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Pizza Delivery From Hell Equals Lesson On How To Not Run A Business

spilled stromboli sauceA few days ago my wife and I had a fun-filled experience I wanted to share with you as a lesson of how to NOT run your business.  Whether online, like most of you are, or offline (like we experienced) take heed.

The Pizza Saga Begins

It was a Friday night and my sister-in-law and her kids came over to play some Wii-U and hangout with my wife, my son and I.

We and the kids were getting hungry so we ordered in some pizza.  What goes better than Mario and a good slice of pizza, right?

The pizza company is fairly new to town and we’ve probably ordered from them 15 times in the last year.  On the phone we were told it’d be 45 minutes for our pizza and on a Friday night we understood. 

After waiting for an hour we started wondering where they were.  Hey, 15 minutes last isn’t horrible and things happen so I let it go.  About 15 minutes later, still nothing.

So my sister-in-law picks up the cellphone and calls to inquire about our order.  After asking when we can expect the order she was handed off to someone (presumably the owner or manager) who then told us that the delivery girl was lost.

No GPS?  No map?  In 2012/2013?  Look, we don’t live underground in a military industrial complex here.

Not to mention this was the 15th time or so they’ve been here.  Something wasn’t adding up.

By this point we’re about an hour and 20 minutes into waiting for the food.

She kindly reminded them that they said it’d be out in 45 minutes and that they’re running extremely late.  He simply said “well’ whoever told you that shouldn’t have told you 45 minutes, that’s not my fault.”

News flash, when it’s your business, everything is your fault.  If you manage a business, everything is your fault.

At the 1:35 mark finally our food arrives.  It was the same delivery person, who has been to our house at least a half dozen times.  Lost?  No way.

Immediately looking at the boxes I notice that there is sauce all over freaking covering the outside of the box, literally dripping from it. 

So, my wife calls in to them, explaining that we just called a few moments ago and our food has finally arrived but there is sauce all over the boxes.  Meanwhile I opened the boxes only to find that the entire contents of the stromboli dish had been completely dumped out all over the inside of the box.  There was barely anything left in the sauce pan.

Here’s a nice pic of that junk.

spilled stromboli sauce

Then I opened the pizza and the pizza was all slid to one side and mangled. 

Here’s a pic of that junk too.

Good God!  You’ve got to be kidding me!!

So, she mentioned to the manager that our food was ruined.  In which he replied “What!  Did she drop it or something?”  Sir I don’t know but we can’t eat this.

He continued to say “I guess I’ll make new and bring it out.”

Good thing he seemed extra sincere.

She asked if it’d be 2 hours again.  O.K. side note; by this point she’s pissed and I would have said something far worse than that.

He said “ I don’t know, it’ll get there as soon as we can, you’re not the only customers we have tonight.”

Those lucky “additional “customers must be having a swell time too!

Immediately, without question my wife hit the end call button and stated we’d never order from there again.  I however, wanted to see what the guy would do.

A). Would he come out himself and apologize?

B). Send coupons and come out and apologize?

C). At least send coupons or vouchers for free food with the delivery girl?

D). Perhaps send a different delivery person as to avoid stress for everyone involved.

The answer?

E. Send the same delivery girl, without coupons/vouchers/without apology….

That is when I decided we were really done with them.  I don’t care if they made the best food on Earth; we were done with them for good.

I told their delivery girl to take back a message to her boss.  It was simply; we will never order from your company again.

That’s probably a lot of money seeing how we order pizza at least twice per month.  But, if it was just us it might be live-able.   Note: Cue the surreal foreshadowing music.

After we finally ate my wife immediately posted the awesome pictures to Facebook for all of our friends to see.  After all, many of our friends eat in the same places and do the same things we do.

Do you think they’ll think twice about ordering rom there?  You bet.

Upon posting the pictures, comments started coming in immediately with people who have had the same or similar experiences.

Do you think the people who see that 25 other people had a bad experience with a company would choose them in the future?  No way.

This is why, especially in this day and age, that when you are running a business (even if it’s just a website) that it’s critical to handle any issues immediately and take ownership.

It’s also important that you do not promote crappy products.  If you tell someone that something is great and it’s lousy, they won’t appreciate it.

How do you think people who order a really crappy “get rich” product feels?  Do you think they’ll ever trust the site that promoted it?  What will they tell their friends, family and social media?

This is why what you promote matters as much as how you run your website. 

Take ownership of your business no matter what your website promotes.  Interact socially with your website and take care of problems and you’ll be better off for it.  Remove products that are suddenly junky or warn your visitors about it.

Of course, like all businesses, you’ll always get that one person that is loud, rude and yelling over nothing.  But, politely send them on their way and always keep your composure.

You’re never going to please everyone but, you need to please the majority.  If the majority starts having the same experience you’ll soon be sitting in an empty room all by yourself. 

Lastly, I won’t name the company as most of you do not live near me, nor am I vindictive as I wish the company no harm.  I actually hope they change their ways and straighten their business out.  However, they will permanently be doing it without us and probably most of our friends who live in the area.

Have an awesome experience to share?  How did you handle it?  What are your thoughts?


