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How To Find Hot Niche Trends Before They Are Saturated

I have been on a niche research kick recently.  If you’re part of my 7 Day Training here or my complete Niche 60 training here, this will help out big time!

I have a GREAT tutorial on finding hot niche market trends. I decided to create this tutorial because I often get asked how to find a hot new niche before 1 million other people jump on board.  This can be a great way to uncover a hot niche before it’s over-exposed and being a early adopter in the new industry can help give you a voice.

Several people have told me I have an uncanny ability for uncovering hot niche markets with ease.  Well, let me share a few little tricks I use to do this.

I’ve discussed some parts of this before but I am going to take you a down a slightly different road here.

Step 1: You Need An Idea

So to start you can use one of my previous niche finding tutorials.  You can find my 17 ways to find a niche here and my niche ideas post.

Now, it’s important to note that at some point you’re going to want to do some keyword research on any niche market that you find.  However, in this tutorial I am just going to show you how to know if it’s growing or declining.

You’ll also want to dedicate a little bit of time to light reading each month.  I like to scope out sites like INC, Business News Daily, Forbes and Bloomberg Business.  The reason I glance at these monthly is because you’ll often find article entries like this.  Notice the wealth of knowledge on upcoming or rising markets.

I can usually easily find several dozen new markets anytime I search at the websites listed above alone!

Step 2: Search In Google Trends

Google trends is the best place to gather Intel on any niche market.  Through this tool you can see if it’s on the rise, decline, holding steady is is a stellar breakout.

Breakout means it’s moving up fast and did so recently.

Watch me investigate “essential oils” below.

finding hot trends online

A. Type your keyword here

B. Change the setting via any country (I usually leave it on worldwide)

C. This shows the term you typed in here.

Next, you’ll see a series of charts and graphs pop up.

This first box will show you a line graph of the terms rise or fall in search.  Look at that massive spike from 2014 – 2016!  This graph will give you a visual look at how popular the industry is becoming.  Notice that this market has been around for a while but it wasn’t popular until recently.  This is the EXACT kind of market we want to find!

This next graph shows the countries who are interested in this market.  United States and Canada are #1 and #2 but don’t discount the ones in the 30-50 index as well.
The final graph on the page shows the terms on a scale of 0-100.  This will help you decide the popularity of the term.  You can also see various related breakout terms in the industry as well.  Just click the little button that says “rising” to get that data.  Anything listed as a BREAKOUT is hot!

Step 3: Researching The Trend

Now that you know how to do that, what can you do with this data?

Well now you can plug it into any keyword tool.  You can use paid keyword tools like Market Samurai, Keyword Canine or you could simply just use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool or SEOBook Keyword Tool.  My favorite way is with either Market Samurai or Keyword Canine because they’ll make your job even easier.

Using Keyword Canine I this is easy.  (By The Way I Have A Full Review Of Keyword Canine Here).

hottest niche trends with tools

A. I entered the search term here.

B. I checked how competitive it is here (39/100 which is decently easy!)

C.  Tons of searches at 9900/month – wow!

Watch Me Do The Above On Video:

As you can see from just a little work I was able to uncover a pretty new hot trend that is growing, that has plenty of searches and isn’t incredibly difficult to rank for.  Make sure to watch my tutorial for how to find easy to rank for keywords as well.  You can combine these tactics for awesome results!

So there you have it.  Seem pretty easy?  It is.

However, sometimes you can be in research mode for hours.  But, you can come out with an amazing new and fresh niche market this way.

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Also if you have any questions please ask!


Finding Low Competition Keywords The Easy Way

We’re all looking for that low hanging fruit aren’t we?  You know, those keywords that lack crazy competition.  Well today I’m going to show you how to find them through a walk-through and then even provide you with a video to demonstrate.

Whether you’re a student of Niche60 already, going through my Free 7-Day Affiliate Marketing Training or it’s your first time here but you’re into building your online business this post should be something you put into action immediately.

Today I am talking about finding low competition keywords that you can rank for in search.

What Are The Point Of These Keywords?

Low competition usually means easier to rank for.  But, I am going to show you some things that will make you determine their profitability as well!  Easy to rank + make more money = awesome.

I think long term you want to do more with your website than just rank in search for low competition keywords.  However, that doesn’t mean that finding low competition keywords shouldn’t be on your “to-do” list.

I think, especially early on on your website, low competition can be a great thing but you can also build an Instagram following, various other forms of social media or even an email list.  It doesn’t matter if you’re building an affiliate marketing business or building an eCommerce website search rankings are still extremely beneficial.

For now our focus is easy to rank for keywords so you can grow your sales.

So Follow Along With Me Here

First make sure you’ve went through my keyword research training at some point so you understand the purpose of keywords and how to do initial keyword research.

Also understand that finding these keywords can be useful for anything from posts on your website, articles, guest posting or even for posts on additional sources like  Basically, with these keywords you can use them virtually anywhere that you want.

Next you need to have a special keyword tool.  For this tutorial I am use Keyword Canine.  You can get a monthly or even a yearly subscription.  If you cannot afford a keyword tool right now you’ll need to save up as you make some money or save money by reducing your own personal expenditures(read about saving money for your business here).

By the way this isn’t the only thing you can do with this tool I demonstrate it’s usefulness here. So be sure to check that out when you get a chance.

OK, back to this tutorial.

Start Here: Open Up Keyword Canine In Your Browser

Once you’re logged in just follow my screen shots here.

light competition keywords starter

A. Select “Easy Keywords”

Next, you’ll be at the Easy Keywords prompt.

keywords inside

A. Type any keywords you want here (start with something you know)

B. Put a minimum monthly searches number here.  I like 5+

C. This only matters for Adwords and Adsense customers I use .02

D. Select between 20-100 results

E. Select the country you want investigate in

F. Click “find Keywords”

Next, the results will propagate below.

researching your keywords

A. This is how many results showed up

B. If you want to make the search more exact repeat your keywords here to remove anything that doesn’t contain this term

C. This is the keyword being view

D. This is the 1st site ranked in Google for that term

E. This is how many site links are coming back to that site (the lower the easier the keyword is – generally)

F. This is the site trust flow (the low the easier the keyword competition is)

G. This is the citation flow (the lower the lower competition the keyword is – generally)

H. Approx. monthly searches that keyword phrase receives

I. Cost Per Click (approx.) I never use this column

So using the image above what we’re looking for are keywords ranking in search with lower site links, and low CF and TF (I like under 30 for both)

Next, you can more deeply analyze each keyword you’re interested in.

analyze keywords

A. Select any keywords you want to analyze deeper

B. Click “Explore Keywords”

Then in a new window you’ll see this screen.

low competition keywords complete

A. You’ll see your keywords here

B. Click “Explore Keywords” to reveal additional keywords based on the original search

C. Check any keywords under the DF column but clicking the little gray meter to the left

Here what you’re looking for are keywords that have a light orange, yellow or green on the meter.

The easiest keywords will be in green.  It’s rare to find green keyword here but they are awesome when you do.

Video Walk-Through Of Above Low Competition Keyword Research

If you’d like to watch additional keyword canine walk-through visit this page.  I have a few setup plus some great tutorials by some of the guys who work with Keyword Canine.

Take Action: Find 10-20 Light Orange, Yellow or Green Keywords in Your Niche

Save these keywords and download them to your computer (those features are right there inside Keyword Canine – see my full review here.

Then create content for your websites based on those keywords.

