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Keyword Canine Review And It’s Powerful Uses (2.0)

keyword canineI had the pleasure of reviewing the newest upgrade for Keyword Canine as it's now went to 2.0.  I use this tool almost daily so I watched the upgrades happen in real time.

Before you watch my video below here are the uses Keyword Canine 2.0:

  • Easy keyword research.
  • Color light indicator that determines how easy/hard it is to rank for a specific keyword.
  • Keyord suggestion tool.
  • Explore your competitiors great detail link by link.
  • Report:  Gather an entire competitor report.
  • Backlink boost:  Submits your site to over 100 directories for you.
  • Niche finder:  Can't find a niche, let the tool suggest one.

All in one easy to access tool.  Sound cool?  Grab a copy now here.

Watch my walk-through here.

Get yours while it's still open.

I highly recommend this tool and it's even better with the new upgrades.

What do you think?  Have questions?  Have it already?  Discuss.




Accurank Tracker Review | An Easy Way To Track Your Keyword Rankings Without A Monthly Fee

accurank tracker reviewIn the past tracking your keyword ranks in the search engines could be expensive and time consuming.  Many tools only allow keyword tracking with a monthly expense.  I'll show you why in this Accurank Tracker review, you'll no longer need to spend monthly for easy keyword tracking.

In fact, the tool I was using was costing me about $17/month to track with.  This isn't a lot of money but it was adding up.  This will sae you the extra cash.

Note: You could always manually check your keyword rankings in the search engines; but who has time to manually check hundreds of ranks?  Not me for sure!

Jon Leger released a tool that I give a full A+ and mega kudos for developing.  It's a one-time cost tool called Accurank Traker.  Below I am going to show you how to use it to monitor an infinite number of keywords for your website(s).

Then I am going to show you how to set-it-and-forget-it to save you time and monitor your results daily.

First: grab a copy here

It's still pretty cheap and has no monthly fees.

After you grab a copy you can quickly setup the tool to run on auto-pilot (my favorite feature).  You can allow Accurank Tracker to auto track your keywords daily so you never need to click a button.  During the initial Accurank Tracker review I tested it with a handful of words.  I now have 50+ loaded in the tool and it works, awesomely!

Again, grab a copy now and let me know what you think.

Note:  Your virus protection or firewall may say that the file is not safe (mine did).  However, it's safe and you just need to inform your virus protection software that it's fine to download.

After I did the initial Accurank Tracker review Jon Leger added some nice additions to the tool.  Including:

*Faster load times

*The ability to star select rankings as your favorites

*Easier campaign management

*Track unlimited campigns

*Open and close certain ranks so you can see your most important ones

Thoughts?  Questions?  Getting a copy?  Already have a copy?  Let's talk!


Do Exact Match Domains Still Work In 2013? 5 Tips To Make Sure Yours Do

exact match domainsDo exact match domains still matter in 2013 and beyond?

This is the question that I want to address today.

There are many misconceptions on the Internet after Google’s Penguin and Panda updates that somehow claim exact match domains (EMDs for short) are dead.

While it is apparent that certain enhanced bonuses from exact match domains may have been slightly downgraded, to say they are dead or not useful is pure ignorance. 

A great reference article about exact match domains can be found here

First of all, for those who are reading this that do not know what exact match domains are, let me explain.

They are domains that simply contain the keywords that rank on the Internet search engines.

I.e. if your domain was your primary keyword phrase for your site would be “Great Dane Training.” 

Some people think Google has waged an all-out-war against sites like this; however, it’s simply not true.

However, Google has waged an all-out war on spammy tactics and crap content.

Dr. Pete points this out in his work that I referenced above.  Make sure to look at the charts and graphs showing the rankings of studied EMDs and their movement in search rankings here.

As you can see EMDs ranking in the search engines have actually increased though weighting has slightly decreased.  There one main reason I believe this is happening and will continue to happen.

#1.  EMDs are vital to search because of branding and relevance. 

It’d be hard to not rank McDonalds for the term McDonalds in the search engines wouldn’t it?

What if Lowes didn’t rank for the term Lowes?  It’d be somewhat shocking, correct?

So what if a site that was only about Coffee Pot Reviews wasn’t allowed the ability to rank for the term “Coffee Pot Reviews?”  In my opinion that wouldn’t make one bit of sense. 

Note:  I am not saying that the site should instantly be the number 1 for that term; it needs to be the most relevant and should be optimized for it as well.

However, I will say if the site was terrible, had only low quality or duplicate content on it, I could understand it having no shot at ranking.

So in my opinion what Google, Bing and other search engines are wanting is good, unique content even on your EMDs.

So Give The Search Engines What They Want!

Here are a few tips that SHOULD be utilized on your websites.  Yes, all websites, not just exact match domain websites.

#1.  Write Good, Unique Content Only!

Poorly spun content won’t help the search engines and it certainly won’t help your visitor, so why use it?  Write unique content and stand out among the crowd and the search engines.

Within that unique content include video, audio, images, charts and graphs whenever possible.

If you are ordering content for your website from places like Iwriter make sure it is well written, makes sense and passes Copyscape.

Note:  I’ll be covering in detail what we need to give the search engines in The Online Success Podcast soon so make sure to sign up for it (it’s FREE!)

#2. Vary Your Anchor Text

In my courses, and I mention to have about 7-11 anchor text variations and more certainly couldn’t hurt. 

By the way, if you’re writing good content people will share it for you; which will help with your link building.   When someone likes your work and links to it because they like what you have, it means you’ve earned their link.

#3.  Links From Different Sources

You can’t just get it from one article directory anymore.  You need links but they need to be from all sorts of sources including but not limited to; article directories, forums, web 2.0 properties (blogger, Tumblr, Squidoo, etc.) social media (Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), blog commenting and more.

