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Does Mobile Traffic Matter?

Over the last few years the sales of mobile devices have skyrocketed including Ipads, tablets, Iphones and Smart phones.  These devices allow users to search the Internet and visit your sites. So does mobile traffic like this matter?

Let me show you how to check the mobile stats for a particular keyword.

Watch my video below:




So do this in your Niche and see how much potential mobile traffic is out there in your market. If there are enough mobile monthly searches for any of your keywords make sure you install the Word Press plugin called WordPress Mobile Pack. Just do a search on this in the “Add New” section of your plugin menu and click install and then follow the directions of the plugin.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Already using mobile searched keywords?  And on a side question – how big do you think the mobile industry will become.  You already know my thoughts.


Easier Keyword Research – Using Market Samurai For Fast Results

I always get the question “How can I speed up the keyword research process?”  Well, over the last 3 years I have used a ton of tools.  I have to be honest, what I am going to show you is the best one IMO.  Watch the video and see how I am getting fast results, finding a niche I can dominate and finding every single aspect I need to know before jumping into a niche.

Once you use it I am sure you’ll love it.  It’s currently my favorite tool on the market (and the one I use the most).

Market Samurai Video #1 For Easier Keyword Research

Market Samurai Video #2:  Checking Out Your Competition

As with all tools using a keyword research tool is 100% optional.  But, I really recommend at some point you invest in a tool like this.  It saves me a ton of time and makes my life easier.

For another really cool way to use Market Samurai check this video….

Get your Market Samurai Cheat Sheet here……


Go Evergreen In Your Market and Profit

Last week I discussed using Click Bank to find a niche even if you’re not a Click Bank affiliate.  I also discussed 2 myths about Niche Research.  You can check that Niche Research Post here.  I also talked about how the free version of Market Samurai could help you discover profitable markets.

This week I want to discuss ever green niches.  Evergreen niche markets are basically markets that will never go away and most people need them.  Finance and health are 2 such markets and there is big money in them.

In fact, in those 2 markets alone there are billions of dollars just sitting there ready for the taking.  In fact, each and every day affiliates are making millions of dollars in these markets.  However, there is a slight problem.  The overall market itself is way to competitive to just plunge in and hope you make money in it.

That’s where the Niche Blitzkrieg method comes in.  We want to select smaller markets (niches) within the larger market and get involved in that.  Remember even a small slice a multi-billion dollar pie can bring you a really nice paycheck.  You basically, want to do your research inside these markets and uncover some profitable niches with lower competition.

Some notable niches inside these evergreen markets are as follows:


Making Money Online
Refi and Loan Mod
Stock Market
Day Trading
Home Buying Guides
Saving Money
Betting and Gambling
Money Problems (spending issues)

There are of course hundreds more to consider.  This is just a small list of what type of Niches exist in this market.

Healthy Eating
Weight Loss
How to make your (problem area of the body) look better – can be any area
Getting better abs
Living Longer
How to exercise
Avoiding Weight Gain
Fast Weight Loss
Weight Loss For New Mothers
Healthy Heart
Preventing Disease

Again, just a few but you get the idea. 

Now what is important to keep in mind is that you can even break it down from there.  Often, getting into the smaller niches can pay off for a couple of reasons.

#1.  Highly Targeted Market.  Imagine promoting a “Get Better Abs” product to someone who is looking for better abs.  A mistake many people make is trying to promote the right product to the wrong person.

If someone came to your website looking for exercise tips they might not be in the market for the Better Abs Guide.  Although you’d likely make sales it won’t be as many as you could.

#2.  Easier to build the site.  It’s always easier to build a good site when you keep your spectrum down.  Creating a site about weight loss can be a painful process that would need hundreds of pages.  Building a site about how to get rock hard biceps wouldn’t take nearly as much work and could be more profitable in the short term.  Again, it would even be much more targeted and therefore more likely to convert a visit into a sale.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t make money in non-evergreen markets.  In fact, I make great money in markets that are outside that realm.  There are still long lasting profits in sites based on toys, luxuries, pop culture, current events, entertainment and similar.  I am merely suggesting for you to consider an evergreen niche, especially if you’re new to the business.

The biggest mistake made in niche site creation and niche affiliate marketing is going too broad.  While learning it can also prolong the process.  This is just something to keep in mind while you are planning your sites out.