Success In 2013 – My Journey and Yours

20132013 A Look Forward

This is for those who want to know what I am up to in 2013 and how I can personally help them achieve their goals.  If neither is appealing to you then this will probably be a boring read.

I want to take a few moments and first reflect on 2012 and then state what I am going to help you do for 2013.  First, a quick personal 2012 recap.

As many of you know my plans didn’t happen, well, as planned in 2012.  In July my wife broke her arm and I had an entire group of things I wanted to accomplish fall through the cracks or just simply not work out.

It wasn’t the best year, but that’s the way life works.  We sometimes fall short of our goals and we get up and work hard to go back and not only achieve our goals, but do more.

I’ll be honest, for the first time in a long time I failed to achieve most of my personal goals in 2012.  But, you know what?  It’s all good.  It really is.  It’s reawakened my challenges and my mind in ways that you wouldn’t believe.  Sometimes all we need to grow more is a little friction.

Here’s what we’re looking at in 2013.

The media is reporting nothing but negativity, pain and fear.  We all have a choice to make.  Either we live by the bounds set by the media and (most) people in society or we do something about it.

It’s going to take work, hard work on everyone’s part who wants to make something spectacular happen for them this year.  Optionally, you can do nothing, which for me, is not an option.

My 2013 Agenda

During 2012 I received several notes, emails and messages from people that they wanted me to get my voice on the air more, give more public media for them to consume and so forth.  So Late 2012 I started putting together a new weekly (maybe more often) video/podcast idea.

I’ll be designing slideshows to present during my podcast which will be displayed on Youtube, embedded into special pages on my site and catalogued for easy access.

I ordered in some awesome sound equipment to make these events sound amazing and as professional as possible.

This means you’ll be able to listen to the show anywhere you want; including:

  • ITunes
  • Mobile Devices
  • In Your Car
  • Your Desktop Or Laptop
  • I pad/Kindle/Tablet, etc.
  • IPod, MP3 Player

I’ll also be transcribing the episodes into easy to read PDF files.

This means you can get the goods anywhere you want.  This show will be free as well and you won’t need to worry about paying to view it. 

I have also decided to keep the shows as close to 30 minutes as possible.  This allows me to give you great information and teach without the listener needing to invest a large amount of time. 

I am sure I will have special interviews and shows that will last up to an hour, but the majority will be 30 minutes. 

This makes it easy to ingest the information while you are on the treadmill or on your way to work.  Ingesting in small bite sized easy to understand parts makes learning not only easier but increases your success.  Great concept huh?  Listen less and get better results.

I am extremely excited about this and think this will greatly help you achieve so much more this year.

Niche Blitzkrieg will continue strong with over 11,000 members.  It’s a great course for beginners to get started and get their feet wet.  The techniques are sound and work well in 2013 and going forward.  I still use all of the methods daily and it all still works.

I will continue to update it if anything changes on the net, as always.

In fact, I have 3 current changes slated for the inside that involve some simple minor things.

I started a new program with Justin Lewis who is a social media expert.  I loved the stuff he’s been doing with social media so we started working on combining that with niche concepts.  The results have been great and we’re going to be teaching our members how to be large socially oriented sites.

It’s called Niche Optimizer in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Social sites focus far less on search engines and link building and more on good content and social interaction.  Many people find this type of site to be less tedious.  I don’t really have an opinion on that as I like both!  But, with social media now completely mainstream, understanding this is extremely helpful going forward.

This is where I’ll be spending a lot of my focus this year.  I want you to have the best training you can possible get so you increase your quality of life.

I personally want to bring at least 2400-3000+ new people into this course this year.  I want to help each of those people achieve their financial goals.  Justin is likewise committed to do so and has done a phenomenal job setting everything up inside.  His dedication to the project has been remarkable and it will show off to the members.  We ran a special presentation in early December if you want to see more: Watch Here.

Niche Sites

I have 2 large niche sites planned in 2013.  No, I won’t release what they are about but think they have some serious potential.  It will use the Niche Blitzkrieg and Niche Optimizer formats.

That’s what I am up to this year. 

Now I want to share a couple of personal things.  My wife has about 3 more months (hopefully) of recovery.  So spring should be a breath of fresh air for the family here.  It’s been a long journey and her recovery is important to me and I spend extra time making sure she’s well taken care of. 

So, if you have been sending me personal email or messages and I am answering slower than normal, that’s why.  But, I assure you that all the mailings I get are important to me.

If you need anything Max is also here to help you at my support desk at

Max is an awesome guy and he really knows his stuff.  He can help you in almost any area you need help in.  So, if you’re in one of my courses and need something he is there to help you.

Max, if you’re reading this, you’re awesome just an FYI.

The moderators inside of Niche Blitzkrieg and Niche Optimizer are fantastic as well.

Quick shout out to:

Justin (partner on Niche Optimizer)

Max (again)

Kathy (Mod)

Bill (Mod)

Ben (Mod)

Stephen (awesome graphic artist for NOW and NBK-U))

They are here to help you.  They are all also very Knowledgeable!

