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Why Isn’t My Website Making Money?

"Why isn't my site isn't making money!"

Believe it or not this is a phrase I have heard several times or at least some variation of it. But, I have an easy 5 point plan to help. This will make you money if you focus and follow through on it.

#1. TRAFFIC (If you're getting decent traffic skip this step)

If you're not getting traffic your site won't make money. Period. End of story. You must get traffic. So if you're not getting traffic determine why. This is usually the first place people make a mistake at.

Are you link building?

Are your keywords for each page ranking in the search engines? Even low volume keywords will make you money if they are targeted.

If you're pages/posts aren't ranking in the search engines you need to work on link building and making sure your content is optimized (read this post is you need help understanding link building and optimization).

Consider adding a Facebook plugin to your site so people can share your message. I like using sexybookmarks and April's Facebook Like Button. Just type those into the “add new” under your plugins area of your blog and you'll find them. I'll cover how to get people to share this more in the next bullet point.

Traffic is vital – get some.  Post more articles, press releases, tweet it, post it to Facebook, comment on other blogs.  Do whatever it takes (ethically) to go get more links and traffic.

#2. Content. (If you have good informative content – skip this step).

If you have less than 200-250 words of content on a single page start there and get at least that. I use as much content on a page as needed to get my point across.

A). Avoid selling language. Don't try to persuade them and sell heavy to your reader. Suggest and recommend but back it up with reasons and facts. No one likes the pushy sales person – so don't be that person.

B). Does your writing make sense? I ask this question because many times people hire other people to write all their posts. The person just tosses the content up on their site but, something is wrong here. Many time cheap writers are just trying to make money and could care less if you make anything.

Make sure ANYTHING you put on your site relates to your user. Ask yourself; will this benefits my reader? If not, fix it. Giving people good advice will help get clicks on your ads, and land those sales at your site.

Imagine your dog has a rare skin disease and you need a solution to help him. Then you read a really informative post why Super Anti Doggy Skin Disease Shampoo will help Fluffy's skin from itching and burning constantly. Would you take a chance on something that someone who knew what they were talking about was suggesting? I would and I do all the time.

If you're giving good information and using Facebook and Twitter plugins people will share it as well. This will help increase your traffic and pump up your sales as well in the long haul.

#3. Ad positions.

Many times especially when we are new at blogging we just use whatever layout we are giving by our theme and that's that. However, position does matter especially with Adsense (read what I've learned here and use Google's heat map).

If your site is getting traffic but your ads aren't getting clicks and you're just not making money with your website try changing things up. Experiment with different layouts. If all else fails always remember we see the top left of the screen first as most of us read left to right.

#4. Wrong products?

It pains me to say this but I can't tell you how many times someone asked me why they weren't making money and I am shocked at some of the things I see.

Promoting Netflix banners on your site about weight loss will not get you any sales. Sure every now and then you might get that lucky sale but, never anything substantial.

Give your visitors ads that make sense to them. Give them products that make sense and your reward is a lot more money in your pocket. If you're an offender of this one – don't wait, go fix it now. If you're promoting weight loss give them weight loss ads. If you're promoting peanut butter give them things based off of peanut butter. Even desert ads would work on a peanut butter site but, Netflix or anything else that doesn't apply to peanut butter, just don't do it!

#5. You're doing all this and still not making any money?

Change your ads to Adsense or vice-versa. Test, test, test! I have never built a site that didn't make me money (unless it was clearly just a demo site).

Lastly, are you really doing it and are you really focused? I'[m not trying to be evil here but I've had some people tell me how hard they were working on traffic building only to find they weren't even building links to their site.

If you're not going to do anything and you're not going to try, you're not going to make money. It may sound harsh to say something like that but I'm not in this to make you feel warm and fuzzy all over I WANT YOU T MAKE MONEY and make a bunch of it.

Sorry for the caps there but I mean that, I want you to succeed. I want you to be as rich as possible and you won't get there with smoke and sunshine. You've got to do the things that will make you money and test, test, test and keep growing.

As summer approaches do not forget this post. Stay focused and stay at this and success is there waiting for you.


Does Google Hate You?


Recently, Google updated their algorithms again. This caused many people to lose ranks in the search engines. I waited to make a post about this so I could monitor anything I noticed over the previous few months.

