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How To Get Things Done When You Have No Time To Get Things Done

The title of this post is actually incorrect and I’ll explain why.  The question of “how to get things done when you have no time to get things done” is usually a false presumption of lack of time at best.

The cold hard facts say we have 24 hours in a day to get all the things we need to get accomplished, done.

Yet, some of us get far more accomplished than others.

We have more time than we believe we have  because we’re very good at wasting time or inviting distractions to waste our time unintentionally.  So, in a sense, you’re usually stuck believing you have less time than you really do.

As you know, when you want to build your own online business, quit your job or learn new things ( like learning my teachings in my course; Niche 60); getting things done is extremely important.

Let me show you 3 proven ways to save time and simply get more things done even if you feel like you’re already time strapped.

jouranling for time savings

Not Fancy: But It’s My Journal

Keep A Journal

Journaling.  This one is actually pretty new to me.  However, I’ve been practicing a form of journaling for years without really knowing it.

So what is it?  It’s simply the act of writing down what is trapped in your mind daily so you do not forget and allows for better mental clarity.

This can be things such as feelings and general thoughts to things that you’re looking to accomplish on a daily basis.

The few minutes you spend writing in the journal can save you hours of time later.

This saves you from wasting time by allowing quicker recall of whatever information you need.

How many times have you sat in front of your computer screen, notebook or work space and wondered what you needed to do next?  With a journal, you’ve got that information at your fingertips.

I estimate that by keeping a journal I am able to save myself around 30-40 hours per month that could have been easily been wasted.  If you start journaling you’ll no longer wonder how to get things done when you have no time because you’ll open up so much extra time for yourself.

Here’s how I use my journal for time management and to accomplish big things.

In the morning during my cup of coffee, I take 5-10 minutes and I write down anything I dreamed of, thought of immediately upon waking up and I state exactly what I am going to accomplish for the day.

I then work throughout the day to achieve everything that I stated I would accomplish.

At night, not long before bed, I write down in the same daily entry things that I accomplished, thoughts, feelings and then I list things that I want to accomplish the next day.

Yes, this means sometimes things get entered twice but this instills them into my brain even more.  Upon waking the next day, my mind is pretty much made up of what I want to do and it makes a journal entry even easier to write.

Some of the greatest thinkers in history have journaled including guys like Edison and Tesla who accomplished world changing things.  This would have been an impossible task without a journal.

If you ever want to dig a bit deeper into journaling check out this post on Medium.

Deep Work

Deep work is a term coined by Cal Newport and quite frankly if you’re not practicing it, you’re missing out on some big time savings.

Deep work can easily be summarized in the words of Mr. Newport as follows: “Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It’s a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time.”

I’ve discussed some of the things he delves into in the past but what he discusses and teaches is a “game changer” for those of us that live in a distracting world.

Deep work involves learning what is important and what is not and then how to direct your overall focus.

Deep work involves turning off all distractions but, more importantly, it involves being conscientiously aware of ourselves and what actually pulls us away from accomplishing the most important things of your life and where you’ll be ignoring the smaller things such as answering an email, checking Facebook or Twitter, reading texts messages etc.

When I need to get critical things, like creating a new blog post, working on a new course or building a new business I am constantly in Deep Work mode.  I highly suggest practicing it and adapting it to your daily life.

Some things I constantly ask myself before I start my day is as follows:

  • What is the most important task I can do today?
  • What is the least important task?
  • Which will help me achieve my end goal faster?

Using my journal, I create a list of the most important task of the day to the least important task of the day.  This process takes a total of 2 minutes but saves me so much time.

I then proceed to get the most important task done as early in the day as possible and I tackle the least important tasks near the end of the day or during a break point.  I.e. if I need to answer a couple of emails I’ll do this on a break from deep work mode or during my down time.

Practice deep working and I am sure it’ll pay off for you.

Quit Complaining

We all have things in our lives that we don’t want to deal with.  Some of us are more fortunate than others, some of us start with more money and some of us have outside problems that are difficult to deal with.  These outside problems can be things like family issues, health, important obligations and so on.

But one of the biggest time drains is complaining to everyone about these problems.

First of all, constant complaining that life isn’t fair makes you look weak to everyone around you.  Nobody wants to hear your daily complaints, nor has time for it.  We all have enough problems going on in our lives as it is.

Now, don’t mistake asking for advice or sharing your troubles with someone as complaining. It’s sometimes beneficial to you and to your friends to have open discussions about your troubles. I am talking more about the constant whiner; same problem, new day, without attempting at resolve, type of person.

Secondly, it wastes so much time.  It’s better to simply list your complaints in your own journal and then spend a few moments meditating on a resolution or praying about a resolution if you’re into prayer like I personally am.

That’s really all I have for this segment, but, because I’ve seen so much time wasted in complaints (and have personally wasted myself in the past) it’s something I had to mention. By removing complaints from my life, I have freed up enormous amounts of time that can be used for anything else.

Put Time Savings Into Practice

There are numerous other time-saving things that I didn’t discuss today but if you put the 3 previous things I mentioned into practice you’ll free up so much time for yourself you’ll be able to work on that business more or do great things for yourself and family that you never thought were possible.

Make a commitment to do these things and stick to them.

Hopefully once you start using these ideas you won’t wonder how to get things done when you have no time to get things done, because you’ll actually find that you do really have the time to accomplish your goals.

What about you?  Do you have any time savings tips?  Already practicing these things?  Share with us and let’s discuss it today.

Share this post with anyone you think could use this advice today or share with anyone you already know that is amazing at getting things done.


3 Ways To Free Up More Time To Get More Done and Make More Money

I hope you’re doing well out there today!  Before I begin, yes, I am alive and well!  I have had several people ask me why I haven’t been active on Facebook and in email recently.

The reason is simple:  I am in full expansion mode and have been very busy creating, developing some new (awesome) stuff, leading a couple great study groups including one with some students I am extremely proud of and of course as always, in the trenches practicing and doing what I preach.

Besides I am not the “This is what I ate for breakfast, here’s a pic of that” type of guy.  No offense to those who are, it’s just not me.

Me aside… Let’s get busy.

I am writing today to give you some tips that will help you overcome the complete busy cycle of life.  I’ve written extensively in the past on this topic several times.  But, instead of a 50 point list I thought it’d be beneficial for you to read just 3 little tips.

This will allow you to make more money and be more productive to help increase your success.

You can look at these as simple useless tips or life changing ones.  The choice really comes down to what you want to get out of it.

Productivity Tip #1:  Learn, Learn & Act

No, that’s not a typo.  I mean LEARN, LEARN and then act.

So what does it mean?  Well let’s say you’re learning to do something new i.e. and you’re going through a lesson and you watch/read it and then take notes.

What I highly suggest is that you watch/read the lesson again shortly afterwards.

This will firmly plant the information into your brain and you can look over the notes you took as well to continue to refresh when you’re implementing what you’ve leaned.  This is the “act” part I was speaking of.