Finally, I really do care about you.  I care about your success.  I know many of you reading this will think “We’ll there another marketer talking.”  But, that sort of B.S. is not me.

I take pride in helping and providing good, honest information.  This is something I think the Internet lacks and I always do my best to make sure everything I present is not only accurate but real.

I want nothing but success for you in 2013. 

With the above stated, it demands that you take action.  Your success depends on your actions.  I am simply a catalyst to help you get there but the ultimate goal is yours and yours alone.

Make your 2013 a success!

Are you with me this year?  Have something on your mind?  Want to share your goals?  Do it with us below!


Don’t Forget Why You Searched For How To Make Money Online…..

how to make money online light bulbA quick personal note before you read. 

Before I started making money online I was in a pretty bad place in my life.  Right before I started trying to make money for myself online I felt simply "defeated" in all of my previous efforts.  I felt as though I gave my all for a company that didn't care about me, abused me and ripped out part of my soul and then stomped on my spine while I was down.  I'd rive to work feeling miserable, feeling like I had to change my life or this would be the death of me.

It Was That Feeling That Fueled Me….

It's also a feeling that has somewhat faded as life has become more comfortable.  Recently I've had to refuel some of that anger (in a good way), refuel the fire and re-revaluate everything inside of me once again.

I know the holiday season is now completely on us and usually that means we all suffer from a lack of time.

However, I want to caution putting everything on hold during the holidays.  While it’s good for us all to take a small break during the holidays it’s often bad to put your business on hold.

Don’t Forget Why You Started…

When you’re brand new to making money online (or been around) it’s easy to come on strong or “on fire’ so-to-speak but over the course of a few months it’s easy to forget why you started this in the first place.

Was it for….

  • A better life?
  • A better job?
  • A way to supplement your income?
  • A profitable hobby?
  • More family time?

No matter which of those things it is (or anything else), it doesn't’t matter.  Whatever the reason is something personal to you.  Do not give up your passion, do not quit, and do not forget your own personal war.

It’s easy to quit when you’re not successful immediately.  I’ve been there; I remember what it’s like.  But, I will tell you that if you stick with it and persevere, there is a great reward for you. 

No matter what your personal goal is you CAN do it and quitting should never be an option.

Sadly, as the holidays hit it’s easy to completely ignore your goal and it’s easy to fall into the “I’ll start again after the first of the New Year” trap.  Have you ever said that about something before?

Some examples:

  • I’ll lose weight in the New Year
  • I’ll quit smoking/drinking In The New Year
  • I’ll dedicate myself to something in The New Year
  • I’ll change this or that in the New Year

How often did you really dedicate yourself to it in the New Year?  Ever?

Hey, I’ve been there and I can tell you first hand my list of didn’t-do’s is larger than my did-do’s. 

So I want you to do a couple things with me this holiday season. 

Well just 3 simple things.

  1. Rededicate yourself to your own personal goals.

No matter which goal you have for your online business, do it.  Rededicate yourself and write it down!

  1.  Set aside an hour of so of QUIET free time where you can get into a creative zone.

Never tried to put yourself into a creative zone?  Check out John Cleese discussing creativity.  It’s brilliant.  I highly suggest watching it all the way until the end.  He also riddles his speech with jokes and humor within which only adds to the appeal of the entire speech.

Also please notice that I said "QUIET" if you're getting interrupted it won't work.

  1.  After reflection – DO IT.

After you’ve had time to think about being creative use anything you’ve written down or any ideas you’ve gathered and go do it.  Whether you’re starting a new niche, building a new website or just adding onto your website – do it.

I do also want you to take some time out this season to spend with your family.  It’s extremely important to have that good quality family time as well.

But, in the process don’t forget what you started this online venture for.  If you have yet to start then that’s fine to — do it.  But, dedicate yourself to it and put in the effort and it will pay off.

If you’re so new that you’re looking for a place to start I just opened a new course with Justin Lewis here.

It’s a great place to start and you’ll get all the help you need making money online.

It comes down to refueling yourself during tough times and rekindling your desire for what you hope to achieve for you and your family….. DO IT.

Thoughts?  Feelings?  Ideas?  How do you fight through the chaos of daily life and focus on your business?  What are you going to work on or do?  Comon!  Don't be shy, share.

Bonus points if you watch the full Cleese video above and can name his 5 points for creativity. 🙂

Getting Over 150,000 Facebook Fans & How To Profit From This

I've been teaching you how to make money online for the last few years. I love teaching this and it's truly what I am passionate about.

A few days ago I put on a webinar with Justin Lewis where he demonstrated how he builds simple websites but drives mass traffic to them from Facebook rather than search engines.

You can watch the replay here:


We had some funny things happen leading up to the webinar.

First we had a small audio glitch and then Justin's Internet died on him right before we went live. So I presented without him briefly and he headed off to a friends house where he was able to broadcast from without much issue. No one seemed to mind the setback as Justin put on a fantastic demonstration of how he is making money with Facebook.

Justin's largest Facebook page (so far) has over 171,000 fans.