However, I didn’t experience any sliding at all. In fact, my sites increased in ranks in the search engines.

So if you’re using the Niche Blitzkrieg methods that I teach you’re safe.

Here is why I think many people lost their rankings outside of NBK.

I believe some people out there are using methods like link spamming, link farms, mass comment spamming and other frowned upon techniques. If you have no clue what those are… good. Stay away from them.

Here is what I use the most still to this day.

Articles (link building within the resource box).

1 Way Links (love this program for automation).

Press Releases.

Directories are still good too.

These are my favorite link building methods and the only reason is….

Because they work.

Link building isn’t going to go away.

Ranking in the search engines isn’t going to go away.

I am going to add a few tips here to help you even more as to what I would ultimately avoid.

#1. Keep building links.

#2. Do not build shallow affiliate sites – these are sites that have very little to no content, just a few pages and are loaded with affiliate links. Make sure you have good content (over 250 words on the page as well), the content should also be unique. Don’t use content that you do not own.  When in doubt add more pages/posts to your site. Hey more content can’t hurt. It can only make your site better and add more openings to get more traffic.

#3. Avoid link farms and link buying deals. Basically any sites that just have a ton of links on them (outside of directories) If someone tells you they will get 10000 links for $100 bucks run away.

Tools like 1 way links will help you automate your link building and are safe. They are safe because it’s a non-spammy way of link building. You actually have to do a small bit of writing to make it work but the rewards are high.

Remember, as I mentioned in several other posts.

On page optimization + link building = ranking in the search engines. I cover that in more detail here.

Not ranking where you want to be? Keep building links into your site and never forget that each page/post of your site ranks individually in the search engines.

So to sum it up.. Google doesn’t hate you.  Google wants to make sure it’s giving it’s users the best search results and not stuff that has millions of spam laced links driving it.  However, Google hates shady tactics for a good reason – so steer clear.


How To Rank Your Website in the Search Engines

I get this question all the time… "How do I rank my website in the search engines?"  I even get this from current members of Niche Blitzkrieg.  That’s OK.  I know during the learning process it can be tricky to figure out.  So the idea behind this post today is to recap the key factors of getting your website ranked in the search engines.  Keep in mind every page on your website ranks individually.  So let’s say you have 40 pages – they all rank individually in the search engines for their keywords.  This the main CRITICAL formula you’ll need to get any of your pages ranked in the search engines.

#1.  On Page Optimization.  Your page title needs to contain the EXACT keyword phrase you want to rank your webpage for.  So let’s say you want to rank your webpage for the term How Can I Make Money Using The Internet?  Then you’ll want that phrase (minus the punctuation) as the title of your webpage or to at least include it.  After the title make sure the body of your content has the keyword used in it.  Don’t over-do it just use your keyword phrase 1-2 times for every 300-500 words.

Bolding or underlining doesn’t hurt.  If you have a keyword phrased used a few times in the body bold it one time.  The search engines will place more emphasis on bolded keywords.  This isn’t as relevant as it once was – but still good practice in all of my experience.  Do not do this every time you use your keyword phrase – just use it sparingly.

#2.  Content Matters. You’ve got to use content on your webpage.  I suggest at least 250+ and I’d put as many words as possible on each page.  The more content related to your subject matter on your webpage the more likely you are to be found in the search engines for terms you may not have thought of.  I can’t tell you how many millions of visitors I’ve had to my websites on terms I never even thought to rank for.  These happened naturally and by accident.  Content matters!  Don’t be in a hurry make a content rich site.  I’m not saying to have 2000 words on each page, but the more the better.

#3.  Backlinks – Backlinks – Backlinks – Backlinks.  Did I say it enough?  YOU MUST HAVE BACKLINKS!  I cannot stress that enough.  But, one of the things I see happen so often is that my students build these amazing websites filled with fantastic content.  They even have these sites optimized and monetized correctly – but – they still ask why their sites pages are not showing up in the search engines in the top 10. 

99% of the time is because of lack of backlinks.  You must work on linking other pages back to your website.  Use article marketing (NBK Articles Directory Rocks), press releases, social bookmarking, forums, classified ads, blog commenting and anywhere else you can put a link that leads back to your website.  these backlinks are critical.  The more links you have coming in the better.  You must do backlink work for every single page of your site.

