3 Ways To Free Up More Time To Get More Done and Make More Money

I hope you’re doing well out there today!  Before I begin, yes, I am alive and well!  I have had several people ask me why I haven’t been active on Facebook and in email recently.

The reason is simple:  I am in full expansion mode and have been very busy creating, developing some new (awesome) stuff, leading a couple great study groups including one with some students I am extremely proud of and of course as always, in the trenches practicing and doing what I preach.

Besides I am not the “This is what I ate for breakfast, here’s a pic of that” type of guy.  No offense to those who are, it’s just not me.

Me aside… Let’s get busy.

I am writing today to give you some tips that will help you overcome the complete busy cycle of life.  I’ve written extensively in the past on this topic several times.  But, instead of a 50 point list I thought it’d be beneficial for you to read just 3 little tips.

This will allow you to make more money and be more productive to help increase your success.

You can look at these as simple useless tips or life changing ones.  The choice really comes down to what you want to get out of it.

Productivity Tip #1:  Learn, Learn & Act

No, that’s not a typo.  I mean LEARN, LEARN and then act.

So what does it mean?  Well let’s say you’re learning to do something new i.e. www.niche60.com and you’re going through a lesson and you watch/read it and then take notes.

What I highly suggest is that you watch/read the lesson again shortly afterwards.

This will firmly plant the information into your brain and you can look over the notes you took as well to continue to refresh when you’re implementing what you’ve leaned.  This is the “act” part I was speaking of.

I can’t stress this enough and it will also save you time in the long run, because, if you’re like me you’ll want to read it several times anyway to make sure you’re learning properly.

Productivity Tip #2: Most Important Task Wins

A habit (one in which I am guilty of) is too do simple mundane tasks first (like checking email) because they are easy and brainless which take less effort and work.

This is a mistake.  What we should all be doing is doing the single most important task FIRST.  This forces you to focus and get something done.

The mundane tasks can be done at the end of your day because they are simple and easy.

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone for a little bit will increase your productivity and profitability.

John Cleese, who is a brilliant writer and overall extremely creative man, has a fantastic saying about this, which is:

“It’s easier to do trivial things that are urgent than it is to do important things that are not urgent; like thinking.  It’s also easier to do little things we know we can do than to start on big things that we’re not so sure about.”

What a great quote with a light bit of cheekiness as well!

Productivity #3: Just Freaking Do It!

Procrastination is a business killer and I am willing to bet that every great business leader has suffered from it at one point or another.  The difference is the ability to be aware and correct it.

If you don’t attempt to make money online, it’s not going to happen.  Sure, it’s not going to be perfect (it still isn’t for me) but by not doing, you’re wasting time.

So first, stop procrastinating on your learning and then take all of that knowledge that you’ve learned and apply it and you’re already 90% ahead of the crowd.  Perfect it all later.

A few years ago I sent out an email to my email list and I had a grammatical error in the title.  One of my readers gasped in horror and couldn’t believe that someone “so intelligent” (her words) would make such a horrible spelling error.

I kindly wrote back and asked her if she was here for a grammatical lesson or if she would like to make money online, because I can only teach one and I admit I am not a school-book smart individual.

In hindsight I probably should have just let it go, but that mindset drives me nuts.  If you’re perfectionist you WILL struggle to meet your goals.

My disdain for that mindset might stem from a teacher I had in school who used to circle spelling and grammatical mistakes in the local newspapers and mail them back to the HQ highlighting their complete incompetence.   As a side note, I didn’t do well in that class.

In any event I guarantee spelling and grammar errors will always be present in my work, somewhere.

But, I won’t apologize for it and neither should you.  You’re going to make mistakes and making a mistake is better than not doing something at all.  Learning is centered around errors and I welcome them.


A fact that every man, woman and child will face is that we all only have 24 hours in a day to do everything we need to do.

Yes, that includes those people we like to idolize and put up on a pedestal.  They have the same time dilemma that we all do – it’s how you handle it that makes a difference.

Put these 3 productivity tips to use and I guarantee that you’ll start getting better results.

I have some great new stuff on the horizon and some new teaching that will make a huge difference in the lives of those willing to work and DO IT.

Have a great one my friends and I’ll be writing again soon.

Michael Brown

I'm Michael S. Brown, Internet Marketer, husband and father. I have been successful in business and marketing since 1998. In 2007 I took to the internet marketing world and have never looked back. I love teaching people the knowledge that I have acquired and the ultimate boost to my ego is to see everyone I teach succeed in business. My goal is to make everyone who comes into contact with me as successful or even more successful than myself.

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Mark Christesnen - May 8, 2014

Thanks Michael, Great advice, hope I don’t forget it by tomorrow. I definitely struggle in those areas every day, all day. It took me tree days to decide on a template for my website. I kept trying different ones until I exhausted myself because I was going nowhere with getting my site done. I finally said “self, just pick one already”, so I did. Still not sure it was the perfect template, but it’s done and now I am able to focus on content, and getting it ranked. I heard someone at work say you can’t fix stupid, but I’m living proof you can, at least a little bit 🙂 Still working on tips 1 and 2.

Stephanie Waymen - May 8, 2014

Great article Michael. Funny because of emailing you about your misuse of “too” ha. OK, I’ll get off the perfection pedestal and get back to work!

Michael Brown - May 8, 2014

@Stephanie LOL – See my point should be well taken 🙂

Katie Bauman - May 8, 2014

Well said, Michael. Thank you for the nudge.

Stuart Stirling - May 8, 2014

Cool tips Michael. Thanks for sharing!

One of the biggest motivators for me is to have an exciting plan to wake to so I can start on that and bust through it first thing in the morning. Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated it’s usually because I haven’t got an exciting plan or any plan at all.

Lesley Ehrhart - May 9, 2014

Thanks for the kicking me in the butt, Michael!!

Dave H. - May 9, 2014

I could not agree more. Tips that I mess up all the time….I am always doing the little things first. I suffer from information overload and think by doing the small things first, I’m some how , getting more done….WRONG…but yet I continue to do it….mainly just to get it (them) out of the way.
We do need to be reminded of these things….I know I do. Great post.

Brent Partner - May 11, 2014

Winning advice if I ever heard it. Combined with working smart instead of hard its the pathway to success in my opinion. The new stuff you are doing now is awesome – great stuff 🙂

Bob Sylvia - May 14, 2014

As always it is a pleasure to get any type of advise from you. I enjoyed reading this article and again you hit the nail on the head… 🙂 What you wrote above is the exact same thing I taught new people getting into real estate years ago. -BUT- it was a great reminder because I am still guilty of making the errors that I told other people not to make. It’s like muscle memory- you must keep it up for it to stick with you.
This past year I have taken the easy path instead of the right path and reminders like the one above are good to get.. Please keep you advise coming & thank you. I hope you and the family are doing great and there is a lot of 2014 left–I will get busy…………..(y)

Tina Bell - May 28, 2014

Hi Mike,
As always wonderful job on the 3 mistakes I make most often! Is seems you read my mind sometimes, but yes procrastination and doing the easy stuff first are my worst enemies. I’m getting there though thanks to your help.

Tina Bell

rick - June 4, 2014

I love the post. I am going to use this information to start building my brand better in less time.

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