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14 Easy Ways For Converting Sales From Your Blog Post On A Regular Basis

easier conversionsI wanted to take some time out today to share with you some ways to convert sales from your blog or in many cases more sales if you're probably already making some sales.

The reason for this posts stems from a conversation I had recently in one of my forums and I thought it'd be a good time to shed some light on this extremely important subject.

This post is for anyone who is getting at least some traffic to their site, but, not making many sales yet.

Here Are 14 Easy Ways For Converting Sales From Your Blog Posts

#1.  Stop "Just" Promoting In Your Sidebar.

I know a lot of my readers like to use Adsense so this one is especially for you.

If you have ads on your blog and they are just in your sidebar you're missing out out on clicks and sales.

Let me show you Adsense click through heat map briefly.

google adsense heatmap and placement

Now, notice the darker orange spots.  You'll notice the center left, focused around content is typically the best spot.  Well, your sidebar can handle one of these for you but the rest need to go in your content.  That can be a pain to implement without a plugin.  Luckily, you can use a plugin like Ads Within Content to instantly add ads to your content area.

You can also use the above mentioned plugins to insert any type of ad, not just Adsense.  This is good for people, like me, who do not use Adsense much.

#2.  Don't Just Use Adsense

One of the common mistakes is believing you'll make fortune with Adsense.  The problem is to make a lot with Adsense you'll need to have a lot of clicks or you'll need extremely high paying Adsense keywords.  By the way you can use tools like Market Samurai or Keyword Canine to find high paying Adsense keywords.

However, one thing I like more are using affiliate programs that pay very well.  Even if you're just using ads in content it should ultimately help increase your sales.

#3.  Optimize What You're Promoting

When you get traffic to your individual posts people are coming there for a reason; they want to read what you have to say on the subject. 

The problem I see with many sites is that they are driving people to their site whether through social media or the search engines and they aren't really promoting anything to the reader based on what they are being sent there for.

Let me give you an example.  Let's say you have a post on "Preventing Joint Pain" and none of the ads on your site are based on helping solve joint pain, you're losing sales.

This can sometimes be a problem with Adsense as well if they are not showing extremely relevant ads.  Make sure your ads are in tune with what you want people to buy.

One thing that greatly helps with this is to not put ads in your content at all.  However, manually placing an affiliate product that you recommend in that post is much better.

#4.  Remove Ads Altogetherremove ads to increase sales

You might be thinking "What!?"

But, let me explain.  Instead of having ads all over the place why not only promote things in individual posts based exclusively on what your post is about. 

So if you're discussing a "Anti Dandruff Dog Shampoo" in your post, offer your audience some choices to buy it, right there in your post.  Don't let an ad on the side of yur screen make the sale, show them right in the post.

#5.  Use Images

I know it's not always possible but if you want more attention to your affiliate links embed the links into an image.  Images draw attention and break up text, so use them over just plain affiliate links when you can. 

I'm not saying plain affiliate links are useless, they are still good, but it's a fact that images are easier to see and you want things that are easier to see to make you money.

#6. Reduce Sidebar Clutter.

If your site looks like one big ad, you're probably losing sales because you're distracting your audience.  Instead, select a couple of great products to ad to your sidebar site wide.  This also can increase the sales for a particular product you'd like to promote above all others.  I teach this tacticin The Review Formula and I call it the #1 product recommendation.

#7.  Buyer Keywords

Create some of your posts around buyer keywords that help promote products.  Here are some of my favorite buyer keywords:

buy xxxxx

order xxxxx

purchase xxxxx

reviews xxxxx

review xxxxx

where to find xxxxx

xxxxx Discount

Deals On xxxxx

If you put your mind to it you can probably think of even more. So when you're doing keyword research focus on using some of these.

#8.  Speaking Of Reviews….

Review products and services for your audience to help increase sales.  I've done this frequently in the recent past you might remember my Niche Jet, Keyword Snatcher, or even my Accurank Tracker reviews.  These reviews were written to help my audience who is interested in these types of products.

Likewise, your audience might be interested in reviews in your niche.  Not every post has to be a review style post but, if you give a good detailed review of something it can help make sales!

You can even build full sites based on reviews in case you were not aware of this.

#9.  Build An Email Listbuild a email list

This could be seen as a way to get more traffic as well and I highly suggest it.  You should build an email list at some point.  An email list allows you to market to not only help your audience, but, market things to them as well.

