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Simple Way To Submit Press Releases Automatically

Well the title might be a little bit decieving as this is more semi automatic but so far I have never found anything that works 100% perfectly with complete automation for press releases.   However, press bot is pretty darn close.

Below I demo the product and how I use it.  This video is taken from my Niche Blitzkrieg training course.  If you own a website and need some easy traffic press releases are a brilliant way to do it.  You’ll also get the backlink benefit from many press release sites.  It’s not a bad option to automate as much as you can and below you’ll see why I recommend press bot.

So check press bot out if you’re interested here.  Keep in mind one thing I forgot to mention in the video is you can actually add more press release sites inside this software but it comes equipped standard with the 25 sites to submit to.  If you already have this product let me know what you think below or if you have questions, likewise.

Product Creation Labs – Private Workshop Is It For You?

Kevin holding PCLPW

Recently Kevin Riley Released his Product Creation Labs Private Workshop and it’s sure to be a hit.  This is a physical product that get’s sent to your doorstep.  Inside the set are step by step instructions for every single day and comes on CD Roms and designed for you to watch on your computer.  This product is designed to get you going fast into the world of starting your own successful info product creation businesses.  Kevin has been doing it successfully for 30 years and over 5 years ago went online with his product creation.

What comes with the product?  8 CDS (one is a special Bonus CD with a ton of vieo and content).  A step by step manual used to guide your easily through the course.  Over 50 step by step work sheets that will ultimately enhance your learning experience.

It also includes a useful forum where you can get help step by step everyday of the week.

What else does the Product Creation Labs Private Workshop Come with?  How about a weekly Mastermind session?  This is a live on air session where Kevin will answer questions, provide insight and even offer direction for your product!!

If you really want to make money online one of the best ways is with your own product and you should really grab a hold of this right now..  Plus, the first 100 orders get a $100 discount.

GET YOURS NOW =============)))


Goal Setting For 2009

Realistic Goals a Brand New Start To 2009

Realistic goals are goals that are attainable, trackable, measurable,
relevant and they also Must be SPECIFIC.  Without a goal set like this
is is most likely to fail.  Unfortunately most people’s goals sound
like this "I want to make more money!".  That’s great but it’s missing
a lot of variables.

For instance a goal set like that doesn’t tell us what we are going to do
to make money, you can’t track it, you surely can’t measure it unless you
are making no money right now and then you make your first $1 but even
so it would be a waste of time.  That goal also isn’t rel

So let’s just break it down here.

Attainable means that the goal can actually be ahchieve.  Setting high goals
is good but if you haven’t experienced alot of success yet setting a goal
like " I want to make 1 million dollars this year" probably isn’t going to happen.
So just make sure that it’s a goal than can be achieved.

Trackable – can you chart your performance?  Do you have a way to track
your goal?  For instance using a program like quickbooks can help you track
your performance and I find works better than just jotting it down on paper.

Measureable means that you have to have something to compare it to for
the most part.  For instance an unmeasurable goal I "I want to increase
my income".  However, this would be an example of a measurable goal
"I want to increase my income by 15% per month".  If you can’t measure
a goal it’s less likely to be effective.

Relevant goals are goals that can be applied to your business model.
The goal must be meaningful to your objective.  Of course in the line
of being relevant the goal must also fit the other categories listed above.

Specific – this is my favorite value for a goal.  A specific goal should tell us
EXACTLY what we want to achieve.  First here’s an example of unspecific
" I want to earn my living online" but here is a specific goal "I want
to make $5000 (a 15% increase over current earnings)a month by creating
7-10 niche sites and marketing them through organic search engine rankings".

Notice that goal tells us how we’re going to do it and gives us a specific amount
of values to achieve.  Now also notice that it falls into all the other values
a goal should have as well.

If you plan your goals like this RIGHT NOW before 2009 starts, you will see more success.


What are your thoughts?  Have more to add?

Submit Your Article – Article Trickle Helpful?

Below is a video I shot that I wanted to share with you this will be especially helpful to anyone who does article marketing and members of Niche Blitzkrieg and Niche Profit Gold.

Let me show you some of the new features of submityourarticle and how I am using them.  The only thing you need is a submityourarticle account and an article to do this written by you or a ghost writter.  I find the new features at Submit Your Article are extremely helpful and save me hours of work.

Combine this style of article marketing with your niche blogs, websites and other online ventures and you could forge a real winner here.