Don’t worry about if the links you’re building are do-follow or no-follow.  In years past people used to try to make sure all of their built links were do-follow links only.  The problem with this thought process is that if all of your links were do-follow only; it’d look suspicious to the search engines wouldn’t you think?

#4.  Think Of Your Audience More Than The Search Engines

Look, I understand that we need to make sure we are getting traffic.  Some of that traffic comes from the search engines.  However, ultimately the search engines do not need to follow the advice you’re giving on your website; people do.

So, make sure your content is good as I mentioned in point number one, but also conveys a message that isn’t littered with a bunch of out of place keywords.  Instead, sprinkle your keywords in naturally and make sure that the writing covers your topic in the fullest to convey your message.

Yes, you should have every page of your website optimized for search, but keep it readable for your viewers.

#5.  Relevant & Growing

The sites that see the best results are the ones that stay relevant to their topic and grow over time.  Though you could make a 20 page site and leave it at that, why would you?

The best sites continue to grow an audience.  Don’t you want a larger audience?  A larger audience should lead you to a larger scale income because your traffic will increase and so should your sales.

Keep adding pages to your site and keep expanding with keyword research.  A good niche should have several hundred or several thousand keywords (most do).

If you need a tool that will greatly help in deeper keyword research I just set up a couple tutorial videos at the Niche Optimizer website that will help you out. 

If you’re passionate about a topic, growing should not be hard for you. 

This works with niche sites and sites that are broader or topic based.

The above 5 tips should be used this year in growing your websites.  Keep in mind you can use all of those tips on EMDs or any domains as well.

What are your plans?  Your thoughts?  Just have a comment?  I’ll listen to whatever you have to say, leave it below.

As a quick footnote; go try searching for some long tailed keyword phrases and see the EMDs pop up in search for yourself.  You'll probably notice many, like I did.

Image Credit: © Timurock –


Top Search Engine Rankings and Money Making Methods For The Time Strapped

easy online money making techniqueI've had some questions recently regarding exact match domains or EMDs that I want to address.  Why do I want to address this?  Because I want to help you make more money.

Plus, there is a lot of misinformation floating around right now about Internet search that I want to address with this.

I was planning to shoot videos for this but ultimately decided to just do screen tutorials instead.  I have a new sound studio on its way that blows my current audio away and I’m feeling a bit inadequate without it.  In any event I should have that next week so I can shoot some really high quality stuff for you.

The methods I describe below are great if you’re brand new to making money online or have struggled getting a really large site ranked and need something that just produces some cash for you.

O.K. so what you’re going to learn here is how you can use exact match domains to rank well in the search engines and of course make money doing this pretty easily.

First, to do this you’ll need a copy of Keyword Canine (This is my affiliate link – if my tutorial helps you I’d appreciate you using it – however you’re not required too and if you feel uncomfortable with that then don’t use my link).

At the time of writing this Keyword Canine is ONLY open for another 48 hours.  Get it here.

Step #1:  Login into your Keyword Canine account & Search For A Niche Using The Niche Tab

keyword canine tutorial techniques



A.  And sort by “Very Easy” or “Easy”

B.  Also sort by CPC (cost per click) and push “Filter”

make money with keyword canineSorting by these settings will help you find keywords you can build a site around and rank for easily.  Soring by the CPC setting will show you some high paying keywords that would be worthwhile to rank for.

Easy enough, right?

Step #2:  Find Your Niche

Next, browse through the list of keywords that come up and find one you like.

keyword canine uses

Use the global search column to determine if the keyword has enough searches for your tastes or not.  Even a small amount of searches can add up if you get a keyword with a high CPC or have a good affiliate program that you want to promote.

A: Select a word from the list that you like by clicking on it

Once you click on the keyword you can then investigate it further.  What you what to do here is:

A: When you find a keyword you like open it by clicking on it.

keywordcanine methods

Make sure the keyword has a domain open

If it has a .com .net or .org open this will work for you.

You’ll need to get the domain/hosting using the tutorials I share in Unleashing Your Success, Niche Blitzkrieg or Niche Optimizer.  Pick one.

Step #3:  Quickly create a website

You’ll also need to install WordPress (again use one of my tutorials I mention above if you do not know how).

Create your site around this keyword you selected. 

You’ll want to also use the Google keyword tool to find 5-10 additional keywords in the same niche as well.   (Broken record: it’s in the tutorials)

Or use Keyword Canine's similarkeywords rea at the bottom of the screen.

keyword canine stats

Next, get your site indexed by social bookmarking it or sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

Next, write out your home page with about 300-500 words of content (the more the better) and optionally add an image.  If you hate to write have someone do it for you at Iwriter for a couple of bucks.

Step #4:  Automatically build some backlinks to your site with Keyword Canine’s built in tool

It’s called site boost and it will help rank your site with no work on your part.

keyword caninesite boost


Just fill out the small report (2 minutes) and your site will be submitted to their service and on its way to being boosted.


While your site is being pushed up in the rankings over the next few weeks add a little bit of content to your site.

Base the content off the additional keywords you decided to use for the site and write an article for each keyword or have someone at Iwriter do it all for you.

You will make each article into a post for your website.

If you have all of the writing done at once I would simply schedule your posts to go out over the course of a few weeks or a month.  Optionally you can create more posts as well if the niche you’re in has enough keywords to do so.  Sometimes the easy and very easy niche are very small niche markets so there are sometimes not that many keywords to build larger sites this way.

After a month if you’re not on page 1 of the search engine results, simply do some more manual link building.  Also make sure to vary your anchor text between 7-15 variations as well to add variety to your incoming backlinks.

Slap on some Adsense ads or affiliate ads on the site to create a way to make money with your site.  I am not a huge Adsense fan (I know many of you are)

Now I want to note a couple things about the above method. 

