.  Each website you create gains you experience, each e-book your write builds your skills and so on.  Too many people jump from one idea to the next and never focus on one thing.  You’ve heard the expression "Jack of all trades – master of nothing", right?  Master something and watch what happens to your income.  Hone yourself into a fine tuned machine.  Branch out only once you’re making enough money with something and then use that money to pay for a course that will help you learn a new skill.

#4.  Never give up.  So if you start the fight, fight to win the war.  The hardest part is starting.  You must have a warrior mentality, a desire, a will that says "I will stop at nothing".  Stay strong.

#5.  Don’t fuel the fire.  This whole post talks about how distractions can take us away from the war – the game plan.  Don’t throw more logs on the fire by adding to the distractions.  Turn off Skype, your cell phone, get off Facebook and Twitter and focus.  Those things are cool to own and use but not when you’re learning or trying to stay focused.  Make focus time all about yourself, your family and your future but center your thoughts on the task you’re learning.  I often turn off my cell phone and I turn Skype on do not disturb when I am deep in a project or an idea.  Keep as much Jerry Springer like drama out of your life if possible.  I know sometimes drama isn’t fault of our own but if you can prevent it – do so.

Use the above list and use it to help you stay focused daily.  Remind yourself daily of the goals you want to achieve and remind yourself that you CAN do this.  You must be accountable for yourself and your own success.

Repeat this line. "I am accountable for my own success."  Say it out loud if you need to.  Often, I see people blaming everyone else for the fact that they are not making money.  Take accountability….. If you are taking a course but only spending an hour a week learning or even putting it into practice it’s going to be a hard road.  Sadly, I got an email not to long ago with a guy who was mad at me.

The guy was upset because he hadn’t made money with one of my courses.  He claimed he followed my advice to a "T" and still nothing.  But, yet when I asked him some basic questions he’d in fact, not followed my advice.  He had a website built but was getting no traffic at all.  It turned out he had done nothing to work on traffic.  Now, I am sure the guy had good intentions when he sent me the email – but it’s this mindset that is the most damaging.  Instead of asking for help – he instead blamed me for his lack of success.  This mentality will lead to failure every time.

If you expect things to happen by doing nothing – you will not succeed.  So all doubts of blame need to get out of your mind to be successful.  Do you think Richard Branson ever blamed anyone for his early lack of success?  No he buckled down and became a billionaire by taking action and being accountable.  It’s a trait all successful people MUST have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and more importantly start using it.  After you start winning the fights – Go Win Your WAR.  Never forget your war.




Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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vic - October 2, 2009

Very good advice Michael. I’ve been working very hard at affiliate marketing and getting nowhere. I’m learning a lot afeel like I’m getting close, so thanks for the encouragement.

mike - October 3, 2009

Thankyou for your emails i found erics tips on your website and am taking his daily lessons i am a newbie trying to sift through the endless directions everyone trys to take you and stick with one thing at a time and that is to get a sight going and keep refineing it until i can make one dollar and i will be on to my next goal two dollars. Thanks again i find your site very helpful

reggie lewis - October 3, 2009

Well said Michael, just what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. Excellent words of encouragement.


Ron - October 3, 2009

I just wanted to thank you for your honesty. I tried a few products and fail. I don’t have the technical knowledge for the business. Nor do I want to buy traffic. I think the business should sell the traffic, product and technical knowledge in one package. What I found was I’m sold something to find I have to go back and buy something else to find I have to go back and buy something else. By the time it’s over I’ve spent a fortune to make 150 bucks. I bought something of yours and found it was over my head and you refunded me as you stated you would if I wasn’t happy with it. Your integrity is above the other 99% of internet marketors and I appreciate that. Thank You.
Ron Davis

Andrea - October 3, 2009

Thanks for your great words of wisdom, I will read this often to keep me inspired to succeed,especially when learning the technical stuff gets me very fustrated

John Grover - October 3, 2009

Dear Michael,
I have been searching for a program that actually teaches . You have given me a new hope, a hope that I could have used years ago . I never gave up and now that I have a better under standing of what it is I am trying to do I know I will succeed . I can’t thank you enough .
J Grover

Stephen Wyman - October 3, 2009


I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m 60 years old and starting my career as an Internet Marketer. Not to outdo you but I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 46 years, had 4 way bypass surgery in 1996 and other complications since.

My site isn’t finished or successful yet but it will be!

I wanted you to know that I have no experience with computers and selected your course because it was for newbee’s.