The nice thing is once you get about 5,000 fans the pages just grow on their own without very much work on the part of the page owner (you).  As the pages grow and you share info with these pages you'll build traffic to your websites.

If you're not using Facebook, you are missing out on sales! 

This post isn't long today I just wanted to share with my blog readers where they can go watch the replay, ask questions and get started themselves.


Here, again, is the link…

Justin also shares with you a very cool, easy way to do some keyword research without any special tools that you're probably not using, yet!



Am I Using The Right WordPress Theme? Time To Get WP Premium Theme Or Not?

premium themes are like fillets of steakThat's a recent question that I want to address.

But, before I begin here's how I think:

"Steak Is Good.  Filet Mignon Is Better…."

This is a question I’ve had several times and believe it or not it’s actually an important one.  I am going to go over a few things I’ve learned over the last few years about selecting the right blog theme.

(Note:  I am also going to sprinkle this post with additional tips for increasing your income that aren’t specifically theme based.)

Is The Theme Right For Your Niche?

The theme style needs to match your niche.  What I mean by this is simple; the theme must match the look of your topic.  Too often I’ve seen people create a kids site that looks like a news site like

This is boring and will likely cause you to lose some sales.  However, if You were running a news style site, this would be perfect.

You ever notice that big companies usually build sites that look the way you’d think they’d look?

To get a better understanding take a look at Apple.  Doesn’t that look sleek and innovative just like their product line?  That’s how you’d expect it to look.

What about Info Wars?  It'd look odd with tiny pictures of unicorns on it wouldn't it?

Quick Exercise:

Which theme would make more sense for a cupcake maker site?

Theme A Theme B
real pro theme

No doubt Theme A will win the popular vote here.  It’s also more likely to appeal to the RIGHT audience.

I’m not saying that if you used the other theme you wouldn’t make money; you would.  But, I’d be willing to be that your readership will go up and you’ll make more money on the 1st one.

Some of my very early sites should have been re-designed and I bet I would have made more money. 

Is The Layout Killing Your Sales?

I’ll be honest the layout of the blog you’re reading right now isn’t perfect.  I should have a top navigation area and be actively pumping my products in your face.  However, my blog isn’t up and running to simply make me money.  It’s up to reinforce that great stuff I am already teaching you in my courses to help you grow and continue growing.

However, your goal with your site SHOULD be to always make money and to make as much money as possible.

Here is what I like in a layout: Simplicity.

I like things to be clean and not cluttered.  My clean and neat sites have always performed better than my copier or more cluttered sites.

I am not a Google fan-boy by any stretch of the imagination.  However, use Google as an example of simple, clean and neat. 

Everything should have a place and a reason for being in that place.  If you’re utilizing the sidebar for advertisements get them up near the top of the screen (again don’t look at how I have this blog laid out for ads- my goals here are different than yours) so make sure your theme allows a flexible widget area.

The guys over at Genesis and Woo are pretty awesome on their themes for utilizing some good sidebar tactics.

Are Your Ads In The Right Place?

If you’re banking on making money off promotion in widget areas you’ll want to make sure you’re ads are in the right place.

The problem most people have is they don’t know where to place the ads for the best results.  If you’re ever unsure get them where people will see them most by thinking logically what they’ll see on your site when they first arrive.

It’s nice to get a theme that allows you to be creative where you’ll put your ads like this one:  Woo Demo.  It’s feature loaded and also allows a nice header ad.

If you really just don’t know what they see first you can always just look at what Google suggests for their ads.  You can see that here.

If you want to get really professional with it you can grab a monthly account with heat map software.

If you’re new I would just stick with Google’s projections for no and consider testing on your now later.  This will save you a lot of time.

Is It Better To Use A Free Theme Or Paid?

If you’re just starting out, go free.  If you’re starting to gain some experience use paid.

Here’s why….

Paid themes typically come with support.  Since the people who are selling them are making money it’s in their best interest to make sure that you are getting a good product.

Most of the free ones are not monetized at all so it doesn’t help the author much to continue supporting it.

Paid themes also often contain better/more options and you can contact them with suggestions to add options.

When Should You Upgrade To A Paid Theme?

Well, really, anytime.  Changing themes is very simple to do with WordPress so it really doesn’t matter when.  Also professional themes are not that expensive.  In fact, Woo and Studio Press have themes from $59 and up.  They also have plans where you can buy all their themes at a low price.

That being said, I’ll restate what I did earlier:  If you are brand new and this is your first site and you have very little cash to spare use a free theme.  Woo and Studio Press both have free themes to get you started as well.  Or you can simply use the WordPress Free Theme Directory.

I recommend going paid at some point when you're ready.

Browse through the paid themes that I've shared above. I have used several from both brands on various sites and I rarely use free themes anymore since the paid themes look so nice and have so many options.

Remember steak is good.  Filet mignon is better.  I think of these premium themes as a nice fillet.

Now I can't decide if I should go fire up the grill or keep working. 🙂


Build An Internet Business In One Day

building your internet business in a dayThe below is sound advice whether you’ve yet to start your online business or you’ve already started and just need a pick-me-up.  If you’re just starting out in Niche Blitzkrieg this post will be useful for you as well.

