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Where To Get A Logo For Your Business

A logo is a direct reflection of your business; it is a visual mark that connects your brand with consumers and depending on the quality of the logo – it can either help your business or hinder it. Of course I want you to succeed, in fact, it’s so important for me to help other businesses grow that I want to help you find the resources you need to create a logo that is not only visually appealing, but also benefits your brand.

This is something that is often overlooked but when you start a brand this should be done once you know what your brand represents and what the theme of your brand is.

Consider this for a moment; what brands can you easily identify just by their logo?  My guess is that most big brands are easy to spot.

I.e the Starbucks mermaid, the golden arches of Mcdonalds and the Nike swoosh are all easily recognizable even if you were to remove the words.

Here are several resources that you can look to for the creation of a logo and depending on your business objective and budget we have several options for you:

Design the logo yourself

If time isn’t an issue and you are a creative soul (or perhaps on a tight budget), consider creating a temporary logo yourself until you have the means to hire a professional.  If you have any artistic talent this will work for you.  However, if you’re anything like me this is not even an option.

Using a FREE online website called Pic Monkey anyone can create a basic logo without spending a pretty penny. While the website is 100% free to use, you can have access to supreme fonts, designs and various other effects by opting for their Royale package.

Outsource the logo

Don’t have the time or enough creative juice to come up with your own logo? Go to Fiverr.com and get someone to design it for you; with everything starting at just $5, you’ve really got nothing to lose. Do not feel shy about outsourcing some small labour; while it may take you hours and even days to come up with something decent, someone on Fiverr could do it for you.

Fiverr is a cheap way to get this done and it’s a place I’ve used several times.

Hire the help of an expert

The internet brims with many talented and artistic folks who can help you design a logo of your liking. For instance, If you’re looking for something more personalized and best suited for your taste; Sarah Decker Design is amazingly talented and provides exceptional customer service. By reaching out for help from a professional, you can be assured that the job will be done to your satisfaction. Less time worrying about your logo and brand means more time you will have to strategize on ways to make your business successful. It’s a win-win situation.

Keep in mind that as you grow your business, your logo and brand, too, will naturally change and evolve with the flow of things. While you will want to put some thought into it, you don’t want to spend too much time stressing about a logo. For now, create something visually appealing that speaks to your style and you can (and probably will) change it later on in the game.

This is typically a more expensive option and you’re likely not going to want to with an expert.

Use these tips to get a good logo made.  Remember image is important and you need to make sure that whatever design you select for your logo ultimately fits your brand.

How To Figure Out What You Want To Sell Online In Your Webstore With Just These 3 Things

When you are planning to start an online business that sells physical products you need to figure out what you want to sell online.

In learning about physical product creation and affiliate marketing I have found an immediate parallel of success in both fields.

Three Simple Things

I am going to give you some personal advice today based positive and negative results I have personally encountered.

First here are the three things that will help you find a market that will lead to success.  These 3 things will help you figure out what you want to sell online in marketplaces and your own webstore.

  1. Pick A Passion
  2. Pick Something You’ll Commit Too
  3. Pick A Market With Money In It

Now I am going to explain these things above and guide you through figuring out how to choose products that fit for you personally.

The Passion Products

This isn’t always easy but you need to determine if you’re passionate about something.  If you’re not passionate about anything you’ll struggle to communicate effectively with potential buyers and you’ll struggle to make the gains you’d like in this market.

I’ve found over the years that people are often passionate about things but think they do not have a passion.

So below is a list of things that could lead you to find your passion.

  • A hobby
  • Something you’re already good at
  • Something you have vast knowledge in
  • Something you do daily
  • Something that makes you excited
  • Something that you find fun every time you discuss it
  • Something you wouldn’t have a problem explaining to a friend over a beer,glass of wine or coffee

See the things above are often passions that many people do not recognize as passions.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you collect model trains and train sets, landscape and tracks.  You basically love building these and look forward to working on the layouts etc.

This is likely a passionate hobby you’re involved in.  How cool would it be to be able to create your own line of train sets, tracks and landscapes?  How cool would it be to make money doing that?

That was a rather easy example.  Let me give you another example based on a topic rather than a product to start with.

Let’s say you love gardening.  Every year you plant a garden and harvest your rewards at the picking season.

How awesome would it be to create your own gardening line of tools and equipment?  Again, wouldn’t it be amazing to make money doing this?

Maybe you don’t do much with gardening but you love canning fruits and vegetables during harvest season.  How great would it be to develop your own line of canning supplies?

My guess is if you’re passionate it’d be great.

No Passion Leads To Fizzling Out

Now picture creating products in a field where you are not passionate.  Think about a line of products that you would hate to deal with on a daily basis.

Sometimes all the money in the world couldn’t keep your interest if you do not like the industry.  I really try to steer clear of products like this myself.

I’ve been in niche markets that I have no interest in and the ideas start strong but my lack of interest leads to the idea of continuing that niche to fizzle out.

I wanted you to picture that because I would advise you to ignore that route.

It’s Not Just About Passion

Passion can help steer us in the right direction and passions are important, but they are not everything.

Read on and I’ll explain why.

Committing To Your Products

You must still find a market that you’ll commit yourself and time to.

You can be extremely passionate about something but also not want to commit to creating products in that field.

A quick example would be if you love discussing politics but you wouldn’t love creating products like t-shirts or books around that field.  I’m not saying that t-shirts and books are the only thing that sells in politics as there is obviously so much more.  However, I just wanting to give you a basic example to increase your understanding.

Maybe the thought of creating products in this field sounds fun but you wouldn’t want to create new products in this field over and over again?

