Article Builder Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Today I am putting up my Article Builder review.  This is a tool by Jon Leger and I have to say I am impressed by what you can do with it.

Through this review I will not only be sharing my feedback but I am going to give you a walk-through of how to use it plus I can give you a $100 discount if you choose to buy it through me.

My Article Builder Review Part I: The Basics

Article Builder allows you to create content without the need to do any research, pay for a writer or even wait for content.  You can actually spit out dozens of articles in about 30 seconds and I’ll show you below.

So where does all of this content come from?  Jon has the content written in bulk and then added into the tool (this is not private label rights, junk, these are human writte and edited articles).  The tool can then re-write the content based on parameters you allow, and remaking the article into something that can be around 85% unique (you can always add a couple paragraphs of your own writing to make it even more unique).  But, 85% unique is still very good.

Sounds complex?  It’s really not.

It comes equipped currently with 109 categories to choose from.  The reason I say “currently” is because more categories get added based on demand.  So if several people are asking for a particular category Jon will have it created.

Here is a demo blog created with this tool.  Keep in mind you can add a custom header, custom widgets, basically whatever you want.  This demo is just bare bones.  By the way that site ranks #1 for it’s keywords all on auto-pilot and I’ll get into that in a second.

Article Injection Feature:

Article injection allows you to automatically inject additional content into the article.  This makes it more unique by adding tips or ideas to the article.

Here is what an article with tips looks like.

Here is a quick walk-through on how to create an article in less than 30 seconds.

Note: (through out the walk-through simply click images to enlarge)

article builder walk-through


A: Select "Build an Article"

That will take you into th article building page.

article builder review








A: Select a category

B:  Superspun options (if you don't know don't worry about it)

C:  Input an optional keyord you want into the post

D:  Select word count, up to 1000!

E:  Select how many articles on the topic you want

F:  Save the job if you want more of the same category later

G:  Click "build article"

Next, you'll be presented with a couple of options.

article builder coupon





A:  Here is your article

B:  You can post directly to your blog from here if you add your blog or…

C:  You can download it and use the article anywhere you want

Pretty simple right?  It's extremly easy to use and create with this.

Article Builder Review Part II: Advanced Features

Auto-Posting With Article Builder

So for this Article Builder review I want to show my favorite feature. 

First you need to have a blog installed on your own hosting and you need to have one category created for your blog.

This feature allows you to setup posting jobs that automatically post to your blog and it takes only about 45 seconds to setup!  Let me walk you through this below:

Here is a graphical Article Builder tutorial walk-through for auto-posting:

adding a blog to article builder


A: Click "blogs"

This will take you to the next page.

article builder auto blogging



A:  Click "Add Blog"

article building auto settings







A:  Fill in the required blog info and click "Add This Blog"

Done.  Your blog is now added to the system. Hopefully you're enjoying the Article Builder review so far!  Stay with me here.

Now let's create the auto-posting content schedule. 

article builder walkthrough part 4



A: Click "Auto Posting"

Article Builder Tutorials prt 5







A:  Select your blog

B: Select a category

C: If you use superspun content select this, if not do not worry about it

D: Select article word count

E:  Select word count limit.  This is used if you want to set random word counts

F: Select how often you wat it to auto post to your blog

G: Select when you want it to stop posting.  Or leave it at no-limit for unlimited

article builder category selection





H: If you want to create aresource box you can do it here.  I never use this.  Select "Select Blog Posting Category"

Article Builder Tutorials Finished




A:  Select your category from inside of your blog and click Finish.

Article Builder Blog Shows Here


A: You can now see your posting job is setup to run

That’s all there is to it!  Now the blog will add posts on straight auto-pilot.  You can add ads like Adsense to your blog or whatever type of ads you want.  Using a plugin like ad-injection will let you automatically set ads into individual posts as well.

Unique Auto-Posting

Recently Jon added a new feature to this tool.  It’s called Unique Auto Posting. 