Those are the 3 things that will matter the most.  Make sure you’re doing them and keep building your backlinks to your web pages until you’re ranking where you want to rank.  Once you are ranked well and established you won’t have to link build as much and often times very little ever again.

Read more about link building tactics here.

Read how to use articles to get great backlinks here.


Disturbing Facts About Free Article Directories Most People Will Never Know

One of the things I’ve been a big supporter over the last few years is article marketing.  I use articles for traffic and to get my websites ranked in the search engines all the time.  In fact, it’s probably my favorite way to build traffic.  Link building will be the life blood of your websites getting ranked in the search engines.  The free article directories I use mainly for LINK BUILDING purposes only.

#1.  ADS – and More Ads – The free article directories have ads all over the place.  Go watch this article video I shot a few days ago about this it’s pretty bad.  So because they have so many ads you’ll get a problem that I mention as bullet number 2.

#2.  LOW CTR – Low click-through rate.  Because there is so much page leak going on on the free article directories the majority of the visitors to your article will never even visit your site.  In fact, in my experience I get under 20% of the click-throughs from traffic from the free article directories – (ouch).

#3.  Not Enough Link Building – The free article directories do not build links to all of their categories.  This often leads to few links coming into the categories at the directory.  Sure their home pages have thousands of links coming in, but the categories do not.  This means that the high page rank of just their home page won’t end up doing much for you.

#4.  Distractions – Free article directories are masters of distractions.  If you missed the video the first time let me show you how they are distracting the visitors away from your site.


So by watching that video you can see why I only want to use the free article directories for link building only.  They are great for that.

Over the last couple a months I decided I wanted to have an article directory built that isn’t just for link building though.  What I wanted to build was an article directory that can get you The ULTIMATE CLICK-THOUGH and provide link building at the same time.

So I got with a team of experts and created  NBK ARTICLES which is an add-free article database where you can place unlimited articles and there are NO distractions to take visitors away from your site.

And here are some other super-benefits by joining this site.

#1. Your work will benefit you and only you – When traffic comes to your article to read your article they won’t have any distractions to take them away from clicking over to your website! 

#2.  You can get Major exposure using the author resource box – Beside your article will sit and author resource box.  Inside this box you can put banner ads, links, videos, opt in forms and anything you want to draw attention to your website.  Yes, you can also have affiliate links over there!  Check out an example of how you can use your own ads on your own article here.

#3.  You can add links in the body of your article – Most free directories make you use a resource area below your article.  The way we have it setup you can get click-throughs while the reader is reading your article.

#4.  At NBK Articles we have a team of dedicated link builders getting the site mass exposure – We want our site to grow and for you to get the ultimate benefit.  To do this we do our own link building to make sure it’s a win/win all around.

Watch all of our other benefits and features here.

I am happy to get this out and think you’ll be really impressed with what you’ll be able to do as a member of this site to not just build links but to get traffic from our site.  As this article directory grows you’ll get mass exposure, great backlinks and a high % of the click-throughs will go to you and not us.  That’s why we are 100% ad-free.  Check it out at

If you have any questions ask below 🙂


A few hours ago I also released another helpful post that might be beneficial to you.  Check it out here.


Fast Way to Rank Your Web Site and Make More Money.

Watch the video below and then follow the links right below the video for the things you need to make this work and for the free manual that I put together that will help you even more.  This is an easy technique you can use to get a brand new web site ranked fast and in the process make a  lot more money.  While the technique isn’t new at all it’s something I’ve been writing about for the last 2 years – because it works!  The new part is being able to plug a website easily into a network that helps basically get you auto ranked.

These are the tools you need.

#1. Get Your 1 Way Links Program.

#2.  If you need a domain get a domain from Angry Chihuahua Domains.

#3.  Download the additional PDF that will help walk you through exactly how to use 1 way links.  (FREE).  This will show you exactly how to enter your articles and how your links should be constructed.

If you need additional keyword research help check out some of my older posts.  This will help teach you how to do keyword research and some tips that will save you a TON of research time.  Watch my Keyword Research Video Here.  Also I have an additional video here on keyword research.