One of the little known facts about building a business online is that you can actually start and have your business up online in less than one afternoon.  That means after you read this post you can get started….

(Third times a charm….) Yes, what I am saying is that TODAY you could fully research a market that you want to get involved in and have your new website up and running.  Will you make money today?  Probably not, but you can start making money pretty fast.

So in this post I am going to show you how you can get started today and continue to have success by simply writing about what you love.

  1. Get Into A Niche Market That Has Competition

The first thing you need to do is select the market you want to be in.  If you select a smaller niche market it’ll be easier at first and you’ll have less competition.  However, it will plateau at a certain point if the market is too small.

Many people get scared to enter a market with competition; don’t be.  If a market has no competition it probably doesn’t have many buyers.

Consider Selecting A Broader Niche Market Instead

I.e. weight loss, bodybuilding, financial, gardening, etc.  You could even perhaps target a slightly narrower niche like weight loss for women, weight loss for men or something like organic gardening.  You’ll start slower but you’ll build up to a mega site fast that can bring in quite a bit more money than a smaller niche market.

The thing to remember is if the niche is too small you won’t have enough people searching for it.  If a niche is too large it will be hard to keep your focus on growing it.  It is because of those 2 reasons I recommend a targeted niche market on a popular topic.

Remember this isn’t a way to get rich fast (as I always say – they don’t exist); but to build a real business that you can turn into a spectacular money maker for the long haul.

One of the best things I can recommend is to get into a niche market that you love.  If you love knitting get into that niche, if you love rock climbing get into that one.  The reason I suggest this is because it will allow you to continuously write or talk about a niche about something you love.

When you love something you’ll be less likely to quit, give up or become completely bored.  Trust me if you are in a boring niche that you hate, all the money in the world won’t keep you interested.

  1. After selecting your niche you need to get a domain name.

The domain just needs to be something that can be branded or you could include the keywords in it. It’s not really 100% necessary anymore to contain your keywords (it also doesn’t hurt either). Make it short and snappy and make sure it makes sense in your niche.  I.e. you wanted to get into the Men’s style niche you could come up with something like or  If you were into cat supplies you could get the domain  Optionally you can include some of the keywords in your industry in the domain name as well but, again, it’s not as important in modern times.

The above are simply just examples of what you could do. 

Then get hosting – these are the only 2 expenses you’ll have. You’ll spend a total of about $10/month to run it.

If you have no clue how to do this, simply grab my free course UNLEASHING YOUR SUCCESS and follow my steps there (if you rather have step-by-step hand holding through it all – plus 24/7 help get Niche Blitzkrieg).

  1. Install WordPress In Minutes….

We build our websites using WordPress.  Why?  WordPress is free, simple to use and can allow you to make a beautiful website without knowing how to code anything.  It’s all point-and-click simple.

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record here but…..

…..If you have no clue how to do this, simply grab my free course UNLEASHING YOUR SUCCESS and follow my steps there (if you rather have step-by-step hand holding through it all – plus 24/7 help get Niche Blitzkrieg).

  1. After installing WordPress and it’s time to start writing about what you love to write about.

One of the best was to decide what to write about is to go find other websites who are in your very same market and find out what they are writing about!  Find out what they are missing or have yet to write about and make sure you cover that subject.

Quick exercise:  Go find 3 websites in the same niche market as you.   Identify 3 topics that all 3 have covered.  You now have 3 topics to write about immediately.  Just make sure you don’t steal their writing, write everything in your own words and make sure what you’re discussing is unique.  You only need to write one post for today.

A quick way to find these sites is to go into Google or Bing and type in your niche market into the search engine.  I.e. if the niche that you selected in body building for women then type that into the box.

I have some additional writing tips here.

  1. Next, get a Twitter account (free) and create a free Facebook Fanpage. 

Don’t worry about making them fancy just use them out-of-the-box for now.  Make them fancy after you’re making some good case.

Share every post you make on both of those accounts.  This will help get people to see your site and bring visitors to you.

Never setup a Facebook FanPage before?

Justin Lewis has a nice tutorial here… (takes less than 5 minutes)

And for additional details here is another post on using Facebook for traffic.


  1. Next, Join an affiliate network like or even – They are free to join.

After joining, add some affiliate banners on your site that you can make money with.  You will make money when someone clicks your ads or buys something through you.

Try to put out at least 1 post every other day and continue to share with your community.  If you can put out one post per day that’s better.

Focus on HELPING your industry and you’ll get better results.  I.e. if you’re in the weight loss niche focus on helping someone lose weight.  The more you help, the more likely they are to come back to your site and the more likely they are to buy from you at some point. 

Make sure you stay current with news in your market. 

Anytime something new happens in your industry, report on it.  Even if it’s just a 200-300 word post to announce the news it’ll be helpful!

This will show your audience you’re up-to-date on current affairs and even if a visitor doesn’t buy from you when visiting your site over newsworthy events you’ll find that they could potentially buy from you the next time they visit your site.

Also share with your family and friends on the social networks as well.

