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My Niche Site: Over $14,500 Now

Ok guys, I’m back after the holidays here to share my niche results.

The niche is growing and I am going to sit down and chart it’s future sometime this week.  This is again, modeled after what I teach in Niche Blitzkrieg and In Niche 60.  Coming up soon I’ll be adding more to both courses to expand on the stuff I am teaching.

If you haven’t read my previous writes-ups on the subject here they are.  They explain exactly what I did to find my search terms and how I built the site.

Here are the lifetime stats for the site.  Pardon screen shot 2 as it’s hard t get a great overall shot from that account because of the way it’s setup.

jan stats part 1

Now add in the other product I am promoting on the site:

jan stats pr 2

You can see that the site has come a long way since it’s inception.

Traffic has increased month after month and continues to climb.

I now rank for 3,050 keywords (most of which were unplanned).

I had a question come in a couple of weeks ago asking me what I did to get so many keywords ranked with a limited amount of posts.  The truth is some of the posts I planned to include a few keywords to rank for, but, the bulk of the rankings just came from writing detailed write-ups on the subject.

Let me give you an example:  Let’s say you are going to verbally teach someone how to do something.  If you simply said step 1, do this, step 2 do that but didn’t detail it, you’d have less words in the conversation.  The person you were teaching would probably not understand what to do as well.

However, if you said; step 1 do this and then explained exactly how to do it down to the finest detail you would have spoken many words.  This same concept applies to your writing.  Not only does it help make more sense for your audience, but, the search engines see all of those juicy terms and phrases that get searched that even tools (including keyword planner) do not pick up.  I explain this concept in detail at my post about creating a good blog post.

I have been slowly adding new posts as I mentioned in the past.  The detailed ones I am writing, but, I am also using Iwriter for the basic stuff and tweaking their work to sound better, look better and include my touch.

Going Social

I haven’t fully decided yet, but, I am likely going to build a small Facebook community on the subject soon.  Like I said, I am not 100% on board with going social in it right now, but, I might.

I have found in many experiments that social is good, but more money comes from search.  The reason is, is because it’s much more targeted.  1000 clicks from the search engines are always going to make you more money than 1000 clicks from Facebook and it’s not even close.

However, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter allow you to build communities which help overall success and can just be a nice supplemental source for traffic.

I’ll let you guys know in the next update what route I take the site.  Right now I am leaning towards getting social on it.

Continued Growth

I plan to use Keyword Snatcher again to uncover more terms that I am probably missing (there are thousands) and as I mentioned in the past, these terms are generally easy to rank for without a shred of link building.

I will add a minimum of 1-3 posts per month to the site going forward (more if I have time).

Other Plans

I am sitting down this week to do an update on Niche Blitzkrieg and sketch out new additions to Niche 60 so these 2 things will take some time.  So I will be very limited in my current work on the niche site.  Again, hiring a writer will help with that issue and since it doesn’t cost much, it’s more than worth it.

I am also going to start another niche site (already started actually), which I may actually share with you guys once it’s ranking.  Part of me is still saying not to do this, because it just brings in the people who can’t think for themselves and purposely harm other people’s hard work.  We’ll see, as I am not sure it’s something I want to share, but, I haven’t ruled it out.

I might take a small study group only who I give access to it and break down everything in detail for them if hat is something people are interested in.  Again, I have to think deeply about it though.

I created an affiliate theme, with an AWESOME crew, that I am putting the final touches on.  These guys can code like beasts.

I simply got tired of changing themes constantly so I wanted one that works everywhere and right out of the box and be extremely versatile but newbie friendly.  I’ll be releasing that soon — trust me, you’ll hear about it.

I have the designs sketched out for a product conversion tool as well and I’ll have it created and marketed sometime during 2014.

My biggest focus right now is on what I said I few days ago (you can read that here).  I am having some mind blowing life changes right now and I thank God daily for the ability to seek peace on the stormy seas we all face.

Hard Work

Again, as I always point out in these posts, none of this is to brag.  I am simply just a man and all of the talents that I have are learn-able.  Apply yourself, go after what YOU want, not what I want.

Go in the direction that you feel you should go and build it and keep going.

Building niche sites might come easy for some or hard for some.  As time goes by, no matter what you do, you’ll get better and grow more if you simply strive to do it.

Repetition grows success, skills and a closer walk to perfection.

I came into the world of niche creation with none of the skills needed and have learned and applied and grown.

Not every project is awesome or perfect and I’ve failed countless times.

Not every niche turns out the way you want, whether by chance or by poor planing.  If a niche fails learn why.

  • Not enough planning?
  • No traffic?
  • Poor conversions?

Figure out what went wrong and try again.

Work hard and then learn to work smart, but, continue to work hard, smartly?  Make sense?  😉

Just go after it today and build the site that YOU want to build, but do it!

Article Builder Discount – Biggest Price Cut Possible Here

Here is the steepest Article Builder discount that you can get.  In fact It’s $100 off the original price.

If you need a discount, get it here.

Aside from this Article Builder discount deal I have also reviewed it before here.

Some of the things I use Article Builder for are:

  • Web 2.0 Blog Link Building
  • Supplemental Website Content
  • Auto-Blogging

Web 2.0 Blog Link Building:

This is a process I explain in my 45 days to the top of the search engines piece but I feel like explaining it again.

You can link build to your main site (money site) from web 2.0 blogs like (Tumblr, Rebel Mouse, Blogger etc).  However, on those blogs you need content.  That’s where Article Builder comes in.  You can actually get content from Article  Builder and post it directly to these web 2.0 blogs.

This will save you time and money and will save you from hiring a writer or even writing the content yourself.

Supplemental Website Content:

You can use Article Builder to automatically schedule posts to your blog in a special category that you choose.  This quickly does a couple of things.  It establishes your blog as a source of constant fresh content, which search engines love, and saves you time because you won’t have to write this content yourself.

Another way to supplement your content with AB is to use the content for a post and manually add parts to it.  Or save more time and hire someone to add an additional 150 words or so to the article for you.


I don’t use this part very often.  However, you can set-up unlimited Word Press auto-blogs with this software.  This means that you essentially set it and forget it while monetizing with ads or Adsense.

Because Article Builder can create up to 85% unique content these types of auto-blogs work.

Closing Out

If you’re interested in an Article Builder discount coupon just visit this link and the $100 discount will automatically be applied.