I can’t stress this enough and it will also save you time in the long run, because, if you’re like me you’ll want to read it several times anyway to make sure you’re learning properly.

Productivity Tip #2: Most Important Task Wins

A habit (one in which I am guilty of) is too do simple mundane tasks first (like checking email) because they are easy and brainless which take less effort and work.

This is a mistake.  What we should all be doing is doing the single most important task FIRST.  This forces you to focus and get something done.

The mundane tasks can be done at the end of your day because they are simple and easy.

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone for a little bit will increase your productivity and profitability.

John Cleese, who is a brilliant writer and overall extremely creative man, has a fantastic saying about this, which is:

“It’s easier to do trivial things that are urgent than it is to do important things that are not urgent; like thinking.  It’s also easier to do little things we know we can do than to start on big things that we’re not so sure about.”

What a great quote with a light bit of cheekiness as well!

Productivity #3: Just Freaking Do It!

Procrastination is a business killer and I am willing to bet that every great business leader has suffered from it at one point or another.  The difference is the ability to be aware and correct it.

If you don’t attempt to make money online, it’s not going to happen.  Sure, it’s not going to be perfect (it still isn’t for me) but by not doing, you’re wasting time.

So first, stop procrastinating on your learning and then take all of that knowledge that you’ve learned and apply it and you’re already 90% ahead of the crowd.  Perfect it all later.

A few years ago I sent out an email to my email list and I had a grammatical error in the title.  One of my readers gasped in horror and couldn’t believe that someone “so intelligent” (her words) would make such a horrible spelling error.

I kindly wrote back and asked her if she was here for a grammatical lesson or if she would like to make money online, because I can only teach one and I admit I am not a school-book smart individual.

In hindsight I probably should have just let it go, but that mindset drives me nuts.  If you’re perfectionist you WILL struggle to meet your goals.

My disdain for that mindset might stem from a teacher I had in school who used to circle spelling and grammatical mistakes in the local newspapers and mail them back to the HQ highlighting their complete incompetence.   As a side note, I didn’t do well in that class.

In any event I guarantee spelling and grammar errors will always be present in my work, somewhere.

But, I won’t apologize for it and neither should you.  You’re going to make mistakes and making a mistake is better than not doing something at all.  Learning is centered around errors and I welcome them.


A fact that every man, woman and child will face is that we all only have 24 hours in a day to do everything we need to do.

Yes, that includes those people we like to idolize and put up on a pedestal.  They have the same time dilemma that we all do – it’s how you handle it that makes a difference.

Put these 3 productivity tips to use and I guarantee that you’ll start getting better results.

I have some great new stuff on the horizon and some new teaching that will make a huge difference in the lives of those willing to work and DO IT.

Have a great one my friends and I’ll be writing again soon.

Article Builder Discount – Biggest Price Cut Possible Here

Here is the steepest Article Builder discount that you can get.  In fact It’s $100 off the original price.

If you need a discount, get it here.

Aside from this Article Builder discount deal I have also reviewed it before here.

Some of the things I use Article Builder for are:

  • Web 2.0 Blog Link Building
  • Supplemental Website Content
  • Auto-Blogging

Web 2.0 Blog Link Building:

This is a process I explain in my 45 days to the top of the search engines piece but I feel like explaining it again.

You can link build to your main site (money site) from web 2.0 blogs like (Tumblr, Rebel Mouse, Blogger etc).  However, on those blogs you need content.  That’s where Article Builder comes in.  You can actually get content from Article  Builder and post it directly to these web 2.0 blogs.

This will save you time and money and will save you from hiring a writer or even writing the content yourself.

Supplemental Website Content:

You can use Article Builder to automatically schedule posts to your blog in a special category that you choose.  This quickly does a couple of things.  It establishes your blog as a source of constant fresh content, which search engines love, and saves you time because you won’t have to write this content yourself.

Another way to supplement your content with AB is to use the content for a post and manually add parts to it.  Or save more time and hire someone to add an additional 150 words or so to the article for you.


I don’t use this part very often.  However, you can set-up unlimited Word Press auto-blogs with this software.  This means that you essentially set it and forget it while monetizing with ads or Adsense.

Because Article Builder can create up to 85% unique content these types of auto-blogs work.

Closing Out

If you’re interested in an Article Builder discount coupon just visit this link and the $100 discount will automatically be applied.

I decided to post this up again because my previous review wasn’t focused on the discount and savings as much and I’d get questions asking me if I had any coupon codes for Article Builder.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me below and I’ll answer them ASAP.



12 Reasons You’re Not Making The Money You Want Online & How To Fix It

Do you remember when you first started looking for how to make money online?  Do you remember why you wanted to do it?

Freedom?  Lifestyle?  Being your own boss?  Working whatever hours you want?

Whatever the reason is, you had one and if you’re reading this you probably still have one. 

Today I am going to shed some light on why you will probably never make any significant amount of money online and what you can do to fix it now!

On a personal note:  Before putting this post out I paced around my living room like a caged tiger.  I know this post might ruffle some feathers, anger someone or even possibly offend you.  However, with a 95% fail rate in this type of business there are some things that I notice that typically lead to failure.

I also know that by addressing these issues you greatly increase your chances of success –- guaranteed.

Here are 12 reasons you’re not making the money you want.

1: Lack Patience

You’ve probably read all of those crazy sales pages that say crazy things like “Make $50,000 In 14 Easy Clicks” or “Work-Free Way To Get Rich In 2 Months!”

It’s easy to see how after reading hundreds of sales pages that say that kind of junk you’d get confused and completely bewildered when you’re not rich by laying out in your hammock with your laptop and a 6 pack of Corona Light.

Ultimately, it takes patience to start seeing income online.  If you do the work, ask questions and hang onto every positive result eventually you’ll start making money and then you can continue growing it.  You'll also notice that over at Niche Blitzkrieg and Niche Optimizer we DO NOT promote with that sort of language.

2: No Motivation

Do you really want an online income?  I mean, do you really?  When I first got started it’s true that I had to make money in my spare time.  The reason?  Because I used to work as a drugstore manager and I was gone 10-12 hours daily 5-6 days per week.

At night I’d come home from work and work on my online business and usually staying up half the night rocking our newborn son to sleep.  It’s simply a sacrifice I had to make.    I’d create niche sites, rank them in the search engines and I worked on them quite a bit.

Was what I did perfect?  Heck no!  It’s still not perfect and sadly, like everyone I am not remotely god-like.  You must motivate yourself for any type of success.

Smack yourself around today if you’re lacking motivation (figuratively not literally).  Think about the prize and not the sacrifice, that you need to make while you are working a job and working on your online business to the same time.

3: You Hate To Do Any Type Of Worksmashing your computer

If you refuse to do any type of work to make money online and you think by sitting at your computer while doing nothing or watching Youtube videos is going to make you money, I want you to do something for me really quick….

……….Yank the computer cord out of the wall and throw your computer out of the window (safely please — look out for small animals and children).

If you want to drink the milk before milking the cow you’re most likely going to fail.

