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My Niche Site: Over $14,500 Now

Ok guys, I’m back after the holidays here to share my niche results.

The niche is growing and I am going to sit down and chart it’s future sometime this week.  This is again, modeled after what I teach in Niche Blitzkrieg and In Niche 60.  Coming up soon I’ll be adding more to both courses to expand on the stuff I am teaching.

If you haven’t read my previous writes-ups on the subject here they are.  They explain exactly what I did to find my search terms and how I built the site.

Here are the lifetime stats for the site.  Pardon screen shot 2 as it’s hard t get a great overall shot from that account because of the way it’s setup.

jan stats part 1

Now add in the other product I am promoting on the site:

jan stats pr 2

You can see that the site has come a long way since it’s inception.

Traffic has increased month after month and continues to climb.

I now rank for 3,050 keywords (most of which were unplanned).

I had a question come in a couple of weeks ago asking me what I did to get so many keywords ranked with a limited amount of posts.  The truth is some of the posts I planned to include a few keywords to rank for, but, the bulk of the rankings just came from writing detailed write-ups on the subject.

Let me give you an example:  Let’s say you are going to verbally teach someone how to do something.  If you simply said step 1, do this, step 2 do that but didn’t detail it, you’d have less words in the conversation.  The person you were teaching would probably not understand what to do as well.

However, if you said; step 1 do this and then explained exactly how to do it down to the finest detail you would have spoken many words.  This same concept applies to your writing.  Not only does it help make more sense for your audience, but, the search engines see all of those juicy terms and phrases that get searched that even tools (including keyword planner) do not pick up.  I explain this concept in detail at my post about creating a good blog post.

I have been slowly adding new posts as I mentioned in the past.  The detailed ones I am writing, but, I am also using Iwriter for the basic stuff and tweaking their work to sound better, look better and include my touch.

Going Social

I haven’t fully decided yet, but, I am likely going to build a small Facebook community on the subject soon.  Like I said, I am not 100% on board with going social in it right now, but, I might.

I have found in many experiments that social is good, but more money comes from search.  The reason is, is because it’s much more targeted.  1000 clicks from the search engines are always going to make you more money than 1000 clicks from Facebook and it’s not even close.

However, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter allow you to build communities which help overall success and can just be a nice supplemental source for traffic.

I’ll let you guys know in the next update what route I take the site.  Right now I am leaning towards getting social on it.

Continued Growth

I plan to use Keyword Snatcher again to uncover more terms that I am probably missing (there are thousands) and as I mentioned in the past, these terms are generally easy to rank for without a shred of link building.

I will add a minimum of 1-3 posts per month to the site going forward (more if I have time).

Other Plans

I am sitting down this week to do an update on Niche Blitzkrieg and sketch out new additions to Niche 60 so these 2 things will take some time.  So I will be very limited in my current work on the niche site.  Again, hiring a writer will help with that issue and since it doesn’t cost much, it’s more than worth it.

I am also going to start another niche site (already started actually), which I may actually share with you guys once it’s ranking.  Part of me is still saying not to do this, because it just brings in the people who can’t think for themselves and purposely harm other people’s hard work.  We’ll see, as I am not sure it’s something I want to share, but, I haven’t ruled it out.

I might take a small study group only who I give access to it and break down everything in detail for them if hat is something people are interested in.  Again, I have to think deeply about it though.

I created an affiliate theme, with an AWESOME crew, that I am putting the final touches on.  These guys can code like beasts.

I simply got tired of changing themes constantly so I wanted one that works everywhere and right out of the box and be extremely versatile but newbie friendly.  I’ll be releasing that soon — trust me, you’ll hear about it.

I have the designs sketched out for a product conversion tool as well and I’ll have it created and marketed sometime during 2014.

My biggest focus right now is on what I said I few days ago (you can read that here).  I am having some mind blowing life changes right now and I thank God daily for the ability to seek peace on the stormy seas we all face.

Hard Work

Again, as I always point out in these posts, none of this is to brag.  I am simply just a man and all of the talents that I have are learn-able.  Apply yourself, go after what YOU want, not what I want.

Go in the direction that you feel you should go and build it and keep going.

Building niche sites might come easy for some or hard for some.  As time goes by, no matter what you do, you’ll get better and grow more if you simply strive to do it.

Repetition grows success, skills and a closer walk to perfection.

I came into the world of niche creation with none of the skills needed and have learned and applied and grown.

Not every project is awesome or perfect and I’ve failed countless times.