I decided to post this up again because my previous review wasn’t focused on the discount and savings as much and I’d get questions asking me if I had any coupon codes for Article Builder.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me below and I’ll answer them ASAP.



My Niche Blog Update — Now: $2323.79

A month ago I put out a report on a site of mine I created that started cranking out some nice profit for me (you can read about that here and I’ll show you what I did step by step).

The nice news is my results have increased exponentially.  The site has now brought in $2323.79 in under 3 full months.

Here are the stat shots: (Sorry for the watermarks but I’ve had people steal my images before…)


Clicks: 4190

Commissions: $2323.79

Conversion Rate: 6.85%

Here Is October’s Outlook So Far:


Clicks: 3,100

Commissions: $1778.78

Conversions: 6.74%

As you can see the bulk of my sales occurred in October.  This is great news as it means the site is getting more popular.  I also added  3rd affiliate program to the site in late September.

The only bad result is that the 3rd affiliate program I’ve added isn’t converting very well so I’ll probably get rid of it at the end of the month.

My conversions have been pretty good (over 6%) as anything over 2% is considered good in my book.  The reason I have such high conversions is because I am following my own tips on conversions here.  I am not sure I can improve those numbers but I am going to try to do so by adding some more large click-able images and by adding more sales type posts rather than informative.

Let’s take a peek at my traffic stats for the site.  Keep in mind nearly all of my traffic is organic from search.


As you can see I am ranking for about 1240 keywords.  Most of these are not by design, it’s just from making sure that my posts are on topic and that I am fully explaining the subject to my audience as I teach here.  Each post I made focused on 1 main keyword phrase and I did this knowing full well that if I explain my subject I’ll rank for those additional keywords.

At the end of the graph you can see I have a small dip in traffic.  This is due to some of my keywords fluctuating as normally happens in search especially for young sites.

I added only 6 posts since September 20th even though I have many more planned.  Adding more posts will greatly help increase my traffic and sales.

I also plan to rank better in Bing.  Currently the site isn’t ranking very well in Bing.  The reason?  I don’t have a ton of backlinks built to it so far.  Bing loves links and lots of them and until I ramp up the link building I’ll b a bit lower in Bing.  I am not sure when I’ll do my next round of link building, but, for now I am enjoying the sites success.

For keyword research I again used Keyword Snatcher to find several low volume but easily rank-able search terms in my niche.

Again, my link building was done using Rank Crew and getting a few additional links outside for indexing purposes early on.  I could have done all of this manually as I teach in Niche Blitzkrieg, but I wanted to save myself some time.

My Disappointments

I do have one disappointment with the site.

I haven’t worked on it as much as I would have liked.  Between the broken ankle, which is now finally about 80% and preparing to move, this has kept me busy and from making the money I want out of this niche.  I know the $2300+ is still good and I’m not complaining by any means, but I always strive for better results and I WILL get them.

My Success

I think overall the site is pretty successful and I think that anyone who puts their mind to building their site and ranking it can do this!  I am creating some training over at that will help anyone who wants it.

I feel good about the content of the site.  I feel as though I accomplished making a very nice site in the niche.

My Goals

I want to take this niche up to $20,000/month or more.  I fully believe it’s possible.  I plan to do this by simply increasing my traffic.  The site is currently averaging around $85 per day which equates to around $2550 per month.  So I’ll need to significantly increase my traffic to hit my goals.

Again, I fully believe it’s possible and I’ll be buckling down to hit those goals.

This post is short and sweet but I simply wanted to update you on how the sit is doing and offer you some encouragement.  If you put your mind to it, you can do whatever you want — so do it!

Personal Note: In December I’ll be starting a brand new podcast and maybe have some other surprises for you guys/gals.  You asked for moire of me and darn it you’re going to get it 🙂

Again, all of this teaching and more is inside Niche 60 in fact, it’s even better.

Like this post?  Share it with your friends on social media!  If you have any questions ask below.  Keep in mind many of the EXACT things I am doing on the site are already answered here.

Are you working on your niche?  What are your plans?  Need some advice?  Ask….


How I Made An Extra $280.41 In 54 Days In A Brand New Niche & With A Brand New Website

Like the headline says, this post is about how I made an extra $280.41 in 54 days in a brand new niche market… but… there’s a twist here — I built back links to only 2 pages on the entire site.

Quick Update: 10/2: The site is now climbing at a much faster pace and has earned $677.44 and the pace at which is makes money is on a huge uptick.

Sites always make money slower in the very beginning but once they become established and ranking well the money comes in at a much faster pace.

Here’s a screen shot:

commission update

I am also going to show you how you can do it too.

Before I dig into this,  showing you how I did it and how you can too; I want to go into a couple of details.

In the last couple of months I’ve been slowly piecing together a new training course for people and you can find it here at Niche 60.

However, it’s going to be a great learning center for people who are working on building an online income.  It will be doubly awesome for all of my current Niche Blitzkrieg members because it will help supplement their current learning and reinforce ideas taught.

The Idea Behind This Experiment…

Aside from just wanting to make more money I wanted to build a new website to demonstrate how you can do the same thing, using the same techniques I am.

About 5 Weeks ago I was helping one of my family members move some things around and unfortunately I stepped in a hole in the yard and my ankle rolled up on me.

I limped around thinking it would heal up over about a week long period…

…The result?

My first broken bone!

While it seems like a better thing to break than say, my hands, it really hasn’t been a picnic and has caused me several delays in the project.  I have to basically keep it elevated 24/7 right now.

I really believe had this not happened a higher amount of income would have followed in this niche much faster.  That said, the cash will come in soon enough.

Anyway, I have at least another week off, in a boot, so after that I’ll probably put some hardcore focus into this niche market because I think it has the potential to make $20,000 per month or more if I really work on the traffic.

The truth is, most niche markets can pull money like that if you’re willing to focus on it and commit to it.

Here Are My Results From The Niche So Far


  • Clicks: 493
  • Sales: 44
  • Commissions: $280.41

I have 2 different affiliate programs on this site.  The first one is pays around 35% and the second one pays around 6%.

While the first affiliate program had 8 less sales it made substantially more money.

Just, something to keep in mind when you’re choosing an affiliate program.

However, any affiliate program would work.

The price of the products promoted on the site are anywhere between $6-$60, nothing higher.