For this Article Builder review I wasn’t able to use it yet as it’s brand new, but here is what it does for you:

If you have an account over at Ineedarticles.com you can fund your account and have Article Builder automatically request writers write content for your blog.  Upon writing, the articles will then be automatically posted onto your blog!

Sorry for the totally geek-out over here, but that is a huge time saver for anyone who is actively growing a blog.  I am sure more features will be added to this portion of the tool as well.  As soon as I test this feature out I’ll update this review with it.  But, knowing Jon it’s going to be awesome.

Auto-Link Building With Article Builder

This feature sounds almost unbelievable but it’s a real thing.  When you use the auto-post feature to make an auto-blog Article Builder actually queues a link building function that builds links for you automatically.  What this means is, no link building is needed.

When I first saw this feature I thought it was total BS.  So I created a blog using this feature to test.

Within a week I’ve hit #11 on Google and I fully expect to be top 10 for my keywords in another week or 2 and soon, #1.

Here is all I did.

Step 1:  Used Keyword Canine to find a domain and grabbed an exact match domain for the keyword.  I spent about 30 minutes doing this.  If you don’t have Keyword Canine, Market Samurai will do, you can get a 12 day free drive of Market Samurai here.

Step 2:  Bought the domain, installed it on my hosting.

Step 3:  Installed WordPress and added a contact page and privacy policy page.

Step 4:  Set up Auto-posting just like I showed you above.  I also set it to post 1 new post per day.  You can opt to post up to 10 new posts on your blog per day.

I plan to make several of these and monetize them all very soon.

So What Can You Do With Article Builder Outside Of Those Things?

For this Article Builder review I wanted to make a point to share with you how I use it.  I not only use it to create blogs with but I use it for link building to my other money sites.

I wrote about how I used it to help get top 10 search engine ranks the other day.  I essentially use it to create web 2.0 properties that link back to my sites and boost them up in search.

I.e. you can take the content that it creates and create:

  • Blogger Blogs
  • Documents For Doc Sharing Sites
  • Articles For Article Directories
  • Tumblr Blogs
  • Other Web 2.0 Properties

It will not only save time, it will save a ton of money if you had to pay someone to build these things for you.  As you know link building is critical to rank your site and this tool will help you do all of that.

What I Would Like To See Before My Next Article Builder Review Is:

Look Article Builder is awesome but I am hoping that in the near future a couple tweaks can be made.

The ability to create web 2.0 properties on auto-pilot just like auto-blogs.  I am not sure if this is possible but this would make this tool even better.

It would just simplify the power of this tool even more.

What You Can’t Do With Article Builder

Here are a couple of my suggestions of places of where not to use this and what NOT to do with it.

First, do not use it on Ezine Articles.  They do not like anything less than 100% unique there.  Trust me from first-hand experience; they will just ban your account at Ezine Articles.  I had to wait a week to be reinstated.

Secondly, do not build Squidoo pages with it either.  Squidoo can sometimes be a pain because I’ve had great lenses with 100% unique content get closed down.  So if they will kill great lenses with 100% unique content they will do the same with only 80-85% unique content.

Final Thoughts:  So Is Article Builder Any Good

Heck yea.  I really like this tool and I really think Jon did an azmazng job gettingthis setup th right way.

So in my review of Article Builder I want to stress one thing.  I am not saying that this should be the only writing you ever do.  I am also not saying that writing your own content is truly dead.  I think the best content is pure unique content just like what you’re reading now.

However, what I am saying is that you can use Article Builder to simply and speed up many tasks.  In my case, I mainly use it for link building ad added extra content to my blogs.  I know many other people who use Article Builder solely for the auto blogging purposes and other people who create a blog and write their own content but also have Article Builder post daily to their blogs.

All in all I give Article Builder an “A” grade and over time I believe it can truly be an A+ with the new additions plus possible future additions.

Grab your copy of Article Builder with a $100 Discount that you can only get through me.









Are you using this tool?  Thoughts?  Feedback?  Questions?  Have your own Article Builder review?  Share!