Not every niche turns out the way you want, whether by chance or by poor planing.  If a niche fails learn why.

  • Not enough planning?
  • No traffic?
  • Poor conversions?

Figure out what went wrong and try again.

Work hard and then learn to work smart, but, continue to work hard, smartly?  Make sense?  😉

Just go after it today and build the site that YOU want to build, but do it!


A New Year, A New Hope

2014I had some big plans to release a different type of post to the public today.  However, I don’t feel that it’s the message I want to share right now even though I was fully intending to do so this morning.

Instead I’ll probably get back to posting on building a killer niche tomorrow (if you’d rather read that today, go for it).

Today I want to share something a little bit more personal and a little deeper from the heart.

Doom and Gloom Abound!

In all accounts 2013 was a bad year for much of the public.  A recent report that was out said something around 2/3 of all Americans felt that 2013 was a bad year.

The biased media has heaped on B.S. message after message upon us.  By the way, as side note, I am not condemning one source of media over another, all of the mainstream media outlets are biased.

The news has been one negative onslaught after another.

99% of the politicians seem to not care about the public, otherwise would we not see different, constitutional and useful policies actually come to pass?  Have you ever looked at a politician and said “He said he/she said they didn’t believe that!  Why would he vote that way?”  I’m not condemning one side or the other here, it’s on every side of the aisle.

Meanwhile commercials tell us that unless we accumulate stuff, we have no worth.  That if you’re not like guy/girl in the picture you’re not worth a dime.  That without whatever they are selling you are basically nothing.

The economy is still in the tank, unemployment and unhappiness is extremely high.

Wait, Michael You Said This Was A New Year And A New Hope?!?  What Gives?

I’m getting there trust me.

Despite all of the negativity I am going to tell you my hope for the year.

I believe in life there is a narrow road that we should walk that is filled with care, love, compassion, salvation and freedom.  This is what I feel and believe.

Some of the points below I feel are critical to being happy in dark times.


I read something not long ago on tips for being successful, not just in business, but as a person.  One of the most important points was forgiveness for others and moving on with it.

Look we are all humans, we all make mistakes and occasionally someone gets hurt.

I’ve been wronged many times in my life and when I was younger and much less wise I am sure I have hurt many around me.

Forgive and move on.  I am not saying that if someone hurts you or continues to hurt you that you should continue to put yourself in a bad situation.  However, I am saying to forgive and get passed it so you can focus on your success as a person.

Give And Help Others

One thing the world seems to lack right now is compassion and love.  From my youth until now, I don’t remember a time where the love just felt as sucked from the air as I feel now.

Sure we all have businesses to run and we need to make money and eat, but, when we can help others I truly believe we should.

This is something I want o work hard on this year.  It’s something I feel is extremely important.

Work Hard!

I can’t stress this enough.  I always hear people say “Work Smart” and I agree that we should.  But, working smart means you need to learn how to work hard at your goals.  I don’t care if your goals are making money, weight loss, being a better human being or anything else.  You must work hard at it.

Without working hard, just working smart means that you’re still not getting anything done but, hey, you’re efficient at it!  Work hard and dedicate time to whatever you’re working at.

Practice and training lead to being better at anything.

Respect Those You Disagree With

This is something that I think has gotten out of hand in the last decade.  It seems now that instead of listening to other people and at least giving them respect, the majority ridicule, mock, chastise and slander in some of the most horrible ways.

If someone believes something that you do not believe in, get over it.  I disagree with many people whom I still love and even though it may be hard sometimes, I believe it leads us to a better life.

If someone continually offends you, don’t continue to put yourself in a situation to be offended, but move on.

In the media in recent months I’ve heard stories on both sides of the spectrum where someone or some group is offended by something someone said or did.  Instead of just tuning them out, they fight to boycott, to slander and to defame.

Tune out the negativity.  If someone makes a completely stupid statement that is offensive to you, you don’t have to continue listening.  If America (like other countries) has the ability to have freedom of speech, why not let everyone say their piece and either agree with them or disagree and move on.

But, in all things with freedom involved, let’s continue to have these freedoms.  When you start asking for others to become involved because you don’t like what someone says, that opens the door for loss of freedom in my opinion.

To those of you reading this in other countries I feel the same.  But, as an American I can only speak from what I see in front of me here.


I wish the very best for all of my readers and everyone that comes into contact with me throughout 2014.  Be a beacon of light if darkness surrounds you and continue walking your path.

