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Ways To Save Money To Start Your Online Business

Today’s post is extremely important.  How do I know that?  Because hundreds of you told me that simply not having enough money to start a business online was a huge problem.

So today I am going to show you a solution that you can use and put into practice today.

First you need to determine how much you need to start your business and then have a little bit extra aside.

So if you wanted to start an affiliate marketing business like I teach in Niche 60 you’re going to need about $20.00 to start and about $10.00/month to keep it running.  Anything else you spend on it is strictly optional.

The Cost Breakdown

In the first month you’ll need to buy a domain: about $10.00/year & hosting about $10.00/month for hosting.

So for 1 year of business you’ll want to have about $130.00  Which can be paid monthly.

You’ll also want to budget in the cost of a good program.  Many online programs will cost you a high monthly fee.  However, Niche 60 is right now just $99.  But, you’ll want to budget that in.  So to run your first year in business might cost you around $230.00 total if you end up buying training (recommended).

Now obviously I do not know your situation, but, most people can afford this.  If you think you cannot I am going to show you why you really probably can in just a moment.  Again, do not be offended if you really can’t, I know some people live on a every tight budget and it is more difficult.  But, many of us waste in excess without knowing.

Now If You Think You Can’t Afford It – Let’s Look At A Few Statistics…

Note: All info will be U.S.A based because I couldn’t find world-wide statistics for this.

Expenses That Add Up

  • Average American Spent Per Year On Coffee Out: $1100 [1]
  • Average American Spent On Entertainment Out: Nearly $2500 [2]
  • Average American Spends On Cable/Satellite TV Yearly: $1189 [3]
  • And A Note: The Average American Spends Almost As Much Going Out To Eat As At The Grocery Store! [4]

Yikes! Those numbers are truly scary.  I am not even going into some of the bigger issues such as student loan debt, credit card debt, cigarette/alcohol expenses and issues of that magnitude.  These are just simple controllable expenditures.

Also this list is not meant to condemn you if you’re wasting a fortune.  It’s just to show you that with a little bit of savings, building that online business is actually really attainable.

Save A Fortune With These Tips

Seriously.  From 1 tip alone you can honestly create your business.  Let’s get started.

Save On Coffee

Now I am a huge coffee drinker; I honestly love the stuff.  I am not a coffee snob by any means but I do like a decent cup of coffee several times per day.  But what I found staggering was the fact that the average American spends about $1100/year buying coffee out at coffee shops.

So here are some stats that will blow your mind.  Let’s say you like a decent cup of coffee ( I am going to assume you’re not buying the typical run-of-the-mill grocery store coffee.  So I upped the prices in the example below.

Here Is What You Can Buy Good Coffee For

  • 8 oz. bag = 42 cups $4.40 (.11/cup) Above Average Blend
  • 12 oz bag = 62 cups $10.00 bag (.16/cup) Premium Blend

These are rough estimates for decent blends.  Obviously, depending on the brand it can vary.

Now even if you drink 6 cups per day of a premium blend that’s only going to cost you .96/day or $350.00/year.  That’s a savings of 749.00 over the averages shown above.  That alone is enough to build a business on.

Also ditch the K-Cups!  Paying .50-$1.00 for watered down coffee is a waste in my opinion and it’s not going to save you any cash as opposed to getting coffee out.  Plus, as a coffee drinker I can honestly say that I do not like them.  Just my own personal opinion.

But, if you work a job currently you might be wondering how to get your mid afternoon coffee if you’re not buying it out?  Simple.  Buy a nice stainless steel thermos that keeps your coffee hot for 8+ hours.  I know it’s not as good in a thermos 8 hours from making it but it’s actually probably still better than most run-of-the-mill coffee shops.  Plus, it saves you a ton of money.

Final Coffee Drinker Pro-Tip

Only brew what you’ll drink.  I think coffee is an easy thing to waste because we often do not think about what we’ve paid for it.  So if you’re going to drink 2-4 cups then only put that amount on.  If you decide to have more later then you can process another exact amount.

Entertainment Savings

I’m not going to lecture you on having fun.  I am an introvert so what some of you may find fun, I may not.  So I tend to find myself spending less money on outside entertainment anyway.  But, I do find myself enjoying time with my family and friends still.

However, with all of the things we have nowadays it’s still easy to spend a fortune on in-home entertainment if you’re not careful.

So I have a few tips to share.

If you have a family wife/husband/kids try to find fun things you can do that you all have in common and aren’t that expensive.  I think as a society we’ve gotten away from some of the basic, simple forms of entertainment.

Here are a few really great inexpensive things to do.

  • Playing sports together
  • Playing video games together
  • Playing board games together
  • Playing cards/darts/
  • Hiking/outdoors stuff/campfire
  • Cooking together – This makes dinner creation easy as well

These things can all be fun and won’t cost you much.  Plus some things you only need to buy once and you’re set.  Again, I’m not trying to get preachy here but instead offer simple helpful advice.

Saving On Cable and Satellite

18,000 channels and not a good thing on, right?  We’ve all been there.  So, change it.

Now it’s easy to cut your cable bill.  I.e. you could get a few services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video (prime account), Hulu and not to mention the recently opened Youtube Red and still spend a fraction of that monthly cable or satellite bill.

Now, I’m not saying you should do that but I am saying that you could.

Honestly, in the past year I’ve taken up reading even more and barely watch T.V.  The amount of knowledge I’ve gained far outweighs the slight stimulation that I got from watching T.V. programs.

Now if you still enjoy T.V. shows consider keeping the lower tiered packages to keep them while spending less or, again, switching to something like Hulu.

Hey, plus if you want to take up reading I have some great insight on that.

Interesting Take On Reading

Reading on subjects that are interesting to you will make you more knowledgeable on that subject.  This is especially great news if you’re studying a niche you’re looking to start a business in.

The more you read on a subject, the more likely you are to master that subject eventually.  Yes, practice is key but reading and gaining more knowledge sure helps.