Milk the cow and don’t stop. 

4: Chronic Stat-Checking

I once heard a saying that stuck with me.

“If it’s time to smell the roses then it’s time to water the garden.” 

I assume this means that if you’re going to take the time to applaud your work, it’s really time to get back to work.

If it doesn’t mean that, it still sounds cool and I am going to continue to believe that is what it means.

It’s OK to check your stats and it’s OK to be excited when you start making money.  But, don’t rest on your success because life throws us curve balls all of the time. 

Check your stats in the morning or night and get stuff done the rest of the time.

deep throught brain tree5: No Deep Thought

Sometimes you need to be completely alone for a few minutes so you can think about what you want to do.  Some days I’ll take a scratch pad out in the sun and just think and scribble down ideas.

This had led to some of my best breakthroughs and some of my most creative thoughts.  If you need help stirring your creativity check out my post on becoming more creative.

It doesn’t matter where you are and honestly it can be on the toilet if that is the only place you can get quiet time – just do it!

6:  You Really Hate It

Have you ever thought about that?  Maybe you don’t like to work from home?  Is it possible?

Most people would say “not possible” but, there are some who might actually need to be around other people constantly.

Make sure it’s something you really like to do.  If you hate writing don’t panic as there are always ways around it with services that do your writing for you.

I do however suggest that if you’re going to get serious that you try to write your own stuff.  If you’re terrible, you’ll get better.  I only use services as a supplement for some of my work and anything that is important, like the post you’re reading, I do myself.

houston we have a problem cat

Pic from

7:  Everything Else Is More Important

If you can’t take your business seriously then you have absolutely no chance.  Is watching all of your favorite TV shows nightly more important than earning your online living?

Yea?  It is?  Then I have some unfortunate news for you; you’re setting yourself up for eminent failure.

Yes, certain things are extremely important in life i.e. if you have a court date you should probably show up to that!  But, some of the things we pretend are important are actually not.  Until we can convince ourselves that they are not, we are set-up for failure.

In my youth, around age 20, I made the awesome decision to get married.  Shortly after (less than a year) I found myself divorced and working a job that I made $9 an hour doing.  I didn’t want to be making $9 an hour and I knew at the time that I could work my butt off learning, training and trying to do something bigger of my life.

Instead I’d spend my nights drinking with my buddies, wasting time and trying to fill my life with things what I thought were important; but they weren’t.

To this day I kick myself for the advances I could have made at an earlier point in my life.  But, then again, had I not went the path I did I wouldn’t be here sharing this with you today.  I didn’t figure this stuff out until I was 27 in case you’re wondering.

Finally, I am not saying that having fun is a waste of time or watching your favorite show won’t provide you with some good entertainment.  I am simply saying that you need to prioritize and know when you are just stubbornly putting your future on hold for your own enjoyment.

Sacrificing some of our entertainment for more success is a very good thing in my opinion.

8:  You’re Distracted

Not getting anything done?  Could it be you’re distracted?  How many times do you check your cell phone while you are trying to get something done?

How many times do you check Twitter, Youtube or Facebook during the time where you know you have to get something done?

Stop it!

Set up times when you check that stuff.  If you have no practical reason to check them, don’t.  Those places can be a huge waste of time, trust me, I’ve done it!

Do yourself a favor, unless it’s urgent, turn your cell phone or TV off while you’re in “get stuff done mode.”

9: Drama Queen (or King!)

One thing I hate in life is drama.  Look, I don’t toss around the word hate very often but I want to say, Dear Drama, I hate you.

Don’t be a drama queen or king.  Do not invite or invent drama.

At one point in my life I realized everything around me had drama in it.  Someone would do something to tick me off and then I’d go out of my way to be a jerk or vice versa. 

Then I realized with every piece of drama we have it takes us that much further away from the prize.

So now when someone brings drama into my life, they are quickly removed from my life (and no I don’t mean Sopranos style.  I’m not talking about every situation because we can’t control it all but; let me give you an example.

Let’s say you have a family member or friend and every time they come around they cause problems, chaos or need you for something chronically.  This person then needs you to bail them out, or just causes you complete ill-will on a routine basis.  This is drama. 

This person needs to be gone from your path or you’re on a road to pain and heartache that will take you away from your business.  It sounds harsh, but understand, it must happen.

If you’re the person causing drama – stop!  You still have time to change.  Get along with others and grow yourself.

You need to cut drama off or it will doom you.

Look, I'm not the first person to speak out against drama…..

10: Refusal To Learn More (or Enough)

It's easy to get caught up in the "I know enough to do anything" mode when it comes to being a blogger, product creator or an affiliate marketer.  The truth is when it comes down to it, we never know enough and we never will.  Everyday we should strive to learn more and grow in our business.

Things that were working perfectly yesterday may not be working the same today.  So the only way around this dilema is to learn, apply and adapt whenever you need to.  I can guarantee you that I learn something new almost daily.

You will always need to keep learning.  Remember when Twitter and Facebook first came out?  When they first arrived on the scene marketers didn't know exactly how to use them.  But, by paying attention, testing and learning they figured it out.  Now those type of social networks are marketing havens that it'd be hard to imagine not using.

11. You Won't Spend Any Money To Learn or Build

I hate to break the news to you, but if you can't even spend $20-$100 to learn or even build a business, good luck to you.  I can teach you things that you won't learn in college, that cost far less and make you far more.  But, if you can't see the value in that, you're going to lose out.

So you don't want to build a blog because you'll spend $10/month in hosting or $19/month building an email list?  Those are pennies on the dollar of what you can make back.  But, of course, if you don't follow examples, even spending money won't help you.

I just never understood that "spend no money" mindset; maybe because I think diferently than that.  I know that to build a business you're going to need to put out a tiny bit of money.  I am not saying that you should borrow against your house to do this or drain your kid's college fund.  I'm also no saying to fork out $2000 on the guru of the month seminar. 

But, I am saying that you need a couple things for certain; a doman ($10), hosting($10/month) and some good training.  Those are the staples for making money online and adding anything else is going to be helpful, optional, but helpful.

12: Stuck Between The Demons and Rainbows

copyright: marilyn barbone –

When you are just starting to make money online it’s easy to see the big giant rainbow at the other end.  That rainbow looks good, that’s where you want to be.

But, between where you’re standing and where that rainbow is lies a big nasty army of monsters, demons and all kinds of other evil junk you need to fight through to get there.

As you start wading into the army of evil you realize that the guy laying out in his hammock on the beach, promising you riches with absolutely no problems or work, just lied all the way to the bank.

No matter what you do there are always going to be speed bumps and snags in the road and you’re going to get stuck.  But, if you work at it, you’ll get through it and that army of evil will crumble around you.

But, you know what?  Once you get to the rainbow there are still going to be challenges.  Once you quit your job there are going to be challenges.  But, you know what else? 

That’s a darn good thing!

