About Michael S. Brown

Who is Michael S. Brown?

michael brown

I have been in business and marketing since 2000.  In 2002 I helped pilot several stores in a large drugstore chain to success.  Between 2002-2007 I won several awards and was quickly moving up within the company.

However, the long commutes and long hours away from home would become one of the main reasons I would need to get out of the corporate dream-chasing world.  In order to spend more time with my son Alex and my wife Elizabeth, I started learning how to take my knowledge of offline marketing and apply it to the online world.

And to be honest this is how work felt everyday for Me…

And like this….

Within 12 months I quit my job in the retail industry and began working on my own businesses from the comfort of my own home.  In 2015 I opened www.niche60.com to help people get started online the same way I did.


I really love coffee.  It’s an acquired taste that didn’t form for me until my early 20’s.  My favorite type of coffee is Lavazza and I start every morning off with.  If you’ve never tried it I highly suggest giving it a try.  I’m not a coffee snob by any means though and I often get pre-ground bricks from a nearby company called Espresso Zone.

Quick Shout-Out To Other Loves

I love e-commerce, affiliate marketing, product creation and enjoy teaching all of them as well.


I am not a huge sport fan but I do enjoy NFL Football and playing fantasy football.  I also like and enjoy watching my son play Baseball and Basketball.


In late 2015 I started getting more into my own personal fitness and health.  I now workout regularly as well as focus on eating a healthier diet.  I think many problems in our lives could be resolved by eating correctly and getting enough physical work into our daily lives.


I also enjoy reading now.  It took me years to develop this lifestyle.  I was never much into reading in my youth and even into my 20’s.  However, in my 30’s I’ve learned that feeding your mind is critical.  The things we put into our minds come back out.  So consuming knowledge on any subject can help you grow, learn and ultimately acquire more knowledge.

I rarely read fiction and nearly all of the books in my possession are non-fiction and based either on business, personal growth, history or God.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more.  My hope is that along the way I can help you with the knowledge I have acquired.