If you can’t sleep at night, reading will help relax you.  Don’t read on your Kindle though, it won’t.  Go the old fashioned book route.

Reading allows you to access more of the creative side of your brain than watching T.V.  With reading you’re forced to visualize things that the author mentions.  Now, I haven’t personally researched this but I can tell you that if I read for a couple of hours I also tend to be more creative in my processes thereafter.  This is a huge benefit in business.

The Average American Spends Almost As Much Going Out To Eat As At The Grocery Store

That statistic sounds insane to me.  But, I like to cook.  You can make a a steak that taste better than most restaurants at home for a fraction of the cost and make it taste better.  Seriously.

Go price that New York Strip in your local market versus the price of a New York Strip on a menu in a decent place.

Learn to cook at home and learn to make things you love.  You’re going to save a lot of money and ultimately you’ll be happier. If you feel like you don’t have time to cook read my article about saving time when you’re busy.  This should open up enough time to squeeze in some cooking and work on your business.

I want to touch on another subject quickly.  Not only will you spend an enormous amount of money eating out it’s also typically not as healthy.  Restaurants tend to over-salt and over-sugar foods.  They obviously do this to enhance taste but the fact is food doesn’t need a ton of salt/sugar to taste great.

I know this site isn’t the best place for health advice but it’s just an added benefit of cooking for yourself.

Saving That Cash

The above examples were just a few small tweaks that could make a big difference in your life.  Of course, there are hundreds of other ways to save and with a few simple searches on the Internet you can find them.

I want to close by saying that by making some small changes you’ll realize that you have more money for a business than you ever did.  This makes spending a few hundred bucks on your business easier.  Plus, this is your own business that you can build for you and your family for years to come.

Finally, my parting words for this post:  It’s not what you make, it’s what you spend.  Remember that.

How are you saving?  Do you have any additional tips?  Do you have anything you’re doing right now that is making a huge difference? Going to use some of these tips? Share below.

Also, it would make me extremely happy if you’d share this post on social media with your friends and family.  It also makes you extra awesome in my book.


Finding Your Passion Leads To Profit But….

Many beginners who are looking at building their own online business will ask me if they should follow their passion or simply chase after what’s hot and profitable at the time. I’ve even touched on this in the past when speaking of finding a niche market to make money in for yourself.

We all want to get into that hot niche market and get as many sales right away.  However, my answer is always to go for the passion.

Now, I could end this lesson here and just say “Hey, go follow your passion!  End of story!” but I can’t do that.

Why?  Because the next question I’ll get from you is “How do I find what I am passionate about?”

To be completely honest this can be tough, it can be hard and it can be crippling for some.

I have been in dozens of niche markets, both new and old and I can tell you that without a doubt the markets that I have a passion in are the ones that make me the most money every single time.

I’ve struggled with finding my passions before and I’ll tell you that in the recent past I’ve pushed some of my passions off and chased the money first and it was a huge mistake.

There are a few reasons why we tend to make more money following the markets that we’re passionate about.

  • We actually like/enjoy/love what we’re doing
  • Holds our interest to follow through
  • Easier to discuss with people because you know something about it

Have you ever worked a job that you hated?  I have!  Even though you might work hard at something you hated, how likely would you be to continue doing something you hate? Probably not very likely?

This is the problem.

Because it doesn’t bring joy to us it’s easier to push away from it.  This leads to lack of interest, friction and ultimately the point of giving up.

But, on the other hand, think about something you love in this world.

When you love something it brings you to life, strikes your soul and pushes you to strive for what you want to achieve.

When you love something you’ll think about it often.

This could be a hobby like:

  • Golf
  • Building models
  • Gardening
  • Baking/cooking/grilling
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • And so on…

It could be something you’re already good at:

  • Past work
  • Current hobby (again)
  • Current work
  • A skill you understand very well
  • And so on

Now let me ask you this question.  How easy is it for you to talk about these things?  Does it bring you joy to discuss your passion?  Do you find that having a conversation about these things to be much easier?

You’re likely saying yes right now.

If you’re not saying yes then maybe you simply haven’t found your passion yet.  If you haven’t found it, there is still plenty of time.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, because in this day and age we have the Internet with infinite amounts of information at our finger tips.

You could easily start by doing some research, investigating the topic and simply trying new things.

A Challenge

If you’re not doing something you’re passionate about right now I challenge you to do the following:

Grab a pen and paper (yes, it’s old school) and go into a quiet place.


Turn off the cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, Radio and TV.  Start writing about what brings joy to your life.

You might find one thing or ten things, but I challenge you to write them all down.

Continue in deep thought and find out of those you’ve listed which one inspires you the most.

That just might be your passion.


If nothing comes to mind write down something you’ve always wanted to try that you think might bring joy to your life.

What would be exciting or fun to learn/try?

Write these things down and keep them for yourself, then pursue learning about them.  A simple search in any search engine will be enough to get you started.

Heck, you could even buy a book and read more about the subject.

Finish Strong

Then over the next 30 days make it a point to focus on learning the subject and seeing if it sparks a true passion in you.

If you end up with one passion or are lucky enough to have several these are the niche markets I believe you should pursue.

Have a question or comment? Do you know your passion yet? Let me know below!

If you know someone that this advice would help?  Please share on social media wherever you can.  Not only would I appreciate it, but I am sure they would as well!


My Niche Site: Over $14,500 Now

Ok guys, I’m back after the holidays here to share my niche results.

The niche is growing and I am going to sit down and chart it’s future sometime this week.  This is again, modeled after what I teach in Niche Blitzkrieg and In Niche 60.  Coming up soon I’ll be adding more to both courses to expand on the stuff I am teaching.

If you haven’t read my previous writes-ups on the subject here they are.  They explain exactly what I did to find my search terms and how I built the site.

Here are the lifetime stats for the site.  Pardon screen shot 2 as it’s hard t get a great overall shot from that account because of the way it’s setup.

jan stats part 1

Now add in the other product I am promoting on the site:

jan stats pr 2

You can see that the site has come a long way since it’s inception.