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Brent Partner - May 23, 2013

Hi Michael,

I can see this being very useful in the NBK scenario where you are creating sites to specifically rank in the search engines, is it equally valid in the NOW University environment? I have a site that promotes 3 distinct products (2 via clickbank). I notice that Article Builder will insert Clickbank hoplinks for you. Can you limit this to specific products or will they choose for you? Also how are they on more obscure topics? I have a definite style in the strength training niche can they possibly accomodate this?

With all that said, it seems very promising

Michael Brown - May 24, 2013


Thanks for the questions.  It will definately help out in both Niche Blitzkrieg and Niche Optimizer.  Even though both have a lot of differences, in both you’ll need content still.

Unfortunately right now you can pick and choose which CB products you want to be able to exclude.  It adds it primarily based of of keywords.  Speakig of that I forgot to add that portion to my review 🙂

If you’re in a shallow niche chances are it won’t help much outside of using it for link building.  i.e. if you were in a product niche like Baby Toys – Article Builder wouldn’t do much good for content creation on your website.  However, as I mentioned you can dolink building with this content even if some of the content is slightly off topic i.e. linking office supplies content to an electronics site.

So, I think it’s useful in almost every niche in some way.  Is it perfect?  No, but it takes the load off on many of the painstaking aspects.

John Mann - May 24, 2013

Excellent review Michael. Thanks for the quality information (like always with you).

santhosh - May 26, 2013

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your post, I wish to link article builder to my Empower Network blog but failed.

EN blocked article builder for auto blogging? how can we overcome this scenario





Michael Brown - May 26, 2013


You probably won’t be able to use it on Empower at least not on auto-pilot.  You can however, manually load the articles onto Empower yourself.  So you can use Article Builder to create several hundred articles if you want and then just post them up manually.

You can only automate with your own WordPress blog currently.  The nly other option if your trying to make a free auto-blog that is’t on your server is to get on a free server like. http://www.bugs3.com and install wordpress then setup the automation there.

I do not know how websites on the free servers perform but I have seen the free server websites rank.

Brent Partner - June 2, 2013

Hi Michael, 

Sorry to be a bit of a pain. I just bought a year membership as a trial but I do have one question. If you set up a blog on autopost can you also manually add your own unique content? I want to set up a blog in a niche that auto-posts content 2 or 3 times a week but I also want to add my own unique articles that deals with my personal experiences within my niche topic. Is this possible or does the autoblogging function have to run exclusively for my chosen domain name?

Michael Brown - June 3, 2013


You’re not a pain at all man.  🙂  What you can do is this.  Simply et up a category on your site just for auto-post stuff.  I.e. let’s say you have a website about smoothies but you want a category on auto-pilot, i.e. Juicing.

You can create a catgeory in your dashboard called “juicing” and tell Article Builder to only put auto-posted contnt in the “juicing” category.  You can set it to post as many as 400 posts per day; though you wouldn’t want to do that.

Plus, yes, you’ll be able to add your own content anywhere you want, like normal.  🙂




Brent Partner - June 4, 2013

Thanks Michael,

I set up a generic site on auto-pilot last night as an experiment, posting once a day and my clickbank activated. I must say I am impressed with the results. On my front end static page I already have 7 tweets, which has never happened before. The one post I have is reasonably high quality and I am interested to see where I am ranked for my keywords in 2 weeks. I was purely going to run it on auto pilot as an experiment but now I see the potential I am going to personalize it and make it a real business proposition. Thank you for the review and advice 😀


Michael Brown - June 6, 2013

Anytime Brent!  🙂  Let me know how it goes in the long term.

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Rema - May 8, 2014

Thanks for a great review Michael. I am really not sure about buying Article Builder. You have shown a demo blog that has been built with Article Builder articles. It looks quite good to me. You also mentioned in a post that Ezine and Squidoo will not accept these articles (of course it is because of their publishing guidelines maybe?) .

All I want to know is whether I can build blogs/websites with content got from AB. If it is only useful for building backlinks I can as well use Jon’s link-building services instead of investing on this software. Please give me your opinion. Thank you very much. I am amazed by the content you have packed in your blog. Great job!


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