Using this one tactic with Facebook and Twitter has brought over 31,000 visitors to just one of my brand new websites since July 1st.

fast visitors stats

In this experiment I only received about 10% of my traffic from the search engines.  The rest is social media only.  Not bad, eh?

I have over a dozen more traffic techniques for you inside but you can do well with this technique alone.

Again, if you have yet to start or need step-by-step video walk-throughs join either of the 2 below to start.

UNLEASHING YOUR SUCCESS OR (if you rather have step-by-step hand holding through it all – plus 24/7 help get Niche Blitzkrieg).  Your choice.


You can actually do this in a matter of hours.  Plus, you now have an asset that you can continue to grow.

It doesn’t matter what your age, skill set or experience is you can do this.  Recently I shared an ordeal that my family is currently going through here.  Numerous people logged on to share their own stories of what they are going through and how they are getting passed it to build their online businesses.

Just Do It!

The key is to JUST DO IT.  The longer you wait the less likely you are to build your own home based business.  The longer you wait, the longer you work for someone else and have less control of your future.

Even if the money starts coming in slowly it’s better than $0, right?  Plus, as you scale I up you can increase your sales. 

You have now built a business.  No, you're not Bill Gates yet, but you have it started.  Once you've started, tay with it and keep growing it.

You won't know everything about making money online at this point BUT you'll be able to grow and then learn more after you're making money.

Let me know if you’ve started or are rededicating some of your time back to building this business below…



Not Even A Broken Arm Can Hold You Down…..

I want to share something very personal with you.  Recently, I have been somewhat silent and less active than normal.  I’ll admit, I have a lot going on in my life right now.  In fact, recently I’ve mentally went back and re-assessed where I started at online and what it took to get to where I am at, as well as where I am headed.

So here’s what happened to cause the reflection and I’ll tell you why it completely reawakened the challenges within me. 

In July my wife fell from the top of a 6 foot ladder and suffered an extremely bad and painful compound fracture. 

In case you’re unaware of what a compound fracture is it’s when the bone bursts out through the skin.  It’s a very serious injury and even though it was in her forearm it could have been life threatening (not to mention she just missed cracking her skull on the pavement below by less than an inch).

Along with breaking both bones in her forearm she tore the tendons to shreds.  So basically, she has very little holding up her arm from the inside.

After the fall she was immediately life-flighted into a medical facility in Columbus, Ohio where she was treated and operated on within 2 hours of being transported.  If you ever want to take a $30,000 chopper ride, this is the way to do it.

3 weeks after her operation the bone began to heal, they removed the stitches and she started daily physical therapy to help her regain function from the injured arm.  However, during the recovery phase something went wrong and her progress started to regress.  Her arm began to swell and became hot to the touch and all the motion she had regained during therapy was gone.

We immediately went back to the surgeon where we learned that one of the metal plates in her forearm had become loose and would need to be removed.  Worse yet, we learned that an infection had set into the bone of her arm and she’d need immediate surgery to not only remove the plate as mentioned, but to clean out the infection.

She came out of the surgery O.K. but, we found out she’d need twice daily IVs of antibiotics for the next 6 weeks via a home health care nurse that comes out to the house.  After a few training sessions I’ll be taking over as her home health care nurse (lucky her).

The surgeon also explained she’d need a bone graft to repair a small missing piece of bone in her arm once the infection was completely irradiated.

She would also need to start from square one on therapy after all of the surgeries are completed.  There is also a possibility of an additional surgery, which we are of course, hoping is not required.

Pain, Prosperous Pain….

I won’t lie, it’s been a long 3 months already and it’s going to be a much longer, slow and bumpy recovery.  Her patience as well as mine has been tried through this entire process.

I am now Mr. mom and Mr. business.  Yep, husband, father, healer.  Taking care of making breakfast for the family, then heading off to take my son to school, only to come home and then bathe my wife, check the wound and then give her a daily IV before settling down to do some work before making dinner, bathing my son and then giving Beth one more IV before heading to bed for the night.

During this process it occurred to me that this is something than many mothers, wives, fathers and husbands have done for years.  This also includes those who take care of someone sick in their family as well.

I salute you, but also want to share with you that this Internet thing – IS doable for YOU….

Maybe You're Experiencing This?

Many good people have unfortunate things happen.  We adapt, learn and grow with these struggles.  We become better, more understanding people from each of these experiences.

Many people I’ve trained to make money online have or are going through similar things.  The reason I know is because many of you have shared these things with me on Facebook or via email. 

I know many of you reading this have similar or even more difficult struggles you’re going through.

Despite these struggle the Internet can ease the burden when you make money through it.

Though my wife’s injury wasn’t life threatening it’s been a completely life-altering experience.  It’s one experience I certainly wouldn’t wish on somebody but, it’s one that isn’t all that uncommon from us normal everyday people.

While her and I discuss things like the lack of work I am getting done recently and the fact that I haven’t increased my business this year the way I have over the last few I was reminded of something.  I remembered exactly what life was like before I started working online. 

Had this accident happened while I was still working at the drugstore this would have been a complete nightmare.  I wouldn’t have been able to get the time off I needed for this and it would have been a real struggle.