Traffic has increased month after month and continues to climb.

I now rank for 3,050 keywords (most of which were unplanned).

I had a question come in a couple of weeks ago asking me what I did to get so many keywords ranked with a limited amount of posts.  The truth is some of the posts I planned to include a few keywords to rank for, but, the bulk of the rankings just came from writing detailed write-ups on the subject.

Let me give you an example:  Let’s say you are going to verbally teach someone how to do something.  If you simply said step 1, do this, step 2 do that but didn’t detail it, you’d have less words in the conversation.  The person you were teaching would probably not understand what to do as well.

However, if you said; step 1 do this and then explained exactly how to do it down to the finest detail you would have spoken many words.  This same concept applies to your writing.  Not only does it help make more sense for your audience, but, the search engines see all of those juicy terms and phrases that get searched that even tools (including keyword planner) do not pick up.  I explain this concept in detail at my post about creating a good blog post.

I have been slowly adding new posts as I mentioned in the past.  The detailed ones I am writing, but, I am also using Iwriter for the basic stuff and tweaking their work to sound better, look better and include my touch.

Going Social

I haven’t fully decided yet, but, I am likely going to build a small Facebook community on the subject soon.  Like I said, I am not 100% on board with going social in it right now, but, I might.

I have found in many experiments that social is good, but more money comes from search.  The reason is, is because it’s much more targeted.  1000 clicks from the search engines are always going to make you more money than 1000 clicks from Facebook and it’s not even close.

However, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter allow you to build communities which help overall success and can just be a nice supplemental source for traffic.

I’ll let you guys know in the next update what route I take the site.  Right now I am leaning towards getting social on it.

Continued Growth

I plan to use Keyword Snatcher again to uncover more terms that I am probably missing (there are thousands) and as I mentioned in the past, these terms are generally easy to rank for without a shred of link building.

I will add a minimum of 1-3 posts per month to the site going forward (more if I have time).

Other Plans

I am sitting down this week to do an update on Niche Blitzkrieg and sketch out new additions to Niche 60 so these 2 things will take some time.  So I will be very limited in my current work on the niche site.  Again, hiring a writer will help with that issue and since it doesn’t cost much, it’s more than worth it.

I am also going to start another niche site (already started actually), which I may actually share with you guys once it’s ranking.  Part of me is still saying not to do this, because it just brings in the people who can’t think for themselves and purposely harm other people’s hard work.  We’ll see, as I am not sure it’s something I want to share, but, I haven’t ruled it out.

I might take a small study group only who I give access to it and break down everything in detail for them if hat is something people are interested in.  Again, I have to think deeply about it though.

I created an affiliate theme, with an AWESOME crew, that I am putting the final touches on.  These guys can code like beasts.

I simply got tired of changing themes constantly so I wanted one that works everywhere and right out of the box and be extremely versatile but newbie friendly.  I’ll be releasing that soon — trust me, you’ll hear about it.

I have the designs sketched out for a product conversion tool as well and I’ll have it created and marketed sometime during 2014.

My biggest focus right now is on what I said I few days ago (you can read that here).  I am having some mind blowing life changes right now and I thank God daily for the ability to seek peace on the stormy seas we all face.

Hard Work

Again, as I always point out in these posts, none of this is to brag.  I am simply just a man and all of the talents that I have are learn-able.  Apply yourself, go after what YOU want, not what I want.

Go in the direction that you feel you should go and build it and keep going.

Building niche sites might come easy for some or hard for some.  As time goes by, no matter what you do, you’ll get better and grow more if you simply strive to do it.

Repetition grows success, skills and a closer walk to perfection.

I came into the world of niche creation with none of the skills needed and have learned and applied and grown.

Not every project is awesome or perfect and I’ve failed countless times.

Not every niche turns out the way you want, whether by chance or by poor planing.  If a niche fails learn why.

  • Not enough planning?
  • No traffic?
  • Poor conversions?

Figure out what went wrong and try again.

Work hard and then learn to work smart, but, continue to work hard, smartly?  Make sense?  😉

Just go after it today and build the site that YOU want to build, but do it!


A New Year, A New Hope

2014I had some big plans to release a different type of post to the public today.  However, I don’t feel that it’s the message I want to share right now even though I was fully intending to do so this morning.

Instead I’ll probably get back to posting on building a killer niche tomorrow (if you’d rather read that today, go for it).

Today I want to share something a little bit more personal and a little deeper from the heart.

Doom and Gloom Abound!

In all accounts 2013 was a bad year for much of the public.  A recent report that was out said something around 2/3 of all Americans felt that 2013 was a bad year.

The biased media has heaped on B.S. message after message upon us.  By the way, as side note, I am not condemning one source of media over another, all of the mainstream media outlets are biased.

The news has been one negative onslaught after another.

99% of the politicians seem to not care about the public, otherwise would we not see different, constitutional and useful policies actually come to pass?  Have you ever looked at a politician and said “He said he/she said they didn’t believe that!  Why would he vote that way?”  I’m not condemning one side or the other here, it’s on every side of the aisle.

Meanwhile commercials tell us that unless we accumulate stuff, we have no worth.  That if you’re not like guy/girl in the picture you’re not worth a dime.  That without whatever they are selling you are basically nothing.

The economy is still in the tank, unemployment and unhappiness is extremely high.

Wait, Michael You Said This Was A New Year And A New Hope?!?  What Gives?

I’m getting there trust me.

Despite all of the negativity I am going to tell you my hope for the year.

I believe in life there is a narrow road that we should walk that is filled with care, love, compassion, salvation and freedom.  This is what I feel and believe.

Some of the points below I feel are critical to being happy in dark times.


I read something not long ago on tips for being successful, not just in business, but as a person.  One of the most important points was forgiveness for others and moving on with it.

Look we are all humans, we all make mistakes and occasionally someone gets hurt.

I’ve been wronged many times in my life and when I was younger and much less wise I am sure I have hurt many around me.