If you do this every month you should have a website brimming with great long-tailed keywords that can bring you extra traffic from the search engines.  Remember to ALWAYS create great content in the process for the best results.

Tell Me What You Think!

Share your thoughts below or ask a question if you’ve got one.  Do you plan to use these tactics?  Already doing this?  Are you doing something you like better already?  Do you think you could find low competition keywords this way?

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Niche Ideas For Affiliate Marketing Or For Building A Brand

I think as entrepreneurs it’s easy to sometimes overlook the great niche ideas that sit right in front of your face.  In this training today, I am going to give you a bunch of great niche ideas to get you started on your business. Additionally, I am going to show you some sites that are already in these niche markets that I think are well put together.  These examples should help kick-start your creativity.

Whether you’re into affiliate marketing like I train about here and at my complete course here or you’re into creating your own brand like I train here (coming very soon – it’s not open yet) you can use these ideas as your own niche or you can branch off of the ideas to create something entirely new.  Find a niche market you like below.  After looking through my niche ideas below, the goal is to simply get you motivated to think about what niche you’d like to get into not necessarily these exact niche examples.

fitness niche ideasGetting In Shape Niche:

This is an evergreen niche that will NEVER get old.  Sure it can be competitive but if you really learn the subject this is something that you can get into and make a great living at.

Here are a few people that are doing an amazing job teaching you how to get in shape while making money in their niche doing it.

  • Muscle For Life – Focuses on muscle, lifetime fitness etc.  Great stuff.  Plus, he not only promotes things as an affiliate but creates his own products.  This is a great business model.
  • Kinobody – Great focus on building muscle.
  • Ice Cream Gal – Great site for women’s fitness and weight loss.
  • Muscle Old School – Brent does a great job here of focusing on real strength training using old school methods.

The sites above are just to give you some examples.  However, if you want to really niche down you can do your keyword research and find a niche based on getting in shape easily.

I.e. let’s say you drill down and go after strength training for older men or women.  Perhaps you want to focus on fat loss or a specific segment of the market like getting a 6 pack set of abs, stronger and leaner arms or even how to have a great butt.  Just in the weight loss industry alone, there are thousands of potential niche variants.

Gardening Niche Marketgardening niche

This niche is vast just like getting in shape. This can range from small to large gardening to organic and so on.  Check out some of the sites that are doing this very well.

  • – They don’t just sell the products they discuss using them and gardening methods in posts.  Great site for the gardening enthusiast.
  • Away To Garden – This site is brilliant.  You can tell when you arrive there that she really knows her stuff.  Look at the information she’s sharing – it says TRUST.

Again with a little bit of effort and keyword research, you can dig into this topic and find a niche idea that makes sense to you.  The key is just to get busy and make sure you’re passionate about it.

Do You Like The Niches Ideas So Far?

I have some more interesting niche ideas for you below.

organic nicheThe Organic – Everything Niche.

As people become more concerned with GMOs (genetically modified organisms) the entire organic segment will grow larger.  Over the last decade it has already grown exponentially and I think it’s going to continue this trend.

This opens up the door for the niche segments of the organic industry.  I.e. organic skin care, organic baby care, organic foods, specialty organic diets and more.  Using a tool called Keyword Canine, I get over 1033 keywords!  Inside those 1033 are potentially hundreds of niche market ideas waiting for you to tap into.

Here are some people who I believe are doing a great job in the organic niche markets.

  • Natural Dog Care – Great resource for the organic dog food niche market.
  • Organic Candy – They are selling their own brand here but they could easily write about this niche. If they weren’t selling their own they could also be affiliates.

Being A Mom or Dad Nichemommy blogger niche

I always liked the idea of the mom/dad blogger niche.  I’ve never decided to create in this niche myself but it’s vast and there is a never-ending list of topics you can discuss in this niche; not to mention an unlimited amount of profitability.  If you’re a parent think of all the things you’ve learned as being one.  Think of all of the things you had to figure out.  Guess what?  Millions of other people are looking for the answers you’ve already discovered!

Here are a couple sites doing this niche justice.

  • Dad Blogger – I really liked the style used at this site.
  • Mom Blogger – This site is massive and well kept.  Also great work on social media here.

There are so many other great parenthood blogs out there but I just wanted to share a couple that had a different “edge” to them.

Additional Things To Help Get You In The Niche You Want To Be In

I hope you enjoyed me sharing some niche ideas that I not only find interesting but evergreen.  I wanted to make sure to share examples so you could see how people are creating content in these niche markets and give you some ideas to get you started.

There are literally millions of niche markets out there and it simply takes time, research and deep thought to generate your own niche ideas until you find the one that is perfect for you.

Once you find a niche you really like then it’s time to get started so you can be on the road to making money online.  The best thing you can do for yourself is sitting alone in silence and think of a niche you’d like to be in, one you’re good at or one you’d love to learn.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that will help you discover a great niche.

  • 101 Niche Markets – Additional niche markets you might be interested in.
  • Another Great Niche Research Tutorial
  • Finding Your Passion – This is my advice for how and why to find your passion.  Finding a niche that matches your passion is a winning combination.  If you don’t currently have a passion you can simply get into a niche that you think you’ll be passionate about.  Once you learn more about the niche usually that passion can blossom.
  • Ways To Find Your Niche – I show you 17 places where you can find a niche without even doing keyword research yet.
  • Keyword Research Your Niche – This will help you discover how many people are searching for this information and show you who is also in this niche already.

Like the niche ideas, I shared here today?  It would mean a lot to me if you’d share this post on social media with your friends.  This helps people who need the advice and it helps me spread the word so I can keep creating the information that you want to see here!

Question or comment?  Submit it below.

How To Figure Out What You Want To Sell Online In Your Webstore With Just These 3 Things

When you are planning to start an online business that sells physical products you need to figure out what you want to sell online.

In learning about physical product creation and affiliate marketing I have found an immediate parallel of success in both fields.

Three Simple Things

I am going to give you some personal advice today based positive and negative results I have personally encountered.

First here are the three things that will help you find a market that will lead to success.  These 3 things will help you figure out what you want to sell online in marketplaces and your own webstore.

  1. Pick A Passion
  2. Pick Something You’ll Commit Too
  3. Pick A Market With Money In It

Now I am going to explain these things above and guide you through figuring out how to choose products that fit for you personally.

The Passion Products

This isn’t always easy but you need to determine if you’re passionate about something.  If you’re not passionate about anything you’ll struggle to communicate effectively with potential buyers and you’ll struggle to make the gains you’d like in this market.

I’ve found over the years that people are often passionate about things but think they do not have a passion.

So below is a list of things that could lead you to find your passion.

  • A hobby
  • Something you’re already good at
  • Something you have vast knowledge in
  • Something you do daily
  • Something that makes you excited
  • Something that you find fun every time you discuss it
  • Something you wouldn’t have a problem explaining to a friend over a beer,glass of wine or coffee

See the things above are often passions that many people do not recognize as passions.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you collect model trains and train sets, landscape and tracks.  You basically love building these and look forward to working on the layouts etc.

This is likely a passionate hobby you’re involved in.  How cool would it be to be able to create your own line of train sets, tracks and landscapes?  How cool would it be to make money doing that?

That was a rather easy example.  Let me give you another example based on a topic rather than a product to start with.

Let’s say you love gardening.  Every year you plant a garden and harvest your rewards at the picking season.