I also don't want to leave out the fact that you can set much of your email marketing to auto-pilot.  Not all of it but, many aspects of it.  This will save you time while you work on other things. 

Out of all the tweaks on the page, this one probably takes the longest as a whole because you'll need to actually grow your email list, but it's a worthwhile because it will pay off.

#10.  White Space

I want to go back to my point about using images again.  When you use images they can help break up space and of course drive the click, as I just mentioned.  But, if you put a little bit of space around the image and the text that can help as well.

When you are adding an image to your site you can make this easy clicking the image once you've added it to your blog post and the editing to add a little bit of padding.

Optionally, you can add a buy button near the image or even a visit site button.  It's easy to do and you can also get buttons from sites like for $1.

Anyway, an image, a button and some white space will draw attention and break up simple typed texted and increase sales in the process.

#11.  Test What You're Promoting

Most people never do this, but, you should.  Simply test different types of ads and offers on your sites.  Maybe Adsense isn't making you much money but an affiliate program is making you a lot more?  Maybe what you're promoting is too expesive and your audience needs some cheaper stuff?  You won't know unless you test.  Of course, if you have traffic and your site is producing sales you might be fine to leave it alone.  If sales are slow or non existent, change.

I actually did this on a site of mine that converts very low.  I noticed that not a lot of sales were coming in from this site.  So I added some smaller ticket items on there as well as Adsense and then magically I was making acouple bucks per day from this site as well as now selling a few smaller ticket items per month and one big sale per month.

If you're using Amazon as your affilite program you'll definately want a mix between smaller tickt and high ticket items to maximize your sales %.

#12.  Promote Deals

This one works extremely well when you have an email list with your site.  You can promote deals to them.  People love deals and will buy when things are on sale, so promote deals to them.

Optionally, once you've made some sales from a product you can ask the vendor for a coupon code to give to your audience.  I did this with Article Builder and was able to get my list a special $100 discount from the owner.  Sure, I lose some comissions doing this but it helps make my audience happy and increases my sales overall.

If the vendor says no to your request for a deal for your audience, don't sweat it, in time they might.

#13.  Ask For A Raise

Another thing that not many people do is ask for a raise.  If you're making a bunch of sales for a particular vedor you can as for an payout increase.  Sometimes they will, other times they won't.  They may also ask for more sales before considering this. 

#14. Teach Someone How To Do Something

If you're in a niche where you can teach something, do it!

Let me give you an example.  Let's say you were running a website on "How To Lanscape The Yard" and one of your posts was titled "How To Build A Retaining Wall – Step-By-Step".

Wouldn't it be cool to guide people through how to build a retaining wall and at the same time make money?  You better say yes to that!

Well, when you demonstrate how to do something you can recommend the products on how to do it.  So for building a retaining wall a you could say first, you need a shovel and show them where to get one.  Next, you need sand, here is where you get one online and so on.  If they need X The may need Y and also Z.

It's a great tactic that can help your audience, increase your sales and works in any niche.

2 Final Unumbered Tips

One thing I see happening a lot as well is people will assume they are not getting sales which may be true.  But, the main reason may be lack of traffic or maybe they have no traffic at all, rather than conversions. Obviously, without traffic all the conversion tips in the world won't help.

Make sure you are working on traffic before you even worry about conversions!  It doesn't matter if it's social or search engine traffic, you need it to make sales.  Also be sure you're writing a good blog post.  If you just take 300 words and slap it up online and don't take the time to make sure it even makes sense fr your audience you're simply wasting your resources.

Take everything you do day by day and implement things that will help convert those sales.  Even 1-2 small tweaks mentioned above can help greatly!

What about you?  Are you already implementing these are seeing improvement?  Doing something different that I didn't mention above?  Have questions?  Ask below.

Plus, it'd be really cool if you found this helpful, to share it with someone on Facebook, Google+ or even Twitter today.


How To Make Sure You Get My Emails (For Gmail Users)

At first I was simply going to send an email out and tell you how to make sure you keep seeing my emails if you're a Gmail user.

But, I figured it'd be easier for you, if I just showed you how.  Plus, it's a simply 30-45 second tweek.

As you probably know Gmail recently changed their inbox layout as I discussed here.

Even though I do not promote much, my emails are most likely going to always end up in your promotional tab.  If you're OK with that, do nothing.

But, if you'd like to make sure you see my emails (of course, my recommended option) then follow the simple steps below.

A.  First, open your promotons tab in your Gmail inbox after receiving one of my emails.

B. Then click my email and drag it into your primary tab.

dragging gmal promotions

Next, go to your Primary tab which will look like the below.