These are questions to ask yourself before selecting the niche you’d like to be involved in.

Perhaps there aren’t many products you can think of creating in this field?  I.e. let’s say you can only think of 1 product for this particular industry.  Think long and hard about if getting into that field is worth it.

Sometimes it is.  Other times, especially if you can’t think of continuing to grow a product line, it might become simply mundane and you’ll feel it’s not worth your time.

Money Is Important For  A Product Niche

Sometimes passion and commitment aren’t the final factor.  Nope, sometimes it’s the market.  Some markets are too narrow and don’t have enough money flowing into them.

So before you jump into a market you need to see if there is some demand for it.  If there is little to no demand it might not be the best market for you.

How To Determine If There’s Money In The Market

The following factors will help you determine if an industry is making money or not.

  • Look to see if there are competitors
  • Look to see if your competitors have any “sales” interaction on social media
  • Search Google Trends for various keywords to see if there is movement
  • Pay attention to the media
  • Do a simple Google search on the industry

No Competitors Is A Red Flag

If you can’t search the Internet and find a competing website you may not be entering a good field.

Look, everything has been done before.  You’re not looking to reinvent the wheel you’re simply looking to get the wheel moving.

So if something isn’t being done at all it usually means that the market just isn’t there.

Of course, you may have a great idea for a product line that isn’t currently being addressed properly and this is good.  But, if you look around and there is no one doing anything in that field, watch out.

Sales interaction will help you figure out what you want to sell online

This is sometimes hard to find but it’s something I tend to look at.  Visit your competitors on social media and look to see what people are saying.

Are people talking about how much they love buying their products?  If so, that’s a great sign.  Just pay attention to interaction.  Look for anything that can denote that people are buying this company’s products.  If they are, this is good for you.

If you can’t find much about information about someone buying from this company it shouldn’t deter you still unless other factors I mention here are not met.

Good Ole’ Google Trends

I have loved Google Trends since it was created for the public.  Google Trends let’s you search industries via search keywords and see how much they are being searched for online.

Here is the beauty of this.

You can type in a search term in any industry and see where it’s rise  or fall have started or ended.

Check this out.

Let’s say you wanted to look for the term “buy a drone”

You simply type it into the Trends Search Box and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

google trends for products

Then, you’ll be able to see a nice graph come up showing when it started getting a number of searches and from which countries.

drone search

You’ll notice on this graph that right before 2013 people started searching for this term and it’s done nothing but climb since.

This shows that there is a market for this.  I deliberately looked at “buy a drone” because I wanted to see if people are looking to spend money on this type of product.

From this I can determine that there “IS” money in this industry.

The Media

Of course the media is an easy source to find what people are talking about.  I still remember when people first started talking about drones; the media discussed it daily.  This showed the early signs that a market was emerging.

By watching media trends and paying attention to sites like INC.COM will help you see what new start-ups are doing well and what is being predicted for the future.

A Simple Google Search

You’d be surprised at how much information you can find by just using Google, Bing and other search engines.

Try this.  Think of a market, go to a search engine now and type in “your market sales statistics.”

In my example below I search for “Gift basket sales statistics.”

search the net

Well, what do you know!  The first result is several years old but it still discusses stats.  Scrolling down a little bit I can look to see if there is anything more recent.

If all else fails I can always put this term into Google Trends and see which way the arrow is pointing.  Pretty easy eh?

A Task For You

Using everything I’ve demonstrated above make a list of topics that you are passionate about, or believe you’re possibly passionate about.

Then think about the industry.  Would you like to be in this market?

Do you think you’d like to make an entire product line here?

Then finally check to see if there is money in the market.

That’s it!

Go ahead and try it out.  If you have any questions, just ask.

Product Sourcing For Drop Shipping and Webstores Made Easy

When you are starting an eCommerce business or looking to build a new brand it’s important that you have a source for great products.

Product sourcing can be a tedious task, but through this tutorial I am going to show you some places you can source these products from, how to brand them easily and some workarounds for you if you’re low on funds and need a cheap sourcing solution.

First, let’s look at a few places you can easily source products for your business.


sourcing products on Alibaba

There is no surprise here and you’ve likely already heard of this site.  This is a huge Chinese company and they have thousands of businesses ready to connect with you.

Many of the companies on Alibaba offer custom branding manufacturing.  You can easily browse their entire site via keyword and you’ll typically find almost anything you need here.

The companies that sell on Alibaba are world-wide and you can even search by country for your product.  So if you’re concerned about what country you need to order products from this makes it easy.

Alibaba has many safeguards in place to help you avoid scams and issues.  I’ve only had one issue ever arise on Alibaba out of dozens of successful orders.



HKTDC is a Hongkong marketplace.  However, unlike Alibaba, they do not have merchants from the world-wide landscape.  In fact, they only offer 3 regions; China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Of course, they ship to buyers world-wide so you can still easily order from here.

I have personally never ordered anything from this site as I’ve always found a cheaper supplier on Alibaba.  However, I know many other people have had great success sourcing products for resale from here.


dhgate outsourcing

DHgate is another big wholesale marketplace.  Just like the other wholesale and manufacturer marketplaces the more you order the cheaper the overall price of your products will be.

I believe the products here are all sourced directly from China.

MFG.Com Directory

sourcing on mfg

This is a big directory of potential manufacturers at MFG.COM.  These guys especially excel at sourcing the following categories:

  • Assembly
  • CNC Machining
  • Die Casting
  • Injection Molding
  • Die Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Injection Mold Making
  • Fabrication
  • Metal Stamping

So if you fit any of the above needs this is a great place to start your search.  Of course, if you do not need manufacturing but would like already full created products that you can just re-brand then Alibaba is still a better bet.