Forgive and move on.  I am not saying that if someone hurts you or continues to hurt you that you should continue to put yourself in a bad situation.  However, I am saying to forgive and get passed it so you can focus on your success as a person.

Give And Help Others

One thing the world seems to lack right now is compassion and love.  From my youth until now, I don’t remember a time where the love just felt as sucked from the air as I feel now.

Sure we all have businesses to run and we need to make money and eat, but, when we can help others I truly believe we should.

This is something I want o work hard on this year.  It’s something I feel is extremely important.

Work Hard!

I can’t stress this enough.  I always hear people say “Work Smart” and I agree that we should.  But, working smart means you need to learn how to work hard at your goals.  I don’t care if your goals are making money, weight loss, being a better human being or anything else.  You must work hard at it.

Without working hard, just working smart means that you’re still not getting anything done but, hey, you’re efficient at it!  Work hard and dedicate time to whatever you’re working at.

Practice and training lead to being better at anything.

Respect Those You Disagree With

This is something that I think has gotten out of hand in the last decade.  It seems now that instead of listening to other people and at least giving them respect, the majority ridicule, mock, chastise and slander in some of the most horrible ways.

If someone believes something that you do not believe in, get over it.  I disagree with many people whom I still love and even though it may be hard sometimes, I believe it leads us to a better life.

If someone continually offends you, don’t continue to put yourself in a situation to be offended, but move on.

In the media in recent months I’ve heard stories on both sides of the spectrum where someone or some group is offended by something someone said or did.  Instead of just tuning them out, they fight to boycott, to slander and to defame.

Tune out the negativity.  If someone makes a completely stupid statement that is offensive to you, you don’t have to continue listening.  If America (like other countries) has the ability to have freedom of speech, why not let everyone say their piece and either agree with them or disagree and move on.

But, in all things with freedom involved, let’s continue to have these freedoms.  When you start asking for others to become involved because you don’t like what someone says, that opens the door for loss of freedom in my opinion.

To those of you reading this in other countries I feel the same.  But, as an American I can only speak from what I see in front of me here.


I wish the very best for all of my readers and everyone that comes into contact with me throughout 2014.  Be a beacon of light if darkness surrounds you and continue walking your path.

It’s great to pay attention to what is going on worldwide and be informed.  I think most people should be paying more attention to what is going on.  But, do not let the doom and gloom beat you up.  Don’t let the crap the media spits out breed apathy in your life.

I’m not asking you to agree with all of what I said, or any of it for that fact.  I however, am asking you to consider it and in all that you do this year do the following:

  • Work Hard
  • Work With Joy
  • Work In Happiness
  • Work In Peace
  • Be Ethical
  • Take Pleasure From Your Successes
  • Learn From Your Mistakes….

….and grow.

Never forget that no matter what anyone tells you, you’re worth more than any amount of money or any product on the planet.  You are someone and we all have the ability to shine.

Have a happy and joyous new year.


14 Easy Ways For Converting Sales From Your Blog Post On A Regular Basis

easier conversionsI wanted to take some time out today to share with you some ways to convert sales from your blog or in many cases more sales if you're probably already making some sales.

The reason for this posts stems from a conversation I had recently in one of my forums and I thought it'd be a good time to shed some light on this extremely important subject.

This post is for anyone who is getting at least some traffic to their site, but, not making many sales yet.

Here Are 14 Easy Ways For Converting Sales From Your Blog Posts

#1.  Stop "Just" Promoting In Your Sidebar.

I know a lot of my readers like to use Adsense so this one is especially for you.

If you have ads on your blog and they are just in your sidebar you're missing out out on clicks and sales.

Let me show you Adsense click through heat map briefly.

google adsense heatmap and placement

Now, notice the darker orange spots.  You'll notice the center left, focused around content is typically the best spot.  Well, your sidebar can handle one of these for you but the rest need to go in your content.  That can be a pain to implement without a plugin.  Luckily, you can use a plugin like Ads Within Content to instantly add ads to your content area.

You can also use the above mentioned plugins to insert any type of ad, not just Adsense.  This is good for people, like me, who do not use Adsense much.

#2.  Don't Just Use Adsense

One of the common mistakes is believing you'll make fortune with Adsense.  The problem is to make a lot with Adsense you'll need to have a lot of clicks or you'll need extremely high paying Adsense keywords.  By the way you can use tools like Market Samurai or Keyword Canine to find high paying Adsense keywords.

However, one thing I like more are using affiliate programs that pay very well.  Even if you're just using ads in content it should ultimately help increase your sales.

#3.  Optimize What You're Promoting

When you get traffic to your individual posts people are coming there for a reason; they want to read what you have to say on the subject. 

The problem I see with many sites is that they are driving people to their site whether through social media or the search engines and they aren't really promoting anything to the reader based on what they are being sent there for.

Let me give you an example.  Let's say you have a post on "Preventing Joint Pain" and none of the ads on your site are based on helping solve joint pain, you're losing sales.

This can sometimes be a problem with Adsense as well if they are not showing extremely relevant ads.  Make sure your ads are in tune with what you want people to buy.

One thing that greatly helps with this is to not put ads in your content at all.  However, manually placing an affiliate product that you recommend in that post is much better.

#4.  Remove Ads Altogetherremove ads to increase sales

You might be thinking "What!?"

But, let me explain.  Instead of having ads all over the place why not only promote things in individual posts based exclusively on what your post is about. 

So if you're discussing a "Anti Dandruff Dog Shampoo" in your post, offer your audience some choices to buy it, right there in your post.  Don't let an ad on the side of yur screen make the sale, show them right in the post.

#5.  Use Images

I know it's not always possible but if you want more attention to your affiliate links embed the links into an image.  Images draw attention and break up text, so use them over just plain affiliate links when you can. 

I'm not saying plain affiliate links are useless, they are still good, but it's a fact that images are easier to see and you want things that are easier to see to make you money.

#6. Reduce Sidebar Clutter.