Here Are My Traffic Stats:

search queries

900 clicks on 391 search terms.  I do not have 391 posts on this website.  In fact, I only currently have 28 posts on the site!

So my posts are ranking for several different keywords.

Up until a week ago I wasn’t even on page 1 for my main keyword phrase.  I am not even in the top 6 currently, but, I am working on improving this.

But, I’ll show you in a few moments why it doesn’t even matter or not if I am ranking in the top 10 for my main keywords right now anyway.

So Here’s What I Am Doing

First, I spent a few good hours doing keyword research.  I used two tools.

You can of course do all of this manually, but, this saved me days of research and made it easier to know how strong the keyword phrase I wanted to rank for was.

Since I know the question will come up; if you need to select one tool over the other, right now I’d select Keyword Canine because of the easy to follow color codes. Keyword Snatcher can wait until later if you need to wait on a tool.

I found my main keyword by brainstorming a niche and then doing keyword research to find a keyword I liked.

Do not neglect keyword research, it’s vital to your success.

How Strong Was My Keyword Competition?

Using Keyword Canine I found a keyword that I really liked that had MEDIUM COMPETITION and about 1900 searches per month (this has increased to about 2400 recently).

Here is a shot of how it looked in Keyword Canine.


As you can see in Keyword Canine it tells me how easy the keyword phrase is to rank for by listing it as 45/100. This is in the medium range.

For faster success medium to low keyword competition strength is important!

Again, you can do this manually as I teach in Niche Blitzkrieg, but, using Keyword Canine will save you several hours of work.

What Am I Building The Site With?

I am not building the site with anything special.  For a domain I bought a new partial match domain.  Partial match means it contains my keyword phrase but also additional keywords.

i.e. if your keywords were dog bath technique and your domain was dog bath technique tutorials.

I of course used WordPress as using the techniques taught inside of Niche

Making It Pretty

While I could have used a free theme I went with a really nice looking paid theme from Studio Press.

Any of their themes would work and give the site an nice professional feel.

Of course, as I mentioned you could use a free theme if you want to save some money.  Just use a nice looking theme that screams professionalism.

Additional Keyword Research

I am building the site around the main keyword phrase.  That means all additional post will be built based on the same topic.

So when you do additional keyword research you want to use your main keywords as a base to start from.

Remember earlier when I mentioned that it wasn’t until a week ago that I started ranking in the top 10 for my main keyword phrase?

Well, you’ll remember that I mentioned that it didn’t matter as well.

The reason is because I found a series of keywords that most people in the niche were neglecting — because they simply didn’t know about them!

Using Keyword Snatcher I typed in my keyword phrase and it gave me a list of keywords that were in my niche that were getting searches but no other tool (including Google’s Keyword Planner) was showing me existed.

Again, read my review of Keyword Snatcher here, as this will show you how it works and how to use it for keyword research.

Anyway, using this tool I compiled about 20 additional keywords that I wanted to rank for.  Many of these I ranked for without doing a single shred of link building.

I will likely do another round of keyword research soon using Keyword Snatcher and probably pick another 20-30 keywords to rank for.

So use the tool and do the same for yourself.

The Content

The next part I simply needed to write the content or order the content.

I wrote about 40% of the content and the other 60% I ordered.  It saved me a ton of time.  I ordered it through Iwriter.  I spent around $50 on the content.

To save money you can always write the content yourself.  Most of my posts are 500-1500 words.  The long detailed ones that are 1000 words plus, I wrote, including the homepage.

Optionally, you can order 300 word articles at Iwriter and then add more content to them yourself.

I tried to put out around 1 post every 1-2 days.  I was really relaxed with this.  You can, of course, move faster or slower than this.  What I suggest to NOT do is to put all 20+ posts on your site in 1 day.

Spreading it out will allow you to come up with several days of fresh content.

Also, not every post on the site is promoting something.  About 20% of my posts are informative only.  These types of posts are simply designed to pull traffic and give my site an authority feel.

As far as promoting products I leave this to my posts themselves and I only have one add in my sidebar widget.  I don’t want to scare people off with ads everywhere.

By adding this content over a 40-50 day period I slowly started ranking for the keywords I chose.  Within about 10 days of adding content I actually score my first sale.  It grew from there.

Getting Top 10 Ranks

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t done much link building on this site.  I built a few links from a press release site, a few articles and blog commenting on about 10 sites early on.  This was it until about a month into the project.

I used my 45 day plan to rank in the search engines to get ranked.  I have a walk-through there.

However, since I was limited on time I didn’t even do any 2nd tier link building.

Instead I simply ordered the Link Building Package for new sites from Rank Crew.

I show you how to use Rank Crew here and you can setup a free account here.

I didn’t do any guest posting or search for link partners or anything like that.  Though I agree with those tactics I simply didn’t have the time I wanted.

When you are time strapped it’s best to pay someone a cheap price to have this done for you.  Some link building is better than absolutely no link building at all.

Over time I will add more links and get this site ranking #1 for the main keywords.

From the little bit of link building I had done, I am now ranking in the top 10.  Again, not top 5 yet, but I plan to get it there soon.

Eventually, I’ll do more link building for additional posts that I want to boost higher in search.

Bing and Google

I didn’t submit a sitemap to Google until about 3 days ago and I didn’t add my site to Bing until a few days ago as well.

These are things I typically like to do early on.  I didn’t get a chance to do this and I believe it will increase my traffic and sales even more in the near future.

In fact, checking Bing I am getting very few clicks from Bing so far.  This will explode soon by simply submitting my sitemap to Bing and joining their webmasters tools.  I show you how to use Bing here.

Final Thoughts

I am going to keep putting out content each month.  I am not sure how much for this niche.  It might be 1-2 posts or it might be 10 or more.  I haven’t fully decided yet.

As I continue growing in rank, adding new content and working on optimizing the site I fully expect to get this site up to at least $1500 per month.  However, I am not limiting it’s growth to that as I mentioned before I believe there is massive potential here.

In fact, I am now on pace for about $1200 in the next 30 days from this site.  If I can maintain my search engine rank for my current keywords, this shouldn’t be a problem.

I just wanted to show you guys/gals that even with limited time you can do this stuff!

You just have to do it and stick it out.

It doesn’t happen over night.

Practice will make you better and the repetition will make you great.  Master keyword research and it gets even easier.

I am not sure how much time I’ll be putting into this site coming up.