A small note about the video.  In the video I do not mention that you should add additional pages to your website.  You should add as many as you want to help rank yourself for additional keywords related to your niche.  5-10 extra pages will do it.  I am also using specifically, blogs for this technique.  If you’re already in the Niche Blitzkrieg Training Program you already understand keyword research and all the basics you need to build a blog.

Hope you enjoyed the video!  Looking forward to your feedback and results from using this!


Finding Your Traffic With Articles

One of the biggest keys to success for your online business, products or affiliate sites is finding your traffic.  The reason I say finding your traffic is because often times people think that doing nothing will bring great results.

While there are many ways to gain traffic I want to share some easy to use tips today for using articles to find traffic sources.  While this technique isn’t new or some earth shattering revelation…. many people are not using this technique.

For this example we are going to assume you’re in the dog drooming niche.

OK, the idea we are going to use here is to get your article viewed by more people.  First, if you’re unsure what to write about in your niche you’ll want to do some research.

FIRST:  Go to

#1.  Type your keywords in the search bar.

#2.  Browse the articles in the database.


Simply click on one of the articles that comes up (or all of them if you’d like) to see how many searches they are getting.  If you can find several articles getting a decent amount of article views chances you’ll want to look at what keyword phrases they are using.  For instance if your main keywords are Dog Grooming but you see an article for Dog Grooming Kits Online you might want to figure out if they are getting traffic for Dog Grooming Kits instead.

So how do you do that?

Simple.  Open up your browser to and check.  Most of the traffic to articles comes from natural search engine rankings (usually).

Inside Google simply type in "dog grooming".  If that doesn’t return any results for an Ezine Article then type in Dog Grooming Kits.  If that brings up the keyword results then you know that they are ranking for those keywords.

Next, simply write a similar article (do not copy them or write anything too similar but use similar keywords).  I like to write most of my articles at 500 words or more but I’ve found hundreds of barely over 300 words ranking well (like top 5) on Google.

Make sure your resource box has links going back to your site where you want people to either click you affiliate links or adsense banners.

That’s it!  Pretty simple and easy.

Let’s look at a couple other things though.  I like to give my articles a boost by writing an additional article and pointing it from other article directories to article I want to rank high in Google.  I simply write another similar article that and add it to a few other top directories ( ,, – will do).  Inside the resource box from that article I put a link with slightly varied anchor text pointing back to that original ezine article I wrote.  This will give you some extra juice in Google.

What I like tyo do is fire up my copy of Niche Research Commando and check that original article I want to compete with (the article we originally found in the search engine "dog grooming kits")

Inside Niche research Commando I just type in the keywords  (dog grooming kits) and then start and within as few seconds I’ll be able to see all the backlinks going into that article.  This will allow me to decide if I need to promote more links pointing into my article or just a few.  If they have no backlinks I’ll usually just put only one article into 3-4 other article directories with a link going back to my article I want to rank for.

It typically doesn’t take long for Google to pick up my article and for it to start climbing the ranks in the search engine.

I’ll probably do a follow up to this post later this week as this is just the surface.  in fact, there is so much more you can do here.  But, for most people reading this, this is a great start to getting more results from your articles.

Let’s recap what to do.

#1.  Search for you niche keywords.

#2.  Look to see if the articles are getting views.

#3.  Find a few getting the most views.

#4.  Determine if that article is ranking for the main keywords or some other keywords.

#5.  Search Google to determine.

#6.  Write a similar article.  (includes links to your site in the resource box).

#7.  If you own Niche Research Commando fire it up and check for backlinks. (optional)

#8.  If article has low backlinks you’ll only need 1-2 articles written.

#9.  Write the additional articles and upload them to some high PR article sites (shown above.)

#10. Make sure the article points back to your article that you want to rank.  (Vary the anchor text – don’t just use one phrase).

#11. Repeat if you want to do more.  (  You should want more  🙂  )

This works great for users of and as well.

You can do this in any niche and it’s an easy way to generate some more traffic to your site or affiliate sites.  Leave you comments, questions or any further ideas below.  Already using this technique?  Tell us your results.


Fast Way To Rank For Your Name

As many as you know ranking for your name can really help your business grow.  If you have a very unique and not often used last name it’s not that hard and if you have a rare first and a rare last name it’s even easier!  However, some of us have first and last names that are so common that ranking in the top 10 can be ridicolous.

