Don’t Forget Why You Searched For How To Make Money Online…..

how to make money online light bulbA quick personal note before you read. 

Before I started making money online I was in a pretty bad place in my life.  Right before I started trying to make money for myself online I felt simply "defeated" in all of my previous efforts.  I felt as though I gave my all for a company that didn't care about me, abused me and ripped out part of my soul and then stomped on my spine while I was down.  I'd rive to work feeling miserable, feeling like I had to change my life or this would be the death of me.

It Was That Feeling That Fueled Me….

It's also a feeling that has somewhat faded as life has become more comfortable.  Recently I've had to refuel some of that anger (in a good way), refuel the fire and re-revaluate everything inside of me once again.

I know the holiday season is now completely on us and usually that means we all suffer from a lack of time.

However, I want to caution putting everything on hold during the holidays.  While it’s good for us all to take a small break during the holidays it’s often bad to put your business on hold.

Don’t Forget Why You Started…

When you’re brand new to making money online (or been around) it’s easy to come on strong or “on fire’ so-to-speak but over the course of a few months it’s easy to forget why you started this in the first place.

Was it for….

  • A better life?
  • A better job?
  • A way to supplement your income?
  • A profitable hobby?
  • More family time?

No matter which of those things it is (or anything else), it doesn't’t matter.  Whatever the reason is something personal to you.  Do not give up your passion, do not quit, and do not forget your own personal war.

It’s easy to quit when you’re not successful immediately.  I’ve been there; I remember what it’s like.  But, I will tell you that if you stick with it and persevere, there is a great reward for you. 

No matter what your personal goal is you CAN do it and quitting should never be an option.

Sadly, as the holidays hit it’s easy to completely ignore your goal and it’s easy to fall into the “I’ll start again after the first of the New Year” trap.  Have you ever said that about something before?

Some examples:

  • I’ll lose weight in the New Year
  • I’ll quit smoking/drinking In The New Year
  • I’ll dedicate myself to something in The New Year
  • I’ll change this or that in the New Year

How often did you really dedicate yourself to it in the New Year?  Ever?

Hey, I’ve been there and I can tell you first hand my list of didn’t-do’s is larger than my did-do’s. 

So I want you to do a couple things with me this holiday season. 

Well just 3 simple things.

  1. Rededicate yourself to your own personal goals.

No matter which goal you have for your online business, do it.  Rededicate yourself and write it down!

  1.  Set aside an hour of so of QUIET free time where you can get into a creative zone.

Never tried to put yourself into a creative zone?  Check out John Cleese discussing creativity.  It’s brilliant.  I highly suggest watching it all the way until the end.  He also riddles his speech with jokes and humor within which only adds to the appeal of the entire speech.

Also please notice that I said "QUIET" if you're getting interrupted it won't work.

  1.  After reflection – DO IT.

After you’ve had time to think about being creative use anything you’ve written down or any ideas you’ve gathered and go do it.  Whether you’re starting a new niche, building a new website or just adding onto your website – do it.

I do also want you to take some time out this season to spend with your family.  It’s extremely important to have that good quality family time as well.

But, in the process don’t forget what you started this online venture for.  If you have yet to start then that’s fine to — do it.  But, dedicate yourself to it and put in the effort and it will pay off.

If you’re so new that you’re looking for a place to start I just opened a new course with Justin Lewis here.

It’s a great place to start and you’ll get all the help you need making money online.

It comes down to refueling yourself during tough times and rekindling your desire for what you hope to achieve for you and your family….. DO IT.

Thoughts?  Feelings?  Ideas?  How do you fight through the chaos of daily life and focus on your business?  What are you going to work on or do?  Comon!  Don't be shy, share.

Bonus points if you watch the full Cleese video above and can name his 5 points for creativity. 🙂

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Thomas Mirigian - December 14, 2012

Hi Michael:
                OK I just got this email about my web site. Can you help me figure this out? I don't understand what they are saying. Every time I think I have this figured out, Google throws another red flag into the picture.