First, you won’t get rich from that technique.  Each site built like that can usually bring $250+ per month or more.

I’ve had several that are small generate more than $1000/month+ with very little work or effort.  The key to making really good money with the smaller sites is to have a number of them.  This is a true passive income.

So even though you won’t be the next Bill Gates wouldn’t that extra pocket money be helpful?

Second, exact match domains still work and work well.  There are all sorts of proof on the Internet about that.  Recently, Jon Leger sent out an email showing how he landed a bunch of sites in the search engines on page 1 using the SAME methods I pointed out above.

A good overall strategy is to have several smaller sites and a couple really big websites that you manage.  Combine the teachings I offer in my courses like and you can build yourself a pretty awesome set of passive income streams.

All of the above is actionable and you can start immediately on it.  What are you waiting for?

Thoughts?  Using this method?  Interested in using it but have questions?  Ask below.




7 Steps To Build A $1000 Per Month Website (Or More) Starting Today

Vitruvian ManOn your climb to 6 figures or more, you first need to hit 5 figures.

So today what I am going to layout is a plan for you to achieve a website that will bring you in at least $1,000 or more per month.

Note:  This can be combined with my teachings inside of Niche 60 or  In fact, if you have yet to start you’ll need 1 of those courses to get a better understanding of making money online before the below will make any sense to you.

Now that I have your attention let’s get right into today’s lesson to help you achieve some powerful results.

Step 1:  Your Niche

The first thing you need to think about is what niche market you want to tackle.  But, I want you to think larger rather than smaller.  I know I teach people to aim lower while they are learning but the larger cash comes from larger niche markets (generally).  It’s true I have taken some insanely small niche markets and made thousands per month from them but the absolute truth is the larger markets have more people in them, which for you means a larger audience.

Pick a niche market that has 10,000 or more exact searches per month.  Even if you never rank in the search engines for your main keywords, that’s O.K. because you’ll be able to rank individual pages within your site for long tailed keywords.

Step 2:  Plan Your Niche

Don’t over plan, but plan.  While doing your keyword research, gather a list of keywords that you can create posts about.  Long tailed keywords work great for this.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Market Samurai (I have a nice tutorial here & a great presentation by the co-founder of MS here). The reason is because Market Samurai allows you to export entire lists of long tailed keywords to your computer and helps you research everything you need to know about each keyword.  It doesn’t get much easier and it’ll save you countless hours.

If you plan it right you should easily have a few months of starting keywords to which you can build content around.  Only plan the first couple of months of posts out, this way if anything changes in your niche you don’t have to re-assess the entire niche.

Step 3:  Investigate Before Writing

Before you start writing content, investigate other websites in your niche.  Figure out the following:

What are other people writing about in your market?

Take notes and write about similar topics or improve upon their topics.

Are they missing details that you can take advantage of?  If yes, write down the keywords and just write about the same topic but include the details they left out.  In essence, write better.

Is their writing boring?  If their writing is boring, simply looks cookie-cutter like or even outsourced you’ll have the upper-hand here.

Are they really trying to help someone or make a quick buck?  It’s often apparent if they are simply trying to please the search engine and make a buck.  Usually these type of posts are short, void of any emotion at all (which sucks!) and they don’t really explain anything, help the audience or even entertain them.

If someone is doing this then all you need to do is, again, write better by including some spice and emotion into your writing and include things that will actually HELP your audience.

If you need help spicing up your content or becoming a better writer check out my post on spicing up your content here.

Step 4:  Schedule Your Content On YOUR Timeframe

If you have limited time, schedule your posts.  If you have a long day to get things done but usually have a series of shorter work days thereafter where you’re busy with life in general or another job this will be really helpful for you.

On the longer days that you have get as much writing done as possible.  Then, instead of posting your content immediately, schedule them to go out on specified dates and times inside your dashboard.  This will also allow you more free time to promote your writing to your audience or do link building to it as well.

Step 5:  Write For People 1st, Search 2nd

I’ll be honest I rarely write anything to please the search engines anymore.  I still do keyword research but I always make sure that the writing is geared for the audience much more than the search engines.  Yes, you need to be both but this will happen naturally if you’re focusing on what your audience actually wants rather than trying to manipulate the search engines.

This also inspires people to share your stuff on Facebook or email it to their friends.  If your work is really effective your audience will love it and share it.  This in itself will make your work easier!

Step 6:  Build An Audience Outside Of Search

Think: Facebook, Twitter and Email, Youtube.  These places bring traffic and sales to you website and if you’re not using them you’re missing out on more income.  Facebook is easy to build an audience if you have a couple of bucks to spend.

Every new post you create, promote it out to your Facebook and Twitter audiences and watch your traffic and sales grow.

I have entire niche markets I am building in right now where I am not even attempting to rank anything via search.  The entire audience is from social media only and its working beautifully.

Each media outlet that you build up an audience at is just another outlet for people to come to your website and buy and more importantly, interact.  Allowing interactivity with you can sometimes be the difference between 10 sales and 100 sales.  People like to know there is a real person behind the computer and trust me it makes a huge difference.

I often hear people complain that it’s either too hard or too time consuming to get into social media.  Trust me, it’s not.  Dedicate about 20 minutes per day to answer questions on social media and promote your content to them and watch what happens.

As far as Youtube goes, just get stuff out there.  Whether you’re teaching, sharing or entertaining, do it!  I honestly do not do enough on Youtube (that is going to change) but there is so much traffic there that you want to connect with. Youtube is also great if you’re building review style videos to promote a review site.

As your video count goes up and your viewership goes up, so will visit to your website.

Step 7:  Monetize Last

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped in how fast you can make money instead of being good at what you do.  Instead of worrying so much about how much money you’ll make and how fast think like this:

What can I discuss with my audience that will…

Help them do (whatever your niche is)?