If your site looks like one big ad, you're probably losing sales because you're distracting your audience.  Instead, select a couple of great products to ad to your sidebar site wide.  This also can increase the sales for a particular product you'd like to promote above all others.  I teach this tacticin The Review Formula and I call it the #1 product recommendation.

#7.  Buyer Keywords

Create some of your posts around buyer keywords that help promote products.  Here are some of my favorite buyer keywords:

buy xxxxx

order xxxxx

purchase xxxxx

reviews xxxxx

review xxxxx

where to find xxxxx

xxxxx Discount

Deals On xxxxx

If you put your mind to it you can probably think of even more. So when you're doing keyword research focus on using some of these.

#8.  Speaking Of Reviews….

Review products and services for your audience to help increase sales.  I've done this frequently in the recent past you might remember my Niche Jet, Keyword Snatcher, or even my Accurank Tracker reviews.  These reviews were written to help my audience who is interested in these types of products.

Likewise, your audience might be interested in reviews in your niche.  Not every post has to be a review style post but, if you give a good detailed review of something it can help make sales!

You can even build full sites based on reviews in case you were not aware of this.

#9.  Build An Email Listbuild a email list

This could be seen as a way to get more traffic as well and I highly suggest it.  You should build an email list at some point.  An email list allows you to market to not only help your audience, but, market things to them as well.

I also don't want to leave out the fact that you can set much of your email marketing to auto-pilot.  Not all of it but, many aspects of it.  This will save you time while you work on other things. 

Out of all the tweaks on the page, this one probably takes the longest as a whole because you'll need to actually grow your email list, but it's a worthwhile because it will pay off.

#10.  White Space

I want to go back to my point about using images again.  When you use images they can help break up space and of course drive the click, as I just mentioned.  But, if you put a little bit of space around the image and the text that can help as well.

When you are adding an image to your site you can make this easy clicking the image once you've added it to your blog post and the editing to add a little bit of padding.

Optionally, you can add a buy button near the image or even a visit site button.  It's easy to do and you can also get buttons from sites like for $1.

Anyway, an image, a button and some white space will draw attention and break up simple typed texted and increase sales in the process.

#11.  Test What You're Promoting

Most people never do this, but, you should.  Simply test different types of ads and offers on your sites.  Maybe Adsense isn't making you much money but an affiliate program is making you a lot more?  Maybe what you're promoting is too expesive and your audience needs some cheaper stuff?  You won't know unless you test.  Of course, if you have traffic and your site is producing sales you might be fine to leave it alone.  If sales are slow or non existent, change.

I actually did this on a site of mine that converts very low.  I noticed that not a lot of sales were coming in from this site.  So I added some smaller ticket items on there as well as Adsense and then magically I was making acouple bucks per day from this site as well as now selling a few smaller ticket items per month and one big sale per month.

If you're using Amazon as your affilite program you'll definately want a mix between smaller tickt and high ticket items to maximize your sales %.

#12.  Promote Deals

This one works extremely well when you have an email list with your site.  You can promote deals to them.  People love deals and will buy when things are on sale, so promote deals to them.

Optionally, once you've made some sales from a product you can ask the vendor for a coupon code to give to your audience.  I did this with Article Builder and was able to get my list a special $100 discount from the owner.  Sure, I lose some comissions doing this but it helps make my audience happy and increases my sales overall.

If the vendor says no to your request for a deal for your audience, don't sweat it, in time they might.

#13.  Ask For A Raise

Another thing that not many people do is ask for a raise.  If you're making a bunch of sales for a particular vedor you can as for an payout increase.  Sometimes they will, other times they won't.  They may also ask for more sales before considering this. 

#14. Teach Someone How To Do Something

If you're in a niche where you can teach something, do it!

Let me give you an example.  Let's say you were running a website on "How To Lanscape The Yard" and one of your posts was titled "How To Build A Retaining Wall – Step-By-Step".

Wouldn't it be cool to guide people through how to build a retaining wall and at the same time make money?  You better say yes to that!

Well, when you demonstrate how to do something you can recommend the products on how to do it.  So for building a retaining wall a you could say first, you need a shovel and show them where to get one.  Next, you need sand, here is where you get one online and so on.  If they need X The may need Y and also Z.

It's a great tactic that can help your audience, increase your sales and works in any niche.

2 Final Unumbered Tips

One thing I see happening a lot as well is people will assume they are not getting sales which may be true.  But, the main reason may be lack of traffic or maybe they have no traffic at all, rather than conversions. Obviously, without traffic all the conversion tips in the world won't help.

Make sure you are working on traffic before you even worry about conversions!  It doesn't matter if it's social or search engine traffic, you need it to make sales.  Also be sure you're writing a good blog post.  If you just take 300 words and slap it up online and don't take the time to make sure it even makes sense fr your audience you're simply wasting your resources.

Take everything you do day by day and implement things that will help convert those sales.  Even 1-2 small tweaks mentioned above can help greatly!

What about you?  Are you already implementing these are seeing improvement?  Doing something different that I didn't mention above?  Have questions?  Ask below.

Plus, it'd be really cool if you found this helpful, to share it with someone on Facebook, Google+ or even Twitter today.


How To Make Sure You Get My Emails (For Gmail Users)

At first I was simply going to send an email out and tell you how to make sure you keep seeing my emails if you're a Gmail user.

But, I figured it'd be easier for you, if I just showed you how.  Plus, it's a simply 30-45 second tweek.

As you probably know Gmail recently changed their inbox layout as I discussed here.

Even though I do not promote much, my emails are most likely going to always end up in your promotional tab.  If you're OK with that, do nothing.

But, if you'd like to make sure you see my emails (of course, my recommended option) then follow the simple steps below.

A.  First, open your promotons tab in your Gmail inbox after receiving one of my emails.

B. Then click my email and drag it into your primary tab.

dragging gmal promotions

Next, go to your Primary tab which will look like the below.