Recommended action
If the site error rate is 100%:

Use a WHOIS tool to verify that http://healthremedyresources.com/ has a proper whois record and that nameservers are configured for the site. If not, contact your domain registrar to update your whois records.
Using a DNS lookup tool, verify that the nameserver's name can be resolved to an IP address. If not, either update your whois record to contain an IP address for your nameserver, or update the DNS records for nameserver.
Using a DNS lookup tool, verify that http://healthremedyresources.com/ can be resolved to an IP address. If it can't, update the DNS record for http://healthremedyresources.com/ on your nameserver.

If the site error rate is less than 100%:

The most likely explanation is that your nameserver is overloaded. Contact your hosting provider and discuss the configuration of your DNS server and the possibility of allocating more resources to your DNS service.
If your site redirects to another hostname, another possible explanation is that a URL on your site is redirecting to a hostname that has a DNS problem. Consider checking the links to which your site redirects and make sure that the sites in your redirect links don't have any DNS issues.

After you think you've fixed the problem, use Fetch as Google to verify that Googlebot can properly access your site.
Learn more in our Help Center.


Lo Leani Tjen - December 14, 2012

Thanks for writing this article, Michael. This article just lighten again my fire of passion for working online that have completely distinguished before 😀

David Hughes - December 14, 2012

I haven’t forgotten, I’ve been working on my website for months now, everyday, but I’m the type that needs on on one training, but making 14 dollars an hour at 58 isn’t enough to pay for that. Nbk is a good course but it’s hard for me to wait 24 hours for an answer, your course has made me realize that affiliate marketing is for me. hope this isn’t to long winded. thanks

Jim, - December 15, 2012

Good morning Michael, I just want to take this opportunity to say that I have been following you know for about a year, and am thoroughly impressed with, not just your "online" business knowledge, but also with the way you present yourself. What I mean is, your not one of these hollering, demanding, over exaggerating, think they're better than everyone, online business entrepreneurs. You seem to be a very sincere, knowledgeable, soft spoken type. And I appreciate that!
About 4 years ago, my business burned down and I lost everything that I had worked so hard for most of my life. Since then, I have searched and searched for ways to make a decent living via an online business. Unfortunately, I have fallen into several of these, so called money making opportunities that fall into the category of the ones I mentioned above. And as a result, have ended up spending a hell of a lot more than I should of and now have no income what so ever! I can only blame this on my lack of knowledge and ignorance!  My problem was, that I wanted,or needed immediate results! I wanted something that was going to allow me to have a substatial income NOW! Only because that I was depleteing the little savings I had from my brick and morter business very rapidly. I know now that to build a solid online business, you have to work at it just as hard as if it were an actual brick and morter business. So, I am writing this to ask for your expert advise on what I need to do to become a knowledgeable, successful online entrepreneur. Thanks for your time and look forward to gaining the knowledge you so graciously provide! Jim P

Darryl Burton - December 15, 2012

The problem i have is not having the money to put into the program its always one thing or another  were i have to put money into it some thing else to make it work but i dont have the money to put into it.If there was some way to get a start up credit were i could pay back the money once i started making the money that was projected on the website that would be great because then i could actually start the business and start making money  so i could pay back the credit for getting the business started and start a new life on making money on the internet. But unfortunatly thats not how it works .

Landon - December 15, 2012

Thanks for the boost, Michael.  It's one those keep I keep *meaning* to do, but in reality I need to get down to business and get started.
Holidays are a busy time, but what a great New Year's resultion.  

Michael Brown - December 15, 2012


For those who are in a situation like that I have http://www.unleashingyoursuccess.com open which is free.  You need $10/month and an idea.

Michael Brown - December 15, 2012



Thanks for sharing your hardship.  That would certainly be tough to deal with losing a business in that fashion.

I suggest finding a niche that you love and just sharing an creating content around it.  The moreyou love the niche the more you’ll want to write about it.

Michael Brown - December 15, 2012


Usually questions are answered in less than 24 hours and sometimes it takes the full time.  No way to get around this.  You’ll be lucky to ever get an answer in most online programs here we do our best to help you as quicklyas possible.

Michael Brown - December 15, 2012


Love the “go get it” mindset 🙂

Michael Brown - December 15, 2012

Exactly, Landon 🙂

Ella - December 15, 2012

Hallo Michael
Thank you for helping me keeping my dream alive. I made my decision to make this work for me and I am not giving up. Thanks for the great support.