Private Label Sourcing

private label products

If you’re strictly looking for private label sourcing to create your own brand(s) then privatelabelsourcing.com is a pretty good resource.  Their focus is obviously on private label product sourcing and often times you can find just about anything you’re looking for here.

You’ll find many types of machined and canned products here.

Google It!  Bing it! Search…

If all else fails just type your keywords + private label, white label, wholesale depending on what your needs are.

You can use any search engine to do this and it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for this way.

I have one very cool company I found last year that I’ve ordered thousands of dollars in products from.  Guess where I found them?  Yep, search engine search. It works.

How To Contact One Of These Vendors

When you’re looking to source products and you’re contacting a potential business that has a product you’d like you’re most likely going to be emailing them.

Here is a quick breakdown of what you should ask them in an email to save time.  Trust me you’ll want to do these things because you’re likely going to be exchanging numerous emails with them anyway.

Always ask a company the following questions.

  1. What is your MOQ.  MOQ = Minimum Order Quantity.  Some companies have very small MOQs, some have extremely high MOQs.
  2. How much is your cost per item?  Always keep this simple at first.  I know other people advise to ask what discount you can get for ordering more than the MOQ but save this for later so you can move the price down even cheaper.
  3. How long is production time? This is important because some companies can be ready within weeks, others take months.  This is also something that is important to know at the start so you can adjust your plans accordingly.

This is what I personally start with.  After they contact back I always follow up with the question:

  • Can I order a sample with my logo on it?  If there’s not a place on the product to put a logo I ask:
  • How much does it cost to add packaging with my logo on it?

This keeps the dialogue going and also it doesn’t overwhelm the merchant.  If you send an email to a company that reads like a book, you may not even get a reply.

I advise keeping it short and sweet and if you can get the vendor on a 3rd party tool like Skype, that’s even better!

Skype allows you to have discussions with the vendor in real time, saving you a lot of time and headaches along the way.

One last note on a sample.  It’s critical that you get a sample before placing an order.  I’ve read horror stories where people have ordered thousands of a product and when the product arrived it wasn’t exactly what they thought it was going to be!  Don’t get stuck wasting money; get that sample even if it costs you $100 for one sample.

What To Do If A Company Has A Large MOQ

After you get a sample and it’s time to get into ordering your products sometimes MOQ can be a real issue.

Sometimes when you’re looking for a good place for product sourcing a company will get back to you with a large MOQ.  Though it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when this happens you can always try what I do when this happens and I don’t want to lay down too much money at first.

I always ask for a sample batch.  If they can’t make a sample batch with my logo on them I just ask for a blank sample batch.  Since I am selling these online having a logo on/off the product isn’t a make or break issue.

Often times a company will gladly supply 50-100 units with a slightly higher cost.  The trade off is worth it especially if it helps you get the product created.

Here is how I word the question to them.

“I see you have a large MOQ.  However, since this is my first order with you is there anyway I can do a simple test batch.  If these sell extremely well for me, I’d be more than happy to come back on the next order and order your MOQ.  This would mean a lot to me.  I want to do business with you for the long term and this would really help me get my foot in the door with you.”

Giving them the reason mentioned above it explains why you’d want to start with a smaller order at first.  Without an explanation the company might not feel as inclined to help.

You’d be surprised how well this works.  I’ve ordered products in batches of 50-100 where the company wanted an MOQ of 1000-5000.

Of course, I’ve always come back and purchased their MOQs later after I’ve vetted the products if they’ve sold well.

Go use the sites and methods I’ve shown you above to get good product sourcing right from the start.

If you have any questions just make sure to ask.

Drop Shipping VS Affiliate Marketing: How To Figure Out What Is Best For You

I’ve been asked several times before what the major differences between drop shipping and affiliate marketing are. Having ran both types of businesses and being currently active in both I feel that I am more than qualified to answer this question.

Experience certainly helps as there is quite a bit of information that you should know about each type of business.

When we look at affiliate marketing vs drop shipping it’ll become clear that both have similar positives and negatives.  These two businesses types also have some wide differences as well.

So we’ll look at drop shipping vs affiliate marketing to see which one is better for you.

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a method of building a business in which you order products in various quantities and sell them on various platforms. Many people opt to create their own brand this way.

There are numerous online platforms to sell on including, Amazon, eBay, Jet.com, Etsy and of course your very own website. Of course, ultimately everyone should own their own website and never fully depend on third party platforms but third party platforms can certainly help give you a start.

With drop shipping you ultimately own all of the products you buy.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting someone else’s products or services and earning a commission anytime you generate sales.

You do not own the products so you’re limited to where and how you can promote. I.e. you cannot list products on Amazon, eBay and so on. However, there is no customer service in affiliate marketing because you do not own the products and the company you’re promoting handles these things.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing I have entire systems dedicated to teaching this.

Now let me break down the pros of each of these business models.

Pros Of Drop Shipping

pros of drop shippingYou own the products and brand. This means that you’re able to build a brand that people can only buy from you. Unlike affiliate marketing where people can sometimes get around going through your affiliate links. This is also why I think it’s a good idea to build a brand and create your own unique products over just ordering resalable products.

It’s a viable business model that can be built from home. Since you can build a business website easily and list your products on various other third party platforms (again: Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc…) it’s not super-expensive to get started in like building a retail shop in a physical location is.

Work your own hours (usually). You can set this business model up to work your own hours. This is critical if you’re already working another job and you need to work in your off time. The reason I say you can usually work in your own hours is because there are times where you might need to fulfil orders in times you’re not expecting it. I have taught people this business model that simply order products and work on packaging and shipping them while they sit on the couch, watching TV.