After starting your course, I have received countless offers on how to make millions on line. They are all very promising and I might try some after I master the basics. I realized very early that one battle would be to not let these offers distract me and I’m old enough to realize BS when I see it.

One piece of advice: Ask yourself, if someone has such a great program, why in the heck are they so determined to sell it to me??????

I have stayed true to myself by not letting myself get distracted. I am following your program step by step with the limited time I have to spend. I will succeed and I will quit my job, my goal is clear!

Listen to Michaeal’s advice because he is telling the truth. Michael has wisdom way beyound his years. And Michael, thank you for the encouragement, keep it up.


Stephen Wyman

Rich - October 4, 2009

Thanks Michael. I know from having taken one of your courses, that you often speak the hardest truths, and yet you do it in a consistently inspiring way — and that makes you a rarity in the internet marketing business.

Terry - October 5, 2009

G’day Michael,
This post should be required reading for ALL aspiring affiliate marketers! The FIRST thing that I tell any newbies is to ‘get your head on right’, and your five points above are spot on!

They need to set their goals, write them down and TELL somebody else what they are so that they really own the goals. After that, as you say, they should start small, stay focused, and never give up until they reach their goals.

Once they have done that, THEN they can concentrate on ‘winning their war’, because then they have got a ‘battle plan’ in place. If everyone did that, maybe we could turn the 95% failure rate in this industry around, and have a 95% success rate instead. Great post, Michael, keep them coming!


justin - October 5, 2009

Great post! Very motivating and inspirational. I have a few sites up now and each one gets a little better as i apply what i learned from the last one. It will take time, but i know i will succeed! Thanks! -Justin

Michael Brown - October 6, 2009

I want to thank you all for reading and for all the responses. I always say this but I have some of the best readers and thinkers on the planet that read my emails and visit my blog.

Thank you all!


Thank you for sharing your story. It is very inspirational to me. I always try to think of all the people who have gone through harder things than I have and come out on top in the end. Keep fighting on my friend – with your attitude… you will succeed.

Chandan - October 8, 2009

Thanks a lot for this inspiring article. I am making some money and happy. Your article gave me more confident and to work more harder and I will.

Great post Michael!

John Atkins - October 16, 2009

Hi Michael,

you get nice ‘reviews’ from several places…I have started and sputtered too often! I simply do not have the money to keep adding to the pile to get this thing going! Is your Niche Blitzkrig” program ‘complete’ or does it require additional purchases to get going ? … ANd realistically, how quick can i get it going? thnak you!!
if it sounds a little desperate– you’re correct!! lol!

Jeremiah Justin Lewis - November 15, 2009

Hey Michael,

Thanks a ton for this article. I enjoyed reading it. I even took part in reading it over the day just so I could enjoy it even more. I have followed a lot of your advice lately and have noticed a great deal of success is possible from your program “The Niche Blizkrieg Program” or as I like to term it NBK. This program has helped me succeed in creating 4 websites so far (still working on monetizing and optimizing them to perfection. The most recent website was my most brilliant idea so far and seems profitable. Thank you so much Michael, I am going to continue my adventure into the program and good luck to everyone else.

The NBK system works, seriously.

Yolanda - March 7, 2010

I purchased NBK about a year ago, in Feb 2009 and I felt like much of the tech stuff was over my head so I became quite discouraged. Right after that, I lost my entire focus as all of the shiny new stuff came through my Google email. As of today, March 7, 2010, I have spent several hundreds of dollars and have tried many programs of the gurus. If I named names I am sure you know them. To top it all off, I hate my day job even more now and I know it is just about my time to follow my destiny, which I believe is to be a successful internet marketer. I had this goal even before the web became a household word. I can say that I am successful because I finally learned the hard way, in this last year what will and will not work for me. One of the things that I think I am now ready for is NBK which I have already purchased. I have now spent countless hours and dollars into this.
Reading your article seemed to remove many of my previous doubts about being successful in Feb 2009. And by the way, I stumbled upon this unopened e-mail the title caught my attention. I had believed it before but comparing what your program offers with others in the field, I’d say that I know no longer over my head and it is just as good or better than lots of the others that cost a lot more. Thank you for your consistency in sending me emails, this was definitely the one that I needed! Since the weeding out process is finished I can focus on making my first dollar and then on to making at least $200-300 a month hopefully by June of this year (2010). I was afraid to say it before.

John - November 18, 2010

Never giving up is very important. I am starting to make some money now. But if I gave up when I was first started, I will never be able to be who I am today. Thanks for sharing.


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