How awesome would it be to create your own gardening line of tools and equipment?  Again, wouldn’t it be amazing to make money doing this?

Maybe you don’t do much with gardening but you love canning fruits and vegetables during harvest season.  How great would it be to develop your own line of canning supplies?

My guess is if you’re passionate it’d be great.

No Passion Leads To Fizzling Out

Now picture creating products in a field where you are not passionate.  Think about a line of products that you would hate to deal with on a daily basis.

Sometimes all the money in the world couldn’t keep your interest if you do not like the industry.  I really try to steer clear of products like this myself.

I’ve been in niche markets that I have no interest in and the ideas start strong but my lack of interest leads to the idea of continuing that niche to fizzle out.

I wanted you to picture that because I would advise you to ignore that route.

It’s Not Just About Passion

Passion can help steer us in the right direction and passions are important, but they are not everything.

Read on and I’ll explain why.

Committing To Your Products

You must still find a market that you’ll commit yourself and time to.

You can be extremely passionate about something but also not want to commit to creating products in that field.

A quick example would be if you love discussing politics but you wouldn’t love creating products like t-shirts or books around that field.  I’m not saying that t-shirts and books are the only thing that sells in politics as there is obviously so much more.  However, I just wanting to give you a basic example to increase your understanding.

Maybe the thought of creating products in this field sounds fun but you wouldn’t want to create new products in this field over and over again?

These are questions to ask yourself before selecting the niche you’d like to be involved in.

Perhaps there aren’t many products you can think of creating in this field?  I.e. let’s say you can only think of 1 product for this particular industry.  Think long and hard about if getting into that field is worth it.

Sometimes it is.  Other times, especially if you can’t think of continuing to grow a product line, it might become simply mundane and you’ll feel it’s not worth your time.

Money Is Important For  A Product Niche

Sometimes passion and commitment aren’t the final factor.  Nope, sometimes it’s the market.  Some markets are too narrow and don’t have enough money flowing into them.

So before you jump into a market you need to see if there is some demand for it.  If there is little to no demand it might not be the best market for you.

How To Determine If There’s Money In The Market

The following factors will help you determine if an industry is making money or not.

  • Look to see if there are competitors
  • Look to see if your competitors have any “sales” interaction on social media
  • Search Google Trends for various keywords to see if there is movement
  • Pay attention to the media
  • Do a simple Google search on the industry

No Competitors Is A Red Flag

If you can’t search the Internet and find a competing website you may not be entering a good field.

Look, everything has been done before.  You’re not looking to reinvent the wheel you’re simply looking to get the wheel moving.

So if something isn’t being done at all it usually means that the market just isn’t there.

Of course, you may have a great idea for a product line that isn’t currently being addressed properly and this is good.  But, if you look around and there is no one doing anything in that field, watch out.

Sales interaction will help you figure out what you want to sell online

This is sometimes hard to find but it’s something I tend to look at.  Visit your competitors on social media and look to see what people are saying.

Are people talking about how much they love buying their products?  If so, that’s a great sign.  Just pay attention to interaction.  Look for anything that can denote that people are buying this company’s products.  If they are, this is good for you.

If you can’t find much about information about someone buying from this company it shouldn’t deter you still unless other factors I mention here are not met.

Good Ole’ Google Trends

I have loved Google Trends since it was created for the public.  Google Trends let’s you search industries via search keywords and see how much they are being searched for online.

Here is the beauty of this.

You can type in a search term in any industry and see where it’s rise  or fall have started or ended.

Check this out.

Let’s say you wanted to look for the term “buy a drone”

You simply type it into the Trends Search Box and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

google trends for products

Then, you’ll be able to see a nice graph come up showing when it started getting a number of searches and from which countries.

drone search

You’ll notice on this graph that right before 2013 people started searching for this term and it’s done nothing but climb since.

This shows that there is a market for this.  I deliberately looked at “buy a drone” because I wanted to see if people are looking to spend money on this type of product.

From this I can determine that there “IS” money in this industry.

The Media

Of course the media is an easy source to find what people are talking about.  I still remember when people first started talking about drones; the media discussed it daily.  This showed the early signs that a market was emerging.

By watching media trends and paying attention to sites like INC.COM will help you see what new start-ups are doing well and what is being predicted for the future.

A Simple Google Search

You’d be surprised at how much information you can find by just using Google, Bing and other search engines.

Try this.  Think of a market, go to a search engine now and type in “your market sales statistics.”

In my example below I search for “Gift basket sales statistics.”

search the net

Well, what do you know!  The first result is several years old but it still discusses stats.  Scrolling down a little bit I can look to see if there is anything more recent.

If all else fails I can always put this term into Google Trends and see which way the arrow is pointing.  Pretty easy eh?

A Task For You

Using everything I’ve demonstrated above make a list of topics that you are passionate about, or believe you’re possibly passionate about.

Then think about the industry.  Would you like to be in this market?

Do you think you’d like to make an entire product line here?

Then finally check to see if there is money in the market.

That’s it!

Go ahead and try it out.  If you have any questions, just ask.


My Niche Blog Update — Now: $2323.79

A month ago I put out a report on a site of mine I created that started cranking out some nice profit for me (you can read about that here and I’ll show you what I did step by step).

The nice news is my results have increased exponentially.  The site has now brought in $2323.79 in under 3 full months.

Here are the stat shots: (Sorry for the watermarks but I’ve had people steal my images before…)


Clicks: 4190

Commissions: $2323.79

Conversion Rate: 6.85%

Here Is October’s Outlook So Far:


Clicks: 3,100

Commissions: $1778.78

Conversions: 6.74%

As you can see the bulk of my sales occurred in October.  This is great news as it means the site is getting more popular.  I also added  3rd affiliate program to the site in late September.

The only bad result is that the 3rd affiliate program I’ve added isn’t converting very well so I’ll probably get rid of it at the end of the month.

My conversions have been pretty good (over 6%) as anything over 2% is considered good in my book.  The reason I have such high conversions is because I am following my own tips on conversions here.  I am not sure I can improve those numbers but I am going to try to do so by adding some more large click-able images and by adding more sales type posts rather than informative.

Let’s take a peek at my traffic stats for the site.  Keep in mind nearly all of my traffic is organic from search.


As you can see I am ranking for about 1240 keywords.  Most of these are not by design, it’s just from making sure that my posts are on topic and that I am fully explaining the subject to my audience as I teach here.  Each post I made focused on 1 main keyword phrase and I did this knowing full well that if I explain my subject I’ll rank for those additional keywords.

At the end of the graph you can see I have a small dip in traffic.  This is due to some of my keywords fluctuating as normally happens in search especially for young sites.

I added only 6 posts since September 20th even though I have many more planned.  Adding more posts will greatly help increase my traffic and sales.

I also plan to rank better in Bing.  Currently the site isn’t ranking very well in Bing.  The reason?  I don’t have a ton of backlinks built to it so far.  Bing loves links and lots of them and until I ramp up the link building I’ll b a bit lower in Bing.  I am not sure when I’ll do my next round of link building, but, for now I am enjoying the sites success.

For keyword research I again used Keyword Snatcher to find several low volume but easily rank-able search terms in my niche.

Again, my link building was done using Rank Crew and getting a few additional links outside for indexing purposes early on.  I could have done all of this manually as I teach in Niche Blitzkrieg, but I wanted to save myself some time.

My Disappointments

I do have one disappointment with the site.