Chances are it’ll be limited due to my injury and the fact that my family is moving in about a month.  Our builder is almost done with the construction of our home so I’ve been busy all around!

I also plan on finding a better 2nd affiliate program.  I have one in mind right now that pays 15% instead of 6% and I’ll likely work on that soon.  This would more than double the sales from the 2nd affiliate program on the site.

I will say, if you’re interested in doing this, then do it!  Go after a niche.  Strive for something that you want to achieve and go get it done.

Anyone can do this stuff.  It just takes dedication and time.

There are millions of niche markets and there is a ton of money out there.

Questions?  Thoughts?  Have some good results to share too?

If you like this content I’d appreciate it if you’d share it with a friend on Facebook or Google+ as well.  It means a lot to me and would make my day.


NicheJet Review – Does This Fast, Done For You Niche Site Building Service Work?

First off, what is NicheJet?

NicheJet is a service that is designed to create niche websites for you at a low price.  Pretty simple right?

Let’s Get To Basics Of This NicheJet Review:

The folks at NicheJet do all of the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Buy A Domain For You
  • Host The Website For You
  • Create Your Website and Install WordPress
  • Create a 100% Uniquely Written Homepage
  • Index Your Site
  • Input Your Adsense ID Into Ads (if you want Adsense)
  • Daily Add Posts To Your Blog Until You Reach 100 Posts
  • Build Links For You To Rank In Google/Bing – WOW
  • Give You Complete Dashboard and Cpanel Access!
  • Free hosting transfer!

The 100 articles are about 85% unique content.  The writing however, will pass Copyscape if you’re worried about that.  They are also using Article Builder to create the content on the posts.

So here is my experience so far with NicheJet so far.

I ordered my package on June 5th

Within 1 hour they had the following done:

  • Domain ordered
  • Homepage Article Ordered
  • Homepage Article Completed

Here is a screen shot of that: (click to enlarge)

nichejet example


The next day the following was completed:

  • WordPress Installed and Optimized
  • Homepage Article Added
  • Adsense Ads Turned On
  • Posts Scheduled

Here is a screenshot of that: (click to enlarge)

niche jet walk-through


On June 8th I was notified of the following:

  • Access Given For Dashboard and Cpanel
  • Link Building Campaign Started

Then on June 9th I ranked #10 for my keywords on Google already!

So 4 days after this whole process began I was ranking and I fully expect my keywords to move up.

Update: June 25th I now rank #5 for my keywords, again, by doing nothing but ordering the package.

(click image to enlarge)

niche jet 21 days in

Another Update: July 1st.  I am still ranking #5 for my keywords and I just got a cool email 2 days ago from the NicheJet team. 

nichejet link building campaign

So 3 weeks into this and they are building me more links. 🙂  I'll of course try to keep this post updated when I get more results to show here.

Quick note: If you want to buy your own domain and host it on your own server you can.

Update July 25th: The guys over at Nichejet also now provide hosting transfer FREE of charge thanks @Chuck in the comments section for the recent tip.

So here’s how the entire process worked during my NicheJet review.

Step 1: Order A Package (takes about 30 seconds)

Step 2: Select Niche (I only spent 2-3 minutes here)

You’ll do this from a list of 110 niche markets they have researched.

Step 3: Select Exact Keywords (again, I spent 2-3 minutes on this part too)

Now, you’ll select a keyword you want your website built around.  I found most of these to have between 500-1500 monthly searches.  Some had more and some had less.

Once you select a keyword they remove it from the database so you’re not going to be competing with other NicheJet customers!  That is a very handy and cool feature by the way.

After you select your keyword you’ll then give them the green light to start by simply clicking a button.  I recommend doing a quick keyword research on the potential keyword using Market Samurai or Keyword Canine or even the Google Adwords tool just to see how many monthly searches the keyword is actually getting before selecting one.  Anything over 500 searches will do the trick.

The rest of the process is handled by the NicheJet team.

I found the entire process of getting my niche, selecting my keywords and ordering the package to be extremely easy to understand and perform.

The follow up emails are nice as they really let you know what’s going on every step of the way.  So you never wonder “where are they at with my order?” or “what are they doing to my site now?”

I fully intend to make quite a bit of money from each site I have them produce for me.  In fact, a site only needs to average about 35 cents per day to make my money back or 48 cents per day if you select their included hosting service. 

Awesome!  The goal should be to make much more than that with every website you create anyway.

What Happens After The 100 Posts Are Completed?

After you have 100 posts added in the 100 days by the team then it will be up to you to create more content.  This can be done manually using a service like Iwriter, INeedArticles or manually by you.  You could also optionally hook it back up to your own Article Builder account and start pumping out more content in the same niche.

What Can You Do With The Sites?

Anything.  You can add your own ads, sell them to clients, sell them on Flippa or grow them into even more profitable niche markets.

Who This Service Isn’t For

If you like to micro-manage everything and like only 100% unique content for everything you do, this service will not work for you. 

Up until 2012 I actually hated all duplicate content however, with the creation of Article Builder creating content on auto-pilot has been easier and more professional. 

So the articles NicheJet is importing are all 85% unique articles not created from scraped content or created from PLR junk.  These are all handcrafted and only used in the Article Builder circle before being spun and made pretty darn unique.

Again, if you hate that type of content or only like to write your own; you will not like this service.

Who NicheJet Is For?

If you want your keywords, domain, hosting, link building and website all done for you, this will save you a lot of time.

A+ Grade For My NicheJet Review

I can’t find any faults with this service at all and I highly recommend it.  I was impressed with the price, ease of use, the niche selection and keyword selection process and the speed of implementation.  Since they are doing all of the link building for the website it is a no-brainer!

You can get your NicheJet order in here and even save some cash if you decide to order in bulk.


Get Indexed By Bing In 3 Easy Steps and Why You Need To Today

bing logoIf you've yet to have your website completely indexed by Bing you need to do that as soon as possible.

The reason you need to be on Bing now is two-fold.

Reason Number 1:

Bing does not find all of your indexed pages as easily as Google Docs from my experience. The largest reason is because most of us are not submitted everything to Bing the way we do with Google.

I've noticed that when Google finds most of my pages, Bing does not.  It takes Bing a little longer and I’ve noticed some pages; not at all.  Again, this may simply be because we are so used to doing everything that is Google friendly and for Google that we forget about Bing.  Of course, if you're joining Google Webmaster Tools but not Bing's; Google will obviously find you much faster.