Easy to understand business model. Most people understand the process of buying and selling. It’s at the heart of every society. When you have a tangible good that someone wants/needs they’ll simple buy it from you to fulfill that want/need. Some people I’ve taught to run a dropship business have had better success at this model than affiliate marketing because they grasp the concepts easier.

Feels “more real” than certain other ways to make money. I’ve had numerous people tell me that drop shipping felt like more of a real business than affiliate marketing or even digital product creation. Again, as I mentioned above for many it’s an easier to understand business model that other methods because it’s more familiar.

Sometimes much faster to see results. Because you have the ability to list on 3rd party platforms and bank sales on someone else’s traffic it’s sometimes easier to see faster profits in drop shipping than affiliate marketing. Though I will throw out some caution here because most people fail to account for their expenses that it took to get those sales rolling in.

Can easily run advertisements. Because you are selling physical products you’re able to run Google Adwords or Bing Ad Campaigns for your website unless you’re in a prohibited market.

Pros Of Affiliate Marketing

Just like drop shipping affiliate marketing has numerous pros and benefits. Let’s take a closer look together and this will allow you to better compare affiliate marketing vs drop shipping.pros of affiliate marketing

Low entry cost. Affiliate marketing is a cheap business model to start with. For about $20 you can start up a website and start putting out content. This still holds true today. When I first started in affiliate marketing I started at a minimum cost and was able to generate quite a bit of money before I ever thought about buying anything extra for my business.

Easy learning curve. Though this business model is not as familiar as simple buying and selling, it’s easy to understand. The basic premise is build a website in a niche, write or pay someone to write good content for you, recommend products to your readers, build your audience and make commissioned sales.

Work at home. Just like drop shipping this business model allows you to work at home and work your own hours. Unlike drop shipping, you’ll have nothing to ship so there are not the unexpected shipping issues you might have there.

The ability to work at home and at my own pace was great for me when I first started in affiliate marketing. When I first started I was still working a fulltime job as a drugstore manager and usually worked well above 45 hours per week.

No customer service. This is a huge draw to many in affiliate marketing. Because you do not own the products there is no customer service to handle. The company you’re promoting for takes care of all the heavy lifting here.

Cons Of Drop Shipping

Medium level expenses to get started. Depending on what market you get into, the costs to start can be a lot higher than affiliate marketing. You’ll need to buy products and some companies won’t let you start with a small MOQ (minimum order quantity). Because of this, it’s not uncommon to have startup costs of more than $500-$1000.

It’s also usually more expensive at first because even if you accept a company’s MOQ you’re going to pay more money for their lowest tier than if you were to order more units. Many times a company will charge you a lot more if you order 100 units as opposed to 10,000 units. There is nothing wrong with this but it’s just something to be on the lookout for.

Sourcing products. Some people hate this part of drop shipping or growing their brand. You’re going to want to carefully source your products to find a great price so you’ll be able to make money in your industry. You don’t need to be the cheapest, but you need to be able to compete.

Research times can be high. I personally spend a lot of time in research. I want to find my potential competitors weaknesses and strengths and then try to produce something better. If I really feel like I can’t do something better, I usually skip the product. Having a better product than your competitor gives you an uncanny value proposition that is hard to compete against.

But because of the extensive research, it’s hard to just dive in. In fact, many products I have sourced have taken me months before releasing. I actually see this as a great thing, though many would see this as a con.

Actually takes work. This is probably not a true con but I am going to put this in here anyway because people have a tendency to believe that everything that involves making money online means that “If you build it”, sales just magically pour in. Far from it. Everything you do to build a business online or offline takes work and effort, including drop shipping.

Be ready to have some drive and determination for success. I can’t teach you drive, you’ve got to want it.

Shipping and customer interactivity. You will need to handle shipping and customer service issues in drop shipping. It’s not bad; it’s just what needs to be done. If a customer has a problem, you’ll need to handle that too. If you hate handling your own products, customer service and shipping then this is not the model for you.

Outreach. Now that you’re creating a brand you will need to find your audience, share your products with people and let the world know who you are. It’s time consuming and not really all that uncommon compared to what you’re going to need to do in affiliate marketing. However, I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that once you get everything built you need to “go knock on some doors” so to speak to generate some attention.

Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

Slow sales at first. This can drive some people nuts because in this day and age people expect immediate results. The problem is that nothing is immediate.

Affiliate marketing can be a little slower to see your first sales than drop shipping but usually the first few sales actually pay off your expenses unlike drop shipping.

Takes work to continue growth. Once you start seeing sales, you’re going to need to continue working at getting more. Sure you can switch nearly everything on autopilot but over time sales will dip or never increase if you fail to continue growing your audience.

Can have a lot of writing or content creation. Because affiliate marketing is more about creating content to connect and recommend things to your audience you’ll probably need to do some writing. If you hate writing, it can be outsourced easily but it will add to your expenses. I usually teach people to learn to write or create content on their own first before outsourcing it so they can teach their ghostwriter or content creator exactly what they want. If you’re not familiar I actually show you how to outsource writing that actually looks professional with this technique.

Finding your audience. Just like drop shipping you can’t just sit around once you have things built. You’re going to need to build an audience of people that want to hear from you and love the products that you recommend. Obviously, the larger you can grow your audience the more money you’re likely going to make.

This can be mundane and boring so you need to attack it with vigor. Think of every action you take as a building block to your business and it makes every action 100% worth it.

Again, this may not really be a con because I think to build any business this is a must!

Harder to run ads. Most of the ad networks are not affiliate friendly. It’s not a horrible thing but it does give an advantage if you own your own products. Since affiliate marketing doesn’t allow you to own the products it makes it harder, but not impossible to run ads.