Watch The Video Below


MSN #1 – Niche Marketing With Easy Techniques

Many people often forget about the usefullness of Yahoo and MSN and soley focus on Google.  While Goole is the superior powerhouse in the search engine business, there is stikll sales and traffic to come from Yahoo and MSN.

A few months back I wrote an ebook that received as much controversial debate as it did praise.  After achieving numerous #1 rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN I decided it’s actually kind of cool to have critics when you can come up with results that ANYONE can reproduce.

The site I did this with was just a plain html site

The e-book was called Backlink factory and if you aren’t putting these tactics to use you’re missing out.

I want to show you below how I am taking a small amount of "work" and profiting nicely from it.  In fact I achieved the #1 out of 8 million spot on MSN for the term "Dog Bowls" using the simple methods outlined in backlink factory.  I achieved this rank in just a few months.

Here’s exactly what I did to achieve this rank.

First I started off with my typical keyword research.  If you missed some of my previous walkthrough and videos you can see how I do my keyword research here.

Then I select my keywords to base my site around.  I then built the web site and got the site indexed with google by submitting a sitemap and social bookmark the site using stumble upon, dig and reddit.

After that I had a ghostwriter write 4 articles on various dog bowl topics and keywords and submitted them to submit your article.  Using their article leverage tool i was able to create several unique copies of the original 4 articles.

About 10-12 days later I submitted my site to Isnare.  Sometimes on isnare you’ll not get all your links counted but i still find it worth while to do.

In the resources boxes I optimized my anchor text coming back for the main keywords "dog bowls" and I also made an extra link in each one that goes to it’s corresponding page within the site.

I also added a couple of press releases and submitted them to 2 press releases sites.  I used the free press release versions, not the paid.  Sites like inewswire work well for this.

A couple months down the line I had landed the #1 spot for a term that is getting searched 40k broad a month and about 9k exact terms.  MSN is only about 12-15% of that but it’s still "extra" traffic.  Other words in the site are ranking high on google and I get traffic through that as well.

About a month later I added Link Serp to this site to give it even more fire power and help maintain my rankings.  The extra link that link serp generates work nicely for niche markets.

Each month this site lands some decent sales and if I really wanted to monetize it more I could create an e-book to sell on the site as well – add a better opt in list.  To rank higher in Google I could also submit more articles, press releases and really work on my link building.

The point of this was to show you just how easy it is to get ranked in the search engines.

Give the technique a try you’ll like how well it works.  If you need niche markets to promote try a program like Niche Profit Gold.  Some people who are in the program are launching similar techniques to this.  I’m looking forward to hearing all of your great results.


Dominating Your Niche With NRC

Last week I made a post showing you how to do some easy product selection and niche research.  You can see last weeks post right here.  Today I want to show you the regular way to do some niche research without using tools and then again with using Niche Research Commando and you’ll see by the end of the video why I really love this thing 🙂  Aside from saving me hours of research and time it makes me money when I use it to build my niches fast.

Watch me Stumble Through The Recording With My Head cold…


Get Your Copy Of Niche Research Commando


*By the way since the release of Niche Research Commando I acquired both the product and it’s creator into my company!  In September John Mann took over as my affiliate manager and in November we transferred NRC over into the affiliate date base at the profit hq affiliate program if you’re interested in joining!



Uncovering Profitable Niches

Most of you know that I profit from Niche Marketing and it’s one of my favorite ways to earn passive income online.  It’s also one of my passions to show others how to succeed.  I decided to shoot a video today to really help you understand how to do some great research.

I am going to show you a couple of tools I have been using that cut my research time into fragments and show you the exact way I dig for niches.  P.S.  There is a fortune right under your nose!

I’ll even show you where I start looking for a niche before I even start keyword research.

#1.  The first tool I use is Niche Research Commando, as it helps drastically reduce the time it used to take to find a niche.  In fact, I loved the tool I sent John a testimonial with my thoughts.

#2.  I also do research with the free versions word tracker and google adwords.

I then use a combo of checking places like the news, malls, ads for commercials and some other sources that you’ll see in the video.  Keep in mind there are numerous other resources than what I am showing in the video too.  🙂




Other Resources…

Ebay Pulse

Yahoo Answers




Google Keyword Tool Has It’s Uses

google keyword tool

With so many keyword tools on the market it’s sometimes hard to tell which way you should go.  In fact, the stats from keyword tool to keyword tool often vary enough that it’s hard to tell if any of them are accurate. 