Reason Number 2:

Facebook Graph Search. If you haven't heard of Facebook's Graph Search yet check out this article here. Soon Facebook will be rolling out there new Graph Search and they are going to be hosting many results posted by Bing.

Check out this screen shot provided to me by Justin Lewis: (Click to enlarge)

Facebook Graph Search Bing






Over the last couple of years Bing has been cutting into Google's search dominance more.  In fact here are the stats from early 2013: Bing is at 16.3% market share (all time high).

Some of this is in-part because of their Bing It On campaign, which has seen a decent amount of success, but let's not forget the enhancements they made to make their search engine worthwhile to it's users.

Once Facebook Graph Search is up and fully running, it's almost obvious that Bing’s search engine share will easily expand.

I'm not saying that Google will suddenly cease to be the powerhouse in the search engine market, because I feel like Google will be dominant for many more years. However, as Bing increases their search reach you need to make sure you’re part of that as they grow.  Would you really turn your nose up at more free traffic? 

Now is the time to make your sites “Bing ready” as much as we make them “Google ready.”

Below I will show you exactly how to get all of your pages indexed by Bing easily.

Step 1: Join Bing Webmaster Tools here:

Important Note:  If you do not yet have a Bing account they’ll make you sign up for one. (click to enlarge)

bing walkthrough



Step 2: Submit your website to Bing: (click to enlarge)



Enter your website URL into the box and click "ADD."

Step 3: Submit your sitemap to Bing: (click to enlarge)

sumbit sitemap to Bing





A.  Add your site URL again.

B.  Add you sitemap URL ( – if you're using a sitemap plugin)

C.  Select your highest traffic times (optional).

D.  Clcik "ADD."

Step 4:  Get Verified (click to enlarge)

get verified by BING




A.  Download the small file to your computer and then upload it to your hosting account.

That's it!  You've now added your site to Bing's Webmaster Tools and submitted your sitemap.  Now, Bing will start indexing your site.  You should quickly notice an increase in your traffic as Bing begins displaying your content to the search engine.  Of course, it will take a few days to index your entire site, especially if you have hundreds of pages.

I also suggest you learn to search around inside of Bing’s Web Toolbox a bit too.  They have many unique things that Google’s Webmasters Tools doesn’t offer.
You can use also Bing’s statistics to find a lot about your site much like you can with Google.  In fact, you can track your keyword rankings, click-throughs and many other stats with Bing.

They even have a nice color coordinated graph to make life easier for you.  (click to enlarge)

rank tracking in bing




It doesn't matter how many websites you have or how old/young they are; it's time to pay more attention to Bing. 

Check out SEOMOZ's walkthrough on Bing here if you want to learn some of Bing's power (After you go and get your ste added to Bing's Webmaste Tools, of course!).

Thoughts?  Opinions?  What do you think of Bing?

*The Bing Logo is a trademarked logo with the Microsoft Corporation.


Top Search Engine Rankings and Money Making Methods For The Time Strapped

easy online money making techniqueI've had some questions recently regarding exact match domains or EMDs that I want to address.  Why do I want to address this?  Because I want to help you make more money.

Plus, there is a lot of misinformation floating around right now about Internet search that I want to address with this.

I was planning to shoot videos for this but ultimately decided to just do screen tutorials instead.  I have a new sound studio on its way that blows my current audio away and I’m feeling a bit inadequate without it.  In any event I should have that next week so I can shoot some really high quality stuff for you.

The methods I describe below are great if you’re brand new to making money online or have struggled getting a really large site ranked and need something that just produces some cash for you.

O.K. so what you’re going to learn here is how you can use exact match domains to rank well in the search engines and of course make money doing this pretty easily.

First, to do this you’ll need a copy of Keyword Canine (This is my affiliate link – if my tutorial helps you I’d appreciate you using it – however you’re not required too and if you feel uncomfortable with that then don’t use my link).

At the time of writing this Keyword Canine is ONLY open for another 48 hours.  Get it here.

Step #1:  Login into your Keyword Canine account & Search For A Niche Using The Niche Tab

keyword canine tutorial techniques



A.  And sort by “Very Easy” or “Easy”

B.  Also sort by CPC (cost per click) and push “Filter”

make money with keyword canineSorting by these settings will help you find keywords you can build a site around and rank for easily.  Soring by the CPC setting will show you some high paying keywords that would be worthwhile to rank for.

Easy enough, right?

Step #2:  Find Your Niche

Next, browse through the list of keywords that come up and find one you like.

keyword canine uses

Use the global search column to determine if the keyword has enough searches for your tastes or not.  Even a small amount of searches can add up if you get a keyword with a high CPC or have a good affiliate program that you want to promote.

A: Select a word from the list that you like by clicking on it

Once you click on the keyword you can then investigate it further.  What you what to do here is:

A: When you find a keyword you like open it by clicking on it.

keywordcanine methods

Make sure the keyword has a domain open

If it has a .com .net or .org open this will work for you.

You’ll need to get the domain/hosting using the tutorials I share in Unleashing Your Success, Niche Blitzkrieg or Niche Optimizer.  Pick one.

Step #3:  Quickly create a website

You’ll also need to install WordPress (again use one of my tutorials I mention above if you do not know how).

Create your site around this keyword you selected. 

You’ll want to also use the Google keyword tool to find 5-10 additional keywords in the same niche as well.   (Broken record: it’s in the tutorials)

Or use Keyword Canine's similarkeywords rea at the bottom of the screen.

keyword canine stats

Next, get your site indexed by social bookmarking it or sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

Next, write out your home page with about 300-500 words of content (the more the better) and optionally add an image.  If you hate to write have someone do it for you at Iwriter for a couple of bucks.

Step #4:  Automatically build some backlinks to your site with Keyword Canine’s built in tool

It’s called site boost and it will help rank your site with no work on your part.

keyword caninesite boost


Just fill out the small report (2 minutes) and your site will be submitted to their service and on its way to being boosted.


While your site is being pushed up in the rankings over the next few weeks add a little bit of content to your site.

Base the content off the additional keywords you decided to use for the site and write an article for each keyword or have someone at Iwriter do it all for you.

You will make each article into a post for your website.