Drop Shipping Vs Affiliate Marketing – A Final Look

Hopefully I have painted a realistic picture for you about running a drop shipping business or an affiliate marketing business.

Most people only give you one part of the equation but I wanted to make sure you realize that no matter what route you choose you’ll have work to do. However, do not let work scare you, because everything worthwhile takes work and practice.


3 Ways To Free Up More Time To Get More Done and Make More Money

I hope you’re doing well out there today!  Before I begin, yes, I am alive and well!  I have had several people ask me why I haven’t been active on Facebook and in email recently.

The reason is simple:  I am in full expansion mode and have been very busy creating, developing some new (awesome) stuff, leading a couple great study groups including one with some students I am extremely proud of and of course as always, in the trenches practicing and doing what I preach.

Besides I am not the “This is what I ate for breakfast, here’s a pic of that” type of guy.  No offense to those who are, it’s just not me.

Me aside… Let’s get busy.

I am writing today to give you some tips that will help you overcome the complete busy cycle of life.  I’ve written extensively in the past on this topic several times.  But, instead of a 50 point list I thought it’d be beneficial for you to read just 3 little tips.

This will allow you to make more money and be more productive to help increase your success.

You can look at these as simple useless tips or life changing ones.  The choice really comes down to what you want to get out of it.

Productivity Tip #1:  Learn, Learn & Act

No, that’s not a typo.  I mean LEARN, LEARN and then act.

So what does it mean?  Well let’s say you’re learning to do something new i.e. www.niche60.com and you’re going through a lesson and you watch/read it and then take notes.

What I highly suggest is that you watch/read the lesson again shortly afterwards.

This will firmly plant the information into your brain and you can look over the notes you took as well to continue to refresh when you’re implementing what you’ve leaned.  This is the “act” part I was speaking of.

I can’t stress this enough and it will also save you time in the long run, because, if you’re like me you’ll want to read it several times anyway to make sure you’re learning properly.

Productivity Tip #2: Most Important Task Wins

A habit (one in which I am guilty of) is too do simple mundane tasks first (like checking email) because they are easy and brainless which take less effort and work.

This is a mistake.  What we should all be doing is doing the single most important task FIRST.  This forces you to focus and get something done.

The mundane tasks can be done at the end of your day because they are simple and easy.

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone for a little bit will increase your productivity and profitability.

John Cleese, who is a brilliant writer and overall extremely creative man, has a fantastic saying about this, which is:

“It’s easier to do trivial things that are urgent than it is to do important things that are not urgent; like thinking.  It’s also easier to do little things we know we can do than to start on big things that we’re not so sure about.”

What a great quote with a light bit of cheekiness as well!

Productivity #3: Just Freaking Do It!

Procrastination is a business killer and I am willing to bet that every great business leader has suffered from it at one point or another.  The difference is the ability to be aware and correct it.

If you don’t attempt to make money online, it’s not going to happen.  Sure, it’s not going to be perfect (it still isn’t for me) but by not doing, you’re wasting time.

So first, stop procrastinating on your learning and then take all of that knowledge that you’ve learned and apply it and you’re already 90% ahead of the crowd.  Perfect it all later.

A few years ago I sent out an email to my email list and I had a grammatical error in the title.  One of my readers gasped in horror and couldn’t believe that someone “so intelligent” (her words) would make such a horrible spelling error.

I kindly wrote back and asked her if she was here for a grammatical lesson or if she would like to make money online, because I can only teach one and I admit I am not a school-book smart individual.

In hindsight I probably should have just let it go, but that mindset drives me nuts.  If you’re perfectionist you WILL struggle to meet your goals.

My disdain for that mindset might stem from a teacher I had in school who used to circle spelling and grammatical mistakes in the local newspapers and mail them back to the HQ highlighting their complete incompetence.   As a side note, I didn’t do well in that class.

In any event I guarantee spelling and grammar errors will always be present in my work, somewhere.

But, I won’t apologize for it and neither should you.  You’re going to make mistakes and making a mistake is better than not doing something at all.  Learning is centered around errors and I welcome them.


A fact that every man, woman and child will face is that we all only have 24 hours in a day to do everything we need to do.

Yes, that includes those people we like to idolize and put up on a pedestal.  They have the same time dilemma that we all do – it’s how you handle it that makes a difference.

Put these 3 productivity tips to use and I guarantee that you’ll start getting better results.

I have some great new stuff on the horizon and some new teaching that will make a huge difference in the lives of those willing to work and DO IT.

Have a great one my friends and I’ll be writing again soon.


My Niche Site: Over $14,500 Now

Ok guys, I’m back after the holidays here to share my niche results.

The niche is growing and I am going to sit down and chart it’s future sometime this week.  This is again, modeled after what I teach in Niche Blitzkrieg and In Niche 60.  Coming up soon I’ll be adding more to both courses to expand on the stuff I am teaching.

If you haven’t read my previous writes-ups on the subject here they are.  They explain exactly what I did to find my search terms and how I built the site.

Here are the lifetime stats for the site.  Pardon screen shot 2 as it’s hard t get a great overall shot from that account because of the way it’s setup.

jan stats part 1

Now add in the other product I am promoting on the site:

jan stats pr 2

You can see that the site has come a long way since it’s inception.

Traffic has increased month after month and continues to climb.

I now rank for 3,050 keywords (most of which were unplanned).

I had a question come in a couple of weeks ago asking me what I did to get so many keywords ranked with a limited amount of posts.  The truth is some of the posts I planned to include a few keywords to rank for, but, the bulk of the rankings just came from writing detailed write-ups on the subject.