A. When the little tan box pops up asking if you want to do this for future emails of mine, click YES.

promotion tab gmail

That's how to make sure to keep getting my emails in a few simple clicks.

Of course, this works on any email that you'd like to go directly to your Primary tab.

The only tab that will notify your smart phones and devices of a recieved message is the Primary tab.  The other tabs will not trigger an email recieved notification. 

So all of those businesses that you signedup for for weekly discounts and coupons will need the same treatment I am showing you above.

Also there are a couple other ways to do this, but, this is the easiest way to make ure you can see the emails you want to see.

Have you had any issues with the new Gmail inbox or would you like to discuss anything about it?

Also make sure to check out my previous post on this subject here, especially if you do any sort of email marketing.




Gmail Promotion Tab To Hurt Email Marketing Campaigns?

gmail eating email marketing for lunch now?Recently Google started rolling out their new Gmail layout.  This includes an out-of-the-box Gmail promotions tab, social tab and primary.  As someone who just created a new email marketing course for bloggers I know I'll have many students asking me what it all means. 

Primary will be all of your personal connections.  Social will feature anything involving social media and promotions is for anything promotional. 

This started a few weeks ago and is making it's rounds into the entire database of Gmail users.  In fact, mine finally updated, just earlier today and I've known others who were upgraded weeks go.

(Click Any Image To View Close Up)

Here is what this looks like:

gmail promotions tab


Notice the settings?

I would be slightly more worried if Google decided to make it to where the promotions tab doesn't show when you get an email.  But, here is acually what happens when you have an email in your promotional area.

gmail promotions in inbox


So the green light lights up to let people know that new promotions are in the inbox.  Not bad.

So on a standard desktop or laptop computer it's not too bad and we should still be able to see that we have emails over there.

Here is a quick view under the promotions tab.





My Initial Take On The Potential Impact To Harm Email Marketing

From a marketer's perspective it can certainly be scary wondering what is going to happen.

Will people see my emails far less?

Will people even know about the new tab?

Will people be confused?

These are all good questions!  My early thoughts are that we'll see open rates decline from our Gmail subscribers for awhile,but, they will increase back up over a small amount of time as people get adapted to the new settings.

One Thing That Will Hurt Open Rates

Mobile.  I decied to see what happens when a promotional email comes into my email inbox on my Android phone.

You know the little blinky green light that notifies you when you get an email?  It works fine for your primary emails, but, promotional and Social emails are getting absolutely no green blinky light love.

However, when I do log into my email inbox to check my emails on my Android I do see a social and promotional setting is atually right on top.

Check it out:

gmail promo tab on android phone

This is a screen shot I took from my wife's phone using my phone.  So I had to mark out her email account address and some of the promotions that she recieved for privacy.  Not that she wouldn't want to have some of my readers email her, I am sure she would love that!

Notice on top they have the promotion and social tabs.  When something is in either box the number of unread emails will appear there.  So while I think open rates will go down from an initial send to mobile devices I don't think it will kill the campaign so much.  However, that said, time sensitive campaigns MIGHT suffer some setbacks.

Think about this.  Let's say Macy's is having a sale and sends out a promotional email the night before.  Many of their customers might not see that intial email right away.

This is obviously not good for the advertiser or the reciever who obviously signed up forpromotional offers from the company.

One solution is to offer longer advertisement periods to get around this.  Optionally, send a couple additional emails to promote as well.

Still one of my hopes is that Google will realize this isn't helpful and turn the blinky light thing on for promotional emails as well.  But, who knows what the will decide to do.

So As An Email Marketer What Can You Do?

Well a few things.

#1.  Make sure you are always mailing relevant offers and not taking advantage of your list.  I mean, this one is common sense, but, with some of the shady junk I've seen go on, it had to be stated.  People will be more likely to look for your emails if they actually like you.

#2.  Ask them to add you to their Gmail contacts list.  This will get you included into the Primary list and likely get your offers seen more.  Like the next thing I'll mention, do this in your welcome email, not the confirmed opt in page.

#3.  Ask them to STAR your email address.  But, ask them to do this in your first email, not on the confirmed "opt-in" page.  Putting it on your confirmed opt-in page could cause some confusion resulting in the person not even confirmng their subscription to your email list (bad obviously).

Inside of Gmail this is what it shows when you're reading about the tabs.

starred gmail promotions

Notice the little check box near the save button?  It says "include starred in primary" and it's also checked by default. 