If you have all of the writing done at once I would simply schedule your posts to go out over the course of a few weeks or a month.  Optionally you can create more posts as well if the niche you’re in has enough keywords to do so.  Sometimes the easy and very easy niche are very small niche markets so there are sometimes not that many keywords to build larger sites this way.

After a month if you’re not on page 1 of the search engine results, simply do some more manual link building.  Also make sure to vary your anchor text between 7-15 variations as well to add variety to your incoming backlinks.

Slap on some Adsense ads or affiliate ads on the site to create a way to make money with your site.  I am not a huge Adsense fan (I know many of you are)

Now I want to note a couple things about the above method. 

First, you won’t get rich from that technique.  Each site built like that can usually bring $250+ per month or more.

I’ve had several that are small generate more than $1000/month+ with very little work or effort.  The key to making really good money with the smaller sites is to have a number of them.  This is a true passive income.

So even though you won’t be the next Bill Gates wouldn’t that extra pocket money be helpful?

Second, exact match domains still work and work well.  There are all sorts of proof on the Internet about that.  Recently, Jon Leger sent out an email showing how he landed a bunch of sites in the search engines on page 1 using the SAME methods I pointed out above.

A good overall strategy is to have several smaller sites and a couple really big websites that you manage.  Combine the teachings I offer in my courses like and you can build yourself a pretty awesome set of passive income streams.

All of the above is actionable and you can start immediately on it.  What are you waiting for?

Thoughts?  Using this method?  Interested in using it but have questions?  Ask below.




7 Steps To Build A $1000 Per Month Website (Or More) Starting Today

Vitruvian ManOn your climb to 6 figures or more, you first need to hit 5 figures.

So today what I am going to layout is a plan for you to achieve a website that will bring you in at least $1,000 or more per month.

Note:  This can be combined with my teachings inside of Niche 60 or  In fact, if you have yet to start you’ll need 1 of those courses to get a better understanding of making money online before the below will make any sense to you.

Now that I have your attention let’s get right into today’s lesson to help you achieve some powerful results.

Step 1:  Your Niche

The first thing you need to think about is what niche market you want to tackle.  But, I want you to think larger rather than smaller.  I know I teach people to aim lower while they are learning but the larger cash comes from larger niche markets (generally).  It’s true I have taken some insanely small niche markets and made thousands per month from them but the absolute truth is the larger markets have more people in them, which for you means a larger audience.

Pick a niche market that has 10,000 or more exact searches per month.  Even if you never rank in the search engines for your main keywords, that’s O.K. because you’ll be able to rank individual pages within your site for long tailed keywords.

Step 2:  Plan Your Niche

Don’t over plan, but plan.  While doing your keyword research, gather a list of keywords that you can create posts about.  Long tailed keywords work great for this.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Market Samurai (I have a nice tutorial here & a great presentation by the co-founder of MS here). The reason is because Market Samurai allows you to export entire lists of long tailed keywords to your computer and helps you research everything you need to know about each keyword.  It doesn’t get much easier and it’ll save you countless hours.

If you plan it right you should easily have a few months of starting keywords to which you can build content around.  Only plan the first couple of months of posts out, this way if anything changes in your niche you don’t have to re-assess the entire niche.

Step 3:  Investigate Before Writing

Before you start writing content, investigate other websites in your niche.  Figure out the following:

What are other people writing about in your market?

Take notes and write about similar topics or improve upon their topics.

Are they missing details that you can take advantage of?  If yes, write down the keywords and just write about the same topic but include the details they left out.  In essence, write better.

Is their writing boring?  If their writing is boring, simply looks cookie-cutter like or even outsourced you’ll have the upper-hand here.

Are they really trying to help someone or make a quick buck?  It’s often apparent if they are simply trying to please the search engine and make a buck.  Usually these type of posts are short, void of any emotion at all (which sucks!) and they don’t really explain anything, help the audience or even entertain them.

If someone is doing this then all you need to do is, again, write better by including some spice and emotion into your writing and include things that will actually HELP your audience.

If you need help spicing up your content or becoming a better writer check out my post on spicing up your content here.

Step 4:  Schedule Your Content On YOUR Timeframe

If you have limited time, schedule your posts.  If you have a long day to get things done but usually have a series of shorter work days thereafter where you’re busy with life in general or another job this will be really helpful for you.

On the longer days that you have get as much writing done as possible.  Then, instead of posting your content immediately, schedule them to go out on specified dates and times inside your dashboard.  This will also allow you more free time to promote your writing to your audience or do link building to it as well.

Step 5:  Write For People 1st, Search 2nd

I’ll be honest I rarely write anything to please the search engines anymore.  I still do keyword research but I always make sure that the writing is geared for the audience much more than the search engines.  Yes, you need to be both but this will happen naturally if you’re focusing on what your audience actually wants rather than trying to manipulate the search engines.

This also inspires people to share your stuff on Facebook or email it to their friends.  If your work is really effective your audience will love it and share it.  This in itself will make your work easier!

Step 6:  Build An Audience Outside Of Search

Think: Facebook, Twitter and Email, Youtube.  These places bring traffic and sales to you website and if you’re not using them you’re missing out on more income.  Facebook is easy to build an audience if you have a couple of bucks to spend.

Every new post you create, promote it out to your Facebook and Twitter audiences and watch your traffic and sales grow.

I have entire niche markets I am building in right now where I am not even attempting to rank anything via search.  The entire audience is from social media only and its working beautifully.

Each media outlet that you build up an audience at is just another outlet for people to come to your website and buy and more importantly, interact.  Allowing interactivity with you can sometimes be the difference between 10 sales and 100 sales.  People like to know there is a real person behind the computer and trust me it makes a huge difference.

I often hear people complain that it’s either too hard or too time consuming to get into social media.  Trust me, it’s not.  Dedicate about 20 minutes per day to answer questions on social media and promote your content to them and watch what happens.

As far as Youtube goes, just get stuff out there.  Whether you’re teaching, sharing or entertaining, do it!  I honestly do not do enough on Youtube (that is going to change) but there is so much traffic there that you want to connect with. Youtube is also great if you’re building review style videos to promote a review site.

As your video count goes up and your viewership goes up, so will visit to your website.

Step 7:  Monetize Last

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped in how fast you can make money instead of being good at what you do.  Instead of worrying so much about how much money you’ll make and how fast think like this:

What can I discuss with my audience that will…

Help them do (whatever your niche is)?

Solve a problem of theirs?