Let me give you an example:  Let’s say you are going to verbally teach someone how to do something.  If you simply said step 1, do this, step 2 do that but didn’t detail it, you’d have less words in the conversation.  The person you were teaching would probably not understand what to do as well.

However, if you said; step 1 do this and then explained exactly how to do it down to the finest detail you would have spoken many words.  This same concept applies to your writing.  Not only does it help make more sense for your audience, but, the search engines see all of those juicy terms and phrases that get searched that even tools (including keyword planner) do not pick up.  I explain this concept in detail at my post about creating a good blog post.

I have been slowly adding new posts as I mentioned in the past.  The detailed ones I am writing, but, I am also using Iwriter for the basic stuff and tweaking their work to sound better, look better and include my touch.

Going Social

I haven’t fully decided yet, but, I am likely going to build a small Facebook community on the subject soon.  Like I said, I am not 100% on board with going social in it right now, but, I might.

I have found in many experiments that social is good, but more money comes from search.  The reason is, is because it’s much more targeted.  1000 clicks from the search engines are always going to make you more money than 1000 clicks from Facebook and it’s not even close.

However, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter allow you to build communities which help overall success and can just be a nice supplemental source for traffic.

I’ll let you guys know in the next update what route I take the site.  Right now I am leaning towards getting social on it.

Continued Growth

I plan to use Keyword Snatcher again to uncover more terms that I am probably missing (there are thousands) and as I mentioned in the past, these terms are generally easy to rank for without a shred of link building.

I will add a minimum of 1-3 posts per month to the site going forward (more if I have time).

Other Plans

I am sitting down this week to do an update on Niche Blitzkrieg and sketch out new additions to Niche 60 so these 2 things will take some time.  So I will be very limited in my current work on the niche site.  Again, hiring a writer will help with that issue and since it doesn’t cost much, it’s more than worth it.

I am also going to start another niche site (already started actually), which I may actually share with you guys once it’s ranking.  Part of me is still saying not to do this, because it just brings in the people who can’t think for themselves and purposely harm other people’s hard work.  We’ll see, as I am not sure it’s something I want to share, but, I haven’t ruled it out.

I might take a small study group only who I give access to it and break down everything in detail for them if hat is something people are interested in.  Again, I have to think deeply about it though.

I created an affiliate theme, with an AWESOME crew, that I am putting the final touches on.  These guys can code like beasts.

I simply got tired of changing themes constantly so I wanted one that works everywhere and right out of the box and be extremely versatile but newbie friendly.  I’ll be releasing that soon — trust me, you’ll hear about it.

I have the designs sketched out for a product conversion tool as well and I’ll have it created and marketed sometime during 2014.

My biggest focus right now is on what I said I few days ago (you can read that here).  I am having some mind blowing life changes right now and I thank God daily for the ability to seek peace on the stormy seas we all face.

Hard Work

Again, as I always point out in these posts, none of this is to brag.  I am simply just a man and all of the talents that I have are learn-able.  Apply yourself, go after what YOU want, not what I want.

Go in the direction that you feel you should go and build it and keep going.

Building niche sites might come easy for some or hard for some.  As time goes by, no matter what you do, you’ll get better and grow more if you simply strive to do it.

Repetition grows success, skills and a closer walk to perfection.

I came into the world of niche creation with none of the skills needed and have learned and applied and grown.

Not every project is awesome or perfect and I’ve failed countless times.

Not every niche turns out the way you want, whether by chance or by poor planing.  If a niche fails learn why.

  • Not enough planning?
  • No traffic?
  • Poor conversions?

Figure out what went wrong and try again.

Work hard and then learn to work smart, but, continue to work hard, smartly?  Make sense?  😉

Just go after it today and build the site that YOU want to build, but do it!


A New Year, A New Hope

2014I had some big plans to release a different type of post to the public today.  However, I don’t feel that it’s the message I want to share right now even though I was fully intending to do so this morning.

Instead I’ll probably get back to posting on building a killer niche tomorrow (if you’d rather read that today, go for it).

Today I want to share something a little bit more personal and a little deeper from the heart.

Doom and Gloom Abound!

In all accounts 2013 was a bad year for much of the public.  A recent report that was out said something around 2/3 of all Americans felt that 2013 was a bad year.

The biased media has heaped on B.S. message after message upon us.  By the way, as side note, I am not condemning one source of media over another, all of the mainstream media outlets are biased.

The news has been one negative onslaught after another.

99% of the politicians seem to not care about the public, otherwise would we not see different, constitutional and useful policies actually come to pass?  Have you ever looked at a politician and said “He said he/she said they didn’t believe that!  Why would he vote that way?”  I’m not condemning one side or the other here, it’s on every side of the aisle.

Meanwhile commercials tell us that unless we accumulate stuff, we have no worth.  That if you’re not like guy/girl in the picture you’re not worth a dime.  That without whatever they are selling you are basically nothing.

The economy is still in the tank, unemployment and unhappiness is extremely high.

Wait, Michael You Said This Was A New Year And A New Hope?!?  What Gives?

I’m getting there trust me.

Despite all of the negativity I am going to tell you my hope for the year.

I believe in life there is a narrow road that we should walk that is filled with care, love, compassion, salvation and freedom.  This is what I feel and believe.

Some of the points below I feel are critical to being happy in dark times.


I read something not long ago on tips for being successful, not just in business, but as a person.  One of the most important points was forgiveness for others and moving on with it.

Look we are all humans, we all make mistakes and occasionally someone gets hurt.

I’ve been wronged many times in my life and when I was younger and much less wise I am sure I have hurt many around me.