Could you imagine life without any obstacles?  We’d probably end up like the Gambler from that one episode of The Twilight Zone (I credit Ray Kurzweil for the Gambler reference).  Life would probably cease to have meaning.

Fight through the chaos, claim your prize and keep fighting. 

One way to make your life even better is to share your experiences with other people who are doing what you’re doing.  This could be right here at this site or in a community like Niche Optimizer.  By the way I have some great start-up material here if you've yet to start making money online.

Just discussing your struggles, trials and accomplishments is a good thing!  Never be afraid.

In closing I want to just state that this writing isn’t to ridicule, laugh at or spit on anyone.  This is to simply show you that you can do this, I did, and trust me I am no one special.

I am a regular guy, a husband, a father and a friend. 

That’s right I am the guy who used to look for the easy way and ran from every problem.  Until I reformed my mind, I was stuck in every trap I just mentioned above.

I’ve been through a lot, just like you and the guy or girl next to you and I am here to tell you that if you can just avoid the pitfalls and use the list I provided above on a daily basis, your success is already in the making.

Be strong, block out the junk and get stuff done.

If you liked this writing it would be completely awesome of you to share it on Twitter or Facebook with your friends. 

Plus, I’d feel completely humble and would truly appreciate it if you did.

If you have any question or experiences you want to share I’d love that!  I will answer every person personally below.


INeedArticles Review – Will It Help You and Is It Worth The Time?

ineedarticles reviewI recently started using another service that is somewhat like Iwriter but with a few variations.

It’s called INeedArticles.

This is another service by Jon Leger and one to consider when you want to save time by having someone else write content for you. For my review of INeedArticles I submitted and tested about 20 articles (so far).

So in the review let’s take it from the top.


The first thing you need to do when you get an account is load it with a little bit of cash.  I started with $50 but all you need to start with is $10.


You need to add a keyword or group of keywords to build your articles around.  Notice, it’s pretty similar to Iwriter at this point.


After you add your keywords you’ll need to make a few selections in a selection box that look like this:

inside ineedarticles

That’s it, you’re done and your articles are being queued and written.

That entire first 3 step process only took a few seconds.  In all I’d say probably around 30 seconds.  That’s pretty fast.

How Fast Do Things Get Done At INeedArticles?

Most of my order I received within 72 hours, some within 24 hours and a few of the articles in 5 days.  I wasn’t a big fan of the 5 day time frame but it still wasn’t bad since I didn’t need the articles immediately.

You can optionally pay a little bit more to get your articles guaranteed back in 24 hour hours or less.  This basically creates an urgent notification and your articles get pushed to the top of the queue.  But, if you’re not in a hurry for content there is no need to do this.

How Was The Quality For This INeedArticles Review?

The quality wasn’t too bad at all.  I gave all of my writers 5 stars except for 2 articles I gave 4’s for some misspellings and poor sentence structure.  But, all in all I was happy with the content I got back.

Nobody is perfect and I make enough grammatical mistakes myself.  Therefore, I do not harshly judge misspellings.  I know that some of you might (yes this goes out to all of my “grammar police” readers *grin*).  But, in 20 articles I found only a few words misspelled.

How Does The Price Compare To Iwriter?

I still somewhat like Iwriter a little more.  Iwriter is slightly more expensive for the most part but they return the content much faster.  I.e. I ordered 3 articles today from Iwriter and all 3 were done in less than 5 hours of sending in the order.

I realize that I Need Articles is newer and has far less writers working the content though (Iwriter has something like 130,000 writers now). So if you’re in a hurry for same-day articles INeedArticles is not for you.

The quality was similar and maybe slightly better at I Need Articles.  I think this is because I Need Articles makes their writers pass a test for speed and their ability with the native English language.

Iwriter offsets this by having a 4.6-5 stars writers only check-box.  I need Articles uses a 4-5 star only writers check box.

Is The Writing 100% Unique At INeedArticles?

Yes.  Just like Iwriter, they must pass Copyscape and anyone who is caught giving buyers scraped or spun content is removed.  I verified all of my articles through Copyscape just to make sure and thy all cleared perfectly.

Some Cool Things About INeedArticles:

One thing I really like about this service is that you can link it together with your Article Builder account.  This handy feature will let you instantly import and create a post using your content from you I Need Articles account without the need for you to log into your blog.  Yes, that means near Auto-pilot.

You can even queue keywords from Article Builder into INeedArticles on auto-pilot as well to make this feature run completely hands-off.  This is a major time saver (which is currently in beta mode) which I think they will add some new additions to in the near future.  Article Builder basically orders the articles on your behalf from INeedArticles, passes them through Article Builder with any automation you’ve requested, uploads the articles to your blog and builds posts for you.

You also get an email notice when your project is complete.

Overall during my INeedArticles review I was pretty impressed with the quality and service.  I will still be using Iwriter for product review style write-ups like I use when I build a site based off of my method I use to build a review site but, now I at least have another place to shop for articles.  Ultimately, I will use both and I have no problem recommending both.

When you need someone else to do some writing for you this service is definitely a time-saver.

Link Resources From This Review:


My Iwriter Review

Article Builder Walk-Through

Questions, comments, using either of these and have your own experience?  Share below.


Article Builder Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Today I am putting up my Article Builder review.  This is a tool by Jon Leger and I have to say I am impressed by what you can do with it.

Through this review I will not only be sharing my feedback but I am going to give you a walk-through of how to use it plus I can give you a $100 discount if you choose to buy it through me.

My Article Builder Review Part I: The Basics

Article Builder allows you to create content without the need to do any research, pay for a writer or even wait for content.  You can actually spit out dozens of articles in about 30 seconds and I’ll show you below.

So where does all of this content come from?  Jon has the content written in bulk and then added into the tool (this is not private label rights, junk, these are human writte and edited articles).  The tool can then re-write the content based on parameters you allow, and remaking the article into something that can be around 85% unique (you can always add a couple paragraphs of your own writing to make it even more unique).  But, 85% unique is still very good.

Sounds complex?  It’s really not.

It comes equipped currently with 109 categories to choose from.  The reason I say “currently” is because more categories get added based on demand.  So if several people are asking for a particular category Jon will have it created.

Here is a demo blog created with this tool.  Keep in mind you can add a custom header, custom widgets, basically whatever you want.  This demo is just bare bones.  By the way that site ranks #1 for it’s keywords all on auto-pilot and I’ll get into that in a second.

Article Injection Feature:

Article injection allows you to automatically inject additional content into the article.  This makes it more unique by adding tips or ideas to the article.

Here is what an article with tips looks like.

Here is a quick walk-through on how to create an article in less than 30 seconds.

Note: (through out the walk-through simply click images to enlarge)

article builder walk-through


A: Select "Build an Article"

That will take you into th article building page.

article builder review








A: Select a category

B:  Superspun options (if you don't know don't worry about it)

C:  Input an optional keyord you want into the post

D:  Select word count, up to 1000!