So in your niche research consider getting into an evergreen niche.  You’ll find larger audiences, larger payouts and that the market will not dry out or lose popularity because we all need these things.

Again the recap:  Evergreen niche markets can provide lifelong profits and stability.

#1.  Get into a niche within an evergreen market.
#2.  Make your site targeted for that niche. (The more targeted the better).
#3.  Enjoy longer lasting profits.
#4.  A small slice of a Giant pie is still a lot of money.
#5.  Everyone loves pie 🙂

Thoughts?  Are you already in these type of markets?


Finding a Niche Market (An Easy Selection Method)

There are a million ways to find a niche market to get into.  Whether you’re creating info products or simply into affiliate marketing niche site creation.  I am going to cover a few myths and a few things you’ll want to look at to make it easier (and more profitable) on yourself.

First, let’s cover a couple of myths.

Myth #1.  If you find a niche market with no competition it’s easy to conquer and make money.

Now, part of that statement is true.  If a niche market has no competition it’s most likely going to be easy to conquer.  The problem is, sometimes a niche that doesn’t have any competition, doesn’t have competition for a reason.  That is reason is because it’s possible there’s just no money in that niche.  More often than not, this is the case.  Unfortunately, many people do this. 

One way to avoid this is when you’re in the keyword research phase of finding your market is to make sure the primary keywords you are looking at have at least 2500 searches or more.  This is a technique we use in my Niche Blitzkrieg program and it can be very effective.The other way is to see how other sites are marketing the products on their sites.  If you visit the top 10-20 sites and none of them are using banners or affiliate links for products in that market, it’s possible that the money is slim.

Myth #2.  To make money you MUST be in the BIG MONEY Niches.

I can’t stress this enough but to make money online you do not need to be in the Fitness, Finance and Lifestyle niches.

Yes, those markets have a lot of money in them.  Yes, they can actually make great money for you.  But, in the beginning these can be very tricky and tough to get into.  The main niche I really caution newcomers from getting into right away is the "make money" niche.  You’re simply going up against very strong competition with people who really know what they are doing.  It’s a great niche but you should wait awhile to jump into that one.

Sometimes people just want to be entertained or shop.  Because of those 2 reasons a review site about tea can make a substantial amount of money.  Other sites about things like video games do well.  My buddy Rich Lowe even spoke about how he turned a site about a certain video game into a gold mine (web communities 2.0).

I’m not arguing the fact that some niches are better than others.  I’m also not arguing that some niches are easier than others.  But, I always look back at one of my first niche sites and remember that even with no experience I had the site making as much as $6000 per month.  The site was simple, ugly and really was only slightly informative.  The site was about toys.  A niche that isn’t supposed to make that much money.

I do agree that the fitness, finance and lifestyle categories are awesome and there’s a TON of potential in them.  I would just explore you’re options, that’s all.

An Easy Niche Selection Method

A great place to gather ideas and see what potential niche categories exist is to use the Click Bank Market place search area.  Just look on the left bar and you’ll find niche markets listed by category.  You can look at that more here.  This is by no means a complete list but it does offer some insight as to what markets exist.

Let me just show you a quick example of this.  If you go to the Click Bank market place search menu you and you click the GREEN PRODUCTS tab you will see a list of a ton of products about green living, green energy, home made solutions and more.  This will give you an idea of what type of markets are out there in that industry.  Which means this can give you great insight at a possible niche for you to get into.  Then you would simply go do your keyword research based of of that niche ideas that you find.

Each category could have hundreds of markets within.

Each product listed will have a GRAV: stat listed.  Called gravity this will help you know what type of sales the product gets.  The higher this number the more sales this product gets.  Keep in mind this isn’t always exact and some products like Niche Blitzkrieg for example have 10 different versions so the gravity could be low when the product is actually selling quite well.

This technique shows you more about a particular products sales rather than the sales in the market but it’s still helpful.

Keep in mind you don’t have to be an affiliate for that product or even promote digital products.  This is just a great way to generate an idea and start looking for a great niche market.  Each category you can do this with.  Sometimes all it takes to generate a great niche idea is a little spark.  Usually if someone took the time to build a product and add it to Click Bank they’ve already found out there is money in that industry.  Not always, but usually.  We can use this to our advantage when we are looking for a niche to dive into in affiliate marketing.

I also have students who are in Niche Blitzkrieg who swear by Market Samurai for all research and even niche selection needs.  I haven’t used all it’s features yet but you can get a Free Copy here and watch their training videos for some very interesting and great ways to select a niche market.  It is an awesome product and they do have some fantastic videos that will help give you some awesome niche ideas.

