Does Google Hate You?


Recently, Google updated their algorithms again. This caused many people to lose ranks in the search engines. I waited to make a post about this so I could monitor anything I noticed over the previous few months.

However, I didn’t experience any sliding at all. In fact, my sites increased in ranks in the search engines.

So if you’re using the Niche Blitzkrieg methods that I teach you’re safe.

Here is why I think many people lost their rankings outside of NBK.

I believe some people out there are using methods like link spamming, link farms, mass comment spamming and other frowned upon techniques. If you have no clue what those are… good. Stay away from them.

Here is what I use the most still to this day.

Articles (link building within the resource box).

1 Way Links (love this program for automation).

Press Releases.

Directories are still good too.

These are my favorite link building methods and the only reason is….

Because they work.

Link building isn’t going to go away.

Ranking in the search engines isn’t going to go away.

I am going to add a few tips here to help you even more as to what I would ultimately avoid.

#1. Keep building links.

#2. Do not build shallow affiliate sites – these are sites that have very little to no content, just a few pages and are loaded with affiliate links. Make sure you have good content (over 250 words on the page as well), the content should also be unique. Don’t use content that you do not own.  When in doubt add more pages/posts to your site. Hey more content can’t hurt. It can only make your site better and add more openings to get more traffic.

#3. Avoid link farms and link buying deals. Basically any sites that just have a ton of links on them (outside of directories) If someone tells you they will get 10000 links for $100 bucks run away.

Tools like 1 way links will help you automate your link building and are safe. They are safe because it’s a non-spammy way of link building. You actually have to do a small bit of writing to make it work but the rewards are high.

Remember, as I mentioned in several other posts.

On page optimization + link building = ranking in the search engines. I cover that in more detail here.

Not ranking where you want to be? Keep building links into your site and never forget that each page/post of your site ranks individually in the search engines.

So to sum it up.. Google doesn’t hate you.  Google wants to make sure it’s giving it’s users the best search results and not stuff that has millions of spam laced links driving it.  However, Google hates shady tactics for a good reason – so steer clear.

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Ian - April 6, 2011

Excellent advice as usual Michael! I’m not surprised that these changes at Google have helped your website rankings. Thanks for your help!

Justin Lewis - April 6, 2011

Great information for people that are worried Michael 🙂 I myself own more than 100 websites and didn’t see any major fluctuation other than on my tested link-farm websites.

Out of 100 websites, I had 5 that were using link-farm techniques as they were my first few websites I ever built. 3 out of those 5 have been deindexed for a while. My other sites though are all safe. Actually just like you I saw increase in rankings, probably because there are so many link-farms on the web that when they were deindexed or lost rankings, the other websites below them moved up 🙂

Again, great stuff thanks!

Justin Lewis
Success is Inevitable

Ralph - April 6, 2011

Thanks Mike I was worried about the changes google made but I can see that the niche blitzreig system still works because one of my sites leaped to page 4 on google in like 3 days.

Robert - April 6, 2011

Thanks for the tip Michael. It’s good to see that NBK methods have stayed strong through Googles latest update.

Mark Hide - April 6, 2011

Thanks Michael! I am very new at this but glad to that hear I am following the right path!

Thomas Ludwig - April 6, 2011

Good Day Micheal;

Great INFO on Google, You did again; Giving your NBK members the best INFO to bring their site’s up in the rankings with Google. You have always did say add more content ; to move up with Google.
Yes you are right, more content the better!! Thanks Micheal!

Thomas Ludwig ~

Tom Munson - April 6, 2011

Thanks for the great information on the way Google and the other search engines handle the link farms and spammy link building techniques that a lot of people use on a regular basis.

It seems to me that if you want the results to last for years to come then it’s best to build your links the right way so you don’t suffer the consequenses.


Sigit - April 6, 2011

Hello Michael,
thanks for the information. How about profile links like Angela’s method? Is it considered dangerous now or is it still safe?

Bob Stewart - April 7, 2011

I am happy to see the Niche Blitzkreig method is still working. Michael, all the advice you have given us so far has been good – no reason to think that would change now.

I am still new at this, but have every confidence that this method will supplement my retirement in a couple of years.

PETER KAMAU - April 7, 2011

I have been following different systems online BUT your systems
are always EXCELLENT. I like the way you explain every step of
how one can succeed online and turn Affiliate Marketing into a long term investment.

Michael Brown - April 7, 2011


I personally don’t use that method. I would switch away from that and go into more article marketing and systems like 1way links. If you’re putting out several submissions a month the 447 fee for 1way will pay for itself fast.

Michael Brown - April 7, 2011


So right. If we get sloppy we pay for it 🙂

Grant Goodwin - April 7, 2011

I am not on board yet, Micheal, but that is about to change shortly. The above info has sealed the deal. The testimonials are frosting on the cake.

I most certainly looked forward to learning from you.

Miriam Higginbotham - April 8, 2011

Michael, I totally agree with you. If you put out great content like you teach then you will be fine!! It is content farms causing all of the problems. Great content and link building like you teach is what works! Thanks for all you do!

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