I haven’t worked on it as much as I would have liked.  Between the broken ankle, which is now finally about 80% and preparing to move, this has kept me busy and from making the money I want out of this niche.  I know the $2300+ is still good and I’m not complaining by any means, but I always strive for better results and I WILL get them.

My Success

I think overall the site is pretty successful and I think that anyone who puts their mind to building their site and ranking it can do this!  I am creating some training over at that will help anyone who wants it.

I feel good about the content of the site.  I feel as though I accomplished making a very nice site in the niche.

My Goals

I want to take this niche up to $20,000/month or more.  I fully believe it’s possible.  I plan to do this by simply increasing my traffic.  The site is currently averaging around $85 per day which equates to around $2550 per month.  So I’ll need to significantly increase my traffic to hit my goals.

Again, I fully believe it’s possible and I’ll be buckling down to hit those goals.

This post is short and sweet but I simply wanted to update you on how the sit is doing and offer you some encouragement.  If you put your mind to it, you can do whatever you want — so do it!

Personal Note: In December I’ll be starting a brand new podcast and maybe have some other surprises for you guys/gals.  You asked for moire of me and darn it you’re going to get it 🙂

Again, all of this teaching and more is inside Niche 60 in fact, it’s even better.

Like this post?  Share it with your friends on social media!  If you have any questions ask below.  Keep in mind many of the EXACT things I am doing on the site are already answered here.

Are you working on your niche?  What are your plans?  Need some advice?  Ask….


How I Made An Extra $280.41 In 54 Days In A Brand New Niche & With A Brand New Website

Like the headline says, this post is about how I made an extra $280.41 in 54 days in a brand new niche market… but… there’s a twist here — I built back links to only 2 pages on the entire site.

Quick Update: 10/2: The site is now climbing at a much faster pace and has earned $677.44 and the pace at which is makes money is on a huge uptick.

Sites always make money slower in the very beginning but once they become established and ranking well the money comes in at a much faster pace.

Here’s a screen shot:

commission update

I am also going to show you how you can do it too.

Before I dig into this,  showing you how I did it and how you can too; I want to go into a couple of details.

In the last couple of months I’ve been slowly piecing together a new training course for people and you can find it here at Niche 60.

However, it’s going to be a great learning center for people who are working on building an online income.  It will be doubly awesome for all of my current Niche Blitzkrieg members because it will help supplement their current learning and reinforce ideas taught.

The Idea Behind This Experiment…

Aside from just wanting to make more money I wanted to build a new website to demonstrate how you can do the same thing, using the same techniques I am.

About 5 Weeks ago I was helping one of my family members move some things around and unfortunately I stepped in a hole in the yard and my ankle rolled up on me.

I limped around thinking it would heal up over about a week long period…

…The result?

My first broken bone!

While it seems like a better thing to break than say, my hands, it really hasn’t been a picnic and has caused me several delays in the project.  I have to basically keep it elevated 24/7 right now.

I really believe had this not happened a higher amount of income would have followed in this niche much faster.  That said, the cash will come in soon enough.

Anyway, I have at least another week off, in a boot, so after that I’ll probably put some hardcore focus into this niche market because I think it has the potential to make $20,000 per month or more if I really work on the traffic.

The truth is, most niche markets can pull money like that if you’re willing to focus on it and commit to it.

Here Are My Results From The Niche So Far


  • Clicks: 493
  • Sales: 44
  • Commissions: $280.41

I have 2 different affiliate programs on this site.  The first one is pays around 35% and the second one pays around 6%.

While the first affiliate program had 8 less sales it made substantially more money.

Just, something to keep in mind when you’re choosing an affiliate program.

However, any affiliate program would work.

The price of the products promoted on the site are anywhere between $6-$60, nothing higher.

Here Are My Traffic Stats:

search queries

900 clicks on 391 search terms.  I do not have 391 posts on this website.  In fact, I only currently have 28 posts on the site!

So my posts are ranking for several different keywords.

Up until a week ago I wasn’t even on page 1 for my main keyword phrase.  I am not even in the top 6 currently, but, I am working on improving this.

But, I’ll show you in a few moments why it doesn’t even matter or not if I am ranking in the top 10 for my main keywords right now anyway.

So Here’s What I Am Doing

First, I spent a few good hours doing keyword research.  I used two tools.

You can of course do all of this manually, but, this saved me days of research and made it easier to know how strong the keyword phrase I wanted to rank for was.

Since I know the question will come up; if you need to select one tool over the other, right now I’d select Keyword Canine because of the easy to follow color codes. Keyword Snatcher can wait until later if you need to wait on a tool.

I found my main keyword by brainstorming a niche and then doing keyword research to find a keyword I liked.

Do not neglect keyword research, it’s vital to your success.

How Strong Was My Keyword Competition?

Using Keyword Canine I found a keyword that I really liked that had MEDIUM COMPETITION and about 1900 searches per month (this has increased to about 2400 recently).

Here is a shot of how it looked in Keyword Canine.


As you can see in Keyword Canine it tells me how easy the keyword phrase is to rank for by listing it as 45/100. This is in the medium range.

For faster success medium to low keyword competition strength is important!

Again, you can do this manually as I teach in Niche Blitzkrieg, but, using Keyword Canine will save you several hours of work.

What Am I Building The Site With?

I am not building the site with anything special.  For a domain I bought a new partial match domain.  Partial match means it contains my keyword phrase but also additional keywords.

i.e. if your keywords were dog bath technique and your domain was dog bath technique tutorials.

I of course used WordPress as using the techniques taught inside of Niche

Making It Pretty

While I could have used a free theme I went with a really nice looking paid theme from Studio Press.

Any of their themes would work and give the site an nice professional feel.

Of course, as I mentioned you could use a free theme if you want to save some money.  Just use a nice looking theme that screams professionalism.

Additional Keyword Research

I am building the site around the main keyword phrase.  That means all additional post will be built based on the same topic.

So when you do additional keyword research you want to use your main keywords as a base to start from.

Remember earlier when I mentioned that it wasn’t until a week ago that I started ranking in the top 10 for my main keyword phrase?

Well, you’ll remember that I mentioned that it didn’t matter as well.

The reason is because I found a series of keywords that most people in the niche were neglecting — because they simply didn’t know about them!

Using Keyword Snatcher I typed in my keyword phrase and it gave me a list of keywords that were in my niche that were getting searches but no other tool (including Google’s Keyword Planner) was showing me existed.

Again, read my review of Keyword Snatcher here, as this will show you how it works and how to use it for keyword research.

Anyway, using this tool I compiled about 20 additional keywords that I wanted to rank for.  Many of these I ranked for without doing a single shred of link building.

I will likely do another round of keyword research soon using Keyword Snatcher and probably pick another 20-30 keywords to rank for.

So use the tool and do the same for yourself.

The Content

The next part I simply needed to write the content or order the content.

I wrote about 40% of the content and the other 60% I ordered.  It saved me a ton of time.  I ordered it through Iwriter.  I spent around $50 on the content.

To save money you can always write the content yourself.  Most of my posts are 500-1500 words.  The long detailed ones that are 1000 words plus, I wrote, including the homepage.

Optionally, you can order 300 word articles at Iwriter and then add more content to them yourself.

I tried to put out around 1 post every 1-2 days.  I was really relaxed with this.  You can, of course, move faster or slower than this.  What I suggest to NOT do is to put all 20+ posts on your site in 1 day.

Spreading it out will allow you to come up with several days of fresh content.