So encouraging your readers to do this will be helpful to your email marketing campaigns.  This way your messages end up in the Primary section.

#4.  Finally, get people into other channels that you own.  This can be social media like Facebook, Twitter and especially Google+, membership sites, Facebook Groups and anywhere else you have accounts.

So What Are Google's Motives?

It's hard to say right now.  It's being touted as a way to clean up the email inbox for the folks. 

Some believe Google has far more sinister goals; citing possible ads all over the promotional area.  Other's believe it's going to force advertisers to buy more ad spots with Google.

At this point, we don't know.

I for one am looking forward to what the large email companies have to say about this.  I also am looking forward to some large scale tests by these large email companies. 

In time we'll see how much this new Gmail layout will impact us email marketers but, like always, we'll adapt.

One thing I will tell you though, is to NOT give up on your email marketing campaigns.  Just be smart about how you go about it.

Questions, thoughts? Having an impact on your already?

Also, if you like this write-up would you mind sharing this with the world?  It means lot to me that you would share this information.  After all, isn't that what the Internet is for?

Making Money With Email Affiliate Marketing

email marketing

Not long ago I put out a webinar with about 200 people showing some really fantastic stuff about making money with email this year.  I answered several dozen questions about how I make money through email.

It was fun and the audience learned how to get started.  But, here is the key take away from that event…..

Below you'll find why you need to make money online with email this year…


Fact #1 – Sales of smart phones has skyrocketed. 

In fact, 1/3 of U.S. adults now have a smart phone!  Access worldwide is also at an all-time high.

*87% of all people who own a smart phone check and send emails on their smart phone.

Smart Phones are expected to continue to find their way into more hands soon too.  This means more people accessing email on an easy, regular basis. 

So if all of these people have smart phones and you can reach them with a few clicks of the mouse, why not?

Smart phones are also currently outselling laptop and desktop computer sales combined.


"You Need To Make Money With Affiliate Email Marketing This Year…."


Here are more facts and reason why:

#2.  Nearly 77% of Internet Users Have Made An Online Purchase

Many of these sales occur through email!

So imagine sending offers to people via email (people that want to hear from you NOT SPAM) and making money when someone clicks your link and makes an order.  It’s pretty awesome.


#3.  You can automate everything through an “Auto-responder” and never have to be at your desk while sales are coming in.

This is probably the most appealing aspect of email marketing.  You can set all of your emails to go out while you are away. 


#4.  An email list is super-valuable asset that you keep for life!

I can’t stress having an email list, enough.  It’s extremely valuable and at any time of the day or night you can contact your entire list.

If you provide your list value, they buy.  It’s simple.  What I teach people to do is give to their list, build a relationship, help them and make money helping.  A win-win for both sides.

Email allows traffic anytime you need it.  It’s also targeted traffic that is interested in what you’re saying.  These types of people become buyers!

Conclusion With Email

Do not underestimate the power of using email to make money.  Most people will wait, and not start.  Then most people will kick themselves a year later when they could have built a 1000+ person email list of potential buyers.

It never hurts to learn more and grow and it certainly never hurts to start seeing those awesome results from your efforts.

I have training in place now to show you how email marketing works (especially for beginners) and how to get started….

Curious to see exactly how making money with email works?  Read more here.


I’ve been asked before why do email marketing and niche affiliate marketing? 

Why Do Both?

Simple.  They both work and wouldn’t you want to make more money?  The more you learn the more ability you’ll have to make more money.

I still learn new stuff daily.  Then I put it into practice.

So my advice is learn both when you can and learn from someone that knows what they are doing.

You can also take a tour of all of my new email marketing training here.

So what do you think?  Are you already making money with email?

Do you plan on starting this year?

Do you hate email?

Give me your thoughts below and let’s discuss this…


Why Even Bother With Email Marketing?

Before you start don’t mind the blog to much right now I’m in the middle of upgrading it.  🙂  Soon it’ll look pretty cool.

A few months back before I began work on my latest course called "The Email Initiative" I polled several people in affiliate marketing, business owners, product creators and blog authors to see what they thought about email marketing.  An alarming 95% had no idea what I was even talking about.  Much of the other 5% had little to no success and under 1% said they do it regularly.

So that made me think how can I explain to someone the importance of email marketing?  Is it enough to point out it’s one of the biggest factors that I achieved some nice success in a short amount of time?  I mention in my video I created to teach people about it (Found right here) that it can triple a marketers income or virtually change their life… none of which is far fetched.