Jeannette Jeffery - December 18, 2012

Hi Michael,
Thank you for writing that blog.  I started on your program a few weeks ago.  My goal is to be up and running by the 1st of the year.  I used to own a successful business and had to close down in January of this year due to the economy.  I was used to my IT guy creating all my webpages and documents so now it's exciting to do it myself!  I have also realized that being home for my children was a must.  Before I saw them only a few hours a night due to working so much and they being in daycare.  Now my life is more fulfilling being home for them which is why I decided to try Affiliate Marketing.  I am in the process of writing the emails and am excited to be up and running soon!  Any suggestions on my webpage is always welcomed!  Thanks again!  Jeannette

Michael Brown - December 20, 2012


Glad you’re going after it!  It’s got to be tough to lose a business.  But, this will give you a chance to grow your own homebased business that will allow that lifestyle where you can spend it with the kids. 

Keep going and you can share your website with u anytime if you need some pointers or critiquing inside the Niche Blitzkrieg or http://www.nicheoptimizer.com forums 🙂

Michael Brown - December 20, 2012

Thanks Ella!  Happy to help.

Mary Davidson - December 22, 2012

Hi Michael,
Will bookmark this site so I can watch the video as soon as I have a bit of extra time. 
Yes, it's taken me quite a while, this was completely new to me, and on occassion I've been totally stumped; but actually, since I began this course a bit over a year ago, I've spent hours, every day, on it, as much as I possibly could.  Since the course includes working with things I love, like writing, and research, and just working with my own website, which is something I've always wanted to do anyway, it's been fun, even though at times I've been stumped.  I've gotten a lot of help from the course when I have been stumped. 
I'm just about to go in and put in my RSS feeds for my second site.  Though I thought, in the beginning, my sites would be small, they seem to be exploding.  To my first site, listed above, I began writing health/nutrition articles, because they fit in with exercise, and health coupled with good nutrition has long since been of interest to me.  My new site is: italiancookingtipsrecipes.com
It's been fun, and I need to discover another subject that ties in with cooking, and then I will expand this website further.  Either way, I plan to expand both sites as time goes by with lots of content, and more ads.
I've enjoyed taking this course, and if the subject comes up in conversation, I'm always happy to recommend it.  In time, when I set up a site that ties in with your course, I do want to recommend it onsite.
I can't afford any extras right now.  Maybe in time, I'll look into further courses with you.  For now, I'm still learning new things every day, through WordPress, Amazon Affiliates forums, etc.
So, even though I'm slow, I'm spending as much time as I can growing and perfecting my sites, and I thank you guys for all of your help.

Jim K. - December 23, 2012

Hi Micheal, Yes the holidays have slowed things down  and your words of encourgement are great. I have been at this about two months now, and as I continue to work on my first web site  I have plans for the next two, based on all that I am learning. I am  looking forward to the holidays getting behind me and getting back to work on the web site on a more regular basis.
Have a good holiday and thanks for all your support..
Jim K.

Richard Baron - December 30, 2012

Thank you for the email.  I have not concentrated on this at all since I signed up.  However, I accomplished creating a website for myself now related to my specific interests and now I can focus on my internet marketing.  I will start again from the beginning. 

Richard Baron

Michael Brown - January 1, 2013


Creating a website is a great start.  It doesn’t sound like much but it’s one more tep to where you want to be.  I wish you nothing but success in the New Year.  Stay focused on the marketing and getting your site out there in front of people.

Jeannette Jeffery - January 15, 2013

Hi Michael,

I started joining forums but was banned pretty quickly due to the fact I was promoting something.  Are there particular forum sites that allow you to promote something?  All they have to do is click under your signature to see where it leads too.  Any advice is appreciated!  Thanks!  Jeannette

Michael Brown - January 17, 2013


Make sure you’re actually contributing to the forums.  What happens many times is people go into forums and they toss their links in their sig lines and start giving very short almost spammy looking answers.  You’ll find that forum members do not like that.  You might consider either putting more time and effort into your answers and/or simply wait until ou have 50-100 posts on the forum before even adding a sig line with a link back to your site. I’m not saying what you’re doing is spammy but sometimes appearances matter more.


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