E:  Select how many articles on the topic you want

F:  Save the job if you want more of the same category later

G:  Click "build article"

Next, you'll be presented with a couple of options.

article builder coupon





A:  Here is your article

B:  You can post directly to your blog from here if you add your blog or…

C:  You can download it and use the article anywhere you want

Pretty simple right?  It's extremly easy to use and create with this.

Article Builder Review Part II: Advanced Features

Auto-Posting With Article Builder

So for this Article Builder review I want to show my favorite feature. 

First you need to have a blog installed on your own hosting and you need to have one category created for your blog.

This feature allows you to setup posting jobs that automatically post to your blog and it takes only about 45 seconds to setup!  Let me walk you through this below:

Here is a graphical Article Builder tutorial walk-through for auto-posting:

adding a blog to article builder


A: Click "blogs"

This will take you to the next page.

article builder auto blogging



A:  Click "Add Blog"

article building auto settings







A:  Fill in the required blog info and click "Add This Blog"

Done.  Your blog is now added to the system. Hopefully you're enjoying the Article Builder review so far!  Stay with me here.

Now let's create the auto-posting content schedule. 

article builder walkthrough part 4



A: Click "Auto Posting"

Article Builder Tutorials prt 5







A:  Select your blog

B: Select a category

C: If you use superspun content select this, if not do not worry about it

D: Select article word count

E:  Select word count limit.  This is used if you want to set random word counts

F: Select how often you wat it to auto post to your blog

G: Select when you want it to stop posting.  Or leave it at no-limit for unlimited

article builder category selection





H: If you want to create aresource box you can do it here.  I never use this.  Select "Select Blog Posting Category"

Article Builder Tutorials Finished




A:  Select your category from inside of your blog and click Finish.

Article Builder Blog Shows Here


A: You can now see your posting job is setup to run

That’s all there is to it!  Now the blog will add posts on straight auto-pilot.  You can add ads like Adsense to your blog or whatever type of ads you want.  Using a plugin like ad-injection will let you automatically set ads into individual posts as well.

Unique Auto-Posting

Recently Jon added a new feature to this tool.  It’s called Unique Auto Posting. 

For this Article Builder review I wasn’t able to use it yet as it’s brand new, but here is what it does for you:

If you have an account over at you can fund your account and have Article Builder automatically request writers write content for your blog.  Upon writing, the articles will then be automatically posted onto your blog!

Sorry for the totally geek-out over here, but that is a huge time saver for anyone who is actively growing a blog.  I am sure more features will be added to this portion of the tool as well.  As soon as I test this feature out I’ll update this review with it.  But, knowing Jon it’s going to be awesome.

Auto-Link Building With Article Builder

This feature sounds almost unbelievable but it’s a real thing.  When you use the auto-post feature to make an auto-blog Article Builder actually queues a link building function that builds links for you automatically.  What this means is, no link building is needed.

When I first saw this feature I thought it was total BS.  So I created a blog using this feature to test.

Within a week I’ve hit #11 on Google and I fully expect to be top 10 for my keywords in another week or 2 and soon, #1.

Here is all I did.

Step 1:  Used Keyword Canine to find a domain and grabbed an exact match domain for the keyword.  I spent about 30 minutes doing this.  If you don’t have Keyword Canine, Market Samurai will do, you can get a 12 day free drive of Market Samurai here.

Step 2:  Bought the domain, installed it on my hosting.

Step 3:  Installed WordPress and added a contact page and privacy policy page.

Step 4:  Set up Auto-posting just like I showed you above.  I also set it to post 1 new post per day.  You can opt to post up to 10 new posts on your blog per day.

I plan to make several of these and monetize them all very soon.

So What Can You Do With Article Builder Outside Of Those Things?

For this Article Builder review I wanted to make a point to share with you how I use it.  I not only use it to create blogs with but I use it for link building to my other money sites.

I wrote about how I used it to help get top 10 search engine ranks the other day.  I essentially use it to create web 2.0 properties that link back to my sites and boost them up in search.

I.e. you can take the content that it creates and create:

  • Blogger Blogs
  • Documents For Doc Sharing Sites
  • Articles For Article Directories
  • Tumblr Blogs
  • Other Web 2.0 Properties

It will not only save time, it will save a ton of money if you had to pay someone to build these things for you.  As you know link building is critical to rank your site and this tool will help you do all of that.

What I Would Like To See Before My Next Article Builder Review Is:

Look Article Builder is awesome but I am hoping that in the near future a couple tweaks can be made.

The ability to create web 2.0 properties on auto-pilot just like auto-blogs.  I am not sure if this is possible but this would make this tool even better.

It would just simplify the power of this tool even more.

What You Can’t Do With Article Builder

Here are a couple of my suggestions of places of where not to use this and what NOT to do with it.

First, do not use it on Ezine Articles.  They do not like anything less than 100% unique there.  Trust me from first-hand experience; they will just ban your account at Ezine Articles.  I had to wait a week to be reinstated.

Secondly, do not build Squidoo pages with it either.  Squidoo can sometimes be a pain because I’ve had great lenses with 100% unique content get closed down.  So if they will kill great lenses with 100% unique content they will do the same with only 80-85% unique content.

Final Thoughts:  So Is Article Builder Any Good

Heck yea.  I really like this tool and I really think Jon did an azmazng job gettingthis setup th right way.

So in my review of Article Builder I want to stress one thing.  I am not saying that this should be the only writing you ever do.  I am also not saying that writing your own content is truly dead.  I think the best content is pure unique content just like what you’re reading now.

However, what I am saying is that you can use Article Builder to simply and speed up many tasks.  In my case, I mainly use it for link building ad added extra content to my blogs.  I know many other people who use Article Builder solely for the auto blogging purposes and other people who create a blog and write their own content but also have Article Builder post daily to their blogs.

All in all I give Article Builder an “A” grade and over time I believe it can truly be an A+ with the new additions plus possible future additions.

Grab your copy of Article Builder with a $100 Discount that you can only get through me.









Are you using this tool?  Thoughts?  Feedback?  Questions?  Have your own Article Builder review?  Share!


How To Write A Good Blog Post With These 5 Simple Tips

What do you do when you’re not a writer and you want to create a good blog post?

Panic, give up, not try?

Absolutely not, you simply need to put some thought into it.

First of all we can all write we just need to make the most of what we’ve got to work with.  Not all of us have college degrees, majors in journalism or even have a clue on how to write a book, let alone a blog post.

If you need some proof you can simply contact my old high school composition teacher and he’ll tell you just how -NOT- awesome I was in high school at writing.  Heck, I don’t even consider myself good/great at it now.

But, that doesn’t stop the material from being great stuff to ingest for my readers and students.

So if you’re questioning yourself; fear not, I have a simply solution for writing a great blog post and you won’t need any of the stuff mentioned above except for your brain and the ability to type.

As you know this topic has been on my mind alot recently as I discussed writing good content here, mentioned writing good content to show you are an expert here and now I’m putting together this nearly 1900 word blog post on it now.  Do you think I am trying to give you a message?  Your audience will love it and the search engines will too.