Solve a problem of theirs?

Entertain them (if you’re in an entertainment niche rather than a teaching niche i.e. videos games, movies, comedy, etc)?

Once you build a small audience (100 visitors per month is fine to start with) then monetize.  But, instead of tossing banners everywhere consider using minimalistic advertising in the side bars and focus more on promotional within your content.  This will do 2 things for you.  It will force you to be a better writer and you’ll quickly make more money.  Cool concept eh?  Worry less about the money and more about what your audience wants and you make more.  That is the best of both worlds and will help you create fans/friends that love your stuff.

As your audience and traffic grows, so will your income.

Closing Advice

Finally, I’ll close with a few words that you need to read and read again if needed.  PRACTICE!  I don’t expect that you’ll go out the first time and get all of this right.  Even if you’re following an awesome plan like Niche 60 you’re going to need to practice.

The best inventors like Leonardo da Vinci and amazing artists like Michelangelo didn’t get everything right the first time they tried something.  They practiced and honed their craft.

Heck, da Vinci’s supposed dying words were:  “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” 

I have no way to know if this is actually true that he said that and this could be a clever fake Internet quote.

If he did utter words – wow.  That’s about all I can say for a man who achieved so much in his lifetime but, yet somehow, felt like he was never good enough in his works.  He seemed as though no matter what he achieved he wanted to constantly improve and be better.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t achieved anything close to what Leonardo da Vinci was able to accomplish and I probably never will. But, that type of dedication and devotion should spark something in us all.

Learn, practice, focus on doing what you’ve learned, keep practicing and continue to grow.

Your thoughts?

Image Source Wikipedia: Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Title: Vitruvian Man


How To Build A Money Making Review Site That Can Grow Huge

How To Build A Killer Review Site…

Today I am going to teach you the known facts about making money with review style websites and how you can get started.

First let’s look at a few facts about review sites before I dig in here.

build a review site













































Pretty staggering statistics wouldn’t you say?

This leaves one question.  If these work so well why isn’t eveyone building them? 

They Simply Don’t Know How…

But, You Will….Pay Attention, Print This Out, Take Notes….

Part #1: Browse Online Market Places (Select A Niche From Known Markets)

The first thing you want to do is find a great niche market to get into.  I suggest browsing Amazon or large online stores to find hot sellers.

Additionally, get into a market that you can build into a huge, large scale site (more on this in part #4).  Sites like eBay and Amazon allow you  to browse the top selling products.

Let me give you a couple examples.  First eBay has eBay pulse which will show you the hottest markets on eBay.  You can also break down the hottest markets by category too.  Can it get any easier to find a hot niche?

On Amazon just look at the home page as it’s filled with all the hottest merchandise.  Just make sure you’re not logged in to Amazon when you’re looking over the homepage or it will skew the results.

Also, you can visit Amazon’s top sellers page here.  They update this hourly I believe.

These are just a couple of the many places you can start the thinking process.

Keep in mind this is only for niche selection ideas and you do not have to use the affiliate programs for these sites.  You can use any affiliate programs you’d like.


Part #2:  Layout Categories

After you pick your niche do all the normal stuff like buy a domain, install wordress and setup your configuration.

Next, layout your categories.  You can do this via style, size or brand.  Get as many categories listed as possible.

The reason we do this?  Oganization.  If you’re organized you can easily crush out a review site that can grow to enormous peaks. 

Part #3:  Pretty Theme

Get a nice theme.  You’ll want a small budget for this. 

I have 2 options for you.

Option 1:  Join The Review Formula

Inside I’ll give you an awesome $97 review theme as part of the course.  This theme is easily customizable and works with any affiliate program.  It’s also designed just for review sites and is point and click simple.

Option 2: Genesis Themes

These are simple, geogeous and easy to use.  The only downside is they’ll cost you almost what you’ll spend on the entire Review Formula Course including the theme I give you!

The nicer your site looks the better for graphically heavy sites.  This is the main reason I suggest having a nice looking theme.

Part #4:  Build Large

One thing you can do with review style sites is build theme large.  Anytime a nw product comes out in your market it you can immediately review it.   This will not only allow you immediate exposure and immediate traffic as you grow but it will position yourself as an authority.

Having those categories laid out as mentioned early will make your growth extremely simple.

Part #5:  Promote Everywhere

You can do it all with this style of site.  You can promote via video, article directories, social media or any other method.  I really love video in this market because people love videos about product reviews.  Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe work nicely here.

I have also found that socia media (Facebook, Twitter, Etc) will share your reviews if you make them in-depth and make them personal.

Part #6:  Track it

Using a tool ike or Pretty Links Pro (I give you a free copy of this if you’re a member of The Review Formula too—normally $97).  NO-BRAINER ALERT!

You’ll want to know how many clicks your product listings are getting so you can figure out what you most porpular items are. 

It’s also important to pick a #1 product.  A reviewed product that you want to promote over all the other products on your site!


Because, as people read your reviews (some good and some bad) they’re going to want to know which one you recommend as the best.  In my experiences your #1 product should account for the majority of the sales your review site brings in!

This is the one product that you tell everyone about that comes to your site.  The one you stamp as your BEST.

Don’t forget to promote your site normally by pumping it into the search engine ranks, link building, share it on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, articles, press releases and whever else you can.

Finally, have fun with a review site.  Take the task seriously but keep the mood light.  Enjoy building it and drink a glass of your favorite beverage while doing so.

Remember, as with all other sites, you can outsource any or all of the tasks to speed things up.  You don’t need to do all of the writing yourself.

Have you ever built a reviw site?  Planning on it?  Have questions, comments?  Do you love me or hate me?  Let me know below.