It’s great to pay attention to what is going on worldwide and be informed.  I think most people should be paying more attention to what is going on.  But, do not let the doom and gloom beat you up.  Don’t let the crap the media spits out breed apathy in your life.

I’m not asking you to agree with all of what I said, or any of it for that fact.  I however, am asking you to consider it and in all that you do this year do the following:

  • Work Hard
  • Work With Joy
  • Work In Happiness
  • Work In Peace
  • Be Ethical
  • Take Pleasure From Your Successes
  • Learn From Your Mistakes….

….and grow.

Never forget that no matter what anyone tells you, you’re worth more than any amount of money or any product on the planet.  You are someone and we all have the ability to shine.

Have a happy and joyous new year.


NicheJet Review – Does This Fast, Done For You Niche Site Building Service Work?

First off, what is NicheJet?

NicheJet is a service that is designed to create niche websites for you at a low price.  Pretty simple right?

Let’s Get To Basics Of This NicheJet Review:

The folks at NicheJet do all of the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Buy A Domain For You
  • Host The Website For You
  • Create Your Website and Install WordPress
  • Create a 100% Uniquely Written Homepage
  • Index Your Site
  • Input Your Adsense ID Into Ads (if you want Adsense)
  • Daily Add Posts To Your Blog Until You Reach 100 Posts
  • Build Links For You To Rank In Google/Bing – WOW
  • Give You Complete Dashboard and Cpanel Access!
  • Free hosting transfer!

The 100 articles are about 85% unique content.  The writing however, will pass Copyscape if you’re worried about that.  They are also using Article Builder to create the content on the posts.

So here is my experience so far with NicheJet so far.

I ordered my package on June 5th

Within 1 hour they had the following done:

  • Domain ordered
  • Homepage Article Ordered
  • Homepage Article Completed

Here is a screen shot of that: (click to enlarge)

nichejet example


The next day the following was completed:

  • WordPress Installed and Optimized
  • Homepage Article Added
  • Adsense Ads Turned On
  • Posts Scheduled

Here is a screenshot of that: (click to enlarge)

niche jet walk-through


On June 8th I was notified of the following:

  • Access Given For Dashboard and Cpanel
  • Link Building Campaign Started

Then on June 9th I ranked #10 for my keywords on Google already!

So 4 days after this whole process began I was ranking and I fully expect my keywords to move up.

Update: June 25th I now rank #5 for my keywords, again, by doing nothing but ordering the package.

(click image to enlarge)

niche jet 21 days in

Another Update: July 1st.  I am still ranking #5 for my keywords and I just got a cool email 2 days ago from the NicheJet team. 

nichejet link building campaign

So 3 weeks into this and they are building me more links. 🙂  I'll of course try to keep this post updated when I get more results to show here.

Quick note: If you want to buy your own domain and host it on your own server you can.

Update July 25th: The guys over at Nichejet also now provide hosting transfer FREE of charge thanks @Chuck in the comments section for the recent tip.

So here’s how the entire process worked during my NicheJet review.

Step 1: Order A Package (takes about 30 seconds)

Step 2: Select Niche (I only spent 2-3 minutes here)

You’ll do this from a list of 110 niche markets they have researched.

Step 3: Select Exact Keywords (again, I spent 2-3 minutes on this part too)

Now, you’ll select a keyword you want your website built around.  I found most of these to have between 500-1500 monthly searches.  Some had more and some had less.

Once you select a keyword they remove it from the database so you’re not going to be competing with other NicheJet customers!  That is a very handy and cool feature by the way.

After you select your keyword you’ll then give them the green light to start by simply clicking a button.  I recommend doing a quick keyword research on the potential keyword using Market Samurai or Keyword Canine or even the Google Adwords tool just to see how many monthly searches the keyword is actually getting before selecting one.  Anything over 500 searches will do the trick.

The rest of the process is handled by the NicheJet team.

I found the entire process of getting my niche, selecting my keywords and ordering the package to be extremely easy to understand and perform.

The follow up emails are nice as they really let you know what’s going on every step of the way.  So you never wonder “where are they at with my order?” or “what are they doing to my site now?”

I fully intend to make quite a bit of money from each site I have them produce for me.  In fact, a site only needs to average about 35 cents per day to make my money back or 48 cents per day if you select their included hosting service. 

Awesome!  The goal should be to make much more than that with every website you create anyway.

What Happens After The 100 Posts Are Completed?

After you have 100 posts added in the 100 days by the team then it will be up to you to create more content.  This can be done manually using a service like Iwriter, INeedArticles or manually by you.  You could also optionally hook it back up to your own Article Builder account and start pumping out more content in the same niche.

