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Mackinac Island Trip

OK, many of you have been asking when I’d get the pics of my recent trip to Mackinac Island posted and I am just now getting around to it.  It was slightly colder than we expected but the trip still turned out pretty nice.

Below I’ll show pictures in random order from the Mackinac Island trip.

mackinaw bridge

A picture of the Mackinaw Bridge – taken from the Ferry to Mackinac Island.


Mackinac Lighthouse

A lighthouse taken from the ferry on the way to Mackinac Island.

mackinac island tour

Random view from Mackinac Island looking into the water.


mackinac island arch rock

On our private Mackinac Island tour we stopped off at Arch Rock.  Pretty cool view and long drop.


me and alex at arch rock

Here is my son Alex and myself by Arch Rock.

mackinac island port

Pulling into port on Mackinac Island


mackinac island private carraige tour

The backside view of our private tour workforce… carey and carmel our guides.

It looks nice out but going down this path it was freezing cold…


mackinac island view

A nice view just of the coast on the island.

mackinac island

Part of the docks and upper view of the island.


mackinac port

Leaving the island.

mackinac grand hotel

The famous Mackinac Grand Hotel.  It’s huge.  This is just one of the 100+ shots we took of it.

great view from mackinac

This was an awesome view overlooking the course on our island tour.

This is all I have time to upload for now.  We had a great time and I just wanted to share a few of our pics for all of those who have been asking to see.

I’ll try and get some of our food shots added on here soon as well.  Including one where my son thought it was cool to eat his food using the pointed end of a crab leg as a stabbing device.  I got some weird looks when I tried to eat like that as well.  🙂


Unclaimed Money or Missing Money? – Yep it’s All FREE too!

Sorry to burst your bubble and hopefully you don’t feel too entirely mislead.  However, I couldn’t help but notice this subject line blasted in the media and Internet searches, yet again.  But, as someone who teaches people to actually use the Internet to make money I get tired of seeing all of these things like "Get Your FREE Unclaimed Money Here – It’s All Yours!!"  I stop and wonder if people actually believe this type of hype and looking at the amount of searches and interest in this topic people MUST believe that the great giving money tree will provide.

It’s harder to believe that it actually takes work and time to make money but one thing I tip my hat to, are my students.  Inside of Train Me To Blog and my top ranked course Niche Blitzkrieg I have several thousands members who’ve realized that there is a Great Giving Tree and it grows by their own work, passions and dedication to earning their own income on the Internet.  I wish people spent more time working to build an income for themselves than looking for some imaginary handout.

Does it mean the sites that talk about unclaimed money and missing money are scams?  No.  In fact, and appear to be legit and have support of the states that participate in them.  However, as a teacher of making money I sometimes question how much effort we put into trying to find hidden piles of missing money and think it’d be easier for people to learn there’s a real way to start making there own money and recurring income online.  The chances of any of us finding out we are owed a huge chunk of money is less common than much of the media will lead us to believe.

I can’t remember the last time this subject came up but it seems that every year one of the morning TV shows in the US or nightly shows brings up the unclaimed property sites or money sites.  The following few hours and coming days yields thousands of people wondering where there cash is…

Anyone have any odds, figures or stats on how many people actually find this missing hidden money?  Or, should we just start playing the lottery?  Anyone ever get their money?  Let us know below….

If you’re name isn’t on one of those cash for free lists…. start joining in and learning how to use the Internet to actually make money and stop chasing dreams that people are simply tossing out at you.  Check it out for free at



Adding Profitable Pages to Your Niche Sites – The Easy Way

Once you have a site built it can sometimes seem hard to find additional places to gain traffic and sales from.  This can happen because we’ve already done the work and want to move on and simply forget about traffic or in this case additional traffic building.

I am going to show you an easy way to get more traffic to your site even beyond the original traffic you were trying to pick up.  Members of my Niche Blitzkrieg course learn these kind of methods and we’ve had many successful students replicate these techniques.

For this technique to work you’ll want to have Google Webmaster Tools account – it’s free.  If you don’t know how Google webmaster tools works either become a Niche Blitzkrieg members as I take you through via video the whole way.  Or read Google’s tutorials here.

OK. Back to business here.