Entertain them (if you’re in an entertainment niche rather than a teaching niche i.e. videos games, movies, comedy, etc)?

Once you build a small audience (100 visitors per month is fine to start with) then monetize.  But, instead of tossing banners everywhere consider using minimalistic advertising in the side bars and focus more on promotional within your content.  This will do 2 things for you.  It will force you to be a better writer and you’ll quickly make more money.  Cool concept eh?  Worry less about the money and more about what your audience wants and you make more.  That is the best of both worlds and will help you create fans/friends that love your stuff.

As your audience and traffic grows, so will your income.

Closing Advice

Finally, I’ll close with a few words that you need to read and read again if needed.  PRACTICE!  I don’t expect that you’ll go out the first time and get all of this right.  Even if you’re following an awesome plan like Niche 60 you’re going to need to practice.

The best inventors like Leonardo da Vinci and amazing artists like Michelangelo didn’t get everything right the first time they tried something.  They practiced and honed their craft.

Heck, da Vinci’s supposed dying words were:  “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” 

I have no way to know if this is actually true that he said that and this could be a clever fake Internet quote.

If he did utter words – wow.  That’s about all I can say for a man who achieved so much in his lifetime but, yet somehow, felt like he was never good enough in his works.  He seemed as though no matter what he achieved he wanted to constantly improve and be better.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t achieved anything close to what Leonardo da Vinci was able to accomplish and I probably never will. But, that type of dedication and devotion should spark something in us all.

Learn, practice, focus on doing what you’ve learned, keep practicing and continue to grow.

Your thoughts?

Image Source Wikipedia: Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Title: Vitruvian Man


Am I Using The Right WordPress Theme? Time To Get WP Premium Theme Or Not?

premium themes are like fillets of steakThat's a recent question that I want to address.

But, before I begin here's how I think:

"Steak Is Good.  Filet Mignon Is Better…."

This is a question I’ve had several times and believe it or not it’s actually an important one.  I am going to go over a few things I’ve learned over the last few years about selecting the right blog theme.

(Note:  I am also going to sprinkle this post with additional tips for increasing your income that aren’t specifically theme based.)

Is The Theme Right For Your Niche?

The theme style needs to match your niche.  What I mean by this is simple; the theme must match the look of your topic.  Too often I’ve seen people create a kids site that looks like a news site like

This is boring and will likely cause you to lose some sales.  However, if You were running a news style site, this would be perfect.

You ever notice that big companies usually build sites that look the way you’d think they’d look?

To get a better understanding take a look at Apple.  Doesn’t that look sleek and innovative just like their product line?  That’s how you’d expect it to look.

What about Info Wars?  It'd look odd with tiny pictures of unicorns on it wouldn't it?

Quick Exercise:

Which theme would make more sense for a cupcake maker site?

Theme A Theme B
real pro theme

No doubt Theme A will win the popular vote here.  It’s also more likely to appeal to the RIGHT audience.

I’m not saying that if you used the other theme you wouldn’t make money; you would.  But, I’d be willing to be that your readership will go up and you’ll make more money on the 1st one.

Some of my very early sites should have been re-designed and I bet I would have made more money. 

Is The Layout Killing Your Sales?

I’ll be honest the layout of the blog you’re reading right now isn’t perfect.  I should have a top navigation area and be actively pumping my products in your face.  However, my blog isn’t up and running to simply make me money.  It’s up to reinforce that great stuff I am already teaching you in my courses to help you grow and continue growing.

However, your goal with your site SHOULD be to always make money and to make as much money as possible.

Here is what I like in a layout: Simplicity.

I like things to be clean and not cluttered.  My clean and neat sites have always performed better than my copier or more cluttered sites.

I am not a Google fan-boy by any stretch of the imagination.  However, use Google as an example of simple, clean and neat. 

Everything should have a place and a reason for being in that place.  If you’re utilizing the sidebar for advertisements get them up near the top of the screen (again don’t look at how I have this blog laid out for ads- my goals here are different than yours) so make sure your theme allows a flexible widget area.

The guys over at Genesis and Woo are pretty awesome on their themes for utilizing some good sidebar tactics.

Are Your Ads In The Right Place?

If you’re banking on making money off promotion in widget areas you’ll want to make sure you’re ads are in the right place.

The problem most people have is they don’t know where to place the ads for the best results.  If you’re ever unsure get them where people will see them most by thinking logically what they’ll see on your site when they first arrive.

It’s nice to get a theme that allows you to be creative where you’ll put your ads like this one:  Woo Demo.  It’s feature loaded and also allows a nice header ad.

If you really just don’t know what they see first you can always just look at what Google suggests for their ads.  You can see that here.

If you want to get really professional with it you can grab a monthly account with heat map software.

If you’re new I would just stick with Google’s projections for no and consider testing on your now later.  This will save you a lot of time.

Is It Better To Use A Free Theme Or Paid?

If you’re just starting out, go free.  If you’re starting to gain some experience use paid.

Here’s why….

Paid themes typically come with support.  Since the people who are selling them are making money it’s in their best interest to make sure that you are getting a good product.

Most of the free ones are not monetized at all so it doesn’t help the author much to continue supporting it.

Paid themes also often contain better/more options and you can contact them with suggestions to add options.

When Should You Upgrade To A Paid Theme?

Well, really, anytime.  Changing themes is very simple to do with WordPress so it really doesn’t matter when.  Also professional themes are not that expensive.  In fact, Woo and Studio Press have themes from $59 and up.  They also have plans where you can buy all their themes at a low price.

That being said, I’ll restate what I did earlier:  If you are brand new and this is your first site and you have very little cash to spare use a free theme.  Woo and Studio Press both have free themes to get you started as well.  Or you can simply use the WordPress Free Theme Directory.

I recommend going paid at some point when you're ready.

Browse through the paid themes that I've shared above. I have used several from both brands on various sites and I rarely use free themes anymore since the paid themes look so nice and have so many options.

Remember steak is good.  Filet mignon is better.  I think of these premium themes as a nice fillet.

Now I can't decide if I should go fire up the grill or keep working. 🙂


Build An Internet Business In One Day

building your internet business in a dayThe below is sound advice whether you’ve yet to start your online business or you’ve already started and just need a pick-me-up.  If you’re just starting out in Niche Blitzkrieg this post will be useful for you as well.