What Can You Do With The Sites?

Anything.  You can add your own ads, sell them to clients, sell them on Flippa or grow them into even more profitable niche markets.

Who This Service Isn’t For

If you like to micro-manage everything and like only 100% unique content for everything you do, this service will not work for you. 

Up until 2012 I actually hated all duplicate content however, with the creation of Article Builder creating content on auto-pilot has been easier and more professional. 

So the articles NicheJet is importing are all 85% unique articles not created from scraped content or created from PLR junk.  These are all handcrafted and only used in the Article Builder circle before being spun and made pretty darn unique.

Again, if you hate that type of content or only like to write your own; you will not like this service.

Who NicheJet Is For?

If you want your keywords, domain, hosting, link building and website all done for you, this will save you a lot of time.

A+ Grade For My NicheJet Review

I can’t find any faults with this service at all and I highly recommend it.  I was impressed with the price, ease of use, the niche selection and keyword selection process and the speed of implementation.  Since they are doing all of the link building for the website it is a no-brainer!

You can get your NicheJet order in here and even save some cash if you decide to order in bulk.


Is My Job Safe and Secure?

The short answer is No. your job is not secure or safe.

I’ll answer that pure and simple. Some of the things we are taught growing up are now looking like more of a myth than ever. It used to be more risky to simply start your own business. But, with the recent economy world-wide people are realizing that no single job is secure. I remember thinking at one point when i worked as a drugstore manager that at least I have a job…. However, it became more clear that it wasn’t safe as managers all around me were being fired for whatever reason the company felt.

Was this right? Was it wrong? It didn’t matter at this point – it became clear that a job was never safe from layoffs, terminations, accidents leading to disabilty and more. It seemed that everything we’d be taught in youth was wrong.  Look at the jobless rate in America alone right now – it’s the highest in 3 decades – is that safe/secure?  I’d say no.

In Niche Blitzkrieg I teach how anyone can start a real fulltime business online for just $20 in their first month.  It didn’t take me long to realize that their can actually be a lot more security in running your own business than worker for someone else.  And for $20 to get started it’s not unreasonable to get started and learn how people are doing it…

I’ve had people tell me that there is no way to start a business for that price – but I challenge them to go ask my 5000+ Niche Blitzkrieg members if I am wrong…. The simple fact is that affiliate marketing is a real solid business to get into. I have never seen a business you can start this cheaply. It’s a great way to supplement your income until you build to a level where you replace your current income.

That’s exactly what I did when I started. Here are some stats as why internet marketing / affiliate marketing work so well…. Nearly 2 BILLION people are using the Internet now world-wide. Think if only half buy something online… this gives you over 1 illion potential customers. In the modern world many people are using the Internet to shop. Check out this recent chart This was put up by Life Hacker and is a great look into what people are buying online and exactly why affiliate marketing is so lucrative to get into. Have you started yet?

If not go test it out If you have started let me know your thoughts on affiliate marketing below….


Mackinac Island Trip

OK, many of you have been asking when I’d get the pics of my recent trip to Mackinac Island posted and I am just now getting around to it.  It was slightly colder than we expected but the trip still turned out pretty nice.

Below I’ll show pictures in random order from the Mackinac Island trip.

mackinaw bridge

A picture of the Mackinaw Bridge – taken from the Ferry to Mackinac Island.


Mackinac Lighthouse

A lighthouse taken from the ferry on the way to Mackinac Island.

mackinac island tour

Random view from Mackinac Island looking into the water.


mackinac island arch rock

On our private Mackinac Island tour we stopped off at Arch Rock.  Pretty cool view and long drop.


me and alex at arch rock

Here is my son Alex and myself by Arch Rock.

mackinac island port

Pulling into port on Mackinac Island


mackinac island private carraige tour

The backside view of our private tour workforce… carey and carmel our guides.

It looks nice out but going down this path it was freezing cold…


mackinac island view

A nice view just of the coast on the island.

mackinac island

Part of the docks and upper view of the island.


mackinac port

Leaving the island.

mackinac grand hotel

The famous Mackinac Grand Hotel.  It’s huge.  This is just one of the 100+ shots we took of it.

great view from mackinac

This was an awesome view overlooking the course on our island tour.

This is all I have time to upload for now.  We had a great time and I just wanted to share a few of our pics for all of those who have been asking to see.