Forgive and move on.  I am not saying that if someone hurts you or continues to hurt you that you should continue to put yourself in a bad situation.  However, I am saying to forgive and get passed it so you can focus on your success as a person.

Give And Help Others

One thing the world seems to lack right now is compassion and love.  From my youth until now, I don’t remember a time where the love just felt as sucked from the air as I feel now.

Sure we all have businesses to run and we need to make money and eat, but, when we can help others I truly believe we should.

This is something I want o work hard on this year.  It’s something I feel is extremely important.

Work Hard!

I can’t stress this enough.  I always hear people say “Work Smart” and I agree that we should.  But, working smart means you need to learn how to work hard at your goals.  I don’t care if your goals are making money, weight loss, being a better human being or anything else.  You must work hard at it.

Without working hard, just working smart means that you’re still not getting anything done but, hey, you’re efficient at it!  Work hard and dedicate time to whatever you’re working at.

Practice and training lead to being better at anything.

Respect Those You Disagree With

This is something that I think has gotten out of hand in the last decade.  It seems now that instead of listening to other people and at least giving them respect, the majority ridicule, mock, chastise and slander in some of the most horrible ways.

If someone believes something that you do not believe in, get over it.  I disagree with many people whom I still love and even though it may be hard sometimes, I believe it leads us to a better life.

If someone continually offends you, don’t continue to put yourself in a situation to be offended, but move on.

In the media in recent months I’ve heard stories on both sides of the spectrum where someone or some group is offended by something someone said or did.  Instead of just tuning them out, they fight to boycott, to slander and to defame.

Tune out the negativity.  If someone makes a completely stupid statement that is offensive to you, you don’t have to continue listening.  If America (like other countries) has the ability to have freedom of speech, why not let everyone say their piece and either agree with them or disagree and move on.

But, in all things with freedom involved, let’s continue to have these freedoms.  When you start asking for others to become involved because you don’t like what someone says, that opens the door for loss of freedom in my opinion.

To those of you reading this in other countries I feel the same.  But, as an American I can only speak from what I see in front of me here.


I wish the very best for all of my readers and everyone that comes into contact with me throughout 2014.  Be a beacon of light if darkness surrounds you and continue walking your path.

It’s great to pay attention to what is going on worldwide and be informed.  I think most people should be paying more attention to what is going on.  But, do not let the doom and gloom beat you up.  Don’t let the crap the media spits out breed apathy in your life.

I’m not asking you to agree with all of what I said, or any of it for that fact.  I however, am asking you to consider it and in all that you do this year do the following:

  • Work Hard
  • Work With Joy
  • Work In Happiness
  • Work In Peace
  • Be Ethical
  • Take Pleasure From Your Successes
  • Learn From Your Mistakes….

….and grow.

Never forget that no matter what anyone tells you, you’re worth more than any amount of money or any product on the planet.  You are someone and we all have the ability to shine.

Have a happy and joyous new year.


Market Samurai 50% Off Deal (Today Only) & Why I Still Love This Keyword Tool

Note: The sale is over, but you can still get a free trial here.

First and foremost there is a Market Samurai 50% off deal going on that ends TODAY!

Get it here.

Before I continue, I know, I am a keyword tool fiend.  I have a bunch and I use:

  • Market Samurai
  • Keyword Canine
  • And Keyword Snatcher

I use Market Samurai and Keyword Canine on a daily basis and Keyword Snatcher weekly.

Do you need them all?  No.  Do you need a keyword tool outside of Google Keyword Planner?  Not really.  But, having tools like this will greatly cut down research time, make you more money by finding additional keywords you might have missed and showing you how strong all of your competition is without manually doing it or guessing.

But, let me tell you why I still love Market Samurai specifically and why I recommend it.  It’s 3 fold:

  • Simplicity
  • Free Training From The Team
  • Pretty Accurate Assessments

First, it’s simple in it’s use.  You can use MS’s default settings to find great keywords in any niche in fact, watch their free start-up Videos here.

Once you play around with the tool it gets even easier to use. I’ve demoed this tool here before.

Now, I basically fire it up, plug in my keywords and check the stats for search volume and competition in a few minutes.

The Free Training

The guys over at Market Samurai are pretty smart and pretty down to Earth.  I hosted a webinar with Ben from their team in the past and trust me, they know what they are doing.

They have an entire training area for Market Samurai set up here.  They call it a DOJO and you can learn a lot of techniques for easier keyword search that I have personally never even taught.

They also break down every use of the Keyword Tool itself where as I just break down the basic uses.

The Tool Is Accurate

With keyword research there is one thing to always remember; every tool uses estimates including Google  It’s impossible to not do it.  Since Market Samurai gets some of their information through Google’s Keyword Planner API they are accurate up to Google’s standards.

Overall I’ve had the tool for I believe around 4 years.  I actually was late to the party by around 6 months of their original release date.  I love the tool and glad the team keeps working to improve it.  Get a copy here.

It’s a good sale on a good tool and if you’ve even thought for a minute about buying it, I recommend it.

If you have questions about it’s use or anything else you want to ask me, do so below.

Article Builder Discount – Biggest Price Cut Possible Here

Here is the steepest Article Builder discount that you can get.  In fact It’s $100 off the original price.

If you need a discount, get it here.

Aside from this Article Builder discount deal I have also reviewed it before here.

Some of the things I use Article Builder for are:

  • Web 2.0 Blog Link Building
  • Supplemental Website Content
  • Auto-Blogging

Web 2.0 Blog Link Building:

This is a process I explain in my 45 days to the top of the search engines piece but I feel like explaining it again.