A. When the little tan box pops up asking if you want to do this for future emails of mine, click YES.

promotion tab gmail

That's how to make sure to keep getting my emails in a few simple clicks.

Of course, this works on any email that you'd like to go directly to your Primary tab.

The only tab that will notify your smart phones and devices of a recieved message is the Primary tab.  The other tabs will not trigger an email recieved notification. 

So all of those businesses that you signedup for for weekly discounts and coupons will need the same treatment I am showing you above.

Also there are a couple other ways to do this, but, this is the easiest way to make ure you can see the emails you want to see.

Have you had any issues with the new Gmail inbox or would you like to discuss anything about it?

Also make sure to check out my previous post on this subject here, especially if you do any sort of email marketing.




NicheJet Review – Does This Fast, Done For You Niche Site Building Service Work?

First off, what is NicheJet?

NicheJet is a service that is designed to create niche websites for you at a low price.  Pretty simple right?

Let’s Get To Basics Of This NicheJet Review:

The folks at NicheJet do all of the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Buy A Domain For You
  • Host The Website For You
  • Create Your Website and Install WordPress
  • Create a 100% Uniquely Written Homepage
  • Index Your Site
  • Input Your Adsense ID Into Ads (if you want Adsense)
  • Daily Add Posts To Your Blog Until You Reach 100 Posts
  • Build Links For You To Rank In Google/Bing – WOW
  • Give You Complete Dashboard and Cpanel Access!
  • Free hosting transfer!

The 100 articles are about 85% unique content.  The writing however, will pass Copyscape if you’re worried about that.  They are also using Article Builder to create the content on the posts.

So here is my experience so far with NicheJet so far.

I ordered my package on June 5th

Within 1 hour they had the following done:

  • Domain ordered
  • Homepage Article Ordered
  • Homepage Article Completed

Here is a screen shot of that: (click to enlarge)

nichejet example


The next day the following was completed:

  • WordPress Installed and Optimized
  • Homepage Article Added
  • Adsense Ads Turned On
  • Posts Scheduled

Here is a screenshot of that: (click to enlarge)

niche jet walk-through


On June 8th I was notified of the following:

  • Access Given For Dashboard and Cpanel
  • Link Building Campaign Started

Then on June 9th I ranked #10 for my keywords on Google already!

So 4 days after this whole process began I was ranking and I fully expect my keywords to move up.

Update: June 25th I now rank #5 for my keywords, again, by doing nothing but ordering the package.

(click image to enlarge)

niche jet 21 days in

Another Update: July 1st.  I am still ranking #5 for my keywords and I just got a cool email 2 days ago from the NicheJet team. 

nichejet link building campaign

So 3 weeks into this and they are building me more links. 🙂  I'll of course try to keep this post updated when I get more results to show here.

Quick note: If you want to buy your own domain and host it on your own server you can.

Update July 25th: The guys over at Nichejet also now provide hosting transfer FREE of charge thanks @Chuck in the comments section for the recent tip.

So here’s how the entire process worked during my NicheJet review.

Step 1: Order A Package (takes about 30 seconds)

Step 2: Select Niche (I only spent 2-3 minutes here)

You’ll do this from a list of 110 niche markets they have researched.

Step 3: Select Exact Keywords (again, I spent 2-3 minutes on this part too)

Now, you’ll select a keyword you want your website built around.  I found most of these to have between 500-1500 monthly searches.  Some had more and some had less.

Once you select a keyword they remove it from the database so you’re not going to be competing with other NicheJet customers!  That is a very handy and cool feature by the way.

After you select your keyword you’ll then give them the green light to start by simply clicking a button.  I recommend doing a quick keyword research on the potential keyword using Market Samurai or Keyword Canine or even the Google Adwords tool just to see how many monthly searches the keyword is actually getting before selecting one.  Anything over 500 searches will do the trick.

The rest of the process is handled by the NicheJet team.

I found the entire process of getting my niche, selecting my keywords and ordering the package to be extremely easy to understand and perform.

The follow up emails are nice as they really let you know what’s going on every step of the way.  So you never wonder “where are they at with my order?” or “what are they doing to my site now?”

I fully intend to make quite a bit of money from each site I have them produce for me.  In fact, a site only needs to average about 35 cents per day to make my money back or 48 cents per day if you select their included hosting service. 

Awesome!  The goal should be to make much more than that with every website you create anyway.

What Happens After The 100 Posts Are Completed?

After you have 100 posts added in the 100 days by the team then it will be up to you to create more content.  This can be done manually using a service like Iwriter, INeedArticles or manually by you.  You could also optionally hook it back up to your own Article Builder account and start pumping out more content in the same niche.

What Can You Do With The Sites?

Anything.  You can add your own ads, sell them to clients, sell them on Flippa or grow them into even more profitable niche markets.

Who This Service Isn’t For

If you like to micro-manage everything and like only 100% unique content for everything you do, this service will not work for you. 

Up until 2012 I actually hated all duplicate content however, with the creation of Article Builder creating content on auto-pilot has been easier and more professional. 

So the articles NicheJet is importing are all 85% unique articles not created from scraped content or created from PLR junk.  These are all handcrafted and only used in the Article Builder circle before being spun and made pretty darn unique.

Again, if you hate that type of content or only like to write your own; you will not like this service.

Who NicheJet Is For?

If you want your keywords, domain, hosting, link building and website all done for you, this will save you a lot of time.

A+ Grade For My NicheJet Review

I can’t find any faults with this service at all and I highly recommend it.  I was impressed with the price, ease of use, the niche selection and keyword selection process and the speed of implementation.  Since they are doing all of the link building for the website it is a no-brainer!

You can get your NicheJet order in here and even save some cash if you decide to order in bulk.


Article Builder Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Today I am putting up my Article Builder review.  This is a tool by Jon Leger and I have to say I am impressed by what you can do with it.

Through this review I will not only be sharing my feedback but I am going to give you a walk-through of how to use it plus I can give you a $100 discount if you choose to buy it through me.