Are You Trying To Rank For The Wrong Keywords?

the wrong keywordsWhen you’re building a website (especially a new one) it’s easy to get caught up in getting website rankings for the big, high trafficked, keywords.  We call these “trophy keywords” because you can brag to your friends and family that you’re ranking #1 for a super-killer keyword.

However, before you start prematurely popping the champagne bottles in celebratory fashion you need to understand a few things.

#1.  The trophy keywords often aren’t cracked up as to what you believe them to be.

#2.  Once you rank for that super-hard keyword you have to work at staying ranked there.

#3.  They’re not always the optimum keyword phrase for your audience.

Let me give you some examples below

Let me give you two terms and you tell me which one you’d rather rank for.

A).  Python (550,000 searches per month)

B).  Buy A Python (22 search per month)

First, the top keyword receives a ton of searches monthly (550,000).  However, we don’t know exactly know what they want.  They could be looking for the programming language or information about the snake.  It’s also an extremely hard term to rank for and has many strong competitors in the top 10.


Given the chance you are actually able to rank for this term in a few years you’ll probably get a lot of mixed and useless traffic.

The 2nd term “Buy A Python” receives just 22 exact searches per month.  However, it’s easy to rank for and we know exactly what the customer is looking for.  Of course you can’t live off 22 searches per month so you’ll need to compensate for this by adding several pages/posts to your site (as many as possible) but at least with this term you know what to advertise on the site!


The terms will not always be that easy to sort out. 


Let’s take a look some different keywords now


A).  Glass Table (5400/month)

B).  Oak Glass Table (36/month)

Notice that on these 2 keywords it’s not as exact.  We are not 100% sure what the visitor is looking for.  However, when someone types in a product keyword they typical want to browse those type of products.

On these 2 keywords the competition isn’t extremely hard for both.  Obviously, getting ranked for the term “Oak Glass Table” is going to be easier but, overall both are not extremely difficult.

If you were building a website based on glass tables you could do the following…

Build the site based around the keyword “glass table” and use that term as part of your homepage title.

Then add dozens of additional pages/posts based on the individual styling of glass tables like oak, hardwood, metal and pine just to name a few of the hundreds of types.

This technique works great and makes getting your website ranked much faster.


What do you do if you’re in a more competitive field though?


Let’s do one more example.

A). Jet Skis (8,400/month)

B)  Where to Buy Jet Skis (22/month)

What you could do with a set of keywords like this is to simply try to rank your homepage first for the term “where to buy jet skis”.

As your site grows you can continue to work on your link building to your homepage and vary the anchor text to always include the term “jet skis.”

Overtime you will see yourself climb in the search engines for “jet skis” while you’ll probably rank quickly for the term “where to buy jet skis.”

This is something Ben from Market Samurai alluded to briefly a few weeks ago when he presented some pretty awesome tactics for you to follow when laying out your keyword research (you can watch and read that here).

Again, as I mentioned earlier, if you want to rank for a 22/month search term that’s great!  However, you’ll need to keep building your site out and ranking for a bunch of those types of terms.  This is something you should be doing anyway but it is worth repeating.

Keep in mind the larger keywords simply take time to build up to.  But, using the example I showed you on “jet skis” you can build both sets of keywords at once.

This same tactic can be applied to extremely tough niche markets like weight loss, making money and so on.

If you’re struggling with keyword research I have 2 videos for you to watch.

Keyword Canine VS Market Samurai Video

Using Market Samurai For Easier Research

Have any cool keyword success stories you want to share?  Have a strategy you’re using that you really like?  Share it with us below.


Keyword Canine Review – Better Than Market Samurai?

keyword research toolUPDATE: January 2016

Awhile back I created this Keyword Canine review with the addition of how well it does vs marker Samurai.

However, in the past couple of months Jon has made some pretty nice changes to Keyword Canine.  First, make sure you watch the video on the homepage here.  So I not only wanted to enhance my review of this great keyword tool but I wanted to expand on what I had here before.

I am going to show you how I use this tool to uncover keywords, create easy to use keyword lists and of course find keywords that I want to target.

So directly below here you’ll find my new video + writeup on Keyword Canine and then below that I’ll still leave up the old one.

This will allow you to see changes with this tool and I do believe the first review gave out some great information still.

Now Called Keyword Canine 3.0

I will show you how I personally use it to uncover keywords.

I know some of you do not care for video so I also included a walk-through with pictures below.

First, login to Keyword Canine.

Next, you’ll be at your Keyword Canine dashboard.

keyword canine dashboard

A. Click “Tools”

Next, you’ll want to make a selection on the tools menu.

Keyword Canine Review 3.0

A. Select “Keyword Explorer”

Next, you’ll want to think of a topic or keyword you want to explore more.

Explorer Menu

A. Type in a base keyword here

B. Select the country you’re in

C. Click “Explore Keywords”

Next, below you’ll want to investigate your keyword phrase more

keyword canine walkthrough

A.  Click the little meter graphic to see the keywords difficulty

B.  Click the keyword to investigate the keyword further

C.  This is how many estimated monthly searches this keyword phrase gets.  I like all keywords even if they only have 20 searches/month

Select option B above by clicking on the keyword and let’s investigate further.

keyword metrics

In the graphic above you can see all of the keyword metrics.  I am not going to explain them all here but I will include several additional tutorial videos below that will walk you through these things.

I personally mainly look at the following metrics from the above.

  • Monthly Searches – This is how many monthly searches the keyword phrase receives
  • Average KCRank (Page) – This is how difficult the keyword is on a 0-10 scale (10 = hardest)
  • Average Page Links – This is how many backlinks are aimed at this specific page
  • Lowest Page Links (Top 5) – This shows the lowest scoring page in the top 5 ranked pages.  Low numbers are good here.