You can link build to your main site (money site) from web 2.0 blogs like (Tumblr, Rebel Mouse, Blogger etc).  However, on those blogs you need content.  That’s where Article Builder comes in.  You can actually get content from Article  Builder and post it directly to these web 2.0 blogs.

This will save you time and money and will save you from hiring a writer or even writing the content yourself.

Supplemental Website Content:

You can use Article Builder to automatically schedule posts to your blog in a special category that you choose.  This quickly does a couple of things.  It establishes your blog as a source of constant fresh content, which search engines love, and saves you time because you won’t have to write this content yourself.

Another way to supplement your content with AB is to use the content for a post and manually add parts to it.  Or save more time and hire someone to add an additional 150 words or so to the article for you.


I don’t use this part very often.  However, you can set-up unlimited Word Press auto-blogs with this software.  This means that you essentially set it and forget it while monetizing with ads or Adsense.

Because Article Builder can create up to 85% unique content these types of auto-blogs work.

Closing Out

If you’re interested in an Article Builder discount coupon just visit this link and the $100 discount will automatically be applied.

I decided to post this up again because my previous review wasn’t focused on the discount and savings as much and I’d get questions asking me if I had any coupon codes for Article Builder.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me below and I’ll answer them ASAP.



My New Niche Site Update – Over $5000 Now

Sorry for the delay on doing the update.  I am trying to put my niche marketing demo results up by the 20th of each month.  However, I am eternally behind schedule.  But, I believe if your schedule is ever empty for more than an evening, you’re not working enough.

I’ve had a few requests about how he niche was doing this week, so I thought I’d post my update here.

Let’s get to it.

If you haven’t read Post 1 and Post 2 on this subject, make sure to do so.  It will give you the overview of what I am doing in this niche and how I am making it happen.

I also teach these things and more inside of Niche 60 if you’re not a member consider joining it for a one time low cost.

In the first 2 updates the site had made $280.41 in the first 54 days and $2323.79 within 3 months respectively.  That total has now exceeded $5000.

In fact here is the exact amount as of Nov 21: $5633.75

Here are the screens of that: (add up both amounts for the total).

4 month niche results total

12-20 nov

New affiliate program I added Nov 12

As you can see from my last update I’ve added a new affiliate program on the site that is doing decently for me.  In fact, it’s much better than the 2 others I removed (bottom 2 with low conversions).

In just 8 days it has pulled me in almost $250 on top of my sales from the other affiliate products still converting well.  It looks like a sure keeper.

I got rid of the 2 affiliate program that you can see in screenshot 1 that only had a couple of sales each as they were converting at an abysmal pace.

Digging Deeper

I recently fired up Keyword Snatcher again (I review it here by the way) and found a flurry of little ranked and known keywords that I can easily rank for.  The keywords aren’t exactly perfect but close enough that I can do same great stuff with them.

It’s leading me to believe it’s time for a spin-off site based on the same industry.  I really want $20,000/month from the niche and I am now approaching over $3,000/monthly.  I haven’t fully decided if I want to build a second site in the same niche or not yet, but, I am leaning that way.  Plus, I never like putting all of my eggs in one basket.

I know my goal of $20,000 monthly isn’t far fetched, it’s just going to take time, more writing and just a little more work.  Basically from the traffic I am getting now I can assess how much more traffic I’d need to get to increase conversions.  I need about 7 times more traffic to reach my goals.

Traffic+conversions = sales.  Never forget that.  You need both.  You need to be ranking for keywords you want to rank for and you need to convert those rankings into sales.

Again, more writing , more keyword rankings and simply improving any keyword rankings that I have that are not quite where I want them.

You can see my results for November alone:


So the $2451.79 plus $ 247.88 =$2699.67 in November so far.  With 8 days left I should far exceed $3,000/month in this niche market.

The Current Writing & The Future

I’m pretty busy with many other things right now so I hired a writer who is going to start cranking out about 10-15 additional articles for me per week.  I am currently up to 54 posts of which I wrote some and again I hired out some from Iwriter & Fiverr, cheaply.

As far as converting the sales I wrote this the other day teaching you how to convert more of your traffic into sales.


Overall I feel pretty happy in the niche.  Sometimes I wish could clone myself though as I’d hit these goals much faster.

The hardest part with this project for me so far has been two-fold.  Time and control.

I like to do everything myself and I hate outsourcing.  But, I am learning to outsource to get more done.  I am really learning to love letting writers do more of my work and I can always just go back and tweak and proof read.

As far as time goes, the summer and up until now has been CRAZY.  I broke my foot as many of you know and at the same time we just moved into a new home.  The combo has been somewhat  brutal.  But, we’re in now and I am getting my stuff back on track.

It’s life, it’s the way it is sometimes and we just have to adapt and make things happen.

A Special Note To You

Look, this niche has been good to me.  Many haven’t been in the past, I dropped them and moved on.  This isn’t setup to brag, to discourage or to be negative in anyway.  I am putting this out there to show you that simple niche markets still and always will have money in them.  I am doing this to uplift you and help motivate you to do more.  If you’re willing to work at it and grow you can do this.

Don’t expect overnight riches, this site took 54 days to earn just under $300.  However since then it’s gone up nicely.  In order to make more money with this market I will need to put in some more time and work and yes, effort.  Any niche you get into will need to be scaled up this way as well.

You can do this.

In the near future I’ll release another update of the site plus I’ll keep you notified of any changes I make as I go forward.

Enjoy and go get your niche sites going!

If you loved the post, why not share it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with your friends?  I’d appreciate it it and it would put a smile on my face.

O.K. and you’ll be helping someone else out who is looking for this information.

Thoughts?  Comments?  You getting killer results in a niche?  Share below.