Also, not every post on the site is promoting something.  About 20% of my posts are informative only.  These types of posts are simply designed to pull traffic and give my site an authority feel.

As far as promoting products I leave this to my posts themselves and I only have one add in my sidebar widget.  I don’t want to scare people off with ads everywhere.

By adding this content over a 40-50 day period I slowly started ranking for the keywords I chose.  Within about 10 days of adding content I actually score my first sale.  It grew from there.

Getting Top 10 Ranks

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t done much link building on this site.  I built a few links from a press release site, a few articles and blog commenting on about 10 sites early on.  This was it until about a month into the project.

I used my 45 day plan to rank in the search engines to get ranked.  I have a walk-through there.

However, since I was limited on time I didn’t even do any 2nd tier link building.

Instead I simply ordered the Link Building Package for new sites from Rank Crew.

I show you how to use Rank Crew here and you can setup a free account here.

I didn’t do any guest posting or search for link partners or anything like that.  Though I agree with those tactics I simply didn’t have the time I wanted.

When you are time strapped it’s best to pay someone a cheap price to have this done for you.  Some link building is better than absolutely no link building at all.

Over time I will add more links and get this site ranking #1 for the main keywords.

From the little bit of link building I had done, I am now ranking in the top 10.  Again, not top 5 yet, but I plan to get it there soon.

Eventually, I’ll do more link building for additional posts that I want to boost higher in search.

Bing and Google

I didn’t submit a sitemap to Google until about 3 days ago and I didn’t add my site to Bing until a few days ago as well.

These are things I typically like to do early on.  I didn’t get a chance to do this and I believe it will increase my traffic and sales even more in the near future.

In fact, checking Bing I am getting very few clicks from Bing so far.  This will explode soon by simply submitting my sitemap to Bing and joining their webmasters tools.  I show you how to use Bing here.

Final Thoughts

I am going to keep putting out content each month.  I am not sure how much for this niche.  It might be 1-2 posts or it might be 10 or more.  I haven’t fully decided yet.

As I continue growing in rank, adding new content and working on optimizing the site I fully expect to get this site up to at least $1500 per month.  However, I am not limiting it’s growth to that as I mentioned before I believe there is massive potential here.

In fact, I am now on pace for about $1200 in the next 30 days from this site.  If I can maintain my search engine rank for my current keywords, this shouldn’t be a problem.

I just wanted to show you guys/gals that even with limited time you can do this stuff!

You just have to do it and stick it out.

It doesn’t happen over night.

Practice will make you better and the repetition will make you great.  Master keyword research and it gets even easier.

I am not sure how much time I’ll be putting into this site coming up.

Chances are it’ll be limited due to my injury and the fact that my family is moving in about a month.  Our builder is almost done with the construction of our home so I’ve been busy all around!

I also plan on finding a better 2nd affiliate program.  I have one in mind right now that pays 15% instead of 6% and I’ll likely work on that soon.  This would more than double the sales from the 2nd affiliate program on the site.

I will say, if you’re interested in doing this, then do it!  Go after a niche.  Strive for something that you want to achieve and go get it done.

Anyone can do this stuff.  It just takes dedication and time.

There are millions of niche markets and there is a ton of money out there.

Questions?  Thoughts?  Have some good results to share too?

If you like this content I’d appreciate it if you’d share it with a friend on Facebook or Google+ as well.  It means a lot to me and would make my day.


My Personal Keyword Snatcher Review and What I Think About It

Keywords analysisI wanted to post my Keyword Snatcher review since a couple of years ago when it first came on the market.  However, Jon Leger only had the product open for a week or so before he took it off the market.

On Monday July 29th open now, a couple of years afterwards, it's back and upgraded to Keyword Snatcher 2.0.  In fact, Jon made a pretty good video here showing it's power.

The cool thing is, this tool makes it easy to uncover easy to rank for keywords, while you do other things.

First, let me give you a run down of what this tool does for you, why it's important and what you can expect before I tell you the changes made from the regular version to the new 2.0 version.

What Is Keyword Snatcher?

Quite simply, it's a tool that scouts not just Google, Yahoo and Bing.  It also scouts Amazon and eBay for keywords as well!  What it does is scans what people are searching for and then reports it back to you.

Here is how it works.  Normally, when using the free Google Keyword Tool updating soon to the Google Keyword Planner, Google finds and shows you the keywords people search for.  However, often times they do not deliver every keyword to you.  In fact, they leave quite a few out, as do the other search engines as well.

That's where Keyword Snatcher 2.0 comes in.  It shows you all he extra keyords that might show up in tools as a a low search volume or even ZERO but in actuallity they really have searches going on.

Let me give you an example.

If you go to and type in a search (it can be anything) you'll see as you type google makes a suggestion.

Let's try the term "Cat Boxes"

Here is what Google Instant delivers for the term:

 keyword snatcher 2.0 searchNotice it begins to show variations of the term? 

Well, if you start adding letter to the search you get additional terms as shown here:

cat box search on google


Notice as I add a "b" after the term more search suggestions come up?  Also, related words like "litter box" start showing up.  Cool, eh?

Here is another shot if you start adding more letters to the search.

google and keyword snatcher


As you can see, hundreds and even thousands of additional keywords are possible.  The thing is, many of these words will show they do not have searches in many tools, including the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Here is an example: Google finds 801 words for Cat Boxes

google search

However, with Keyword Snatcher 2.0 we find over 1100 meeting our criteria:

keyword snatcher 2.0


I even filtered out anything that didn't include the term "cat" in it.

Again, you can watch Jon show how he does this in the video.

So, here is what you can do with this tool.

1. Use it to plan brand new sites by finding keywords that are getting searched but not showing in tools.

2. Use the tool to find hidden keywords that other search tools (including Google) ignore.

I've used this a bunch over the last year or 2 even with the other keywords tools that I own like Market Samurai and Keyword Canine.

So What Changed In Keyword Snatcher 2.0?

Well, the first thing is that Jon has now made the tool run online rather than needing to download and install on your own computer. 

This enhancement has also made it run much faster than before.

Next, the design is lot more user friendly and it all runs from a single screen panel.

Let me show you below in the demo screen.

demo of keyword snatcherA. Select your sources

B. Select your country

C. Select your keywords

D. Shows keywords found

E. Starts the search

F. Set up specific word counts

G. Include/exclude words

H. Keywords appear here

I. Save the file as a TXT or CSV

You can then select words from the list to build content around on your site, plug these in other tools to check stats or just use them since people are searching for them anyway.

Keyword Snatcher can be used in conjunction with my keyword research tutorial as well.

The additional keywords you'll find will more than pay for the cost of the tool (price is $47).

Anyway, the product is open now and it is pretty cool. Go get some more info here if you're interested.

What do you think of it?  Have questions?  Own it already?  Love it, hate it?  Let's discuss.


NicheJet Review – Does This Fast, Done For You Niche Site Building Service Work?

First off, what is NicheJet?

NicheJet is a service that is designed to create niche websites for you at a low price.  Pretty simple right?

Let’s Get To Basics Of This NicheJet Review:

The folks at NicheJet do all of the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Buy A Domain For You
  • Host The Website For You
  • Create Your Website and Install WordPress
  • Create a 100% Uniquely Written Homepage
  • Index Your Site
  • Input Your Adsense ID Into Ads (if you want Adsense)
  • Daily Add Posts To Your Blog Until You Reach 100 Posts
  • Build Links For You To Rank In Google/Bing – WOW
  • Give You Complete Dashboard and Cpanel Access!
  • Free hosting transfer!

