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Pete’s Bad RSS Report and Tool Get Me 9/10 top 10’s fast!

Recently I was talking to Peter Drew via skype and he threw me into a world I was, until now, unfamiliar with.  In case you don’t know Peter Drew, he is the creator of the Popular Bad A** Report series.  Pete and I discussed RSS Feeds and where I was actually losing some easy traffic and sales at.

Now, I’m not the master of all marketing but it was hard to swallow someone showing me that I am missing traffic and sales.  For one because my business has been based around me getting traffic and sales.  🙂  However, Pete opened up a new window of opportunity that I just happened to not be experienced at.  That topic was how to utilize RSS feeds to the max.  What I learned blew me off the map!

We agreed that I wanted to learn and I wanted to flip through his manual and learn for myself (I wanted to test to see if the product works without having him tell me how to use it).  I flipped through the report and watched one short 10 minute video and I must say by the end of the video I was a bit drawn in.

Was it a good marketing technique or was it simply going to floor me when it worked?

After about 4 hours of testing and 10 keywords later I was blown away with the results.  I tested his RSS feed tool and 9 out of 10 keywords I tested were in googles top 10 in just about an hour after they were all listed….



So, how did I do it?  First I snagged a trial copy of Pete’s Bad A** RSS Report and tool for $1 right here.  You can also watch the awesome videos right off the page there and they will really open your eyes to a new revenue source.

I followed the instructions he lays out in the report that comes with the software and the videos.  I created the blogger blog in under 10 minutes that Pete instructs us to do in the video, launched my feed out there and BOOM in under 1 hour I uncovered my first hot niche.  I was getting traffic fast as well!

The other 8 keywords that did well for me took just under 4 hours in total and Keep in mind before reading Pete’s report I had never utilized my RSS feeds before.  In fact, I honestly didn’t know what good they were for – Now I do 🙂

What this allowed me to do is uncover the hot niches keyword phrases I wanted to test out and see if they were going to be worth getting into google’s top 10.  When the keywords showed up in google’s top 10 in under an hour each I knew I just found a niche I could go easily dominate!

A couple of my keywords had over 700+ searches a day.  (Nope, I’m not giving them away as they pertain to some of my personal niches).  I will show you a couple of my screen shots for one of the keyword phrases I went after though.

 This made it to #4 on google in just under an hour without quotes.


In quotes it made #1 again in just under 1 hour.


After testing I knew if I wanted I could make a niche site based on my keywords and easily dominate google probably withing 3-4 weeks.

Meanwhile I could eat off of my Feed that directed people from my the feed in the search engine to my web site until my site over took higher ranks for the same keywords 🙂


Do you see the power in this tool yet?  I am talking that in a day I could uncover and unlimited number of hot niches and build an empire over the next month!

I’ll add more on my progress with this later but all you need to get started is Pete’s tool it’ll only set you back $1 to try it then it’s an insanely low monthly price if you decide to keep it.  From now on I’ll never search niches without this tool again.  In fact, at the time of writing this it’s only $27 a month…








Diamond in the Rough? How to find your Niche



Have you been struggling to find your niche? That diamond buried in the rough. If you are struggling don’t be concerned many others are right there with you. The hardest thing to do sometimes is come up with an idea of a niche to start promoting. Sure you could start with the keyword research and scan KEI indexes for the the top keywords but can you monetize the site?

My friend and business partner mentioned to me the other day my knack for finding niches fast, promoting them and ranking them. I guess I had never really thought about how easy it comes to me. SO, he asked me for some advice on finding his niche to promote and today I want to share that with you. In fact over the next 4 weeks all I am going to focus on on my blog is niche research.

The first lesson we talked about was learning to find a niche you’d LIKE to promote.  I know you’ve probably heard a lot of recent marketers say go where the money is and go for the big kills.  There is a lot more competition in those big kills however.  So I suggest finding something you think would be fun or unique to promote.

So I said John grab a piece of paper and what I want you to do is a little bit of brainstorming.  I then instructed him to think of 5 things that he does everyday or uses that can’t be found in everywhere.  So he did and he came up with a pretty good list really.

He likes wine and honestly could have made an entire list around products about wine.  Not every town has a wine store in it.  Sure the local grocery store might but I doubt they have what a real wine drinker would like.  I had him continue with his list anyways.  Keep in mind that brainstorming and jotting things down is a great way to get your ideas and put them into action.