These metrics inside of Keyword Canine simply give you an overall look at how potentially difficult a keyword would be to rank for in search.

Additional Tutorial Videos That Will Show Everything You Can Do With This Tool

These additional tutorials will help you understand everything you need to know about using Keyword Canine in detail.

Navigating The Dashboard

Analysis Of Keyword Explorer

Amin covers a little more detail about the Keyword Explorer area than I do.  This is a great video if you need to understand some more of the finer points.

How To Use & Generate A Backlinks Report

The backlinks report let’s you breakdown your own websites backlinks or a competitors.  I like using this feature when I want a full breakdown of anchor text and all of my competitors links.

The Search Digger Tool

The Search Digger tool is what I often start with if I am looking to create a nice list of keywords that I want to investigate further.  I also use it for deep mining of keywords that do not have many searches that I can easily rank for.

Rank Tracker

This tool is great for tracking the rankings by keyword for any URL you want.  This includes yours or a competitors.

Keyword Optimizer Tool

Uncover keywords that your competitors are targeting that you may not be with this tool.  Then start targeting these keywords to your advantage.

Here Is My Previous Keyword Canine Review & Walk-Through

In this review I’ll cover my thoughts on Keyword Canine and a brief recap of Market Samurai.  In case you’re unaware, keyword tools help make keyword research MUCH faster and easier.

I picture tools in the same way a farmer pictures farm equipment.  We know how to do everything manually but why use a rake or a shovel or even a tiny tiller tool when you can use a giant tractor that does everything in a fraction of the effort and time?

I picture keyword tools like that as well.  You can manually go through and manually analyze ever bit of detail or just allow a program to sort and separate all the bits and pieces for you.

I suggest knowing how to do everything the manual way as well, but for the long haul, to be more productive,  I know what I’d choose.

Anyway, enjoy the walk-through below.


Check Out Keyword Canine Here…

Check Out Market Samurai Here… (Currently Free 12 Day Test Drive)


Watch My Market Samurai Review Here…

Transcript Of Above Video…..

Alright! One of the request I had a lot recently is “What’s better, Keyword Canine or Market Samurai?” Both of them are very good keyword tools. The two best on the market for what we like to do with niche blitzkrieg and just building niche sites and making money with us. So let me break down Keyword Canine for you just so you can get an idea exactly what you can do with this because a lot of people are confused about what the power of Keyword Canine is and, you know, “Oh, it’s just another” a lot of people thought, “Oh, it’s just another keyword tool and things like that.” But it’s actually a very good tool and I want to break down how you can use it to make some money for yourself. So, here we go.

The first area you get after you get your Keyword Canine account. You’ll come in. You are able to do up to 250 queries a day right now. That’s an awful lot. You’d have to do a lot of keyword research to burn through 250 in a day. I do believe at some point they’re planning on raising that quota, that query quota.Note: the quota as of January, 2016 is now 15,000/month!

So, what you want to do, you can select what country you’re in or what country you’d like to view your keywords from, okay, for competition, and you can enter your keywords here. Now, what I’m going to do is just come up with a, just the keyword here. So we’ll come up, let’s do “organic cat treats.” Okay, we’ll just do a random one off the top of my head. I have no clue what’s going to come up here.

So, I just want to show you exactly how I look at this data. Okay, you can see they put the nice little animation and the dog in there, not really necessary but it adds a cool effect I guess why it’s finding your keywords. And after just a few seconds it will pull up a results ranking screen. And once it does that, we’ll be able to analyze the data. So let’s wait for this. It should just be another couple of seconds. It’s pretty quick. Okay. It comes up and what you’ll be able to quickly see here and I just want to go through this very briefly so you understand what they are. The first thing you’ll notice is this little box here that shows if the keyword is going to be easy or hard to rank for. If it’s green and says easy, it’s easy. NOTE: In the update easy and very easy are gone but moderate seems easy enough.

There is also a very easy. There is a moderate which is a yellow one. There’s a hard which is red and then there’s a fierce which has a flame and anytime you get the flame you just want to kind of avoid that niche market. Now the other cool thing, just real quick, that makes this interesting is it quickly tells you if a domain is available for it, okay? So, if there’s a domain down here, you’ll be able to see that “Hey, you can exact match rank for this right away.” So if there was a .com, .net or .org, info or .us open, you’ll be able to go ahead and register those domains very, very quickly, okay? So that’s the two things that I like to point out right away because they’re the two things I really like to look for. Is it easy and is a domain available? So you can quickly exact match.

The other thing up here, it shows you your global monthly searches, okay, estimated global monthly searches, the estimated cost per click an advertiser pays, so if you’re throwing ads and stuff on these sites, it will quickly show you about how much an advertiser’s paying and, you know, no one really knows exactly how much your cut of that is but some people estimate between 40% and 60% of that cut is yours. So, if you already get a click on that, you know, that could give you an idea of what type of payout you’ll be getting.

The other things that it breaks down for you very fast are, does it have any local search abilities, the result count, how many pages are displaying, are displaying that, the quoted count so the exact match in quotes, the average PageRank on the top 10, so you can see the top 10 down here, the average PageLinks that are showing up, the average SiteLinks that are on it and then it breaks down the lowest PageRanks which are, you know, if the PageRanks are all high like 6 or 7’s, you’ll probably want to stay out of that niche market if you’re looking for something you can make money in right away. But if, and also it shows you here the lowest SiteLinks, so the lowest site showing up, but that’s to the entire domain not to that exact page. So as you can see down here and we’re going to get into this in a second, some of these pages that are showing up here have zero links coming to them, okay? So, they’re just basically ranking off the power from the links coming in to the main domain.