What you’ll want to do is go into your webmaster tools account and select one of your sites.

After you’ve selected what site you want, click it and it will open up another menu.


Select a time frame.  I suggest selecting as far back as possible so you can get an accurate read of how many clickthroughs you’re getting.

The above pic is a bit blurry… sorry not much I can do on this one.  But the links say… Michael s. Brown 140 impressions and 22 click-throughs and the second link says michael s brown (no period)  91 impressions and 22 click-throughs.

Now you’ll see a lot more than just 2 lines…  For instance my site has over 200 queries , not a lot but not bad for a site I only use to communicate with my list.  Yours might have a lot more queries than that on it.

Let’s look a bit deeper here.  By clicking the little plus sign beside the keywords you’ll be able to see an opened menu that will give you more detail.    Where it shows "Positions in the search engine" you can see where the keywords have ranked and how many impressions and click-throughs you’ve had at those locations.


You can see the impressions here and in the next column over you can see the click-throughs.  I cut the click-throughs off this shot so I could keep the image readable.


Just below the stats for the keywords you can also see what page is showing for those keywords, how many impressions to that page and also clickthroughs.

So what can you do with this data?  Well this will show you keywords and pages that are ranking but could rank and do better.

Let’s say you were ranking #9 for your keywords and only getting 10 click-throughs per week/month or whichever time frame you choose. 

Now imagine getting that term to rank #1?  If you’re getting 10 at 9 you can guess that getting ranked #1 or 2 would substantially increase your clickthroughs and ultimately sales.

Easy enough?

If you went through every keyword you’re displaying in your webmaster tools account and then started link building those pages you could substantially increase your web rankings and again make more money…..

About 60 days ago i made a post about an easy way to do fast link building if you missed that you can see it right here (easy link building technique).  This technique uses the popular 1way links program and is pretty simple.

Of course you can always use traditional methods such as article writing, social sites, press releases and so on.

Anyway, put this tip to good use, use it and you will be able to drastically increase sales, web rank and get more mileage out of each site you build.  Google helps us make making money easier…


Web Communities 2.0 Making More Money Than Ever.

Last night we did it again.  This was the 4th Making Money With Web 2.0 Communities, again.


We had over 200 people for the live event and had a wild 2 hour Q & A session after the 1 hour presentation.




Typically, I would embed it on the blog but the file is huge.  Keep that in mind when you’re downloading it that it may take awhile 30 minutes or more in some cases.

It’s well worth the wait and I had special guest speaker Rich Lowe on last night explaining how and why there is so MUCH money in web 2.0 communities and how you can take advantage of it.

Thank you all for coming last night and for anyone who wants to download this and watch this impressive 3 hour event.  We thank you all.



The Successful Mind Makes Money

Before the holidays are over here I want you to listen to an MP3 I recorded earlier today.  The topic is how to breed success starting with The Mind.

This MP3 is designed to help you overcome obstacles and barriers that typical set people behind.

This MP3 could be life changing for anyone who hasn’t been making money online yet.  There are 2 ways to listen..

#1.  Listen online right now by clicking The Black bar at the bottom of the page that say

"CLICK HERE TO PLAY ALL AUDIO POSTS…."  It’s in the bottom left corner of the screen.

It will start playing The Successful Mind.

Or you can optional download it here.  This will allow you to listen from your computer or load it into you iphone, mp3 player or similar audio device.  The Successful Mind is only about 18 minutes long but it should inspire what you hope to achievw.  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.



Making Money with Community 2.0 Sites

Last nights webinar was great! Richard Lowe was showing everyone a fantastic way to make a lining with community 2.0 style sites.  We also had a very special guest Lawrence, who is one of Richards students who came on to show everyone why community 2.0 style sites work. 

However, technical snags allowed many members to not be able to attend, many members were booted from the call and all sorts of other technical chaos occured.  Luckily the webinar was able to be saved for those who couldn’t make it or kept getting dropped from the site!  Sorry about that!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH HERE ==============)))

IMPORTANT: If you’re having trouble viewing your browser might tell you you need a plugin – just follow the prompts that are at the top of your browser.