Let’s get started.

Step 1:  Research Your Posting Topic

You’ll want to research your topic and know what you’re writing about when you get started.  Make sure to only use trusted sources when researching your material for the best results.  Places like Wikipedia and Wiki How are generally good, but do not rule out checking into your local library (Huh!?  Those still exist eh?)

If it’s already a subject you know a great deal about; you may not need to do any additional research.  Just make sure the information you decide to share is up-to-date.

Check to see what your peers in the industry are doing as well.  If someone has already written about your subject check to see what pieces of information they left out or could be improved upon.  Do not copy their ideas or write something so similar that it’s pointless, but, always think; improvement.

Step 2:  Create An Outline Before Writing Your Post

Do you remember way back in school when teachers would make us write those insanely boring outlines before writing our research papers?  It turns out doing that is actually helpful (who knew) when writing a good blog post too!

If you have notes or just have things stored up in your brain; create an outline with the information before writing.  Use Microsoft Word, Notepad, Open Office (free), Sky Drive (free) or Google Drive (free) to create it with.

Here’s a partial example of minefor this post you’re reading:

outline for a good blog post

Notice I simply bold the section headers and in this case I use them as steps.

You do not have to use them as steps though.  You could just use them as new paragraphs or simply new sentences instead.

Save all your links in your outline as well.  This way you can simply insert them in your post with ease.

Trust me doing it this way will save you time when you’re constructing your blog post.  This will help you also hold your train of thought while you turn your outline into the real blog post.

Step 3:  Use Images

I love images.  It turns out most readers love images too.  We love image charts, example pictures and even sometimes just stock shots to help break up the post into more digestible pieces.

Images also create shareable content for media.  This means you can share your images all over Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other social media platform.  That means extra traffic from your followers/fans/friends with little to no added effort.

I prefer to collect my images while I am working on the outline.  This is because I typically have an image idea to match the writing while I am working on the outline.  If you are using Google Drive or Sky Drive just save the images there for when you’re done with the post or simply save them to a folder on your hard drive.

Use Snag It, Windows Snipping Tool or something like Pixlr to illustrate your images if needed.  I prefer Snag It since I own it, but if you don’t want to spend the money on it, Pixlr will do.  If you need stock photos Fotolia or use my post called Free Stock Photos That Do not Look Like Stock Photos.  It lives up to it’s name trust me!

Step 4:  Create Your Blog Post From The Outline

Now you’re going to take your outline and images and write a good blog post at your blog.

First, use your bolded bullet points as section headers, new paragraphs or page break points.  These should be your main topics.  The additional bullets should be new sentences under your bolded bullet points.

You’ll notice above that one of my bolded bullet points is “Create Your Blog Post From The Outline.”  I took that directly from my outline, bolded it and all the additional sentences are structured from the supporting bullets.

Write your post in one of the places I mentioned in step 2 before you copy and paste it into your blog.  This will give you a closer eye on your spelling and grammar checks (if you’re anything like me you’ll need them).

Make sure to space your paragraphs out.  I use a rule that keeps me to mostly 3 sentences per paragraph.  Yes, I know it’s not proper but, it makes the text easier to read for the reader.  Look, you’re not writing a medical journal here, grammar and spelling are important but spacing and perfect paragraph structure is not as-much-so.

If you have too many sentences in your paragraphs it makes it harder for your readers to read (especially on mobile devices).  Having giant chunks of text will cause people to lose their place or simply quit reading.

Spell Checking and Grammar

I hate bringing this up because, again, my grammar and spelling are not the best and this leaves me open for some awesome comments below.  However, even if you’re unlike me and need no help on your grammar and spelling, it’s good to limit mistakes as much as possible.  Use the spell check button for prevention purposes.

Use a free program like Grammarly to check your grammar.  You can also upgrade to paid to add a bunch of features but the tool is helpful enough with the free version.

Re-Read Your Post Before Publishing

Want to make sure your post becomes good or even great?  Re-read it first before hitting that publish button.  Make sure it sounds good and isn’t tough to read.  I went back through some of my old work and cringed because it was so hard to read.

Make sure you also reference your own work in your posts.  If you have additional posts that you have written that will help your audience or supplement their learning, link to it in your posts.  Not only will this help keep people on your site longer, it will show you’re an expert in your topic.

If you want to share something else with someone that will help them or entertain them and you don’t have anything written on that subject yourself, don’t be afraid to link to it.  I used to believe this was a good way to get people to leave your site but over the last couple of years I realized that sharing is much better and you’ll make your audience happier at the same time.

The Blog Post Title

Create your blog post last.  While you can simply use the keyword phrase you want to rank for as the title I personally like turning it into more of a headline that people want to read.

Let me give you an example.  Instead of just titling this post “How To Write A Good Blog Post” I decided to turn it into “How To Write A Good Blog Post With These 5 Simple Tips.”

I did this for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that it just made more sense.  I looked and saw I had 5 easy to follow tips or steps.  This seems more exact and targeted as if to say; “Hey, I’m going to teach you this easily and in a short period of time!”

If you have your post finished but you’re struggling to give it a cool headline visit the fine marketers over at The Fool.  They are in the stock market business but they are masters at creating eye catching headlines.  Just take a peek at a few of theirs and your head will be swimming with ideas afterwards.

I also think the team over at Gawker does a great job with headlines.

Also you’re not taking away from your keywords in your title by adding to it (see my tips for easy keyword research here).

Second, it stands out over all the other sites out there who mention the same topic.  Anyway can use the same exact keyword phrase as you in the title but chances are slim, possible, but slim that they’ll use he exact same additions you add to your title.

sharable bloggingStep 5: (Optional) – Add Video To Your Post Whenever Possible

Video, just like images are a great way to break up a post and add a different shareable media element for your audience.  This will likely help hold your audience’s attention longer which in turn could get them to see your ads more.

All you need to do is shoot a video with your video recorder and put it on YouTube.  From YouTube you can easily embed your video on your website.  This will not only save you on bandwidth (cost=$0) but will also get you traffic from the Video sites themselves.

Hate being on video? Do simple screen recording using Power Point and record the screen with Camtasia or Jing (free – in 5 minute clips) instead.  Then upload them to YouTube and embed as described previously.

Video can also be shared just like images all over the place, including every social bookmarking site and even Pinterest (yep, not just images there).

In conclusion start making your posts good and not just good, great.  By simply changing what you do a little bit each time you’ll grow, your posts will get better and your audience will connect with you more.

I challenge you to try the above outline method today and see how you feel when you’re done.  At first you might think it’s going to take more time, but, when you work from your outline it goes much faster than you think.

Final Recap Of The Above Method

  • Research your topic
  • Create an outline/include any links
  • Gather your images
  • Write the post based off the outline
  • Optionally create and add a video

I’ll leave you with this.  Would you rather put up a 300 word article that gets you 1 sale per month or a 1000 or more word beautifully crafted unique post that you won’t find anywhere else; that also brings you a lifetime of sales?