The 100 articles are about 85% unique content.  The writing however, will pass Copyscape if you’re worried about that.  They are also using Article Builder to create the content on the posts.

So here is my experience so far with NicheJet so far.

I ordered my package on June 5th

Within 1 hour they had the following done:

  • Domain ordered
  • Homepage Article Ordered
  • Homepage Article Completed

Here is a screen shot of that: (click to enlarge)

nichejet example


The next day the following was completed:

  • WordPress Installed and Optimized
  • Homepage Article Added
  • Adsense Ads Turned On
  • Posts Scheduled

Here is a screenshot of that: (click to enlarge)

niche jet walk-through


On June 8th I was notified of the following:

  • Access Given For Dashboard and Cpanel
  • Link Building Campaign Started

Then on June 9th I ranked #10 for my keywords on Google already!

So 4 days after this whole process began I was ranking and I fully expect my keywords to move up.

Update: June 25th I now rank #5 for my keywords, again, by doing nothing but ordering the package.

(click image to enlarge)

niche jet 21 days in

Another Update: July 1st.  I am still ranking #5 for my keywords and I just got a cool email 2 days ago from the NicheJet team. 

nichejet link building campaign

So 3 weeks into this and they are building me more links. 🙂  I'll of course try to keep this post updated when I get more results to show here.

Quick note: If you want to buy your own domain and host it on your own server you can.

Update July 25th: The guys over at Nichejet also now provide hosting transfer FREE of charge thanks @Chuck in the comments section for the recent tip.

So here’s how the entire process worked during my NicheJet review.

Step 1: Order A Package (takes about 30 seconds)

Step 2: Select Niche (I only spent 2-3 minutes here)

You’ll do this from a list of 110 niche markets they have researched.

Step 3: Select Exact Keywords (again, I spent 2-3 minutes on this part too)

Now, you’ll select a keyword you want your website built around.  I found most of these to have between 500-1500 monthly searches.  Some had more and some had less.

Once you select a keyword they remove it from the database so you’re not going to be competing with other NicheJet customers!  That is a very handy and cool feature by the way.

After you select your keyword you’ll then give them the green light to start by simply clicking a button.  I recommend doing a quick keyword research on the potential keyword using Market Samurai or Keyword Canine or even the Google Adwords tool just to see how many monthly searches the keyword is actually getting before selecting one.  Anything over 500 searches will do the trick.

The rest of the process is handled by the NicheJet team.

I found the entire process of getting my niche, selecting my keywords and ordering the package to be extremely easy to understand and perform.

The follow up emails are nice as they really let you know what’s going on every step of the way.  So you never wonder “where are they at with my order?” or “what are they doing to my site now?”

I fully intend to make quite a bit of money from each site I have them produce for me.  In fact, a site only needs to average about 35 cents per day to make my money back or 48 cents per day if you select their included hosting service. 

Awesome!  The goal should be to make much more than that with every website you create anyway.

What Happens After The 100 Posts Are Completed?

After you have 100 posts added in the 100 days by the team then it will be up to you to create more content.  This can be done manually using a service like Iwriter, INeedArticles or manually by you.  You could also optionally hook it back up to your own Article Builder account and start pumping out more content in the same niche.

What Can You Do With The Sites?

Anything.  You can add your own ads, sell them to clients, sell them on Flippa or grow them into even more profitable niche markets.

Who This Service Isn’t For

If you like to micro-manage everything and like only 100% unique content for everything you do, this service will not work for you. 

Up until 2012 I actually hated all duplicate content however, with the creation of Article Builder creating content on auto-pilot has been easier and more professional. 

So the articles NicheJet is importing are all 85% unique articles not created from scraped content or created from PLR junk.  These are all handcrafted and only used in the Article Builder circle before being spun and made pretty darn unique.

Again, if you hate that type of content or only like to write your own; you will not like this service.

Who NicheJet Is For?

If you want your keywords, domain, hosting, link building and website all done for you, this will save you a lot of time.

A+ Grade For My NicheJet Review

I can’t find any faults with this service at all and I highly recommend it.  I was impressed with the price, ease of use, the niche selection and keyword selection process and the speed of implementation.  Since they are doing all of the link building for the website it is a no-brainer!

You can get your NicheJet order in here and even save some cash if you decide to order in bulk.


45 Day Plan To Get A Top 10 Spot In The Search Engines

get ranked in less than 45 days in the search enginesRanking In Google and Bing The Smart Way

First, before I begin, this is my first blog post on here in 2 months.  I apologize for that.  I've been busy getting Niche Optimizer (in fact, this is a sample of the training we are putting in there) out and some various other goodies for you guys!  I still think you're going to enjoy this one.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to rank your site in Google in an extremely ethical way.  You won’t need any expensive tools, but, it will take some work on your part.

The reason it will take work is because without spending money and outsourcing this, you’ll need to build a few social properties yourself.  Of course, throughout I’ll show you some time saving tips and tools I recommend but as always, they are optional.

Since the old 2012 Google Updates I’ve had people ask if link building still matters.  My answer: “Heck yes!  It always will.”

There are quite a few reasons why it’s going to be a long time before Google and Bing stop looking at the importance of backlinks.  I’ll get into all of the reasons at a different time, but, the day that links do not matter the Internet will probably be an entirely different beast.

One final thought before you start this process.  This may seem like a tedious process but the results I have had are phenomenal.  I constantly get my content to the top of Google and Bing with this method.

My Results:

I created 3 sites and promoted 3 sites with this method over the last 6 months as tester sites.  All 3 ranked in the top 10 of Google and Bing In less than 45 days.  Some bounced back out of the top 10 for a few days but all came back quickly.

This technique works and works well and it's something that I do not see going away.

All of the sites I tested this on are review style sites created with the ideas I use in The Review Formula.

All of the sites are making me money each month except one.  The reason this particular site is not making money is because all of the items on it are $5000.00 and up and it's less than 35 days old currently.  I only need to sell a couple of those products per year to feel good about it.

Let me quickly tell you about something that didn't work.  On one site I built, I paid a company quite a bit of money to do some sortof linking building for me.  However, it didn' work, it failed.  They built the links way too quickly and didn't take the time to do exactly what I am showing you below.  Sometimes paying for it just doesn't cut it.  However, the other sites that all ranked in the top of the search were all done manually by me.  That is darn good news for you.

This Is Nothing New But The Way You Approach It Is:

What I am going to show you today is how to use tiered linking and social linking to boost your ranks.  In fact, a ton of people have written about this in the past and even more recently.  However, I have my own spin on what I am doing and what is working for me.

 It doesn’t involve anything shady but again, for some it may be time consuming.  That being said, the payoff is worth the time!  After all you want to rank in the search engines don’t you?

Pre-Build Step:

Find an exact match domain to build your website around (EMD).  EMDs still rank well.  If you can’t find a good EMD it will take slightly longer to rank in some cases.  If you’re branding yourself away from an EMD that’s fine too.

Now, it’s important to note that you’ll want a variety on your anchor text for anywhere you leave your links.  i.e. if the keywords you want to rank for are cat box filters you’ll want to use that about 20-40% of the time and pick some other random keywords that are somewhat related the other 60% of the time.  If the search engines see that you have the same anchor text over and over and no variance they will see that that does not look natural.