I feel for those who deal with things like this and are not working at home, for themselves.  I feel for those who are not in a position to get the time off that they need to be with their families…..

….and that brings me to the point of this whole post.

The Power Of Automation…..

Because the Internet runs 24/7 and you can create passive income streams, you can make money even while you’re away from the computer.

While I was away my income maintained itself.  I made daily sales, had daily ad clicks and daily affiliate income.  This could not have been done if I was working what society calls a “real job.”

Though, as with everything, this takes work to increase and maintain, it does afford you time off.

Obviously, the more time we can put into our businesses the more increases we’ll see but, the sustainability is there in times of crisis.

So, the moral of this post might seem like I am saying not to break anything in your body.  However, what I am saying is if you haven’t started an Internet business for yourself yet, DO IT.

You have to start somewhere and you have to take action.  But, the skills I have learned have not only given me the ability to be financially free but also the ability to overcome times of pain and crisis.

If you have yet to start your Internet business you can get started with me at – This is the best help and best way to get started without all of those crazy monthly fees you’ll find elsewhere.

Start Making Money Online…

If you need a free way to start you can use course.  I do not have a support area for the freebie course though and also I cannot offer support for it.  But inside Niche Blitzkrieg you’ll find 24/7 support and help at your fingertips while you’re learning.

If you’re still not ready to start I fully understand.  But, just know that it’s here for you when you’re ready.

But the sooner you start yours, the better.  Without building these things online our lives would be so much more difficult.

Also want to send a special thanks out to the people who knew what was going on recently and have been amazing in their prayers and support.  Like I mentioned, most had no clue, because I haven’t been very vocal about this but all of those who have been supportive, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

How about you?  What adversity are you fighting right now?  Have you already conquered something in the process of making money online?  Have you started making money online yet? 

Share and discuss below…..

Somewhat off topic but, you ever notice the commercials for the drugs the doctors put us on look like this?


Get More Readers By Spicing Up Your Content

spice up your readershipWant to make more money from your website?  Get more readers!

Want more readers?  Write better, do more, spur interactivity….O.K. real fast….

…Take a quick test.  What sites do you read on a regular basis?

Think about it for a couple of minutes and list them out on a sheet of paper.

Why do you go to those sites? 

Is it because the information is….



Non helpful?

Not entertaining?

Of course not!

It’s because it’s at least one of those things.

So if you’re having problems where people are not “liking” your posts on Facebook, not sharing them with friends, not linking back to you at all, not commenting, not buying things from you or not emailing you to tell you how helpful you’ve been, listen up….

You need to improve what you’re writing about.

These few things will greatly help you improve your content.

#1.  Before you start writing, think:  Will this be entertaining, helpful or exciting for my audience?

If the answer is “NO” rethink what you’re going to write about.

In fact, my friend Justin Lewis put out a few things that will help in an article at his site as well, here.  Look near the bottom for a piece about making your content “pop.”  It mainly discusses on page optimization but the bits abut good content are extremely helpful.

#2.  Is your content too boring?

Look, not every subject is exciting.  For instance, I write about marketing and making money online.  The only exciting thing about that is making money, right? 

But, dress your content up a little bit by injecting personality.  Inject life by using descriptive explanations.  Don’t think of this as detailed as a novel, but enough to get your point across and relate emotion or feeling to your audience.

#3.  Thinking back to what you like to read…figure out what the EXACT reasons are that you read it and hit on those same reasons in your own writing.

If something connects with you it will probably connect with your audience and show in your own writing. 

A few final things.

Spice your posts up with images, quizzes (use a quiz plugin), videos and even use info graphics.  These things help create interactivity.

Interactivity helps bring readers back and spurs discussions as well.

Inject a bit of controversy at your own peril!  Honestly, controversy is good but it should never be the whole point of a post.  Ticking off a few people is good, everyone, not so much.  If you want to spice up your content use controversy at times but keep it in check.

Controversy can add to great discussions.  Just remember some controversy is O.K.. because not everyone is going to like you 100% of the time nomatter what you say or do.  So if you don't mind agitating a little bit the controversy path is sometimes good to go.  Justin Lewis recently wrote some great stuff on controversy here.

Now enjoy this video of kittens playing…

O.K.. so that's not the type of video I am talking about.  Make it relevant. 

Hmmm, on second thought kittens playing is somehow relevant to this blog post.

What about you?  Do you have any ways you are currently spicing up your posts?  Stuff you’ve tried that isn’t/is working?  Share!


Quick Way To Get More Sales From Your Blog

get your offers noticed moreWhen you're running a blog and you've made it 100% commercial and you want to make nothing but cash with it or if your blog is informative you probably still want to make money with it.  Yes, it's fun as well, but to live off of what you love to do is one of the best feelings in the world.

One major way to make more money from your blog is to get your ads in the face of your visitors as quickly (and non-intrusively as possible so they can click them and potentially make you money.

Without getting ad clicks on products you want them to buy you WILL NOT make money

It's critical……

So a few months ago I created something that I wanted to test out on this site and on many other's.

Real quick take a peek up at the top of my blog. 