In the coming weeks I hope to get a little deeper into showing some other niche selection and niche building ideas but, this will be a great way to get started especially if you’re hitting a mental block.





Adding Profitable Pages to Your Niche Sites – The Easy Way

Once you have a site built it can sometimes seem hard to find additional places to gain traffic and sales from.  This can happen because we’ve already done the work and want to move on and simply forget about traffic or in this case additional traffic building.

I am going to show you an easy way to get more traffic to your site even beyond the original traffic you were trying to pick up.  Members of my Niche Blitzkrieg course learn these kind of methods and we’ve had many successful students replicate these techniques.

For this technique to work you’ll want to have Google Webmaster Tools account – it’s free.  If you don’t know how Google webmaster tools works either become a Niche Blitzkrieg members as I take you through via video the whole way.  Or read Google’s tutorials here.

OK. Back to business here.

What you’ll want to do is go into your webmaster tools account and select one of your sites.

After you’ve selected what site you want, click it and it will open up another menu.


Select a time frame.  I suggest selecting as far back as possible so you can get an accurate read of how many clickthroughs you’re getting.

The above pic is a bit blurry… sorry not much I can do on this one.  But the links say… Michael s. Brown 140 impressions and 22 click-throughs and the second link says michael s brown (no period)  91 impressions and 22 click-throughs.

Now you’ll see a lot more than just 2 lines…  For instance my site has over 200 queries , not a lot but not bad for a site I only use to communicate with my list.  Yours might have a lot more queries than that on it.

Let’s look a bit deeper here.  By clicking the little plus sign beside the keywords you’ll be able to see an opened menu that will give you more detail.    Where it shows "Positions in the search engine" you can see where the keywords have ranked and how many impressions and click-throughs you’ve had at those locations.


You can see the impressions here and in the next column over you can see the click-throughs.  I cut the click-throughs off this shot so I could keep the image readable.


Just below the stats for the keywords you can also see what page is showing for those keywords, how many impressions to that page and also clickthroughs.

So what can you do with this data?  Well this will show you keywords and pages that are ranking but could rank and do better.

Let’s say you were ranking #9 for your keywords and only getting 10 click-throughs per week/month or whichever time frame you choose. 

Now imagine getting that term to rank #1?  If you’re getting 10 at 9 you can guess that getting ranked #1 or 2 would substantially increase your clickthroughs and ultimately sales.

Easy enough?

If you went through every keyword you’re displaying in your webmaster tools account and then started link building those pages you could substantially increase your web rankings and again make more money…..

About 60 days ago i made a post about an easy way to do fast link building if you missed that you can see it right here (easy link building technique).  This technique uses the popular 1way links program and is pretty simple.

Of course you can always use traditional methods such as article writing, social sites, press releases and so on.

Anyway, put this tip to good use, use it and you will be able to drastically increase sales, web rank and get more mileage out of each site you build.  Google helps us make making money easier…



Making Money with Community 2.0 Sites

Last nights webinar was great! Richard Lowe was showing everyone a fantastic way to make a lining with community 2.0 style sites.  We also had a very special guest Lawrence, who is one of Richards students who came on to show everyone why community 2.0 style sites work. 

However, technical snags allowed many members to not be able to attend, many members were booted from the call and all sorts of other technical chaos occured.  Luckily the webinar was able to be saved for those who couldn’t make it or kept getting dropped from the site!  Sorry about that!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH HERE ==============)))

IMPORTANT: If you’re having trouble viewing your browser might tell you you need a plugin – just follow the prompts that are at the top of your browser.

IMPORTANT: Allow the video a few minutes to load – it’s big.  You will see a blank screen even for a few minutes after the event starts and then the presentation screen will show up.



Finding Your Traffic With Articles

One of the biggest keys to success for your online business, products or affiliate sites is finding your traffic.  The reason I say finding your traffic is because often times people think that doing nothing will bring great results.

While there are many ways to gain traffic I want to share some easy to use tips today for using articles to find traffic sources.  While this technique isn’t new or some earth shattering revelation…. many people are not using this technique.

For this example we are going to assume you’re in the dog drooming niche.

OK, the idea we are going to use here is to get your article viewed by more people.  First, if you’re unsure what to write about in your niche you’ll want to do some research.