My Article Builder Review Part I: The Basics

Article Builder allows you to create content without the need to do any research, pay for a writer or even wait for content.  You can actually spit out dozens of articles in about 30 seconds and I’ll show you below.

So where does all of this content come from?  Jon has the content written in bulk and then added into the tool (this is not private label rights, junk, these are human writte and edited articles).  The tool can then re-write the content based on parameters you allow, and remaking the article into something that can be around 85% unique (you can always add a couple paragraphs of your own writing to make it even more unique).  But, 85% unique is still very good.

Sounds complex?  It’s really not.

It comes equipped currently with 109 categories to choose from.  The reason I say “currently” is because more categories get added based on demand.  So if several people are asking for a particular category Jon will have it created.

Here is a demo blog created with this tool.  Keep in mind you can add a custom header, custom widgets, basically whatever you want.  This demo is just bare bones.  By the way that site ranks #1 for it’s keywords all on auto-pilot and I’ll get into that in a second.

Article Injection Feature:

Article injection allows you to automatically inject additional content into the article.  This makes it more unique by adding tips or ideas to the article.

Here is what an article with tips looks like.

Here is a quick walk-through on how to create an article in less than 30 seconds.

Note: (through out the walk-through simply click images to enlarge)

article builder walk-through


A: Select "Build an Article"

That will take you into th article building page.

article builder review








A: Select a category

B:  Superspun options (if you don't know don't worry about it)

C:  Input an optional keyord you want into the post

D:  Select word count, up to 1000!

E:  Select how many articles on the topic you want

F:  Save the job if you want more of the same category later

G:  Click "build article"

Next, you'll be presented with a couple of options.

article builder coupon





A:  Here is your article

B:  You can post directly to your blog from here if you add your blog or…

C:  You can download it and use the article anywhere you want

Pretty simple right?  It's extremly easy to use and create with this.

Article Builder Review Part II: Advanced Features

Auto-Posting With Article Builder

So for this Article Builder review I want to show my favorite feature. 

First you need to have a blog installed on your own hosting and you need to have one category created for your blog.

This feature allows you to setup posting jobs that automatically post to your blog and it takes only about 45 seconds to setup!  Let me walk you through this below:

Here is a graphical Article Builder tutorial walk-through for auto-posting:

adding a blog to article builder


A: Click "blogs"

This will take you to the next page.

article builder auto blogging



A:  Click "Add Blog"

article building auto settings







A:  Fill in the required blog info and click "Add This Blog"

Done.  Your blog is now added to the system. Hopefully you're enjoying the Article Builder review so far!  Stay with me here.

Now let's create the auto-posting content schedule. 

article builder walkthrough part 4



A: Click "Auto Posting"

Article Builder Tutorials prt 5







A:  Select your blog

B: Select a category

C: If you use superspun content select this, if not do not worry about it

D: Select article word count

E:  Select word count limit.  This is used if you want to set random word counts

F: Select how often you wat it to auto post to your blog

G: Select when you want it to stop posting.  Or leave it at no-limit for unlimited

article builder category selection





H: If you want to create aresource box you can do it here.  I never use this.  Select "Select Blog Posting Category"

Article Builder Tutorials Finished




A:  Select your category from inside of your blog and click Finish.

Article Builder Blog Shows Here


A: You can now see your posting job is setup to run

That’s all there is to it!  Now the blog will add posts on straight auto-pilot.  You can add ads like Adsense to your blog or whatever type of ads you want.  Using a plugin like ad-injection will let you automatically set ads into individual posts as well.

Unique Auto-Posting

Recently Jon added a new feature to this tool.  It’s called Unique Auto Posting. 

For this Article Builder review I wasn’t able to use it yet as it’s brand new, but here is what it does for you:

If you have an account over at you can fund your account and have Article Builder automatically request writers write content for your blog.  Upon writing, the articles will then be automatically posted onto your blog!

Sorry for the totally geek-out over here, but that is a huge time saver for anyone who is actively growing a blog.  I am sure more features will be added to this portion of the tool as well.  As soon as I test this feature out I’ll update this review with it.  But, knowing Jon it’s going to be awesome.

Auto-Link Building With Article Builder

This feature sounds almost unbelievable but it’s a real thing.  When you use the auto-post feature to make an auto-blog Article Builder actually queues a link building function that builds links for you automatically.  What this means is, no link building is needed.

When I first saw this feature I thought it was total BS.  So I created a blog using this feature to test.

Within a week I’ve hit #11 on Google and I fully expect to be top 10 for my keywords in another week or 2 and soon, #1.

Here is all I did.

Step 1:  Used Keyword Canine to find a domain and grabbed an exact match domain for the keyword.  I spent about 30 minutes doing this.  If you don’t have Keyword Canine, Market Samurai will do, you can get a 12 day free drive of Market Samurai here.

Step 2:  Bought the domain, installed it on my hosting.

Step 3:  Installed WordPress and added a contact page and privacy policy page.

Step 4:  Set up Auto-posting just like I showed you above.  I also set it to post 1 new post per day.  You can opt to post up to 10 new posts on your blog per day.

I plan to make several of these and monetize them all very soon.

So What Can You Do With Article Builder Outside Of Those Things?

For this Article Builder review I wanted to make a point to share with you how I use it.  I not only use it to create blogs with but I use it for link building to my other money sites.

I wrote about how I used it to help get top 10 search engine ranks the other day.  I essentially use it to create web 2.0 properties that link back to my sites and boost them up in search.

I.e. you can take the content that it creates and create:

  • Blogger Blogs
  • Documents For Doc Sharing Sites
  • Articles For Article Directories
  • Tumblr Blogs
  • Other Web 2.0 Properties

It will not only save time, it will save a ton of money if you had to pay someone to build these things for you.  As you know link building is critical to rank your site and this tool will help you do all of that.

What I Would Like To See Before My Next Article Builder Review Is:

Look Article Builder is awesome but I am hoping that in the near future a couple tweaks can be made.