As I grow in this business it’s clear to me and the choice isn’t even close.

What methods are you using for your post crafting?  Doing something you like better?  Questions?  Comments?  Like the idea?  Tell me.

Here is the video format where I talk about the topics in this post:


Put A Power Point Presentation On Your Website Or Blog Post In 3 Easy Steps

Power Point Emedded On WebsiteOften when you think about content for your website you don’t think about a Power Point presentation. 

However, I am going to show you a quick tutorial for how to add a Power Point slide presentation to your website.  I am also going to show you how to do this for free, even if you do not currently have Power Point or even a PC.

Before I get into this; what are the benefits of having a small presentation on your site?

#1.  Content Variation

It breaks up the monotony of the atypical article content most of us use.  Just like how images, videos, and info-graphics add a new element to your website, so will presentations.

Having a variety of content on you website will get your audience to engage more and stay on your website longer and become a returning visitor.  This leads to more opportunity to see your ads and buy something from you.

#2.  Say More With Less

Power Point can make it easy for us to bullet benefits of certain product promotions.   I.e. if you’re running a review site you could create small presentations on the good and bad of each product.  Not only will it stand out for your visitor, it looks nice and provides an easy way to draw attention to the sale.

These do not have to be massive write-ups just a slide of bullets with brief explanations.

 If you hate writing it can sometimes be a huge time saver.  I’m not advocating that this should be your only content, but, more of a supplement.

O.K. let’s get started. 

Step 1:  Get Power Point

First, you need Power Point.  But, if you don’t have Windows or you’re running a Mac you’re not out of luck.  Microsoft’s Skydrive will let you do this for free.  I’ve been doing some cool stuff with Skydrive recently and it earns two thumbs up from me.

Next, create a Power Point slide presentation.  Below you can see a demo of one a mine:

As you’ll notice Power Point doesn’t need a ton of slides to be educational and you can add images to help illustrate your points even easier.  Often times I spend a couple dollars on images at when I need something.

After you create your Power Point slide just save it to your computer in a location that you will not lose it at.

Step #2:  Get Slide Share (2 minutes)

There is a cool site called Slide Share that will allow you to share your new presentation anywhere that will allow it, including your website.  Sign up for free here.  Be sure to go through the few steps they require for setting up an account.

Next, upload your Power Point presentation.  Below I show you how to do this step by step.

Step #3:  Add & Embed Your Presentation

(NOTE: Click To Enlarge Any Images)

slideshare walk-through


A. Click upload

slideshare part 2




A.  Select upload, again.

slide hare example number 3





A. Find your Power Point slide and select open




A.  Fill out all the info.  Make the title descriptive and use long tailed keywords.  Slide Share slides show up in the search engines like crazy.

B.  Click save changes.









A. Right click and copy your embed code.

example 6



A.  Log into your dashboard, create a new post or use an existing one.  Then select the HTML tab on writing area of your post.  Next, paste the code where you want the presentation to prepare.

Done!  Now you can save your post and check to see how it looks.

Final Notes and Tips

With Power Point you can insert links, including affiliate links.

When you upload your presentation to Slide Share it will find these links and they are also clickable.

You will get traffic from Slide Share itself! 

Earlier I mentioned optimizing your presentation just like you would a blog post because it can be found in the search engines.  Well, from links in your presentation you can guide people your way.  See my demo above.

Video can be added to your presentation as well right inside Slide Share’s dashboard.  I’ll let you experiment with this feature yourself, but, it’s a good place to get view on your Youtube videos as well.

These presentations can be easily shared on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well.

Thoughts?  Using this tactic?  Planning to use it?  Hate it?  Love it?  Have questions?  Let’s chat below.

*Power Point logo is property of Microsoft.


Don’t Forget Why You Searched For How To Make Money Online…..

how to make money online light bulbA quick personal note before you read. 

Before I started making money online I was in a pretty bad place in my life.  Right before I started trying to make money for myself online I felt simply "defeated" in all of my previous efforts.  I felt as though I gave my all for a company that didn't care about me, abused me and ripped out part of my soul and then stomped on my spine while I was down.  I'd rive to work feeling miserable, feeling like I had to change my life or this would be the death of me.

It Was That Feeling That Fueled Me….

It's also a feeling that has somewhat faded as life has become more comfortable.  Recently I've had to refuel some of that anger (in a good way), refuel the fire and re-revaluate everything inside of me once again.

I know the holiday season is now completely on us and usually that means we all suffer from a lack of time.

However, I want to caution putting everything on hold during the holidays.  While it’s good for us all to take a small break during the holidays it’s often bad to put your business on hold.

Don’t Forget Why You Started…

When you’re brand new to making money online (or been around) it’s easy to come on strong or “on fire’ so-to-speak but over the course of a few months it’s easy to forget why you started this in the first place.

Was it for….

  • A better life?
  • A better job?
  • A way to supplement your income?
  • A profitable hobby?
  • More family time?

No matter which of those things it is (or anything else), it doesn't’t matter.  Whatever the reason is something personal to you.  Do not give up your passion, do not quit, and do not forget your own personal war.

It’s easy to quit when you’re not successful immediately.  I’ve been there; I remember what it’s like.  But, I will tell you that if you stick with it and persevere, there is a great reward for you. 

No matter what your personal goal is you CAN do it and quitting should never be an option.

Sadly, as the holidays hit it’s easy to completely ignore your goal and it’s easy to fall into the “I’ll start again after the first of the New Year” trap.  Have you ever said that about something before?

Some examples:

  • I’ll lose weight in the New Year
  • I’ll quit smoking/drinking In The New Year
  • I’ll dedicate myself to something in The New Year
  • I’ll change this or that in the New Year

How often did you really dedicate yourself to it in the New Year?  Ever?

Hey, I’ve been there and I can tell you first hand my list of didn’t-do’s is larger than my did-do’s. 

So I want you to do a couple things with me this holiday season. 

Well just 3 simple things.

  1. Rededicate yourself to your own personal goals.

No matter which goal you have for your online business, do it.  Rededicate yourself and write it down!

  1.  Set aside an hour of so of QUIET free time where you can get into a creative zone.

Never tried to put yourself into a creative zone?  Check out John Cleese discussing creativity.  It’s brilliant.  I highly suggest watching it all the way until the end.  He also riddles his speech with jokes and humor within which only adds to the appeal of the entire speech.

Also please notice that I said "QUIET" if you're getting interrupted it won't work.

  1.  After reflection – DO IT.

After you’ve had time to think about being creative use anything you’ve written down or any ideas you’ve gathered and go do it.  Whether you’re starting a new niche, building a new website or just adding onto your website – do it.

I do also want you to take some time out this season to spend with your family.  It’s extremely important to have that good quality family time as well.

But, in the process don’t forget what you started this online venture for.  If you have yet to start then that’s fine to — do it.  But, dedicate yourself to it and put in the effort and it will pay off.

If you’re so new that you’re looking for a place to start I just opened a new course with Justin Lewis here.