One of the little known facts about building a business online is that you can actually start and have your business up online in less than one afternoon.  That means after you read this post you can get started….

(Third times a charm….) Yes, what I am saying is that TODAY you could fully research a market that you want to get involved in and have your new website up and running.  Will you make money today?  Probably not, but you can start making money pretty fast.

So in this post I am going to show you how you can get started today and continue to have success by simply writing about what you love.

  1. Get Into A Niche Market That Has Competition

The first thing you need to do is select the market you want to be in.  If you select a smaller niche market it’ll be easier at first and you’ll have less competition.  However, it will plateau at a certain point if the market is too small.

Many people get scared to enter a market with competition; don’t be.  If a market has no competition it probably doesn’t have many buyers.

Consider Selecting A Broader Niche Market Instead

I.e. weight loss, bodybuilding, financial, gardening, etc.  You could even perhaps target a slightly narrower niche like weight loss for women, weight loss for men or something like organic gardening.  You’ll start slower but you’ll build up to a mega site fast that can bring in quite a bit more money than a smaller niche market.

The thing to remember is if the niche is too small you won’t have enough people searching for it.  If a niche is too large it will be hard to keep your focus on growing it.  It is because of those 2 reasons I recommend a targeted niche market on a popular topic.

Remember this isn’t a way to get rich fast (as I always say – they don’t exist); but to build a real business that you can turn into a spectacular money maker for the long haul.

One of the best things I can recommend is to get into a niche market that you love.  If you love knitting get into that niche, if you love rock climbing get into that one.  The reason I suggest this is because it will allow you to continuously write or talk about a niche about something you love.

When you love something you’ll be less likely to quit, give up or become completely bored.  Trust me if you are in a boring niche that you hate, all the money in the world won’t keep you interested.

  1. After selecting your niche you need to get a domain name.

The domain just needs to be something that can be branded or you could include the keywords in it. It’s not really 100% necessary anymore to contain your keywords (it also doesn’t hurt either). Make it short and snappy and make sure it makes sense in your niche.  I.e. you wanted to get into the Men’s style niche you could come up with something like or  If you were into cat supplies you could get the domain  Optionally you can include some of the keywords in your industry in the domain name as well but, again, it’s not as important in modern times.

The above are simply just examples of what you could do. 

Then get hosting – these are the only 2 expenses you’ll have. You’ll spend a total of about $10/month to run it.

If you have no clue how to do this, simply grab my free course UNLEASHING YOUR SUCCESS and follow my steps there (if you rather have step-by-step hand holding through it all – plus 24/7 help get Niche Blitzkrieg).

  1. Install WordPress In Minutes….

We build our websites using WordPress.  Why?  WordPress is free, simple to use and can allow you to make a beautiful website without knowing how to code anything.  It’s all point-and-click simple.

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record here but…..

…..If you have no clue how to do this, simply grab my free course UNLEASHING YOUR SUCCESS and follow my steps there (if you rather have step-by-step hand holding through it all – plus 24/7 help get Niche Blitzkrieg).

  1. After installing WordPress and it’s time to start writing about what you love to write about.

One of the best was to decide what to write about is to go find other websites who are in your very same market and find out what they are writing about!  Find out what they are missing or have yet to write about and make sure you cover that subject.

Quick exercise:  Go find 3 websites in the same niche market as you.   Identify 3 topics that all 3 have covered.  You now have 3 topics to write about immediately.  Just make sure you don’t steal their writing, write everything in your own words and make sure what you’re discussing is unique.  You only need to write one post for today.

A quick way to find these sites is to go into Google or Bing and type in your niche market into the search engine.  I.e. if the niche that you selected in body building for women then type that into the box.

I have some additional writing tips here.

  1. Next, get a Twitter account (free) and create a free Facebook Fanpage. 

Don’t worry about making them fancy just use them out-of-the-box for now.  Make them fancy after you’re making some good case.

Share every post you make on both of those accounts.  This will help get people to see your site and bring visitors to you.

Never setup a Facebook FanPage before?

Justin Lewis has a nice tutorial here… (takes less than 5 minutes)

And for additional details here is another post on using Facebook for traffic.


  1. Next, Join an affiliate network like or even – They are free to join.

After joining, add some affiliate banners on your site that you can make money with.  You will make money when someone clicks your ads or buys something through you.

Try to put out at least 1 post every other day and continue to share with your community.  If you can put out one post per day that’s better.

Focus on HELPING your industry and you’ll get better results.  I.e. if you’re in the weight loss niche focus on helping someone lose weight.  The more you help, the more likely they are to come back to your site and the more likely they are to buy from you at some point. 

Make sure you stay current with news in your market. 

Anytime something new happens in your industry, report on it.  Even if it’s just a 200-300 word post to announce the news it’ll be helpful!

This will show your audience you’re up-to-date on current affairs and even if a visitor doesn’t buy from you when visiting your site over newsworthy events you’ll find that they could potentially buy from you the next time they visit your site.

Also share with your family and friends on the social networks as well.

Using this one tactic with Facebook and Twitter has brought over 31,000 visitors to just one of my brand new websites since July 1st.

fast visitors stats

In this experiment I only received about 10% of my traffic from the search engines.  The rest is social media only.  Not bad, eh?

I have over a dozen more traffic techniques for you inside but you can do well with this technique alone.

Again, if you have yet to start or need step-by-step video walk-throughs join either of the 2 below to start.

UNLEASHING YOUR SUCCESS OR (if you rather have step-by-step hand holding through it all – plus 24/7 help get Niche Blitzkrieg).  Your choice.


You can actually do this in a matter of hours.  Plus, you now have an asset that you can continue to grow.

It doesn’t matter what your age, skill set or experience is you can do this.  Recently I shared an ordeal that my family is currently going through here.  Numerous people logged on to share their own stories of what they are going through and how they are getting passed it to build their online businesses.

Just Do It!

The key is to JUST DO IT.  The longer you wait the less likely you are to build your own home based business.  The longer you wait, the longer you work for someone else and have less control of your future.

Even if the money starts coming in slowly it’s better than $0, right?  Plus, as you scale I up you can increase your sales. 

You have now built a business.  No, you're not Bill Gates yet, but you have it started.  Once you've started, tay with it and keep growing it.

You won't know everything about making money online at this point BUT you'll be able to grow and then learn more after you're making money.

Let me know if you’ve started or are rededicating some of your time back to building this business below…


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