Find a primary keyword phrase that has less than 4,000 search per month.  Granted, it's possible to find great keyword phrases that have more than 4,000 but the odds go up the lower you go down.  I typically aim for 800-4,000.

If you are having absolutely no luck coming up with keywords on your own you could consider being a member at NBK-Underground as well.  I do the keyword research for you, weekly, and specifically the kind of keywords I am speaking of in this post.

Using a tool like Keyword Canine or Market Samurai can help you choose a niche that is less competitive.  Keyword Canine even tells you how hard or easy the keyword will be to rank or by greenlighting great keywords and removing all o the guess work.

Step 1:  Build Your Site

This one is pretty obvious, but you’ll need to have a website built before even worrying about link building.  I also suggest letting your website sit for a few weeks before even adding links.  In the early days (30-35 days) work on getting good content up.  By the way in case you are struggling with good content, read this.

Make sure your webpages, including the home page are optimized correctly.

Step 2:  Create A Spreadsheet

Open up a spreadsheet using Excel or (free-Skydrive) and make a simple file that has 3 columns.

Column 1:  URL

Column 2:  Date Created

Column 3:  Backlink Added Y/N

Each time you create one of the properties I’ll teach you about below you’ll add the URL on the site to the URL column and the date created on the Date column.

The backlink added area I’ll explain more about momentarily.

Creating this spreadsheet will keep you organized evey single step of the way.

Step 3:  Create 5-6 Web 2.0 Sites

Next, you’ll want to create 5-6 web 2.0 properties.  Don’t worry about adding backlinks on these pointing to your site right now.  The big key is to create these and then create the content for these.

The topics do not need to be the exact same topic as your main niche but, they should be related.  I.e. if you had a website about TVs you could easily create web 2.0 sites about office furniture or running a business that eventually link back.  However, you wouldn’t want a web 2.0 site about cats linking back to your site about TVs.

So what are web 2.0 sites?  Simple.  They are sites like Squidoo, Tumblr, Blogger Blog, Live Journal, Wikispaces and Xanga just to name a few.  Here is a great list of these types of sites.

For now select 5-6 to build a profile at.  Then create 1 web 2.0 site on each one.  Over the period of a week add 4-5 posts to each of these properties.  Again, don’t worry about adding backlinks to your main site yet.  In fact, do not even advertise anything on these sites, just get the content built.

By the way, hate writing content?  Here are two easy ways to get content created for you.

#1:  Article Builder: This tool will easily allow you to generate content with a few button clicks.  You simply select the niche, select the word count and a couple other options and this tool spits out up to 85% unique content for you.  You can also add as much too each article as you’d like to make it even more unique.  However, do not use this content on Squidoo or Ezine Articles, it won’t pass.  Oh, by the way, if you order through me you get a $100 discount!  Grab Article Builder here and save $100!

#2:  Iwriter:  This place allows you to add a keyword to the database and have a member write it for you.  I typically get content back within 2 hours of submission!  You can create a free account and look around before paying for articles.  I highly recommend this place.

Now over the next 10-20 days slowly add your backlink to your main site onto these sites. i.e. one week add your backlink to one of your properties and the next week add it to another web 2.0 property and so on.

After you add the backlink to it mark on your spreadsheet that the backlink has been added.  This will prevent you from getting lost with what you’re doing.

Step 4:  Create 5-6 Doc Sharing Accounts

First, what are doc sharing sites?  Doc sharing sites are online places that allow you to share documents like PDFs, Power Point slide shows and Word documents.  Better yet, they allow you the ability to add a link to these documents to link back to your website.  Here’s the thing though most people won’t tell you about doc sharing sites.  Most of the links you get from these are NO-Follow.  However, there is a bigger key here, traffic.

Doc sharing sites, especially Slideshare rank extremely well in Google for long-tailed keyword phrases.  So you can simply do some keyword research and find a few good long tailed keyword phrases to create titles with.

Then you create a document on your computer.  The document could just be a series of slides or an article in a PDF or Word doc.  Again, include the backlink to your site here.

The nice thing about doc sharing sites is you can use the same article on several different doc sharing sites.  The most important part of the document, just like any webpage is the title.  Use your long tailed keyword as your title of the document.  Here and example of one of mine:  How To Be An Expert Online.

Here is a nice list of Doc sharing sites.  Pick 4-6 to create an account at and let’s move on.

Again, you can use Article Builder or Iwriter to create this content as well.

Step 5:  Write 5-6 Articles

Next, you’ll want to create 5-6 articles that link back to your website.  Then you’ll want to put 1 unique article in a unique directory.  I.e. don’t use the same article in every article site.

Nothing more to say here, you know the article writing drill.

Here is a good list of article directories you can use.

Again, you can use Article Builder or Iwriter to create this content as well.  However, one note to add here.  Do not use Article Builder content on Ezine Articles, they will reject it.  Your article has to be 100% unique to get accepted over there.

Step 6:  20 Blog Comments

Use a free tool like Drop My Link to find good sites to leave a comment on.  Don’t worry if the links are do or no-follow, just find a few to add a comment too.  Please make sure you add relevant comments that contribute to the topic at hand.  Do not SPAM them.

So if you just want to use your first name or variation of your name on every blog comment you leave, that’s fine.  Make sure the URL links back to your website.

Step 7:  Press Releases

Write 1-3 press releases (for now).  Press releases are still great for links and traffic.  Create 1-3 and submit all of them to as many unique press release sites.

Here is a good list of press release sites.

Step 8:  1 Guest Post

Get a guest post spot somewhere.  Can’t find a place to post a guest post?  Go to Google and type “keywords” guest blog post and you’ll find places that accept them.

Make sure they will let you include a link to your website in the guest post.  Treat this content like it’s your own and make it great and make it unique.  Do no use spun content or a ghost writer for this.

Intermission:  Everything we just built above in steps 3-8 is called a Tier 1 link.  These links point directly to your money site or main site where you’ll make money at.

Step 9:  Build links to your step 3-5 steps properties

Now the hardest part is over with.  Trust me, I know what you’re thinking and it’s OK to think that this is a lot of work.  But, the reward is raking better in search and most people will not go through all of these things to rank well, but you will.

The final step is to get some back links to your new tier 1 sites.  Doing this will help index your backlinks and stimulate some link juice for your money site over time.  But mainly we want to index the material.

These links can be simple links like blog comments (get a fiverr gig to do this for you), 1 way links, social bookmarks or by using a tool like Backlink Indexer to do it.  It doesn’t take a lot of links, but you’ll need a few just to make sure.  Again, pay someone else to do this for you as it’ll save you a ton on time.  Fiverr is a great place to find people for $5 to do all of this for you.

This entire process should be spread out over a 30-35 day period and you should be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Just use your spreadsheet to check off the URLs that you have built backlinks to.  Again, this will help keep you organized.

Here Is What You Should Have When Done:

ranking in the search engines

This basically creates a linking tier that comes back to you that will help your site rank in Google.

The middle is your main site, the second ring is your tier 1 web 2.0 sites pointing back at our main site and tier 3 is all the other links pointing to your tier 1 sites.

Now, this technique does not substitute good content.  I cannot stress that enough.  You must still create great content at your main site (money site) that people want to read.  If you have junk on your main site then no one is going to buy from you anyway.

Finishing Up

What should you do if this does not get you to page 1?

Add more properties into your tier to grow your rankings.  This means get more links to your website!  You can start the process over and even build an entirely new tier set of links coming back to you if needed.