IMPORTANT: Allow the video a few minutes to load – it’s big.  You will see a blank screen even for a few minutes after the event starts and then the presentation screen will show up.



Using TipDrop to Make Some Extra Money…

As always I was reading emails this week and I had an interesting email come in that stated something along the lines that "It’s impossible to make money without a website."  This statement is simply not true.  If it were then all of those PPC players who don’t have websites wouldn’t be making money.

However, PPC is not for the faint of heart and you have to know what you’re doing.  When you’re first learning you’re also probably going to lose money.  So for now let’s avoid PPC – I want to talk about a cool way to make some extra cash without spending any money and without a website.

Keep in mind you need an ADSENSE account to do what I am going to show you.  So this means at some point you need a website to get approved for Adsense.  However, once you’re approved with Adsense you won’t need a website for the next part.  If you have no clue how to build a website grab a free copy of Train Me To Blog right here and I’ll show you how for FREE (it only takes about an hour).

Before I get going with this in case you’re wondering this is not what I’ve already taught you guys in so all those who thought I was going to go over classified ads bear with me – I’m not.

What we are going to be doing is creating a tip sheet at and it will literally only take you about 5-10 minutes to have one created.

#1.  OK, first what you need to do is head over to and sign up for a FREE account.

#2.  Next, you need to have an idea of what to write in your tip sheet.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to head into your free Google Keyword Tool and search for terms like "How To" ,"How Many" , "top 10", "Best Ways to", and similar phrases that basically ask questions. 

People often search the internet with questions like that and usually there is not much competing web traffic for questions.  If you need more help on how to do keyword research visit my Keyword Research Post Here and also This Keyword Research Post.

#3.  Creat your tip sheet based on your keywords.  The title should contain the keywords.  For instance if you found "How Do You Bathe a Cat?"  those keywords should be your title. 

#4.  Next, you can enter your first tip.  Make it a good tip that is going to help your reader.

#5.  Add additional tips to your tip sheet.  You can view my latest one on Learning Email Marketing Here.

#6.  Next, you need to head into your "Settings Page" and add your Adsense Pub ID.  This can be found at the toop of your Adsense account.

Adding your idea is how you’re going to get paid.  Basically, what happens is anytime someone clicks on the Adsense in one of your tip sheets you get paid 75% of the Adsense click price.  Pretty cool – wouldn’t you agree?

As more people add there tips and people rank individually tips on your tip sheet – your sheet becomes more popular.  The more popular your tip sheet becomes the more exposure you’ll get.  Easy enough?

Also your tip can be found in the search engines which means when people search for your Title it’s possible you’re tip sheet will turn up.  Over time as Tip Drop becomes even more popular tips will likely rank even easier in the search engines.  Keep in mind you can also build links to your tip sheet to make them gain popularity in the Search Engines.  🙂  HINT HINT.

Additionally you can go into your settings and add links on the right hand side of the page.  Keep the links relevant to whereever you’re sending someone.  This can work great if your promoting affiliate programs as well.

Let me know what you think or if you’ve already got some experience with and if you’ve had any good results.


Don’t Forget YOUR War…….

This is going out to everyone who is constantly finding themselves distracted, not making enough money online or simply not getting anywhere online.

Often times we start off and really get going and we win the fight.  The first fight when in getting started earning an income online is to actually take the initiative to do things that will make money.  Things might go well in fact, you might have a few sites built and then…. life interferes.  Even the little things in life could interfere.

Interferences can cause distractions that can make us become tired, bored, lazy, overwhelmed or frustrated.

It’s at this point that you cannot forget your war.

So what exactly do I mean?  I like to relate what I do as a war and all the obstacles within are part of the fight that make up the war.  When I first started online I was working a day job and always away from home.  I was stressed out and I was sick all the time.  In fact I was so sick and stressed out all the time that I developed shingles at the age of 27 which is very rare.  If you’ve never had it – it’s extremely painful and can actually cause permanent damage – Google it if you have no clue what it is.  I remember every morning driving to work stressed out because I knew any day I could get fired.  Sure I was good at my job but in the field I was in one bad month could be your last with the company.  In fact, I watched several managers get fired in a short time span for things that would shock many of you.  I knew life could not continue like this.

