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MSN #1 – Niche Marketing With Easy Techniques

Many people often forget about the usefullness of Yahoo and MSN and soley focus on Google.  While Goole is the superior powerhouse in the search engine business, there is stikll sales and traffic to come from Yahoo and MSN.

A few months back I wrote an ebook that received as much controversial debate as it did praise.  After achieving numerous #1 rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN I decided it’s actually kind of cool to have critics when you can come up with results that ANYONE can reproduce.

The site I did this with was just a plain html site

The e-book was called Backlink factory and if you aren’t putting these tactics to use you’re missing out.

I want to show you below how I am taking a small amount of "work" and profiting nicely from it.  In fact I achieved the #1 out of 8 million spot on MSN for the term "Dog Bowls" using the simple methods outlined in backlink factory.  I achieved this rank in just a few months.

Here’s exactly what I did to achieve this rank.

First I started off with my typical keyword research.  If you missed some of my previous walkthrough and videos you can see how I do my keyword research here.

Then I select my keywords to base my site around.  I then built the web site and got the site indexed with google by submitting a sitemap and social bookmark the site using stumble upon, dig and reddit.

After that I had a ghostwriter write 4 articles on various dog bowl topics and keywords and submitted them to submit your article.  Using their article leverage tool i was able to create several unique copies of the original 4 articles.

About 10-12 days later I submitted my site to Isnare.  Sometimes on isnare you’ll not get all your links counted but i still find it worth while to do.

In the resources boxes I optimized my anchor text coming back for the main keywords "dog bowls" and I also made an extra link in each one that goes to it’s corresponding page within the site.

I also added a couple of press releases and submitted them to 2 press releases sites.  I used the free press release versions, not the paid.  Sites like inewswire work well for this.

A couple months down the line I had landed the #1 spot for a term that is getting searched 40k broad a month and about 9k exact terms.  MSN is only about 12-15% of that but it’s still "extra" traffic.  Other words in the site are ranking high on google and I get traffic through that as well.

About a month later I added Link Serp to this site to give it even more fire power and help maintain my rankings.  The extra link that link serp generates work nicely for niche markets.

Each month this site lands some decent sales and if I really wanted to monetize it more I could create an e-book to sell on the site as well – add a better opt in list.  To rank higher in Google I could also submit more articles, press releases and really work on my link building.

The point of this was to show you just how easy it is to get ranked in the search engines.

Give the technique a try you’ll like how well it works.  If you need niche markets to promote try a program like Niche Profit Gold.  Some people who are in the program are launching similar techniques to this.  I’m looking forward to hearing all of your great results.


Linkserp Review

My Review on Linkserp

Over the last couple months I’ve been testing some new strategies and one of the greatest system I’ve ever used for link building is linkserp.  This system automatically builds backlinks for you while you work on other projects.  It works in a similar fashion to Jon Leger’s 3 Way Links.

In June I built 10 mini sites, to test this program and got them all in the top 10 for various keywords across all three main search engines – Google – Yahoo and MSN ranked in the top 10.  Even more surprising some climbed into the #1 spot on MSN and Yahoo within just a few weeks.

All in all all 10 mini sites have had several adsense clicks and I have landed 16 sales between all 10 mini sites from affiliate programs I added side by side with the adsense.  Not bad for an extra 5 minutes of work, eh?

Some of the main keywords I am targeting are also not the easiest to crack, but again they aren’t the dating niche either.  However, just shows that link building mixed with correctly optimizing your website can be a lethal combo for your opposition.

Here are some stats on how the program works.  You basically add your websites to their system (takes 5 minutes) and within 2 months you’ll have around 250 one way backlinks generated to each website you add to their system.

One way backlinks are the best kind for your website.

The membership is just $19.99 per month and allows you to put 50 web sites into their system.  Even if you only make $2 a day from 50 web sites, that’s $100 a day or $3000 a month.  So your profit would be $2980.01 per month.  I’ll take that any day of the week.

I fully believe you should be making at least $2 a day per mini site within 2 months using this program and actually believe that number is rather low…. unless you are promoting micro niches that have less than 2 searches per day.

I believe this system works well.  I have tested it out thoroughly and have been 100% satisfied.  However, If you need 20,000 back links this system is not for you.  However, if 250 back links will make a difference in your search engine ranks (most would benefit) then this is for you.