I’ll try and get some of our food shots added on here soon as well.  Including one where my son thought it was cool to eat his food using the pointed end of a crab leg as a stabbing device.  I got some weird looks when I tried to eat like that as well.  🙂


The Successful Mind Makes Money

Before the holidays are over here I want you to listen to an MP3 I recorded earlier today.  The topic is how to breed success starting with The Mind.

This MP3 is designed to help you overcome obstacles and barriers that typical set people behind.

This MP3 could be life changing for anyone who hasn’t been making money online yet.  There are 2 ways to listen..

#1.  Listen online right now by clicking The Black bar at the bottom of the page that say

"CLICK HERE TO PLAY ALL AUDIO POSTS…."  It’s in the bottom left corner of the screen.

It will start playing The Successful Mind.

Or you can optional download it here.  This will allow you to listen from your computer or load it into you iphone, mp3 player or similar audio device.  The Successful Mind is only about 18 minutes long but it should inspire what you hope to achievw.  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.



Don’t Forget YOUR War…….

This is going out to everyone who is constantly finding themselves distracted, not making enough money online or simply not getting anywhere online.

Often times we start off and really get going and we win the fight.  The first fight when in getting started earning an income online is to actually take the initiative to do things that will make money.  Things might go well in fact, you might have a few sites built and then…. life interferes.  Even the little things in life could interfere.

Interferences can cause distractions that can make us become tired, bored, lazy, overwhelmed or frustrated.

It’s at this point that you cannot forget your war.

So what exactly do I mean?  I like to relate what I do as a war and all the obstacles within are part of the fight that make up the war.  When I first started online I was working a day job and always away from home.  I was stressed out and I was sick all the time.  In fact I was so sick and stressed out all the time that I developed shingles at the age of 27 which is very rare.  If you’ve never had it – it’s extremely painful and can actually cause permanent damage – Google it if you have no clue what it is.  I remember every morning driving to work stressed out because I knew any day I could get fired.  Sure I was good at my job but in the field I was in one bad month could be your last with the company.  In fact, I watched several managers get fired in a short time span for things that would shock many of you.  I knew life could not continue like this.

It was then I realized my war…..  I wanted out of my job and I needed out for my health and for the sake of my family.  So I started to FIGHT and learn this online stuff.  I spent countless hours working online and offline with my day job.  But, I saw that there was money to be made online and wanted it.

I wanted a way to be able to see my wife everyday, a way to spend time with my son who at the time we were expecting.  I wanted my freedom.  I started my war with a several fights.

My early fights were:

#1.  Finding time to learn.

#2.  Getting up the strength to break away from the day to day routines of a day job.  It’s sounds funny but we are trained to work for other people and feel secure.  Sadly, there is no security working for someone else.  You are dependent on them and at any moment they can fire you, demote you, they could go out of business, or simply lay you off.

#3.  Balancing a day job.

#4.  Balancing family and life instances.

#5.  Staying healthy.

I just got married a year before that point in my life and was never home and always working… there still had to be time to spend with my wife.  At this point I had to give quality time over quantity.

There were several other fights throughout but my overall goal was to quit my job – that was MY WAR.

You may be in the same place I was.  You may have bigger trials, your fights may be more difficult or less difficult and you might have an easier time or even a harder time than I did.

But, we all have our fights in OUR overall war.  But, losing sight of the war and getting discouraged from the fights along the way can be a dream crusher.  Given the current fail rate from people trying to make money online I’d say most people lose sight of their war and get lost in the fights – only to give up.  In fact, it’s been reported that 97-98% of all people fail when going full forward into it.

Does that discourage you?  It shouldn’t.  Because it’s far more difficult to start an offline business and have it succeed (and a lot more expensive).

I am not bringing this up to depress you but rather give you a mindset that will set you apart and help prevent this from happening to you.

So if you find yourself getting lost, distracted, depressed, frustrated, confused or overwhelmed I want you to read on.

The start – Your mindset must be right.  Too often people come into a business idea or start working with affiliate marketing with the mindset that they are going to fail.  If you cannot shape your mind to believe you’re going to succeed – you’re going to fail.  So believe in yourself, believe in what you can do before you even start.

#1.  Write down your goals.  What do you hope to accomplish by making money online?  Do you want to quit your job?  Do you want to just supplement your income with this?  No one can make up your mind for you, but your intentions must be clear to yourself.

#2.  Start small.  I know by now you’re used to seeing those sales pages telling you how you’re going to make millions.  Making millions isn’t possible if you can’t even grasp the fundamentals.  So start small, start with the fundamentals of small site building, research, traffic and marketing and do just ONE thing at a time.