It was then I realized my war…..  I wanted out of my job and I needed out for my health and for the sake of my family.  So I started to FIGHT and learn this online stuff.  I spent countless hours working online and offline with my day job.  But, I saw that there was money to be made online and wanted it.

I wanted a way to be able to see my wife everyday, a way to spend time with my son who at the time we were expecting.  I wanted my freedom.  I started my war with a several fights.

My early fights were:

#1.  Finding time to learn.

#2.  Getting up the strength to break away from the day to day routines of a day job.  It’s sounds funny but we are trained to work for other people and feel secure.  Sadly, there is no security working for someone else.  You are dependent on them and at any moment they can fire you, demote you, they could go out of business, or simply lay you off.

#3.  Balancing a day job.

#4.  Balancing family and life instances.

#5.  Staying healthy.

I just got married a year before that point in my life and was never home and always working… there still had to be time to spend with my wife.  At this point I had to give quality time over quantity.

There were several other fights throughout but my overall goal was to quit my job – that was MY WAR.

You may be in the same place I was.  You may have bigger trials, your fights may be more difficult or less difficult and you might have an easier time or even a harder time than I did.

But, we all have our fights in OUR overall war.  But, losing sight of the war and getting discouraged from the fights along the way can be a dream crusher.  Given the current fail rate from people trying to make money online I’d say most people lose sight of their war and get lost in the fights – only to give up.  In fact, it’s been reported that 97-98% of all people fail when going full forward into it.

Does that discourage you?  It shouldn’t.  Because it’s far more difficult to start an offline business and have it succeed (and a lot more expensive).

I am not bringing this up to depress you but rather give you a mindset that will set you apart and help prevent this from happening to you.

So if you find yourself getting lost, distracted, depressed, frustrated, confused or overwhelmed I want you to read on.

The start – Your mindset must be right.  Too often people come into a business idea or start working with affiliate marketing with the mindset that they are going to fail.  If you cannot shape your mind to believe you’re going to succeed – you’re going to fail.  So believe in yourself, believe in what you can do before you even start.

#1.  Write down your goals.  What do you hope to accomplish by making money online?  Do you want to quit your job?  Do you want to just supplement your income with this?  No one can make up your mind for you, but your intentions must be clear to yourself.

#2.  Start small.  I know by now you’re used to seeing those sales pages telling you how you’re going to make millions.  Making millions isn’t possible if you can’t even grasp the fundamentals.  So start small, start with the fundamentals of small site building, research, traffic and marketing and do just ONE thing at a time.

#3.  Stay with one thing – do it well.  One of the biggest dream killers is the fact that there are some many ways to make money and a whole lot of people telling you about a new product every single day.  So whatever you start with stick with it.  If you’re into affiliate marketing stick with it and keep growing – then do it well.  The same thing goes for info product creators.  Learn, do , do better.  Think of everything you do as a growth in your abilities.  Each website you create gains you experience, each e-book your write builds your skills and so on.  Too many people jump from one idea to the next and never focus on one thing.  You’ve heard the expression "Jack of all trades – master of nothing", right?  Master something and watch what happens to your income.  Hone yourself into a fine tuned machine.  Branch out only once you’re making enough money with something and then use that money to pay for a course that will help you learn a new skill.

#4.  Never give up.  So if you start the fight, fight to win the war.  The hardest part is starting.  You must have a warrior mentality, a desire, a will that says "I will stop at nothing".  Stay strong.

#5.  Don’t fuel the fire.  This whole post talks about how distractions can take us away from the war – the game plan.  Don’t throw more logs on the fire by adding to the distractions.  Turn off Skype, your cell phone, get off Facebook and Twitter and focus.  Those things are cool to own and use but not when you’re learning or trying to stay focused.  Make focus time all about yourself, your family and your future but center your thoughts on the task you’re learning.  I often turn off my cell phone and I turn Skype on do not disturb when I am deep in a project or an idea.  Keep as much Jerry Springer like drama out of your life if possible.  I know sometimes drama isn’t fault of our own but if you can prevent it – do so.

Use the above list and use it to help you stay focused daily.  Remind yourself daily of the goals you want to achieve and remind yourself that you CAN do this.  You must be accountable for yourself and your own success.