Plus, who has time to remember all of those keywords?  I don’t, my memory is horrible.

He ended up coming up with a list of about 15 things total, pretty quickly.  That’s when he realized he could uncover his own hot niches.  He then realized everyone could do this.

Here are a few more ideas to get you started.

*Think of products you use daily

*Think of products your family uses

*Think of things that are not accessible in every grocery store

*Ask yourself does this have value to the person buying it?

Next, week we’ll go into digging a little deeper into your product selection.

But, first make that list!




Debt Free Internet Marketing

What is Freedom? I mean, really think about it. What does it mean to be FREE? If you live in a free country you’ll still find nothing is free. We pay for everything from water (which is a basic necessity for us to live) to food, clothes, shelter ect.

The Money Trap

With those things being not really free, imagine the other things that can drain our money. Typically, people believe they do not have enough money in general. The problem sometimes isn’t that we don’t have enough money, but rather, we spend it stupidly – Myself not excluded.

A year and a half ago I made a choice that I wanted to be debt free by the time I was 35. I discovered the internet and started learning EVERYTHING I could learn all while working a job that took 55-60 hours a week . I started working day and night trying to learn how to make money online.

Within a few months I started seeing results of my hard work paying off. Within a short year I was able to start helping others achieve their financial goals as well. It wasn’t an easy road but I made that CHOICE.

Choice is the keyword that I want everyone to keep in mind while reading this. I can preach to you and walk you through a ton of ways to make money but if you don’t make the choice to use them it won’t do you any good.

OK- let me get back on topic here. The choice I made a year and a half ago wasn’t to start making 7 million dollars a year. Rather, it was a choice to become DEBT FREE. To do that I was going to have to make an income outside of my regular job which meant the internet marketing/affiliate marketing – would be the way and I was going to have to work hard to do this.

This meant letting go of some of my FREEDOMS. It meant not buying coffee from Starbucks everyday or going out to eat 3 times a week. It meant no summer vacation for a couple of years and limited gifts for my wife and soon to be son. Christmas also took a back seat.

But I began planning and within 6 months I was able to tackle a major Credit card, Pay off my Wife’s Vehicle completely(which we still owed $13,000 on when I first started. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy. I had a lot to do. I forgot to mention earlier that my son was born in the meantime, which meant I had to become more productive with limited time.

So I came up with a system that I use to this very day. In fact, it’s very simple. But, hopefully this will be useful for other people as well.

1. Pay myself first. I pay myself 25% of everything I make. It can be used for spending purposes for anything my wife or I want. This includes gifts, dinner out, new clothes ect. When first starting this plan if you can’t afford 25%make it 15% or less if you must. The goal is to get it to where 25% of your money can be used for whatever you want.

2. Tithe. The next 10% I make gets tithed to church. I believe God has given me the abilities he has for a reason, so I render what is his to him. You may not believe the same things I do so you can use this 10% for whatever other purpose you’d like.

3. Pay the bills. Now the bills get paid. This includes the house, cars everything. Overtime get the things paid off that are constant money sucking things. Credit cards, cars, the house, loans. You’ll want to pay them off completely. You must build yourself to that point first. Pay things off one at a time and go from there. Once once thing is paid off, go to the next.

4. Invest the rest into your business being sure to save as much as possible. This will help you build your bank account and income.

The reason for percentages is because this way you never live above your means. Once you get your finances straightened out you’ll be in good shape which means less hours of working.

I didn’t quit my day job until I got to where I wanted to be in affiliate and internet marketing. That also meant a lot of BIG bills had to be paid off. The key was adjusting my income to live within my means. It was a small sacrifice to be where I am today.

In closing this post I’ll be 29 in a month. If I wouldn’t have made the choices I made not long ago I may still be drowning in debt. It was understanding that I/You don’t have to make Millions every year to end up being debt free.

This post isn’t to brag but to show you a realistic way to reach your OWN goals. If you are struggling with affiliate and internet marketing and need some help I highly suggest getting a copy of my e-book Affiliate Marketing Power Series. It will help set a realistic plan in place for you to quit your day job for good.