About a month ago, Google changed their Adwords Keyword Tool and added actual numbers instead of the ugly green bar.  Now you can see actual numbers showing up instead of the green bar for search results.

Make sure to change your setting to "Exact Match" though otherwise you’ll pull up some astronomical broad match numbers that aren’t as realistic as the exact match type.

You can also use this tool to see adwords competitors which is good.  This will help you determine a profitable niche if you like to display a lot of adsense on your sites.  Typically the higher the green bar, the more search results, the higher the payout.  Then you could just put together a high paying adwords site and start getting it ranked in the search engines.

All in all I have to say I like the tool.  Like all keyword tools though the results are approximate values and not an exact science. 

What I actually like to do is use Google Adwords tool to start, then check my keywords again in the Word Tracker tool.  If I really want to get serious I will buy a month subscription from word tracker to really dig deep into my keywords.  But, my recent research has been started with the Adwords tool.

Doing this will help you see a little more accurate results by comparing what the two different networks have to say.  Keep in mind that it would be impossible to give an accurate count of searches per month or determine accurate results for the future.

I have had better results when I’ve planned my sites based on the stats from both tools instead of just one.  If I’m really unsure of search results stats coming up I’ll even check my keywords in a 3rd tool, Keyword Discovery Tool.

This might seem like a long process but we should be taking any niche we want to tackle, seriously.  Using a method like described above will help you better prepare to conquer your competitors.  🙂



Pete’s Bad RSS Report and Tool Get Me 9/10 top 10’s fast!

Recently I was talking to Peter Drew via skype and he threw me into a world I was, until now, unfamiliar with.  In case you don’t know Peter Drew, he is the creator of the Popular Bad A** Report series.  Pete and I discussed RSS Feeds and where I was actually losing some easy traffic and sales at.

Now, I’m not the master of all marketing but it was hard to swallow someone showing me that I am missing traffic and sales.  For one because my business has been based around me getting traffic and sales.  🙂  However, Pete opened up a new window of opportunity that I just happened to not be experienced at.  That topic was how to utilize RSS feeds to the max.  What I learned blew me off the map!

We agreed that I wanted to learn and I wanted to flip through his manual and learn for myself (I wanted to test to see if the product works without having him tell me how to use it).  I flipped through the report and watched one short 10 minute video and I must say by the end of the video I was a bit drawn in.

Was it a good marketing technique or was it simply going to floor me when it worked?

After about 4 hours of testing and 10 keywords later I was blown away with the results.  I tested his RSS feed tool and 9 out of 10 keywords I tested were in googles top 10 in just about an hour after they were all listed….



So, how did I do it?  First I snagged a trial copy of Pete’s Bad A** RSS Report and tool for $1 right here.  You can also watch the awesome videos right off the page there and they will really open your eyes to a new revenue source.

I followed the instructions he lays out in the report that comes with the software and the videos.  I created the blogger blog in under 10 minutes that Pete instructs us to do in the video, launched my feed out there and BOOM in under 1 hour I uncovered my first hot niche.  I was getting traffic fast as well!

The other 8 keywords that did well for me took just under 4 hours in total and Keep in mind before reading Pete’s report I had never utilized my RSS feeds before.  In fact, I honestly didn’t know what good they were for – Now I do 🙂

What this allowed me to do is uncover the hot niches keyword phrases I wanted to test out and see if they were going to be worth getting into google’s top 10.  When the keywords showed up in google’s top 10 in under an hour each I knew I just found a niche I could go easily dominate!

A couple of my keywords had over 700+ searches a day.  (Nope, I’m not giving them away as they pertain to some of my personal niches).  I will show you a couple of my screen shots for one of the keyword phrases I went after though.

 This made it to #4 on google in just under an hour without quotes.


In quotes it made #1 again in just under 1 hour.


After testing I knew if I wanted I could make a niche site based on my keywords and easily dominate google probably withing 3-4 weeks.

Meanwhile I could eat off of my Feed that directed people from my the feed in the search engine to my web site until my site over took higher ranks for the same keywords 🙂


Do you see the power in this tool yet?  I am talking that in a day I could uncover and unlimited number of hot niches and build an empire over the next month!

I’ll add more on my progress with this later but all you need to get started is Pete’s tool it’ll only set you back $1 to try it then it’s an insanely low monthly price if you decide to keep it.  From now on I’ll never search niches without this tool again.  In fact, at the time of writing this it’s only $27 a month…