Keep in mind you can use different properties than I used in this example and the most important aspect is to have a variety.  It's always better to have more links from different websites than it is a bunch of links from the same website.  I know I mentioned this already and I sound like a broken record but let that sink in!

Make sure that your main site has good content on it, sound familiar?  The last thing you want to do is lose sales due to poor content.  If you're reviewing an appliance cover all the questions people have on that product.

Finally, if you need help, ask!

Enjoy your rankings.

Have you tried this technique before?  Used a different variation?  Have something that is working for you?  Have questions?  Share below.


17 Ways To Find Niche Website Ideas

brown bearNote: I will also showcase this post on my online money making tutorial series.

Today I want to share with you some great ways to find a niche market.  Sometimes finding a great niche feels like wrestling with a bear.  Trust me it’s hard to win against the bear.

When it comes to making money online you need a niche and you’ll need some niche website ideas, or at least an idea of where to start looking.  The problem is many people want to make money online but, they do not want to spend time finding a niche market to get into.

Below I’ll show you several ways to find one easily and beat the niche eating bear.


Like to read magazines?  Good, you can easily find a niche this way.  You don’t need to buy one to figure out a niche though.  Heck, you won’t even need to look past the cover either, just go to your local supermarket or drugstore and browse the headlines.

Another place?  Check out the magazine section on Amazon or  Again, there is no need to buy one there are thousands of niche markets staring you in the face on the cover.


I just mentioned Amazon for finding a niche market above, but, this time I don’t mean by browsing the magazines.  What you can do instead is simply browse the Amazon categories.  From there you can simply “niche down” which means to find smaller niche markets inside the overall market category.

If you’re looking for a popular niche Amazon will flat out tell you what they are.  Go to Amazon’s top seller’s page.  You’re welcome.


eBay is an old classic; but it still works.  They even have an affiliate program if you’d like to promote eBay products too.  Back in the day we used to use an area called eBay pulse.  Pulse is gone but now we have eBay Popular.

This area shows the most popular products by category and is a great way to scope out a new niche market for yourself.

Friends & Family

I love this method because it’s one of the easiest ways to find what is currently trending.  One of my first niche markets was a toy niche and I scored big with it.  The way I decided on that niche was one of the members of my family was playing with the toy that I decided to build the niche around.

If we listen to what people are telling us they are using within our own families we can uncover boundless niche markets.

T.V. Shows

T.V. shows themselves can be niche markets.  Look at what the folks over at Buddy TV do.  That site is massive now.

The best thing to do is get into the show as a fan and get in at the ground level rather than 5 years into it.  It’ also best to start off small and focus on one niche in this industry rather than 50 different T.V. shows at once.

Hobbies Into Niche Markets

An easy one, but it works.  Your hobbies can be easy niche markets to get involved in.  You don’t generally need to research the topics in your hobby because you’re probably already extremely knowledgeable.

Being knowledgeable in a market makes it easy to write good content and come up with ideas.

mikrofon on airAdvertisements

If you absolutely must watch T.V. make it count.  Watch what commercials pop up and there’s a good chance you can snag one of the ideas as a niche.  But, what I suggest doing is watching what problems the commercial solves and that’s the niche you should get into, not the product itself.  I.e. if you see a commercial for a product that solves allergy problems, your niche could be allergy relief.  Easy enough?

Nightly News

In 2009 I jumped on a trend just by paying attention to the nightly news.  I know, it’s boring and the news is usually depressing but sometimes you can get a nice niche idea.

I am not going to discuss the niche but it’s a problem that was all over the news in 2009 and I was able to take that issue and build a website out of it.  The good part is that since it was a new trend, competition was minimal.

I’ll take the easy score anytime!

Social Events

These can be trendy, yearly or brand new.  But, this works with events that have media coverage like The Super Bowl, The Oscars, Grammy Awards and any other type of event like that.

You can simply build a fan-site around it and even build some cool Fan pages associated with them to drive traffic.  The social traffic alone is worth it.

Google Trends

Google trends is great because you can type in any keyword in the box and research how it’s trending.  The more popular the trend is the more traffic that niche could generate.  Of course, you’ll want to look at historical trends Google gives you as well to help you determine its long term value.

YouTube & Social Sites

Pinterest, Facebook, MySpace and anything similar fall into this category as well.  You can browse these sites to see what is trending and popular.  You can then build a niche around these ideas.  Not a whole lot more to say for finding niche markets this way.

End Goals

One way to think of a niche is to think of an ultimate goal.  I like to start by saying “I want to” and you simply fill in the blank.  So you might say “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get bigger biceps.” The beauty of this type of thinking is that if you want something, there is a solution.

Solution style niches are great because if you can answer your visitor’s questions and give them what they want you can make some good money.  This can work in determining nearly any niche.  You can even start by stating things that you want for yourself.  Face it; if you want something, other people do too.


Do you have a particular skill already?  You have a great place to start your niche then!  This could be an old skill that you don’t use much anymore or it could be a skill you’ve used all of your life.

Just like hobbies we can use our skill sets to our advantage because we have knowledge on the subject.  It takes far less research when you already know a lot about the subject.

Work or Ex-Work

Just like a hobby and skill current or ex-work is always a good place to get niche idea from.  Of course, if you hate what you do or used to do you might not want to go into that niche.  I.e. I would never create a website teaching people how to be good retail managers (run for your life).

Reading Books

Readers can rejoice in the fact that all the time behind the book isn’t for nothing.  You can get into a niche based on a book topic or based on the actually books themselves.  Some people love to read and do book reviews as a living (like this site).

Of course, you can gather a wealth of ideas from non-fiction books as well.  Just browse the titles in Amazon’s book section for ideas.

niches from communitiesOnline Communities Like Forums

Just like social sites online forum area great place to find ideas for a niche.  One of the easiest ways it so simply look at the question topics that are being posted.  I.e. if you’re on a cooking forum and someone asks how to make good southern fried food, you’ve just found a niche in “southern fried cooking.”

You can simply go to Bing and type in “niche idea forum” so if you were interested in finding niche ideas for cats go to Bing and type in “cat forums.”

Then search for cat questions on the forum you decide to look at and you can find hundreds of niche markets there.  Just remember, if someone is asking, there is a demand.

Tools & Programs

Finally, you can use a tool that can help you.  One of the easiest is Keyword Canine because it has a section called “Niches” you simply open the segment up and it comes up with a bunch of niche suggestions.  It even shows you how easy or hard the competition is.  Check out my review above.

keyword canine niche finder

This is the only tool I own that is still on the market that does this but I recommend it.  It of course does a dozen other awesome things too; the niche option is just a plus.  I also use that as well as Market Samurai for research.

I also offer Keyword Underground where I give my students there weekly niches.  It’s a great place if you need a big boost getting off the ground.  I’ll be adding more videos in there soon as well.

Finding Your Niche – Closing

In the end make niche research fun.  Don’t beat yourself up to find one right this second.  Put some thought into it and make it amusing for yourself.

The choice for your first niche doesn’t have to be your last; but make it something you want to be involved in.  You know what I call a niche that you do not want to be in that feels like a chore?

Work!  ….and work sucks.

On my final note; you are not limited to just these 17 ways to find a niche market.  There are hundreds of additional ways to find one you like and this is just a small sampling.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Still struggling to find niche website ideas on your own?

If you have additional ways to find a niche; please share with us below, because it will help others who are struggling with this topic.

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