I personally rank between #1 and #2 consistently for Michael S Brown but have never ranked well for Michael Brown for a couple reasons.  First, I have never tried or never really needed to.  The second thing is that is was always extremely competitive and just didn’t bother with it.  After all there are over 85,000,000 competing pages for Michael Brown.

However, now is a good time for anyone to start at least getting their name on the front page of Google with very little work.

Before I show you the easy steps to do this let me first tell you the importance of this.  If you are doing anything that involves your name such as writing e-books, writing books, displaying yourself on video, public speaking or even running affiliate sites where you present people with your name this is important.  When people hear about you or one of your sites or products they want to learn more about you.  One of the best places for them to do this is Google itself.

Now you still might be thinking "What’s the point?"  But, the point is that your name can be up there in case the look for you.  When the person looking for you finds your site/profile listed in Google they will likely visit to learn more about you.  On this page you’ll want to have some links to your sites, products and just over all more information about yourself.

You can see my profile here.  (more info about me will be added later).  You can also see my screen shot below that.

Michael Brown – Profile

Now, let me show you below how you can take advantage of this and how you can make yours pop up on the first page…

Go to and setup your own profile.  Make sure to include as much information about yourself as possible (especially if you have a very common name).  The more information you add the more it will help you show up on the first page.

Now believe it or not one of the biggest factors is simply adding a picture of yourself.  I went from page 8 to page 1 in just a few minutes of adding a picture of myself.  Also the same rules apply as normal ranking.  Use your name a couple time in the body and you could optionally build links to your profile if you wanted to.  Lastly

The best part is the ability to add links on the side bar and add links in the body of your profile.  When people come learn more about you they can then find your rpdocucts or what your teaching, promoting etc.  Cool eh?  There are a lot of cool things you can do with your profile and I am sure I’ll update mine alot over time.

What are your thoughts?  Are you using this yet?  Questions or comments below.




Simple Way To Submit Press Releases Automatically

Well the title might be a little bit decieving as this is more semi automatic but so far I have never found anything that works 100% perfectly with complete automation for press releases.   However, press bot is pretty darn close.

Below I demo the product and how I use it.  This video is taken from my Niche Blitzkrieg training course.  If you own a website and need some easy traffic press releases are a brilliant way to do it.  You’ll also get the backlink benefit from many press release sites.  It’s not a bad option to automate as much as you can and below you’ll see why I recommend press bot.

So check press bot out if you’re interested here.  Keep in mind one thing I forgot to mention in the video is you can actually add more press release sites inside this software but it comes equipped standard with the 25 sites to submit to.  If you already have this product let me know what you think below or if you have questions, likewise.

Product Creation Labs – Private Workshop Is It For You?

Kevin holding PCLPW

Recently Kevin Riley Released his Product Creation Labs Private Workshop and it’s sure to be a hit.  This is a physical product that get’s sent to your doorstep.  Inside the set are step by step instructions for every single day and comes on CD Roms and designed for you to watch on your computer.  This product is designed to get you going fast into the world of starting your own successful info product creation businesses.  Kevin has been doing it successfully for 30 years and over 5 years ago went online with his product creation.

What comes with the product?  8 CDS (one is a special Bonus CD with a ton of vieo and content).  A step by step manual used to guide your easily through the course.  Over 50 step by step work sheets that will ultimately enhance your learning experience.

It also includes a useful forum where you can get help step by step everyday of the week.

What else does the Product Creation Labs Private Workshop Come with?  How about a weekly Mastermind session?  This is a live on air session where Kevin will answer questions, provide insight and even offer direction for your product!!

If you really want to make money online one of the best ways is with your own product and you should really grab a hold of this right now..  Plus, the first 100 orders get a $100 discount.

GET YOURS NOW =============)))


Submit Your Article – Article Trickle Helpful?

Below is a video I shot that I wanted to share with you this will be especially helpful to anyone who does article marketing and members of Niche Blitzkrieg and Niche Profit Gold.

Let me show you some of the new features of submityourarticle and how I am using them.  The only thing you need is a submityourarticle account and an article to do this written by you or a ghost writter.  I find the new features at Submit Your Article are extremely helpful and save me hours of work.

Combine this style of article marketing with your niche blogs, websites and other online ventures and you could forge a real winner here.

Watch The Video Below