The ability to create web 2.0 properties on auto-pilot just like auto-blogs.  I am not sure if this is possible but this would make this tool even better.

It would just simplify the power of this tool even more.

What You Can’t Do With Article Builder

Here are a couple of my suggestions of places of where not to use this and what NOT to do with it.

First, do not use it on Ezine Articles.  They do not like anything less than 100% unique there.  Trust me from first-hand experience; they will just ban your account at Ezine Articles.  I had to wait a week to be reinstated.

Secondly, do not build Squidoo pages with it either.  Squidoo can sometimes be a pain because I’ve had great lenses with 100% unique content get closed down.  So if they will kill great lenses with 100% unique content they will do the same with only 80-85% unique content.

Final Thoughts:  So Is Article Builder Any Good

Heck yea.  I really like this tool and I really think Jon did an azmazng job gettingthis setup th right way.

So in my review of Article Builder I want to stress one thing.  I am not saying that this should be the only writing you ever do.  I am also not saying that writing your own content is truly dead.  I think the best content is pure unique content just like what you’re reading now.

However, what I am saying is that you can use Article Builder to simply and speed up many tasks.  In my case, I mainly use it for link building ad added extra content to my blogs.  I know many other people who use Article Builder solely for the auto blogging purposes and other people who create a blog and write their own content but also have Article Builder post daily to their blogs.

All in all I give Article Builder an “A” grade and over time I believe it can truly be an A+ with the new additions plus possible future additions.

Grab your copy of Article Builder with a $100 Discount that you can only get through me.









Are you using this tool?  Thoughts?  Feedback?  Questions?  Have your own Article Builder review?  Share!


Get Indexed By Bing In 3 Easy Steps and Why You Need To Today

bing logoIf you've yet to have your website completely indexed by Bing you need to do that as soon as possible.

The reason you need to be on Bing now is two-fold.

Reason Number 1:

Bing does not find all of your indexed pages as easily as Google Docs from my experience. The largest reason is because most of us are not submitted everything to Bing the way we do with Google.

I've noticed that when Google finds most of my pages, Bing does not.  It takes Bing a little longer and I’ve noticed some pages; not at all.  Again, this may simply be because we are so used to doing everything that is Google friendly and for Google that we forget about Bing.  Of course, if you're joining Google Webmaster Tools but not Bing's; Google will obviously find you much faster.

Reason Number 2:

Facebook Graph Search. If you haven't heard of Facebook's Graph Search yet check out this article here. Soon Facebook will be rolling out there new Graph Search and they are going to be hosting many results posted by Bing.

Check out this screen shot provided to me by Justin Lewis: (Click to enlarge)

Facebook Graph Search Bing






Over the last couple of years Bing has been cutting into Google's search dominance more.  In fact here are the stats from early 2013: Bing is at 16.3% market share (all time high).

Some of this is in-part because of their Bing It On campaign, which has seen a decent amount of success, but let's not forget the enhancements they made to make their search engine worthwhile to it's users.

Once Facebook Graph Search is up and fully running, it's almost obvious that Bing’s search engine share will easily expand.

I'm not saying that Google will suddenly cease to be the powerhouse in the search engine market, because I feel like Google will be dominant for many more years. However, as Bing increases their search reach you need to make sure you’re part of that as they grow.  Would you really turn your nose up at more free traffic? 

Now is the time to make your sites “Bing ready” as much as we make them “Google ready.”

Below I will show you exactly how to get all of your pages indexed by Bing easily.

Step 1: Join Bing Webmaster Tools here:

Important Note:  If you do not yet have a Bing account they’ll make you sign up for one. (click to enlarge)

bing walkthrough



Step 2: Submit your website to Bing: (click to enlarge)



Enter your website URL into the box and click "ADD."

Step 3: Submit your sitemap to Bing: (click to enlarge)

sumbit sitemap to Bing





A.  Add your site URL again.

B.  Add you sitemap URL ( – if you're using a sitemap plugin)

C.  Select your highest traffic times (optional).

D.  Clcik "ADD."

Step 4:  Get Verified (click to enlarge)

get verified by BING




A.  Download the small file to your computer and then upload it to your hosting account.

That's it!  You've now added your site to Bing's Webmaster Tools and submitted your sitemap.  Now, Bing will start indexing your site.  You should quickly notice an increase in your traffic as Bing begins displaying your content to the search engine.  Of course, it will take a few days to index your entire site, especially if you have hundreds of pages.

I also suggest you learn to search around inside of Bing’s Web Toolbox a bit too.  They have many unique things that Google’s Webmasters Tools doesn’t offer.
You can use also Bing’s statistics to find a lot about your site much like you can with Google.  In fact, you can track your keyword rankings, click-throughs and many other stats with Bing.

They even have a nice color coordinated graph to make life easier for you.  (click to enlarge)

rank tracking in bing




It doesn't matter how many websites you have or how old/young they are; it's time to pay more attention to Bing. 

Check out SEOMOZ's walkthrough on Bing here if you want to learn some of Bing's power (After you go and get your ste added to Bing's Webmaste Tools, of course!).

Thoughts?  Opinions?  What do you think of Bing?

*The Bing Logo is a trademarked logo with the Microsoft Corporation.


A Promise To Give More Great Free Information — Achieved

online success podcastA promise I made for the New Year was to kick off a completely free online podcast series to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

A couple of days ago Justin Lewis and I opened our first podcast and I think you will be as stoked as we are about it.

You can read more about it here:

The main objective of the podcast is to help you….

Make money online

Achieve your goals

Increase your business

Start a business from scratch (if you haven’t yet)

Plus you’ll get great advice on every subject from…

Social media

Search engines


Affiliate marketing

Product creation

Conversion tactics

Link building and search rankings

What we’re testing that is working/not working

And so much more.

We’re also open for suggested topics as well.  If there is an area you’re struggling in we can help.

I know this post isn’t long, I just wanted to let the people that only read my blog and are not on my email list and elsewhere, know about this.

To your success this year!

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