See that little banner stripe that goes across?  You probably already noticed that before on here but I just wanted to point it out.  I call that Wp Click Me.

Did you know that tiny little stripe gets clicked about 2.5% of the time on this particular blog?  For a long period of time it remained above 5% but I suspect my audience has now seen it quite a bit and many of you have already clicked it, so the % has went down slightly.  However, all new traffic will continue coming in so those %'s will stay about where they are now.

It doesn't sound like much but compare that to my side bar advertisements (I don't have many ads here) that only get clicked about .050% of the time.  That's 5 times more!

Why?  Because the visitor sees it immediately when they come to the site.

It doesn't matter if you have a blog about commercial air conditioners or a blog about weight loss tips, you can cater an offer to your crowd.

Let me give you a quick example

Lets say you have a weight loss blog.  Now imagine you have an offer that you promote that you make $30/sale with

Let's say you get a current Click-THRU rate of .050% (most people report less than this believe it or not) on this product from your blog and you typical get 2 sales per month.  So typically you're making about $60/month from your offer.

Now, let's say you install Wp Click Me and you put this offer in your top bar of your site and you get just a 2.5% CTR.  You'd make 5 times the money on average.  So now that $60/month becomes $300.  The nice part is it takes 20 seconds to install and another minute to set your affiliate Link or offer into the bar area.

Of course your results might be slightly different than mine and in fact, many tester of the product have already reported 3-7+% CTRs. 

Because you can get this in the face of your visitor without interfering with them navigating your site, they won't be offended and they'll be more likely to click the offer you want them to.

This also allows you to continuously test different offers, test for better converting offers and use the ones that ultimately make you the most money.


Anyway it's called WP Click Me and right now I have a special deal on it.

For just  $10 you can get a license and for $17 you can get an unlimited license with unlimited installs. 

And $37 you can get an unlimited developers license.

This price will nearly triple in the future after this release is done (6 days left).

Plus you get some other cool bonus webinars we'll be shooting and all kinds of extra goodies including lifetime updates (at least 3 upgrades are scheduled for this-possibly more).

Go check it out here.


Even if you only make 1 extra sale per month you'll pay for the low cost of this…


After you get the bar if you want to make it stand out on your site do this…

  • Make the colors contrast!

What I mean is, if you have a darker site make the bar bright.  If you have a lighter site make the bar dark or deeper in color and it will attract even more attention.

  • Use a simple "call to action" like "click here now", "click now", "click me".  Basically, tell you audience what you want them to do and you'll get better results!

Let me know what you think below or if you have some ideas to get more clicks with this tool (can even be things you're already doing) – let's discuss.

By the way.  I teamed up with an awesome group of guys to get this out to the public.  This includes James Brown, Stu Sirling, William & Liam Murray.  These guys are top notch and truly ethical people just like you'd expect from everthing I've taught you so far.


Make Your Posts Stand Out With Infographics

pikto chartOne of the best ways to make your blog posts stand out is to add an image.  But, what can you do to add to your reader's ease of reading, more interactivity and easily illustrate your point?

An infographic.

A few months ago I was reading an online write-up that was using an infographic to carry out it's points. I realized that it made it simpler to understand than traditional text and added a higher level of interactivity.

So I searched for something free that I could use to make these info graphics as easily as possible.  What I found was which is a free tool that you log in and make your own graphic from scratch.

You can see an example of one of mine here.

Obviously your intention with your site is to make money.  But, how do you make money if all you use is an infographic on a webpage?

A.  Ads on the widget section of your site.

B.  Include a few paragraphs above or below the graphic with your affiliate links in them.

C.  If you allow paid advertisers on your site.

As you can see Infographics will help your sales, not impede them.

The Magazine Feel

Pick up your favorite magazine and chances are you've seen info graphics used throughout.  They are typically used to clarify the information we digest.  Usually these charts contain numerical data that the creator wants us to understand easily.

Because we're already used to reading info graphics in magazines and pamphlets it makes viewing them online just as easy.

So What Else Are Infographics Good For?

Traffic & Backlinks.

One thing that caught my eye on Pinterest, Snip It, Facebook, Google Images and sites like Flickr, just to name a few, were infographics.  The easy to view layout makes you want to click them to learn more.  Just getting these type of graphics out there will bring people to your pages where they can buy things through you.

So once you've created your infographic you then want to start sharing your post and image everywhere.  Get it out there on all the social networks you're part of, put it on Flickr, sharethem in forum you're members of and any other place that allows image sharing.

Of course, the more places your share the more likley you are to get traffi from it was well as easily increase your backlinks at the same time. 

Anyway, this is free, and this isn't even an affiliate link.  It's just something I suggest checking out and using.

It works very easily.  You create an account, select your theme and add your information to it.  It's not difficult at all and it beats paying an artist $1500 or more just to create one for you.

Ultimately, use infographics to increase exposure to your content and make life easier on your readers while increasing their activity.  If you increase you user experience they are more likely to come bck and hang out on you site which = more sales in the long term.

What are your thoughts?  Planning on using one?  Already doing it?  Questions/suggestions?  Post below.