Okay. So, let’s look at a couple other things. I just broke all this down for you up here and how you can quickly figure things out from there. Let’s look down here what, the other thing that I really like with this tool is that it breaks down the top 10 on Google, on Google’s rankings and you can go through these and it will also show you social elements, how many Facebook likes that particular page has, how many Tweets, how many times that’s been Tweeted out and if it has any Google Plus’s for that page because some of these elements are starting to help in the search engine ranks, okay? So, some of these are starting to help.

So, it breaks it down and lets you know if there’s any social stuff going on, on this too. And as you can see, the top one has no social stuff going on, no links coming in to that exact page. So it’s all based off of this SiteLink power that it’s getting to the main domain. Well, you could easily take this keyword, build a site, an exact match domain and start building some links to it, start, you know, share it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, Google Plus it, get other people to do it and if you put good information on there, other people will just naturally do this for you and that will help you boost up in the search engine ranks.

Okay. So it goes through all of that. Now let me show you some of the other cool things. If you go down to the bottom here, you’ll be able to see related keywords that are related to organic cat treats, some of these are longer tailed keywords like organic cat treat recipes, natural organic cat treats and you can click on those and break all of those down as well. Now, I want to take you through a couple other things here real quick. There’s a niche generator in here if you click niches. It will bring up various different niche markets that this tool has found that you could get in to and you can actually separate them by category. So you can separate them by difficulty if you want and filter that. So, like I selected very easy.

So, these keywords down below are keywords that Keyword Canine believes are very easy for you to rank for and it’s been filtered out that way. So you can go through these and actually find some cool keywords. I’ve already done it. I was able to quickly build a Squidoo Lens and a domain and get them ranked pretty fast. So, it does work. I like this feature. The only thing is and one of my colleagues noted this to me as well, we were talking about this the other day, this doesn’t give you a lot of big domains so you’re not going to be able to build a big mega-site off of one of this usually but you’re going to be able to build a more of your exact match domain smaller market domain. So, something you can get some quick strikes in and make some quick money but nothing you’re probably going to be able to bank 2,000, 3,000 dollars a month with, but stuff that you can bank, you know, 100-200 bucks a month with but you would just build a bunch of those, okay, to scale that up. So that’s one thing that we noted with the niche finder.

Okay. So let’s go on here because there’s a bunch to show you with this and I want to get it through this and not take up a full day to show you this. The other thing you can do. You can create reports. And if you click reports and you go here to create reports, you can put in a domain and you can build a report on that. It will show you how many links are coming in and a bunch of various information. So that’s a cool way to get some analysis on your competitors. So you can try to outrank them and outdo them and it will show you where the links are coming from. So, you might be able to go out and get those same links and add some to your portfolio. So, really cool feature here. And the reports will store under here and they take a few minutes to generate. But they’ll store under here. You can click it and you can view it.

Okay. Another thing here is the boost. And this is pretty cool. I’ve used this once. I’m still waiting on my results because it’s still early in the whole process. But this boost service, right now they give you 3 credits that you can use and I believe they might be every month. I don’t remember exactly how this works right now. But I do know one thing with this. They are working on creating where you get a lot more credits with your account for the year. They are just doing a test to see if people are interested in this right now. Very, very cool feature! Now, and let me tell you what the boost does. So let’s say you build a domain or you build a website based off on one of the keywords you find in here.

You build the website. You can come in to this. You can put your website URL in. You can put the site title, your site description. Put the category of what your site is about. Put some keywords in the box. Make a pen-name or use your name and then put your email address in here and click submit my boost job. And what will happen is over, I believe it’s a 15 day period, you will get links coming back to your website automatically. So, you don’t have to do the link building for it. I’m looking forward to see how many credits they’ll actually pump this up to because eventually if they had a lot of credits, that would be very cool to do and I think that’s the route they’re going to end up going. John is really great with the feedback that they get from this kind of stuff.

Okay. And then if you need any tutorials to do anything or you want to get some deeper analysis on anything, use the tutorials that are over here, you’ll be able to learn how to do everything in here. Now, in my ultimate final analysis of this product, it’s a very good product. It’s something that breaks a niche market down into more detail. The one thing I like to use this in conjunction with market samurai. And I’ll tell you why everyone is going “Ugh, I don’t have to buy 2 tools, do I?” But here’s the thing.

This is more of a, it’s like a faster analysis like if you want to know something pretty quick on a certain keyword, keyword canine is a lot faster, you’re going to find the details and you’re going to be able to see if it’s easy to rank for right away, it’s all color-coded. And with Market Samurai, what I like to do with it, if I want to break down a large niche, I want to use Market Samurai because that helps me grab all the keywords that are based on that niche like you can find, very quickly find hundreds of keywords that go with a certain keyword. This is more of, you’re breaking down 1 or 2 keywords at a time but it can really come in handy if you’re in the whole niche marketing game.

Big Take Away From My Keyword Canine Review:

“Ultimately, I use both, I give them both an A, I love both products.”

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of updates they do with Keyword Canine. But right now I use it a lot and I’ve been playing around with it. It’s early in the day so you can see I’ve only done the 1 search query here. But I plan on using this to build a lot of different sites, building a lot of different social sites and building a lot of exact match domain stuff. So, that’s my take on it. Get them both. But if you can only afford one or the other right now, I would say it depends on what you’re doing.

If you’re building the fast niche sites, probably go with Keyword Canine. If you’re really looking to build an overall long-term strategy, I would go with Market Samurai. And one thing to keep in mind, Market Samurai comes with a free trial, Keyword Canine doesn’t and Keyword Canine right now is $197 a year or I think you can get Market Samurai at $147 for life. So, you know, it’s up to what you want to spend. But ultimately, I think this keyword tools do two totally different things in the long run of their outcome. So, I really like this tool. But again, it’s going to be up to what you want to do. And if you have any questions, just simply ask me below. Okay. Thanks again and I’ll see you in another video.