FIRST:  Go to

#1.  Type your keywords in the search bar.

#2.  Browse the articles in the database.


Simply click on one of the articles that comes up (or all of them if you’d like) to see how many searches they are getting.  If you can find several articles getting a decent amount of article views chances you’ll want to look at what keyword phrases they are using.  For instance if your main keywords are Dog Grooming but you see an article for Dog Grooming Kits Online you might want to figure out if they are getting traffic for Dog Grooming Kits instead.

So how do you do that?

Simple.  Open up your browser to and check.  Most of the traffic to articles comes from natural search engine rankings (usually).

Inside Google simply type in "dog grooming".  If that doesn’t return any results for an Ezine Article then type in Dog Grooming Kits.  If that brings up the keyword results then you know that they are ranking for those keywords.

Next, simply write a similar article (do not copy them or write anything too similar but use similar keywords).  I like to write most of my articles at 500 words or more but I’ve found hundreds of barely over 300 words ranking well (like top 5) on Google.

Make sure your resource box has links going back to your site where you want people to either click you affiliate links or adsense banners.

That’s it!  Pretty simple and easy.

Let’s look at a couple other things though.  I like to give my articles a boost by writing an additional article and pointing it from other article directories to article I want to rank high in Google.  I simply write another similar article that and add it to a few other top directories ( ,, – will do).  Inside the resource box from that article I put a link with slightly varied anchor text pointing back to that original ezine article I wrote.  This will give you some extra juice in Google.

What I like tyo do is fire up my copy of Niche Research Commando and check that original article I want to compete with (the article we originally found in the search engine "dog grooming kits")

Inside Niche research Commando I just type in the keywords  (dog grooming kits) and then start and within as few seconds I’ll be able to see all the backlinks going into that article.  This will allow me to decide if I need to promote more links pointing into my article or just a few.  If they have no backlinks I’ll usually just put only one article into 3-4 other article directories with a link going back to my article I want to rank for.

It typically doesn’t take long for Google to pick up my article and for it to start climbing the ranks in the search engine.

I’ll probably do a follow up to this post later this week as this is just the surface.  in fact, there is so much more you can do here.  But, for most people reading this, this is a great start to getting more results from your articles.

Let’s recap what to do.

#1.  Search for you niche keywords.

#2.  Look to see if the articles are getting views.

#3.  Find a few getting the most views.

#4.  Determine if that article is ranking for the main keywords or some other keywords.

#5.  Search Google to determine.

#6.  Write a similar article.  (includes links to your site in the resource box).

#7.  If you own Niche Research Commando fire it up and check for backlinks. (optional)

#8.  If article has low backlinks you’ll only need 1-2 articles written.

#9.  Write the additional articles and upload them to some high PR article sites (shown above.)

#10. Make sure the article points back to your article that you want to rank.  (Vary the anchor text – don’t just use one phrase).

#11. Repeat if you want to do more.  (  You should want more  🙂  )

This works great for users of and as well.

You can do this in any niche and it’s an easy way to generate some more traffic to your site or affiliate sites.  Leave you comments, questions or any further ideas below.  Already using this technique?  Tell us your results.


Easy Affiliate Niche Marketing $76.31 From 415 Unique

I want to show you how just one small semi static site I made earned $76.31 from a brand new website in just 5 weeks on just 415 Unique visits.

$57.40 of this came from a clickbank affiliate product and $18.91 came from adsense clicks.  It did not take many clicks to bring that either.

I should also mention this site landed #1 on MSN in just 3 weeks and it now rests at #3 for the main keywords and I have barely worked on this site.

Here is the website…

Here is the screen shot of the sales

*Names and other vitals have been blocked out to protect the innocent.

affiliate marketing stats

The only 2 to look at there are the ones highlighted in red.


Screenshot of the 415 unique visits….

affiliate marketing made easy

Let me show you exactly what i did so you can duplicate or beat my results…


1st – I did some research for the term video game tester in Google Adwords Tool. 

I used exact match to find how many searches per month.

I noticed while doing my search that there were several good words for this niche that I could use.  So i copy and pasted each word I was interested in into notepad and saved it so I could go on to the next step.


2nd- I loaded up Niche Research Commando and looked at each word. 

This took me just a few minutes since it instantly gave me all the top 10 competitors on google and shows me how many backlinks each site has.  I simply did this for each keyword to determine if it was worth going after.