It’s a great place to start and you’ll get all the help you need making money online.

It comes down to refueling yourself during tough times and rekindling your desire for what you hope to achieve for you and your family….. DO IT.

Thoughts?  Feelings?  Ideas?  How do you fight through the chaos of daily life and focus on your business?  What are you going to work on or do?  Comon!  Don't be shy, share.

Bonus points if you watch the full Cleese video above and can name his 5 points for creativity. 🙂


7 Steps To Build A $1000 Per Month Website (Or More) Starting Today

Vitruvian ManOn your climb to 6 figures or more, you first need to hit 5 figures.

So today what I am going to layout is a plan for you to achieve a website that will bring you in at least $1,000 or more per month.

Note:  This can be combined with my teachings inside of Niche 60 or  In fact, if you have yet to start you’ll need 1 of those courses to get a better understanding of making money online before the below will make any sense to you.

Now that I have your attention let’s get right into today’s lesson to help you achieve some powerful results.

Step 1:  Your Niche

The first thing you need to think about is what niche market you want to tackle.  But, I want you to think larger rather than smaller.  I know I teach people to aim lower while they are learning but the larger cash comes from larger niche markets (generally).  It’s true I have taken some insanely small niche markets and made thousands per month from them but the absolute truth is the larger markets have more people in them, which for you means a larger audience.

Pick a niche market that has 10,000 or more exact searches per month.  Even if you never rank in the search engines for your main keywords, that’s O.K. because you’ll be able to rank individual pages within your site for long tailed keywords.

Step 2:  Plan Your Niche

Don’t over plan, but plan.  While doing your keyword research, gather a list of keywords that you can create posts about.  Long tailed keywords work great for this.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Market Samurai (I have a nice tutorial here & a great presentation by the co-founder of MS here). The reason is because Market Samurai allows you to export entire lists of long tailed keywords to your computer and helps you research everything you need to know about each keyword.  It doesn’t get much easier and it’ll save you countless hours.

If you plan it right you should easily have a few months of starting keywords to which you can build content around.  Only plan the first couple of months of posts out, this way if anything changes in your niche you don’t have to re-assess the entire niche.

Step 3:  Investigate Before Writing

Before you start writing content, investigate other websites in your niche.  Figure out the following:

What are other people writing about in your market?

Take notes and write about similar topics or improve upon their topics.

Are they missing details that you can take advantage of?  If yes, write down the keywords and just write about the same topic but include the details they left out.  In essence, write better.

Is their writing boring?  If their writing is boring, simply looks cookie-cutter like or even outsourced you’ll have the upper-hand here.

Are they really trying to help someone or make a quick buck?  It’s often apparent if they are simply trying to please the search engine and make a buck.  Usually these type of posts are short, void of any emotion at all (which sucks!) and they don’t really explain anything, help the audience or even entertain them.

If someone is doing this then all you need to do is, again, write better by including some spice and emotion into your writing and include things that will actually HELP your audience.

If you need help spicing up your content or becoming a better writer check out my post on spicing up your content here.

Step 4:  Schedule Your Content On YOUR Timeframe

If you have limited time, schedule your posts.  If you have a long day to get things done but usually have a series of shorter work days thereafter where you’re busy with life in general or another job this will be really helpful for you.

On the longer days that you have get as much writing done as possible.  Then, instead of posting your content immediately, schedule them to go out on specified dates and times inside your dashboard.  This will also allow you more free time to promote your writing to your audience or do link building to it as well.

Step 5:  Write For People 1st, Search 2nd

I’ll be honest I rarely write anything to please the search engines anymore.  I still do keyword research but I always make sure that the writing is geared for the audience much more than the search engines.  Yes, you need to be both but this will happen naturally if you’re focusing on what your audience actually wants rather than trying to manipulate the search engines.

This also inspires people to share your stuff on Facebook or email it to their friends.  If your work is really effective your audience will love it and share it.  This in itself will make your work easier!

Step 6:  Build An Audience Outside Of Search

Think: Facebook, Twitter and Email, Youtube.  These places bring traffic and sales to you website and if you’re not using them you’re missing out on more income.  Facebook is easy to build an audience if you have a couple of bucks to spend.

Every new post you create, promote it out to your Facebook and Twitter audiences and watch your traffic and sales grow.

I have entire niche markets I am building in right now where I am not even attempting to rank anything via search.  The entire audience is from social media only and its working beautifully.

Each media outlet that you build up an audience at is just another outlet for people to come to your website and buy and more importantly, interact.  Allowing interactivity with you can sometimes be the difference between 10 sales and 100 sales.  People like to know there is a real person behind the computer and trust me it makes a huge difference.

I often hear people complain that it’s either too hard or too time consuming to get into social media.  Trust me, it’s not.  Dedicate about 20 minutes per day to answer questions on social media and promote your content to them and watch what happens.

As far as Youtube goes, just get stuff out there.  Whether you’re teaching, sharing or entertaining, do it!  I honestly do not do enough on Youtube (that is going to change) but there is so much traffic there that you want to connect with. Youtube is also great if you’re building review style videos to promote a review site.

As your video count goes up and your viewership goes up, so will visit to your website.

Step 7:  Monetize Last

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped in how fast you can make money instead of being good at what you do.  Instead of worrying so much about how much money you’ll make and how fast think like this:

What can I discuss with my audience that will…

Help them do (whatever your niche is)?

Solve a problem of theirs?

Entertain them (if you’re in an entertainment niche rather than a teaching niche i.e. videos games, movies, comedy, etc)?

Once you build a small audience (100 visitors per month is fine to start with) then monetize.  But, instead of tossing banners everywhere consider using minimalistic advertising in the side bars and focus more on promotional within your content.  This will do 2 things for you.  It will force you to be a better writer and you’ll quickly make more money.  Cool concept eh?  Worry less about the money and more about what your audience wants and you make more.  That is the best of both worlds and will help you create fans/friends that love your stuff.

As your audience and traffic grows, so will your income.

Closing Advice

Finally, I’ll close with a few words that you need to read and read again if needed.  PRACTICE!  I don’t expect that you’ll go out the first time and get all of this right.  Even if you’re following an awesome plan like Niche 60 you’re going to need to practice.

The best inventors like Leonardo da Vinci and amazing artists like Michelangelo didn’t get everything right the first time they tried something.  They practiced and honed their craft.

Heck, da Vinci’s supposed dying words were:  “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” 

I have no way to know if this is actually true that he said that and this could be a clever fake Internet quote.

If he did utter words – wow.  That’s about all I can say for a man who achieved so much in his lifetime but, yet somehow, felt like he was never good enough in his works.  He seemed as though no matter what he achieved he wanted to constantly improve and be better.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t achieved anything close to what Leonardo da Vinci was able to accomplish and I probably never will. But, that type of dedication and devotion should spark something in us all.

Learn, practice, focus on doing what you’ve learned, keep practicing and continue to grow.

Your thoughts?

Image Source Wikipedia: Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Title: Vitruvian Man