Is IPO Useful? Ahem… That’s Internet Profit’s Optimizer…

You may have heard me mention the words IPO over the last week. If you still don’t know what it is, it’s quite simply an essential Video course teaching your several different powerful techniques to get the most PROFIT out of your website, blog or online marketing campaigns. I’ve included a short video in this post so you can see a little bit more about it. Just click the image of the IPO Video’s below to watch the video.


If you’ve never heard of either of these guys, that’s ok. I personally know Kevin and have learned a lot from him myself. I can tell you first hand that whether you are new to marketing or have been building websites, marketing via email, article marketing, social book marking, video marketing, creating your own products or any other type of online marketing, you are bound to learn quite a bit from this great 19 video course!

Over 3 hours of brutally honest and power marketing techniques that is going to help you skyrocket your online endeavors. The best part is their system WORKS.  This course is a small fraction of what you’d pay for a seminar and the information is much better!

Plus, you don’t have to buy some over hyped expensive guru product.

You can grab your videos here and start Optimizing Your Online Profits Today!

If you are not where you want to be in your online ventures you are the right person to get this! This is designed with ANYONE even newbie’s in mind.


Electronic Mileage Log – Manual is Dead – $100 Discount Right Now

 Recently I was checking out a new tool which makes mileage logging a breeze. Whether you head out for a business trip or to that daily meeting you can use an automatic mileage log that at the touch of a button or plug in, it tracks all of your mileage automatically. The guys over at Mileage logger are really onto something unique here. This tool could literally change how business men, pizza delivery personnel, medical workers, ect are able to account for their mileage expenditures. With the current mileage expense write off of over 50 cents USD a mile, you can believer the IRS is watching and taking note.





After your trip comes to an end, it this electronic mileage log send a signal to a cell tower and then the data is sent to the mileage logger server and stored into an easy to use private database. If a light bulb hasn’t went off in your head yet, think about it for a second. You no longer have to physically count up your miles and avoid possibly make mistakes.

When you’re ready to print out your mileage log data at the end of the day/week/month you simply log onto the mileage logger database and just print it out. Other nice features include the GPS functionality and ability to see exactly where you have been via the tracking system. Even as an internet marketer I see the usefulness for myself with this handy gadget. I can just plug it in when I jump in the car and head off to the bank or to my next live event. Then I can print out my mileage as I’ll be able to write it off. If you frequent the bank, meetings or other places that you may write off, this tool is worth the price. Right now you can get a $100 discount or if you simply want to read and learn more visit here. If anyone else has used this I’d love to hear your feedback.


The Internet Marketer’s Mindset

internet marketers mindset

Numerous people want to go into the world of internet marketing. Many come in and many are spit right back out. It’s easy to see why people want in, money. However, if money is all you’re after then you may find yourself quickly into the 95% of other failed internet marketers.

The reason being that while snagging easy money is a lofty goal it simply becomes to complex or rather boring for many. Other IM dream killing factors include lack of motivation, confusion, lack of time and the ever crippling icy death grip of lack of patience. All of those things can lead down the broken path and often misguided path of internet marketing.

So if you currently are or are considering going into the internet marketing you must meet the following traits in some way or another.

#1. You must be self motivated. No body is going to do it for you and often times nobody cares if you succeed or not. You have to be able to supply your own motivation. The good news is that this can be whatever motivates you. For me, I was always success driven. I only wanted to succeed in whatever I put my mind to.

#2. Open to new Ideas. You must be willing to try and learn new things. When I first started internet marketing I had never even built a web site before. In order for my success to occur I had to learn a new set of skills to continue to grow in my ability with them. You may be in this boat now. So learn the new skills you need and start building your success from the ground up.

#3. Willing to Fail. Perhaps the scariest topic of all is the realization that you may fail. However, failure in this instance is an option. My first 2 websites were pointless and lacked goals and value – they failed. However, after I failed I got back up and dusted myself and failed again. At this point I could have given up and walked away but I didn’t a tried again and learned from my previous mistakes. Eventually it all just fell into place and I’m where I am at today. I welcome failures in all that I do now because I grow stronger each time and build myself much bigger down the road. Plus, if I wouldn’t have failed so many times I may not have written some of the e-books and reports I have now. The same reports that have helped many achieve success. As long as you’re willing to right the mistakes later, failing isn’t a bad thing.