Repeat this line. "I am accountable for my own success."  Say it out loud if you need to.  Often, I see people blaming everyone else for the fact that they are not making money.  Take accountability….. If you are taking a course but only spending an hour a week learning or even putting it into practice it’s going to be a hard road.  Sadly, I got an email not to long ago with a guy who was mad at me.

The guy was upset because he hadn’t made money with one of my courses.  He claimed he followed my advice to a "T" and still nothing.  But, yet when I asked him some basic questions he’d in fact, not followed my advice.  He had a website built but was getting no traffic at all.  It turned out he had done nothing to work on traffic.  Now, I am sure the guy had good intentions when he sent me the email – but it’s this mindset that is the most damaging.  Instead of asking for help – he instead blamed me for his lack of success.  This mentality will lead to failure every time.

If you expect things to happen by doing nothing – you will not succeed.  So all doubts of blame need to get out of your mind to be successful.  Do you think Richard Branson ever blamed anyone for his early lack of success?  No he buckled down and became a billionaire by taking action and being accountable.  It’s a trait all successful people MUST have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and more importantly start using it.  After you start winning the fights – Go Win Your WAR.  Never forget your war.





Free Twitter Backgrounds – It’s Live

Recently we’ve added a cool product and service to the market place.

Well two really…

The first one is 10 Free Twitter Backgrounds for use with any Twitter profile!  You can get your Free Twitter Backgrounds right here.  These are premium high quality templates that will make your Twitter Profile rock.

The second product is actually Custom Twitter Backgrounds.  If you need you Twitter profile to look very professional and very targeted this service is for you.  Our artists are fantastic also and I believe pummel the competition.

If you’re using Twitter and you really want to stand out that service is for you.  However, if you’re merely a casual Twitter user or should I say (Tweeter) then the 10 free ones would probably do the trick for you.

You can see a couple of the samples of custom designs here.


These are all custom and artistically sculpted for our clients.  Anyway either one you choose is a great option if you’re using Twitter.


Fast Way To Rank For Your Name

As many as you know ranking for your name can really help your business grow.  If you have a very unique and not often used last name it’s not that hard and if you have a rare first and a rare last name it’s even easier!  However, some of us have first and last names that are so common that ranking in the top 10 can be ridicolous.

I personally rank between #1 and #2 consistently for Michael S Brown but have never ranked well for Michael Brown for a couple reasons.  First, I have never tried or never really needed to.  The second thing is that is was always extremely competitive and just didn’t bother with it.  After all there are over 85,000,000 competing pages for Michael Brown.

However, now is a good time for anyone to start at least getting their name on the front page of Google with very little work.

Before I show you the easy steps to do this let me first tell you the importance of this.  If you are doing anything that involves your name such as writing e-books, writing books, displaying yourself on video, public speaking or even running affiliate sites where you present people with your name this is important.  When people hear about you or one of your sites or products they want to learn more about you.  One of the best places for them to do this is Google itself.

Now you still might be thinking "What’s the point?"  But, the point is that your name can be up there in case the look for you.  When the person looking for you finds your site/profile listed in Google they will likely visit to learn more about you.  On this page you’ll want to have some links to your sites, products and just over all more information about yourself.

You can see my profile here.  (more info about me will be added later).  You can also see my screen shot below that.

Michael Brown – Profile

Now, let me show you below how you can take advantage of this and how you can make yours pop up on the first page…

Go to and setup your own profile.  Make sure to include as much information about yourself as possible (especially if you have a very common name).  The more information you add the more it will help you show up on the first page.

Now believe it or not one of the biggest factors is simply adding a picture of yourself.  I went from page 8 to page 1 in just a few minutes of adding a picture of myself.  Also the same rules apply as normal ranking.  Use your name a couple time in the body and you could optionally build links to your profile if you wanted to.  Lastly

The best part is the ability to add links on the side bar and add links in the body of your profile.  When people come learn more about you they can then find your rpdocucts or what your teaching, promoting etc.  Cool eh?  There are a lot of cool things you can do with your profile and I am sure I’ll update mine alot over time.

What are your thoughts?  Are you using this yet?  Questions or comments below.