Is An Affiliate Marketing Business
Right For You?

Affiliate marketing is promoting a company's products or services while making a commission on anything, anyone buys. No this doesn’t involve going to someone’s home, knocking on the door and trying to get them to buy something. This is all done directly on the Internet, from home.  This is also what I personally started making money with online & I believe anyone can do this.

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How Does It Work?

You’ll build a simple website with a point-n-click editor on a topic you love.  Then your objective is to drive targeted traffic to affiliate offers. Sales commissions occur when someone clicks through to the products that you’re recommending and makes a purchase.

I.e. you could be promoting baking products, cameras or any of the millions of niche markets that exists. Basically you’ll find a niche market that you truly love. In my 7 day training series I’ll explain it all step-by-step for you.

how does affiliate marketing work

Are There Numerous Expenses?

expenses of affiliate marketing

No. You’ll spend about $10/month to run this business. You’ll need a domain name (approx.$10/year) and hosting (approx. $10/month).

In my free training I’ll show you how easy it is to get those things setup and why you want them.

Can I Just Push A Few Buttons And Make A Ton
Of Money Passively?

affiliate push button

I have grown a bit sick of the word "passive" because it gets carelessly thrown around by deceptive marketers. Yes, you can set things up to run somewhat passively, but with everything valuable in life, it takes real work to get there and it won’t be 100% passive immediately.

Luckily for you I know what works, what doesn’t work and I’ll show you how to do it. In my free 7 day training course I’ll take you through it step-by-step so it’s easy for the rawest newcomer to understand.

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