#3.  Stay with one thing – do it well.  One of the biggest dream killers is the fact that there are some many ways to make money and a whole lot of people telling you about a new product every single day.  So whatever you start with stick with it.  If you’re into affiliate marketing stick with it and keep growing – then do it well.  The same thing goes for info product creators.  Learn, do , do better.  Think of everything you do as a growth in your abilities.  Each website you create gains you experience, each e-book your write builds your skills and so on.  Too many people jump from one idea to the next and never focus on one thing.  You’ve heard the expression "Jack of all trades – master of nothing", right?  Master something and watch what happens to your income.  Hone yourself into a fine tuned machine.  Branch out only once you’re making enough money with something and then use that money to pay for a course that will help you learn a new skill.

#4.  Never give up.  So if you start the fight, fight to win the war.  The hardest part is starting.  You must have a warrior mentality, a desire, a will that says "I will stop at nothing".  Stay strong.

#5.  Don’t fuel the fire.  This whole post talks about how distractions can take us away from the war – the game plan.  Don’t throw more logs on the fire by adding to the distractions.  Turn off Skype, your cell phone, get off Facebook and Twitter and focus.  Those things are cool to own and use but not when you’re learning or trying to stay focused.  Make focus time all about yourself, your family and your future but center your thoughts on the task you’re learning.  I often turn off my cell phone and I turn Skype on do not disturb when I am deep in a project or an idea.  Keep as much Jerry Springer like drama out of your life if possible.  I know sometimes drama isn’t fault of our own but if you can prevent it – do so.

Use the above list and use it to help you stay focused daily.  Remind yourself daily of the goals you want to achieve and remind yourself that you CAN do this.  You must be accountable for yourself and your own success.

Repeat this line. "I am accountable for my own success."  Say it out loud if you need to.  Often, I see people blaming everyone else for the fact that they are not making money.  Take accountability….. If you are taking a course but only spending an hour a week learning or even putting it into practice it’s going to be a hard road.  Sadly, I got an email not to long ago with a guy who was mad at me.

The guy was upset because he hadn’t made money with one of my courses.  He claimed he followed my advice to a "T" and still nothing.  But, yet when I asked him some basic questions he’d in fact, not followed my advice.  He had a website built but was getting no traffic at all.  It turned out he had done nothing to work on traffic.  Now, I am sure the guy had good intentions when he sent me the email – but it’s this mindset that is the most damaging.  Instead of asking for help – he instead blamed me for his lack of success.  This mentality will lead to failure every time.

If you expect things to happen by doing nothing – you will not succeed.  So all doubts of blame need to get out of your mind to be successful.  Do you think Richard Branson ever blamed anyone for his early lack of success?  No he buckled down and became a billionaire by taking action and being accountable.  It’s a trait all successful people MUST have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and more importantly start using it.  After you start winning the fights – Go Win Your WAR.  Never forget your war.





Dominating Your Niche With NRC

Last week I made a post showing you how to do some easy product selection and niche research.  You can see last weeks post right here.  Today I want to show you the regular way to do some niche research without using tools and then again with using Niche Research Commando and you’ll see by the end of the video why I really love this thing 🙂  Aside from saving me hours of research and time it makes me money when I use it to build my niches fast.

Watch me Stumble Through The Recording With My Head cold…


Get Your Copy Of Niche Research Commando


*By the way since the release of Niche Research Commando I acquired both the product and it’s creator into my company!  In September John Mann took over as my affiliate manager and in November we transferred NRC over into the affiliate date base at the profit hq affiliate program if you’re interested in joining!



Uncovering Profitable Niches

Most of you know that I profit from Niche Marketing and it’s one of my favorite ways to earn passive income online.  It’s also one of my passions to show others how to succeed.  I decided to shoot a video today to really help you understand how to do some great research.

I am going to show you a couple of tools I have been using that cut my research time into fragments and show you the exact way I dig for niches.  P.S.  There is a fortune right under your nose!

I’ll even show you where I start looking for a niche before I even start keyword research.

#1.  The first tool I use is Niche Research Commando, as it helps drastically reduce the time it used to take to find a niche.  In fact, I loved the tool I sent John a testimonial with my thoughts.

#2.  I also do research with the free versions word tracker and google adwords.

I then use a combo of checking places like the news, malls, ads for commercials and some other sources that you’ll see in the video.  Keep in mind there are numerous other resources than what I am showing in the video too.  🙂




Other Resources…

Ebay Pulse

Yahoo Answers