Diamond in the Rough? How to find your Niche



Have you been struggling to find your niche? That diamond buried in the rough. If you are struggling don’t be concerned many others are right there with you. The hardest thing to do sometimes is come up with an idea of a niche to start promoting. Sure you could start with the keyword research and scan KEI indexes for the the top keywords but can you monetize the site?

My friend and business partner mentioned to me the other day my knack for finding niches fast, promoting them and ranking them. I guess I had never really thought about how easy it comes to me. SO, he asked me for some advice on finding his niche to promote and today I want to share that with you. In fact over the next 4 weeks all I am going to focus on on my blog is niche research.

The first lesson we talked about was learning to find a niche you’d LIKE to promote.  I know you’ve probably heard a lot of recent marketers say go where the money is and go for the big kills.  There is a lot more competition in those big kills however.  So I suggest finding something you think would be fun or unique to promote.

So I said John grab a piece of paper and what I want you to do is a little bit of brainstorming.  I then instructed him to think of 5 things that he does everyday or uses that can’t be found in everywhere.  So he did and he came up with a pretty good list really.

He likes wine and honestly could have made an entire list around products about wine.  Not every town has a wine store in it.  Sure the local grocery store might but I doubt they have what a real wine drinker would like.  I had him continue with his list anyways.  Keep in mind that brainstorming and jotting things down is a great way to get your ideas and put them into action.

Plus, who has time to remember all of those keywords?  I don’t, my memory is horrible.

He ended up coming up with a list of about 15 things total, pretty quickly.  That’s when he realized he could uncover his own hot niches.  He then realized everyone could do this.

Here are a few more ideas to get you started.

*Think of products you use daily

*Think of products your family uses

*Think of things that are not accessible in every grocery store

*Ask yourself does this have value to the person buying it?

Next, week we’ll go into digging a little deeper into your product selection.

But, first make that list!



Michael Brown

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