#4. Ignore popular belief. Most people outside of already successful marketers believe making money online is a joke and not even possible outside “the inner circle”. If that were actually true I wouldn’t be here. Other popular belief rises from time to time within the internet marketing industry. You may see examples of this come up often for instance phrases like “Content is King” and that “SEO isn’t important anymore”. Often times the author of such phrases may be on the right track but may not have tested their own theories enough. Stick to your guns and start earning your living. Meanwhile a message to marketers who have been around for awhile, the basics of SEO are always important and I can’t imagine an internet without them.

#5. You MUST put in the time. I see this everyday, someone simply looking for a “get rich quick scheme”. While I am sure it’s possible for one to work, it’s highly unlikely. You must be willing to work to get to where you want to be. Whether, you are into building niche websites, creating your own products or affiliate marketing putting in the time and effort to succeed holds true for each. I do recommend things that are going to help save time but not until you understand it first. Take website building for example. There are many places to outsource having your own website built but if you don’t understand the mechanics of it, it’ll never benefit you later on.

Furthermore, on the topic of putting in the time I have a saying that I love, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. To me I don’t want to rest and be 100% content until I have achieved everything I hope to achieve in my marketing exploits. Does that mean ignore my family, friends and never spend time off the computer and away from marketing?

Absolutely not, but to achieve a higher success you must be focused on your goals and accomplish them. Ever day I make a list of the most important things I need to get accomplished. By the end of my day of work they must be done or I’m finishing them before I sleep. Doesn’t sound like the life of an internet marketer? It probably doesn’t sound like the life of a internet marketer because we see everyday the sales pitches that advises you that lazy internet marketers are making fortunes.

Replace the word “lazy” with “SMART” and you’ll surely follow the right path to success. If ever the phrase “work smarter” not “harder” should come in this is the time. Plan your day, goals, priorities and achieve them in the order that is most important to you.

I could literally write a book on The Mindset of a Successful Internet Marketer and I probably will at some point. Keep these things in mind while you are starting a new project or working on your first one. Your success depends upon it.

Staying Organized in Internet Marketing

In this day and age Internet Marketing can be a tough feat.  If you are the least bit disorganized Internet Marketing can be even harder than it has to be.  In fact, one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome in this business was getting myself to a point where I knew where everything was everyday.  I didn’t have the time to fumble around with phrases like “Where did I put that” and “Why can’t I find that file?”

So how did I get organized?  I was hard but I forced myself to take a few extra steps before logging off of the computer for the day.

 #1.  File things as needed.

Many times before I would just leave files and folders in random spots on my desktop.  However it started becoming a problem when I was in a hurry and needed to find something.  Even worse was when I needed to find something for somebody else and I simply could not.

To solve this problem, I began to file picture files with the pictures, articles with the articles etc.  I then improved this one step further and added separate sub folders within folders as well.  For instance I would file pictures an article about dog’s under articles and then into the dogs articles sub folder.

This greatly improved how well I was organized and the added benefit is I ultimately save a lot of time.  Not needed to fumble around looking for things helped greatly.

 #2.  Writing out a to do list for the next day.

Back in the days when I used to Manage drug stores I always had to keep my crews organized.  This involved writing out a task list for them everyday.  But I also always had to do the same for me.  I needed something to keep my head level and jog my memory.  As I completed each task I’d cross it off.

This has helped me stay organized drastically.  The times I don’t write a list I notice my productivity levels are down.  Often I feel like I don’t accomplish anything I need to, without my list.   So before I shut down for the night I write out my list for the next day.  The next day I start by looking at the list, working it and completing it.

As Internet Marketers , no matter what niche you are in, we have no one presiding over us, helping to give instructions.  The hard part is learning to manage yourself.  Once you do that things will be simplified.

These are just some great beginning tips there are dozens more out there.  I look forward to hearing about them from anyone who wants to share.

The Kickoff

Hey guys, here it is. My first blog. I’ve been making money online for awhile now but blogging is just something I have been putting off for some time now. My friend and business partner, co author, tech master and many other things, John Mann, helped me finally do this. So pay attention everyone, you can make money online without being technically savvy, I’m living proof.

But, on the other hand, blogging is very useful, easy and helpful for just about any business. So, here it is. I’ll have some deeper, more useful posts.