From here I checked out my competitors sites to see which affiliate programs they were promoting.  If I would have found them to not be promoting affiliate products I would have simply search clickbank or any other affiliate network to find something to promote.

3rd – I decided on 5 keywords I wanted to base my site around including the main words video game tester.

Seeing there were alot of other marketers marketing Video Game Tester style sites I figuered landing a top 10 for the main words would take some time.  So I wanted supporting pages to help land sales for words that were being searched but less marketed or perhaps even overlooked by other marketers.

I actually only ended up making 3 pages to the site based on my keywords.  I still have the others to add I just got busy and never went back to it.  I’ll add these later on to give google something FRESH to look at.  The big G likes fresh content in all of my experiences with it.


4th –  I built the outline of the site and then had my content writer write 5 – 200-250 word content articles.  This was done much in the style of what I use from Niche Profit Gold.  You just modify , plug the content in and go.

I bought the domain name I wanted and installed wordpress.  It took me about 20 minutes since I use Bluehost I don’t have to wait for the site to propegate as it features an all in one domain registar and hosting for $6.99/month.

These were designed to simply plug into my site based on my keywords.  Although I never added some of the content I still have it ready to go for when I decide to update the site.  I modified each one slightly to fit exactly what I wanted for the site which took me just a couple minutes per content article.

At this point I had to stop working due to other obligations.  It would take me 10 days to get back to the project.  However, the results would have still came out the same since I hadn’t added content yet.

I added my affiliate products onto the site with a picture and made the pictures clickable with my affiliate links embedded into them.

5th- I then submitted the site to google with a sitemap as well.

The sitemap will help you get indexed faster.  It will also allow you to update your content for google later on with ease.  Since you’re not building giant mega sites a sitemap won’t do much else for you here.  Although I avoid building the gigantic sites myself and actually think it’s very hard to keep on topic the bigger the site gets.


6th –   I contacted my writer again and had her design 5- 500 word articles.

I then submitted them with this service, however submitting to several top article directories would be fine to.  Some of the top directories are Ezine Articles, Go Articles and Article Factory.  I only ended up submitting 3 of the articles and still have the other 2 to submit when I get back into the swing of it.

If you don’t have an article writer you can hire one at places like need an article and find someone who will do the writing for you.  Usually this is pretty cheap but for good 500 word articles it can cost as much as $15 each so just makes sure you get the best price possible and sorry my writer is not available for hire, haha she’s all mine 🙂

You could also write them yourself which isn’t a bad way to get started.  Next, I plugged the site into linkserp for some automated link building… just the way i like it.  Since I already had several sites in their program I knew the system worked well.

1 Week later I submitted the site to a few mid range PR directories.  All of them were free to use.

Overall I spent about about 4 hours total on the project and maybe a little less.  I could have spent a little more time and made the site more presentable and profitable by adding a couple more pages, an opt in form (to collect emails to make future sales and of course I could have submitted the other 2 articles.

I could also test and put adsense in better locations on the site.  This is also a niche that gets a lot of younger kids looking at it so it loses some potential conversions due to that.

I can imagine the conversation… "Mom, Can I have $50 to Buy a Guide on Making My Career as a Video Game Tester?"  Ugh…. No 🙂

In time I will do more with the site.  But I can’t complain because the site pulled $76.31 in 5 weeks.. which is nearly $1000 a year doing very little work from this one site.

The site now has about 10 keywordsd in the top 10 on google and again the main keywords are #3 in MSN at the time of writing this.

The programs I used to do this all cost a small amount of money but doing this with multiple sites can add up to a substantial income yearly.  Most affiliate sites I build make alot more than $76.31 a month but this demo was put together to show you how easy you can start making some reoccuring affiliate income.


Dominating Your Niche With NRC

Last week I made a post showing you how to do some easy product selection and niche research.  You can see last weeks post right here.  Today I want to show you the regular way to do some niche research without using tools and then again with using Niche Research Commando and you’ll see by the end of the video why I really love this thing 🙂  Aside from saving me hours of research and time it makes me money when I use it to build my niches fast.

Watch me Stumble Through The Recording With My Head cold…


Get Your Copy Of Niche Research Commando


*By the way since the release of Niche Research Commando I acquired both the product and it’s creator into my company!  In September John Mann took over as my affiliate manager and in November we transferred NRC over into the affiliate date base at the profit hq affiliate program if you’re interested in joining!