Everyone should be using email marketing no matter what business they are in. 

Let me start with an example of an affiliate marketer.  Imagine that you have a small website and to that website you have regular visitors coming in.  Let’s say it’s just 500 visitors per month.

500 is not many but what if I told you that within 6 months you could an email list built with 500-1000 members on it?

Would you do it?  Maybe maybe not…..

But, what if I told you from that small list you built that you could potentially make thousands?  That’s more like it, right?

Well that is the reality of email list building and marketing.  The idea isn’t like what you may have heard before, you know what I am talking about: "You need a huge list to make money" or "the money is in the list".

You can make money with a small list and in fact GREAT money and the money isn’t in the list – but in how you treat that list.  So basically, the money is in you.

I have a pretty good relationship with my list. Some of my members I’ve talked to on the phone, many send me regular emails, most have at least one product of mine and in fact, I can’t even count how many people sent me well wishes after getting a horrible flu in the middle of the summer.  It’s a pretty awesome feeling to know that not only do I give them respect but they give me respect back and we all benefit.  I help them grow their business they help me grow mine.

But, that poses a question I’ve answered numerous times "Michael, you run a business teaching people how to grow their businesses but what if you’re in the (insert niche) market?  Can email marketing still work?"

YES.  It works in any market and here’s why.

Everyone is looking for something online and they typically want help in their quest.  Whether they are looking for information, product shopping, comparing prices, or simply need help.  Everyone needs something when they are searching.

So if someone happens upon your site where they are looking to buy a new bread maker and you have an article or information about how to buy a new bread maker don’t you think they’ll take notice?  What if you have an email opt in form on your site that said "FREE BREAD RECIPES Just enter your name and email below and we’ll send you a 7 day email series of over 50 bread recipes you can use in your new bread maker."  How likely is that person to opt in?  I’d do it and I bet many others would to.  Statistics of my own also prove me right.

Now imagine you’re helping that person but what if after that email series you send them a recommendation for even more recipes which is a $29.97 book on Amazon that you make commission off of and help that person in the meantime?  Win/win.  That’s how you have to look at email marketing.

I can’t tell you how many times you land on some "Guru" list where all you get is one solicitation after another.  This technique works for them because they have volumes of people who are sacrificing their list for their cause because they are both lining their pockets.  I’ll tell you you should avoid using those techniques.  Instead help your list first, recommend later and only recommend things that will truly help them.

Imagine if you were on a list and every couple days you got a message that said "Wow – this is going to make you $10,000 next month!"  Then in a couple more days "Are you ready to make Thousands with the best program ever?"  Only to find a a week later another email from the same person that says "This is the most important program you’ll ever see?"  All three email promoting different products with the same language.  How likely are you to stay on that list?

Now don’t get me wrong there might be times where you’ll have a higher % of promos than you usually do.  But, the good advice should outweigh sales pitches.  In fact, sales pitches are over used and recommending is a much better technique in any event.

These same set of rules apply to any niche market as well.  So give your list the good stuff and keep giving it to them and they’ll love you for it.

I want to close with some tips.

#1.  If you haven’t started an email list for your niche START ONE.  You can watch my vid and get my entire course on the subject for $1.

#2.  Give your list what they want.  Value them.

#3.  Don’t sell them and it’s best if you can recommend only things you’ve used if possible.  This way you can give them the most accurate truth on the products.

#4.  If they send you an email back – answer it if possible.  I know it can be hard sometimes but if you’re recommending something the best thing to do is to respond if they have questions.  A side note:  when someone sends me a message asking me a question about a product I recommend or even my own they almost always BUY.  Of course if it meets their needs they will buy if not, they won’t.

#5.  Be truthful.  I’ve turned down a lot of business over this one.  But, someone asked me one time if they would be able to make $10,000 a month online in 2 months with one of my products.  While that’s possible it certainly isn’t the norm and if I had said yes and he went on to buy he would have likely been disappointed.  Even if you’re promoting affiliate products (in any market) be upfront about it.  This will help build your reputation and they will tell their friends and builds a loyal following based on trust.  Plus, you’ll sleep better at night.  🙂

#6.  Start a list!

#7.  Start a list! 

#8.  OK, you see where this is going.  But, you have to take action and start for this thing to work.  Start small and grow.  Even a small list can make you a lot of money.  Go watch my video if you haven’t yet and see what I am talking about.