Final Note On This Review

A final note on the Keyword Canine review and Market Samurai walk-through:  Both are high quality tools.  Keyword Canine now offers so many additional features I am starting to like it even more.

Check Out Keyword Canine Here…

Check Out Market Samurai Here… (Currently Free 12 Day Test Drive)


Watch My Market Samurai Review Here…

Do you use either of these tools?  What are your thoughts?  Favorites?  Use something else?  Let us know below!



Build A Website By Product Or Topic?

When it comes to making money online and building a niche affiliate blog there are 2 ways you can do it.

#1.   By Topic

#2.  By Product

Both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you are creating a blog based on a topic you have a clear road to building a much larger website but you’ll sacrifice some of the targeted content.

A topic covers a more broad range of a niche rather than a product which is focused mainly on one item or type of item.  Let me give you some examples of blogs based on topic using certain keywords:

Celebrity Gossip


Home Improvement

Pet Care

Self Help

That is just a few of the millions of possible topics.  You’ll notice the ones I mentioned above could easily have thousands of pages/posts added to the site.  This makes it easy to build a massive website that can gain mass exposure and make you great money online.

So what is the downside? 

You need to be organized or you’ll get lost while you’re in the building mode.  Staying focused and writing down several keywords early on will help immensely.

You’ll also spend much of your time working on link building on a site like this.  But, you’ll be able to do a little each day or week and your site will grow to a pretty amazing site.

Slower start up is also expected.  Since your blog will be about a topic ranking the home page will be more difficult. 

To get the most out of a site like this I recommend using tools like Market Samurai for keyword research and 1 Way Links to automate your link building process.

On the flip side of selecting a topic let’s take at what a product style website might be based on keywords:

IPhone Accessories

Flat Screen TVs

Tractor Parts

Knitting Supplies

Beer Recipes

This is just a few of the millions of possible niche sites based on a product or type of product.  Below I’ll explain the good and bad.

Let’s look at the good stuff first. 

Much easier to start and get ranked in the search engines for.  It’s much easier to exact match and try to rank for a keyword based on a simple product.  The reason?  Usually a product has far fewer monthly searches than a topic and that usually means much less competition (but not always).

A product based website is usually a quick build.  Often, a website build around a product will not be a large build.  Because there aren’t that many keywords based on the product you can usually build an entire product based website in less than 20-30 pages/posts and as few as 5 or 10.  This means that you can usually build an entire website with full content in under a couple of weeks.

Product sites also lead to not becoming overly bored.  Because you can build them quickly you’ll be less likely to get bored with the topic.  When we get bored with things we are less likely to work on the things that make us feel that way.  This is the part we can damn our short attention spans as humans.

Less confusion is another great thing about building a small website.  If you are building a site with 500 pages it can become more confusing to work with than a smaller site with 20 pages.

Let’s take a look at the bad side of building a product based website.

Product based websites are limited.  Let’s face it; they can only grow as the industry grows.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s assume you built a website based around a certain toy.  Let’s assume that toy has currently about 20 different keywords that you can base certain pages of your site on.  Unless the company adds to the product selection of that toy or adds new features your site can’t possibly develop many new keywords based on that particular product.  Therefore, you are limited whereas with a topic you wouldn’t be.

Limited searches are also a problem.  As I mentioned above building a site by topic usually allows you to build a big site with many pages.  Typically, the fewer amounts of pages/posts you build, the less amount of traffic you’ll receive.  This can limit your growth as well.

These types of sites have a lower income in the long run.  The larger the site the larger the overall income for the long haul (typically).  A site that you can continue to add pages/posts to over a longer period of time usually can make much more money as well.

In closing I just want to share what I believe you should do if you’re just starting out.  I always say, start small.  Go for the product site, learn, get your feet wet and then as you get better and start making more money build the larger more competitive sites!  But, start small.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it started with one block.  You should use Rome as an example minus the whole internal implosion thing! smiley

By starting with smaller sites it allows you to stay focused, construct a site that you can make money with and at the same time you’re learning a lot of new things.  The knowledge you’re learning is the most important thing because you’ll never lose that!  Start with the small products sites and work your way up to the large scale topic styled sites.


Are Your Web Pages Optimized?

Are your web pages optimized?

If not you’re probably missing out on a lot of sales or ad clicks.

The better your site is optimized the better your results are.

However, even looking inside of Niche Blitzkrieg’s website review section one thing we see often is websites not living up to their potential simply because their optimization is poor.

Good optimization means….

*Having your keywords in the title and header of your web site

*Using your keywords and related words on the web page itself

*Not over using the keywords (be at the optimal level of keyword density)

*Adding in an occasional H1 H2 and H3 tag on your pages (you can do this through your dashboard in WordPress on the post/page editor

*Using “alt” tags on images (remember search engines can’t read images only text… so you need to tell the search engines what your images are about

*Using the occasional bolded, italics and underline keywords

See all of these things help you organically rank in the search engines.  This is how websites with less backlinks can often outrank websites with many more backlinks.  It’s because search engines see well optimized websites as more “important” for their topic than websites poorly optimized.


One thing I use to optimize my web pages and posts for my niche sites

is a new cool (check it out right here)<<==== I highly recommend this…


This tool checks all the parameters I mentioned above and does it in about 5-10 seconds….

It’s cheap and easy to use and affordable.  It’s a simple tool that you simply install on your computer and at any time you want you can check any of your webpages/posts out and see if they need anything optimized.  It will tell you what you’re pages/posts are missing and you simply just need to correct anything in RED. 

If you can’t afford the tool or just don’t want to spend the money right now, you at least need to manually check the things I mentioned above.  Make sure you’re doing them and your sites WILL rank better in the long term.

Ranking higher in the search engines provides more visibility to your site and the more visible your site is, the more money you are likely to make.